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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of the Prophet's actions during the Middle East conflict, including their actions towards the enemy and city. The Prophet's dream of HUD and his plan to go to Makkah is discussed, including tactics used to attack the caravan and potential consequences of not following the path of being killed by the army. negotiations with Muslims are also discussed, including a promise to kill deaths and a group of Muslims waiting for peace. The negotiation over profit and the loss of people in the face of extreme pain is also discussed, along with the success of the Prophet's teachings and plans for future sessions.
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Today inshallah I'll share with you something describing our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and what he produced his greatest success, according to the Quran, and it's appropriate that this ayah in which Allah describes his greatest success of our Prophet artists, is the concluding idea of social fat which means conquest, the sooner that describes success and conquest of the prophets worldly mission or De Soto Salaam, this is the culminating Ayah This is the last I have that surah which begins with the words Muhammad Rasul Allah. Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is the Messenger of Allah, when Latina ma Hua Shan, LL co founder Hamada. Now, this is a long ayah of explaining some of

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this with you. There's a lot more to discuss, but I'll try to keep my comments limited to about 20 minutes or so. But in order to understand the lesson that I'd like to get across, I have to give you a little bit of history. The Muslims have gone to war with the Quran ever since the Prophet moved to Medina solo seldom three times they battled him in a major way in butter. And then again in 100, was a prophet was almost killed Salallahu alaihe salam, and the third time the Quran decided they cannot risk going into the battlefield, and they cannot destroy the Muslims on their own. So they gathered as many tribes as they could, and put together a battalion of force of over 10,000. And they they

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surrounded the city of Medina from one side, the back of it is the mountains. And from the front, they completely encircled the city of Medina. And the plan was to go into the city and basically commit genocide kill men, men, women, children, kill everybody finished the problem of the Muslims once and for all. And what made the problem even more complicated, was there was some some tribes like blucora on inside Medina, which had treaties with the Muslims who were working with the enemy outside. And we're actually saying we're gonna open up the back gates for you some of the passageways from behind and you can come from within and annihilate them, because we don't want them

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here either. The only thing that kept the army of the courage and the other tribes that had joined in with them, the only thing that kept them away is a trench that was dug by the prophets. I saw them and the companions very quickly, and so their horses couldn't go in and come back up. And that would be that would make them easy targets. So this trench, which was the idea of Solomonic fallacy, kept them away. This was, this was the third time the Muslims went into battle. And I've after you know, several days of standing outside, camping out where the Muslims couldn't even go out to get food, food supplies are limited, they can't even go relieve themselves without fear of death. Allah

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says you know by Latin kulu manager the state of fear in Medina was so intense that the hearts were reaching inside the throats. That's what the law says the hearts were reaching inside the throats with a whole new Neverland, Luna, you're making all kinds of assumptions about Allah, we're just all gonna get killed here. What's going to happen here eventually what Allah did is he sent wins, you know for salah and he handled you know the lamb Taro Han Solo job he describes, he sent wins to the camps of the enemy that was camped outside, and their tents started flipping over there making their food their cooking, and the thing cook you know, tips over and the tent is on fire and other horses

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are running away. They had chaos and they couldn't stay there because staying camped out you need constant supplies for the soldiers, right? You need food, you need rations and everything else. And so they couldn't keep delivering those things. They started running out of money. So eventually they all went back all the tribes and everybody went back, not almost a little bit over or a little bit less than a year so there's not a lot of time. In that time. The prophet SAW dream sallallahu Sallam Now again, the Muslims have gone to battle three times and the third time, Makkah left its home, the Qureshi left their home to kill the Muslims in their home in Medina. Now the Prophet sees the dreams

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and a lot of them that we're going to go make hudge we're all going to go make hides that Allah has shown him a dream and when a messenger sees a dream, it's considered revelation. So this dream is a message from Allah that the Muslims are going to go to HUD, so about 1800 of them according to some narration say okay, let's go. And when they got ready to go the hypocrites and Balu kureta who were inside Medina were very happy. Because they were like, well, when you go to HUD, you don't take battle armor with you, you're supposed to go unarmed. They only take the only weapon you take with you, if you will, is a dagger, so you can slaughter the animal that's pretty much it. You know, and

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you take camels with you and animals to sacrifice for Hajj. So they're going basically unarmed to Makkah, who's thirsty for their blood to begin with? According to the instruction of the prophet SAW them so they were really happy. They were they were happy that the you know belva mental la

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luna Illa Allah him Aveda was Rena Valley Cuckoo Cuckoo

