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hamdulillah Alright, so let's start again this Menachem de la Sol Sol Sol Sol. I'm just trying to again Facebook connection is very bad while I just re restarted it and see how it goes now, right? I just restarted the connection on Facebook and

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handed it out to me. All right, so let's go back inshallah tada to the story of the cow and Moosa, because today inshallah who would like to finish the story of Masada. He said, I hope we'd like to finish the story of more Sally, Sarah, Margaret is only in about half an hour. So we need to finish this before mother's inshallah who to add, right, we need to finish this between before my feet. So the father died, the father of that son died. And you know, but before he died, like I said he gave a car to his son not to save the cow. The only thing he left them was that cow and the cow remember has very was very special cow. Yeah, had some it had some really, you know, special characteristics,

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you know, the cow had a very special characteristics.

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As I mentioned,

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people came and wanted to buy the cow, some Pamela from the boy, they they they became so poor. So much so that a man came and asked for 10,000 says we'll give you 10,000 dirhams just give us the cow and the boy, the boy in our refused, he says even if you were to give me its weight in gold, I will not give it to you.

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Even if you were to give me the weight of that cow in gold, I would not sell you the cow, because my father gave me that will see ya don't sell the cow. So how do you know sisters, this isn't brothers, many lessons, one of the lessons here is that sometimes you go through difficult moments. And then and then you have

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you have certain temptations. And these temptations, they often come during, you know, tough moments at temptation to do this temptation to do that. And it couldn't be held temptation as well. Right. But somehow the law, you know, here, this boy was going through that sometimes you you're you're you're you're you lose your job. Now give me an example. You lose your job. And, and, and you're going through a really hard time you know, you have expenses to pay, you have rent, you have this you have that. And the only job you found was in, in a bank, dealing with mortgages and, and dealing with usury and or, you know, or in the in the store that sells alcohol or in, in a restaurant where

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you have to serve, you know, where you have to serve, let's say uncle Hall, right? And you say, Well, I need money, I need money I have to pay or I know I'm a single mom, I'm a single dad and this and that, you know, I need to pay expenses. And the only job that I could find was this kind of law. And these problems they tend to happen when you're really going down the drain when you're really collapsing. So I've had a lot desk from Allah a trial that try doesn't come to you on you're just sitting happy.

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No, the trial comes to you and you really like down and then one after another, you know, you're sinking and sinking and sinking and then comes in, you know, something on the way that you know, look at job or money or something. But inside of you your consciousness stylesheet is not had and he does not have that I don't want I don't want it you know, so here it is Hello. The father says don't sell the cow. Some people are coming and giving the money you know, line over a guy that says I'll give you 10,000 dirhams and that money that 10,000 at the time was like, you know, was a fortune. Yet the boy over there going to so many difficulties he refused to sell the cow he says no, because

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my father said not to send the cow but to what is happening. So how Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala is orchestrating this because at some point something will happen to bring your slot in and they will look for a cow and the cow that they needed was you know belong to that kid.

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And Moosa will be there with them, you know, so yes, you go into difficulties, they come in to you, they are offering you in order to send me a cow Sunday or send me a car, I need your car, I need your I need this and I give you a good money. But your father said don't sell that cow don't sell that car, don't sell that house, skip it. Right. So it's it's all written it's been orchestrated by Allah subhanho with that.

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So the boy has grown, and in the tribe next to them in the abida next to them, you know, was leaving another young man,

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another young man whose father died

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and he had

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an uncle and his uncle was pretty rich.

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His echo was really rich.

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And his uncle had a daughter.

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So if he wants to marry his cousin,

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he will inherit everything from her. And he would become very rich.

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But his uncle would not want him to marry his cousin and his uncle would not want to give him money.

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Why? Because the uncle knew that his nephew was not good.

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He is a stray, so he would not give him too much money, he would just give him whatever he needs. And he wouldn't want him to marry his, his cousin.

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So, the boy went to his uncle, and he said, I want to start a business with the tribe next to us, you know, tribe a, and I wanted to start business with them.

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But they have refused to, you know, to do a transaction with me because I'm still young.

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Why don't you come with me?

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Because you're my uncle, maybe you can act like my sponsor. If they were to see you, you know, you're well respected. You were respected, and they would want to start business with me.

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Um, I can start business on good hamdulillah um, you know, I'm, I know, the struggles I know this field and I know the, you know, I know the I can really do it successfully, but because there's lack of trust, I'm young, according to them, if you were to come with me, they see you, they will trust you. And they will, you know, they will you know, eventually trust me, then they will, we will, you know, do this transaction and then start business with them.

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The the architecture for I do it, you know, something to help you of course, I'll do it. Just so you can do your own business and start Of course, I would support you. So on the way to the other tribe. The nephew killed his uncle,

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the nephew killed his uncle.

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And the uncle was killed now between the two tribes between tribe a where the uncle lives and try be the other tribe where that kid wanted to do business.

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So each tribe like I mentioned, they were 12 each had their own Sabbath their own leader

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so now became a big argument a big crowd big fight between the two tribes you'd killed you know, they were accusing each other you know of killing the you know, that ankle or killing that man. each tribe was accusing the other of killing that man.