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Cuckoo coven Buddha Allah says, You were assuming that the prophet and those who are following him are never going to come back. This is it they're gonna kill them get themselves killed. And this idea was so beautified in your hearts because now we can have the government of Medina all to ourselves he's God. And so this was the idea that even the the hidden enemy the hypocrites inside Medina were

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Happy that the Prophet is leaving Solaris, and he's heading towards Mecca. Now they're heading towards Mecca. This is a remarkable story I'm giving you like the super summarized version, the Quraysh, who are enemies, McCann's aren't enemies. They keep intelligence, they keep spies. So they know that the Prophet has left with 1800 people towards Mecca and they're unarmed. They have a problem. Their problem is, if he makes it all the way to Makkah, they can't kill him. Because they have this recognized reputation, that whoever comes to do Hajj, they can safely do Hajj. So if the if they attack the prophet in Mecca, then they will lose their reputation with all the other tribes,

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who say, Hey, wait a second, we give you security, you can travel anywhere, and we never attack you. Because you secure anyone who comes to the Kaaba for good reasons. These people came with their animals, they didn't come for war, and you killed them anyway. Now you're not safe from us either. So this was a political problem for the mccanns. So they had to come up with a plan of killing the Muslims before they get there. So they sent a force to come and attack the Muslims on the way and kill them on the road. Problem solved. Right? Now the prophet SAW Selim gets word that not a day's travel away, and a force is coming towards them. And they're not armed to handle that. So one among

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the prophets followers on the subtle Salaam gave a suggestion. And his suggestion was, we should follow a path that is not usually meant for human beings, because it's that dangerous and that treacherous is burnt rock, and it's jagged rock, and it will cut us up. But if we go down that road, they're not gonna find us. And we can take a back road basically into into Makkah. So and he is the only one who knows that path through the burnt rock. So they go take that path. Now the the army that came to attack the premises, um, couldn't find them. And now they're already on this road that has never been traversed by human beings. And you know what some historians described some of the

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companions that were on that journey, their shoes melted off, it was so hot, and they have their head around. At the bottom, we're turning red from blood because they were getting cut all the time. You know. And so they make it all the way through into this field, which is pretty close to Makkah. called davia. Okay, they make it all the way to academia. And in what they do the prophets lysozyme settles down, they don't have food supplies, they're running out of everything. This is a dried up well, in how they via and they there's not it's not enough to feed all the animals, even one Campbell's drink and pretty much the well we'll be done. And the prophets I sent him by his miracle,

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he spit in that, well, he made the law and it overflowed and everybody had water. And so now they're settled there. So now they're about to go into almost they're ready to go to Hajj and the courage find out the turn for the via, whenever we do. So they send about 80 different ad assassins killers to go and attack the caravan when they're arresting, to assassinate the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they wore masks on their faces. Because if it's known that it's maca people, then again, that's a political problem for them, right. So they come massed to try to attack the Muslims, their attack fails. The prophet SAW Selim captures all of them, but this companions disarms all of them, takes

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their masks off, and then sends them back home, keeps their weapons and sends them back home. Now they're humiliated. And now they figure you know what, we can't let them come any further. Let's start negotiating with the profit slice on them. So the maka, maka, people were too proud to negotiate directly with the Prophet. You know how nowadays some governments say we don't negotiate with terrorists. You heard that before, while the mccanns considered the Muslims rebels, these are rebels of Makkah, we're not going to, if we negotiate with them, that means they're legitimate, so we're not going to deal with them. So they had people from five come neighboring city come to deal

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with them, that we've come to deal with them, one by one, their negotiators came. And some of those negotiations if you read about them will lie your your hair on your skin will rise to hearing you know, the in the old Arab tradition, sometimes when people negotiate they sit together and their knees touch, okay, they sit across each other on the floor, and their knees touch. And the one who is older, and the one who is younger, the one who's older has supposed to have more influence. Yeah. So what he can do to make his point, if the other guy is not listening, he can grab his beard, that's a cultural thing that would grab the beard to make a point. So one of them try to grab the

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beard of the Prophet slave setup, and negotiations. And he got his hand head before he could reach it. And then he doesn't know who hid it, because all those Muslims are surrounding them kind of staring down at him. So he doesn't know who hit him when he saw who did that he's never been heard before. he's a he's a leader. He's a governor. And so he's he's just insulted. And he stands back and then he tries to do it again. And he gets hit again. And he a voice comes in says, You touch that again. You go for that hand again, you won't have a hand anymore. And he looks up and it's actually his own nephew, who said it would become Muslim. And when he went back to correlation said

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these people, we can't negotiate with them first. They thought these Muslims they have come from different tribes, different cities, you know, they don't they're not you know, in Arab land. What's the biggest loyalty your tribe, if you're from one tribe, you are one people. You're

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United, but the Muslims, some of them are black. Some of them are Persian. Some of them are this tribe. Some of them are Dakota tribe, you know, some of them used to be Jews, some of them used to be Christian. Some of them used to be machinic, some from Medina, some from Makkah, you know, they're all mix is a train station, you know? And so they're like, how are these people going to stand united? What could possibly unite them? And when they would go back to the coration, tell them what's going on, they would say these people, I have, you know, ambassadors went back and said, I have been in Roman kings courts. I have been to Persian king courts. I have been to Abyssinian King

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courts. I have never seen a king respected like these. These people love and respect their messenger. So I saw them, they fight each other to catch the drops of his sweat. They we cannot compete with them. So decorations, their negotiators, finally they send their negotiators. And when they find when they send out negotiator, the names are not important because I want you to focus on the story right now. So when this final negotiation happens, as it's happening even before then, the prophet said, I will send one of mine to Morocco to talk it out. And they decided to send it off Manuel de la hora. And now as Manuel de la Han was important, because he has family connections with

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the leadership of MCI as a VIP. So it's less chance that they will do something. So he goes inside and he's negotiating, and it takes extra long. It takes a really long time for him to get across or they detain him or something happens. The rumor spreads among the Muslims that Othman has been killed, that he's been killed now when you kill an ambassador, that's considered an act of war. Yeah. So now the Muslims 1800 of them unarmed in her davia have now are now convinced that it's time for war. And the prophets I said, um, takes a pledge of allegiance from them, literally an oath, an oath that was so powerful that Allah said when they took that oath, yellow light, he forgot at him,

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Allah, his hand was above their hands. That's the oath that they took under the tree. And that was that we are going to avenge the murder of our ambassador, we're going to go into Makkah, this is the same maka, who was a year ago was were at Medina ready to kill all of us. And now we don't even have shields. We don't even have weapons. And we're gonna go bones handbook and face this enemy, go inside the lions den and face the lion. You know, that's what we're going to do. And they all pledge their allegiance to the Prophet sighs You know, they're getting ready to go in and basically die. And as they're going in, of mine comes back out. So they're all upset and they're like, Oh, wait,

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you're here. So now they're settled down a little bit again. So when they're settled down again, the final negotiations begin. And in those negotiations, some really remarkable things happened.

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And they came up with a number of, you know, agreements. Each agreement each point was disadvantage to the Muslims. They said, Don't come to house this year, go back, you can come next year. One a great one part of the agreement. The Prophet agrees. The moment he agrees these companions who risked their life who went through burnt rock, who risked their life several times to even get this far, who they just he tried. They tried to kill the messenger with science along with assassins, and then they almost killed off mine. They're furious so they start screaming Subhanallah This can't be it's not acceptable. And the prophet SAW Selim calms them down, agreed, they go to the next item.

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The next item is not only do you go back to Medina, if anybody of you, runs away from you and comes to Makkah, if anybody comes to Makkah, then we don't have to give them back. But if a McCann if a Muslim runs away from Makkah and comes to Medina, you have to return it.

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How can this be we can't accept this, this was the hardest part. And they said, If any man does it, by the way, is that if any man does it, they put the word residual there, which was their fault, because eventually you know what happened, a bunch of women escaped. And they came in the Muslim said, well, you said, Man, so that's not included. You know, that's captured in social Medina anyway, while they're negotiating this agenda, who was one of the companions of the Prophet slicin them who had become Muslim, and he was actually the son of the man who was negotiating. When his father learned that his son has become Muslim. He was so angry that he put him inside a dungeon, he

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wrapped him up and was chained him up and beat him for years, beat him up for years. Abu jandal found found out that the Muslims are in Philadelphia, he got some hope. He figured out a way to escape from his chains, and run, sneak around and made it his way all the way to today via cut up bleeding, crying, he sees the Muslims he sees the Prophet sitting there so long as I'm sitting with his father who's been torturing him, by the way, sitting with his father. He comes in and he's so happy he made it to the Muslims and his father looks at him He says, we start with him. He has to go back.

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He has to go back and the Muslims are roaring like there's a there's a scream in the air so hon Allah This cannot happen. This cannot happen. And the prophets I said them for the first time in his entire life started pleading, pleading give me Just give me him just give me him. Just him. Nope. either this or No Deal. He's going back

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He's going back. And the prophet SAW Salem agrees.