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So they said, Okay, you know what, why don't we go to Musa Musa is a prophet. He will solve this problem for us. Let's go to Moosa.

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They went to Musa Musa, we have this problem Can you please help us out? Because there is a man who is dead so we have a crime here. There's a scene we have a crime.

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And that man is you know, is dead in between the two that we don't know who killed him, you know, each Kabila is accusing the other for killing that man so your profit almost up Can you please no be judge be the judge.

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So Allah subhana wa tada sends you believe? And you believe to Moosa, Allah Xhosa has told you tell them to slaughter a cow. As simple as that listen to the story. The story has so many Hicken has so many you know wisdom in it.

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Allah has told them to slaughter a cow, a cow, just a cow, any cow.

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Then comes the quote unquote, not smartness of slavery. They were not smart. They were just lazy. And they were just troublemakers a cow. Would you mean a cow? Allah told you to stop the account.

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to slaughter a cow. Why a cow anyways?

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What does the car have to do with the crime?

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Somebody is dead. And Allah is telling us to slaughter the cow. Car you don't

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wait two minutes. Fedora toffee ha well lahoma

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Dr. Moon upon netlabel homi Bhabha, in Salt Lake Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala experience this story right here and so the first one they said

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that I don't know what are you 40 less Are you ridiculing us? We're telling you to help us solve this crime. Are you telling us to slaughter a cow?

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Are you fooling us? This is ridiculous. Whether you're defending us

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Let's all do to sell our account goes to our cow

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sisters and brothers why a cow?

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Those of you on Instagram and those of you on Facebook why a cow

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you have any idea those of you on Instagram those are in Facebook why particularly a cow?

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Why not an elephant? Why not a lion? Why not a camel? Why not a donkey? Why Why not a mule? Why a cow in the lion welcome at the Baka why anybody sisters and brothers

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are you are you are you hearing me guys brothers and sisters those of you on Facebook and Instagram?

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Why particularly a cow anyone knows the answer can you talk to me guys

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Are you guys there?

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Whereas everyone

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story connected to the boy with the cow

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yeah it is connected by why ally send them to slaughter a cow. Why particularly a cow yes the story connected to the boy with the cow eventually they will go and buy and buy that cow by why the cow because of the boy

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because of the boy who was obedient to his father

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so he can make really really really lots of money

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well because of something else

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it was actually because of something else as well.

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In their hearts remember what they did before sisters and brothers when you know with the cemetery when they made that cough and they wanted to worship cough that cow kind of you know the cough the baby cow right? They want it to worship so here we go into slaughter a cow

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to slaughter the cow not too long ago you made the cow as an idol right and you wanted to wash your car so I realized oh god say going slaughter the cow slaughter a cow. Right a cow so initially it was just slaughter any cow

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been assigned had a sickness

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when slightly they really had a sickness. It's a heart sickness. It's a sickness in the in the aqeedah in the creed.

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Despite all the evidence, despite all the all the miracles they have seen, they kept on arguing. They kept on arguing they kept on this believing they kept on on denying.

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So here comes you know the order to construct a cow

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that you didn't know was why you're ridiculing us.

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Now, I'm just gonna start with this cow.

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If Allah Subhana was saying, you know, your hearts have become so harsh, harsher, harder than rock concert.

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genre and more more harder and harsher than than then then you know then shot down rocks. the hearts of soul rush are rough not rush rough. more rough than some Hello dun dun rocks. So now they start asking questions. Okay, you want a cow? What kind of cow?

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first aroma.

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It is a cow that's needed to old no two young daughters. You were told they'll ask the questions. The more questions they ask the more the harder I was making it for them. If they were just to go and get any cow and slaughter it, the problem would have been solved. But they kept on asking question Harlow they said Rebecca you

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call your law to tell us what you know what kind of what color does she have? What color just any cow I told you, but now you're asking for a car okay then you have to ask for this particular you have to find the cow with this particular color. What particular color allows is in the Jolla auto in the habit of Falco? ohata. So now Vinnie called upon your Lord to tell us about you know, to tell us what what your what cow what color, Allah is actually saying.

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It is a cow. That's Safar very bright, beautiful color.

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Is it has a very bright, beautiful color. You know very solid color factor, Ilona that fat cat solid color and bright yellowish color. There's so many brown colors. There's so many black there's so many white. No This one is actually yellowish, bright, beautiful color.

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They said again, although another book called your Lord, they don't say Our Lord they say your Lord, call your Lord or call your Lord

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met after Shabbat and there's so many yellowish cotton or color yellowish cows, can you ask your lawyer to tell us again to give us some more some more descriptions that Allison handle that you've seen

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in the hair color in the hair bacala to leather also to us can have them sell them at a fee

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a cow that's neither trained no till till the soil nor water nor field sounds yummy. Except bright color. It is very particular cow it is not trained don't see her in the field, to to till the soil. Yeah, and it's not being used, you know, in the house. It's not being used in the fall for farming. It's not being used for watering, it's only it's it just lives in the in the farm

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and eats and it has this beautiful color, and it is nor any, neither too old, not too young. All these descriptions gone Fine, go and find this cow.