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agrees. And Muslims are furious, absolutely furious at what's going on. Not only that, you know, they bring the animals for sacrifice. There's lots more to this story, but I'm giving you the snippets. Yeah, there's, so they bring the animals for sacrifice, they can't just take them back because the intention is to sacrifice them. So now, not only are we going to sacrifice these animals, guess who's gonna get to meet the people in Makkah, our enemies are gonna get to meet the first internet ha, we didn't need to meet. They did. They did. And so these, when this negotiation is over, everybody is extremely, extremely upset. We're not going to do how to everybody's running

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around, by the way, they're wearing a crown. And so when they bring home, the profit size alone, tells the people, you know what you have to, you know, shave your heads, take your home off, okay? And he comes out of his tent, and he tells everybody that we have to shave our heads take our trauma, and for the first time in the Prophet's life, similar, stolen, all of the companions, all of them,

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they all just sat there, and they did nothing. nobody listened. Not one soul. something even more crazy, crazier happened before then, when this negotiation was over, Bob couldn't take it. It came to the profit slice of them. And he said, aren't we, the people who follow the true religion?

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Didn't you say that there was a dream from Allah, that we're going to come to hide here? And the prophet SAW and said, I am the messenger of Allah. And yes, I did see a dream. But I never said it was going to be this year.

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The thing is, if it wasn't gonna be this year, then why are we here this year? Right. So he's even a little bit was upset raised his voice. And when the when he heard this from the prophets, I said, I'm, usually if he raises his voice like that, I will look at the or somebody else is gonna calm him down. That didn't happen. Even that didn't happen. And later on, he tried to raise the issue with it again. And I said, watch yourself now. But anyway, the prophet said to everybody shave your head sticker from off slaughter the animals, nobody listened. For the first time in the Prophet's career, nobody listened to a lot of them. And then the mother, he went back inside his tent, frustrated, he

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doesn't know what to do now. So the mother of the believers, his wife tells him, you go ahead and you shave your head, you take your arm off, they will follow. So he does that. he shaves his head, he takes his arm off, and then they see him do that they commonly start doing that, too. And now they're going back, they're on their journey back, everybody's burning within their hearts, they're burning. And at that moment, when the Muslims were so extremely angry at what has happened, that is when Allah revealed the surah of victory, this surah and before that, you know, maybe today, I'll just tell you this half of the story, and tomorrow, complete the story, because this is too epic to

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finish in one one sitting. But I'll tell you this, they're heading back. The other way. hottub felt bad because he had raised his voice to the profit slice of them. So he speeds up his horse, and he comes next to the Prophet. He says, Can I speak with you and the prophet Isaiah doesn't even look at him. And he slows his horse back down, and he comes back up again. Can I also Lola, nothing, and he pulls back again. He tries three times, the prophet wouldn't speak to him. The Prophet himself is really upset Salalah Heisler? And he says, somebody told my mother, I'm as good as dead. He's terrified that what he's done, he raised his voice to the Prophet hi subtle Salaam. Now, a few

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minutes later, somebody comes to Alma and says, The soul is calling you.

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The messenger is calling you. And he said, he do another lafiya Quran. He said, I was so scared, some Khurana came against me.

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So he comes up to the prophets, I saw them. And he says, I saw a light on the prophets face and I saw a happiness and a joy on the prophets face. So instead of that I have never seen it was brighter than the sun.

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And the Prophet just looks at him and he's happy. But everybody's upset. And the Prophet is so happy. So Larissa, and he says, what happened? And he pulls out closer and he recites this entire solar, this entire surah Okay, the 48th suit of the Quran, the prophet Allah gave him the whole suit at once. And he recites the whole surah in the beginning of the surah is enough attack delicata Medina, we have given you the most open victory, clear, unquestionable victory. This is what Allah has given the prophet

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and listens to how much of the surah the whole thing four pages, listen to the whole soldier and he has a question. He says a fatawa victory. That was victory. That's his question. Because he doesn't understand. He doesn't understand what just happened. This is one of the most unique episodes in the prophets life some a lot of what I will leave you with today is Eliza, which is in the last of this surah describes the greatest victory of the Messenger of Allah

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Hello, Larissa and I want to leave you today wondering what could that victory possibly be? What could it possibly be everything seems to be at our disadvantage and everybody around him is upset and the most you know the people who are willing to die for him the people who are willing to fight to the death for him do anything for him for the first time in his life unanimously they didn't listen unanimously they just sat there these are the people have submitted our autonomy here and we'll be these are those people how could this at all be victory? What is it like showing the profits on each of them that we're not able to see? That's a jumbo Darla, what I'll share with you

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Before we conclude, inshallah, tada the next three nights I'm just going to talk about a little less a little worrisome. So tomorrow, I'll conclude this session, and the next the last night inshallah we'll have a special session again, about our messenger so I want to do three more sessions tonight, tomorrow and the night after inshallah tada barakallahu li walakum Hakeem when apparently we are coming at

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