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And they could go and around finding this cow. Now it's making it not a lot of vision has made it so difficult for them. Initially, it was hard, it was really easy, but not unless it has made it very, very, you know, difficult for them.

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So eventually my brothers and sisters they found the car

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exactly with the same description that Moosa has given them whose car was it, it was actually the cow that belonged to that boy.

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It was the cow that belonged to that boy.

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they kept on negotiating

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with the boy

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Moosa has sent us and we need your cow and the boy did not want to sell the cow. So they kept on offering money, more money, more money. In some in some

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descriptions on in some narrations. They said that they sold the cow or he sold them the cow for 10 times its weight in gold. They could have gotten any cow any cheap one, but because they kept on asking so many questions, Allah subhanho wa Taala made it so hard for them.

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So hard for them that that car eventually was sold Yes, but we 10 times its weight in gold.

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So he sold the car

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after they sold the cow. Then Moosa told them slaughter the car. They started the car.

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They started the car.

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After they started the cow.

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Moosa told them take a bone from that cow bone, the bone.

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So they took a bone from that car. And so how another miracle from before the ice, strike the dead man with that bone.

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They went and they stroke that dead man with the bone. The Dead Men of woke,

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he awoke from being dead, he awoke, turned, he looked at his nephew, and he says, He is the one who killed me. And he pointed towards him He says, He is the one who killed me. And then he died again. The story of the cow

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after the slaughter the cow they took a bone on that cow they stroke the dead man, the dead man walk and told them when he pointed to his nephew says that's the man who gives me the boy who gives me my nephew and he died again.

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But there was the end

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well yeah, that was the end.

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What happened at the end in fact, you know the history of masa and he said I was a little bit he was similar with sin eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. This was the shedding of masahisa at the time I for eye and to try to

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solve for so so they had to kill that you know nephew who killed his uncle.

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As I mentioned the brothers and sisters more so his suffering really his struggle a lot with with business law.

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But another miracle before their eyes, a man who's dead

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a walk it told them this is the man who kills me and he went back and he died to get a miracle. A miracle before their eyes but still Subhanallah the

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the hearts again they had a problem with that happy that their hearts very, very stubborn people. Some people still did not choose to believe that some people had doubts. Some people kept on you know being stuck.

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And and whatnot. So at any ways my brothers and sisters most I lived, you had to live with them until he reached. There was a discrepancy in terms of how old was Mossad before he died. Where exactly did he die? We don't know. But

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he was buried in in the in amount east of near the smelter me in NEEMO call. It's called near east of the Dead Sea. He was buried there but before he was buried or before he died, Mousavi said and it's been reported he went and he performed has he went, you know, to Mecca and he did go off and he performed has just like all the other profits before he died at his setup.

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How long actually like before moves up? And how long you know was buried also in the mount of sort of afford the mount of Sinai and then in some duration, Holland died first. And then Moosa died Next, you know, there was sort of certain durations, but mostly it said, I'm like I said, he, he, he went through a lot. He struggled a lot. He suffered a lot, but he also was really really, you know,

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an icon for patients, an icon for patients, you know, he had to go through, you know, yes, he persevered a lot persevere when he was going through, you know,

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an hour before film when he was living in the palace, when he went to Jordan, when he came back to Egypt. Now with being a slightly he struggled, he suffered, you know, it his setup.

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But he lived with them until they said maybe he was, you know, late, you know, in his age when he died around you know, late 70s 80s You know, when he died, is there any exact location where he died? We don't not know, although there's some durations.

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You know, like he said, he died, you know, near the Dead Sea. You know, they're in the Jordan area, while Lucha brothers and sisters

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who came after Moosa when masa died, what happened to your slot he after Moosa died? Was that the anti Las Vegas law? He would they gonna, you know, are they gonna remain? You know, in the tohave? Are they are they gonna go straight again? with Allah Xhosa? Send them another prophet how many prophets

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was another prophet? You know what happened to that boy By the way, what happened to that boy who worked with Moosa and walked with Him you know, when they went to meet him, you know that boy, you know, whatever happened to him because he apparently was also another prophet. What happened to him you know, that boy what's going to happen to genocide after they die? You know, as he says, gonna come in this next or somebody else is going to come before the ISA Of course there's a man and there's that wood but who's gonna come before survey man and there will be somebody else because

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better slightly better slightly, they have serious problems serious problem with the man but a lot of vision would keep on sending the Prophet after prophet after prophet after prophet. So what's going to happen to them we'll talk about that tomorrow inshallah tada another prophet that will be sent again to Venice LA, he taught combinate slightly after this of masa, it said on who that Prophet is. Well, we'll find out tomorrow inshallah. We'll talk about it the inilah Same time, same place, six o'clock pm, eastern time on Facebook and Instagram, as our sisters and brothers may love this, you may Allah reward you. We see you tomorrow, inshallah Tada. It's almost a matter of time

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here in Toronto, Baraka Luffy from the other words, as he say a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We'll see you tomorrow. All right. See you tomorrow. Somebody come up.