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Hola Hola motherly human hamdulillah Hello Bedard, Amin was another was salam ala Shafi lambier Evil mousseline, Mohamed Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam just live on cathedra and cathedra. From Abbado, my brothers and sisters, we live in calamitous times, through these are not as calamitous as other times in the history of the Ummah of Muhammad Salah Hylia salah, which we lived through, survived and became stronger, but we can only deal with what we are faced with. So these times are difficult enough for us. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala for his help and protection,

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help and prediction for all Muslims everywhere

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as well as for all innocent people. It is therefore very important to understand why difficult times happen and what to do about them.

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You will find that many well meaning people gather to conceptualize and think about strategies to deal with difficulties, but nothing seems to work.

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Let me illustrate with an example. Say you want to cook a special dish. You put all the ingredients into the pot and you stir the mix mix very thoroughly. But nothing happens. The ingredients remain separate. And as you stir them they just go around and around in the pot. But there is no sign of your dish being cooked.

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Then comes the chef into your kitchen. And in one glance, he knows what's missing. And why your dish is not cooking. There is no fire under the pot. You have all the ingredients. But you did not like the fire. You did not like the stove. There is no energy to cook and so the dish remains raw and caught. This is our state. We have all our schemes and technology and money and expertise and the desire to solve our problems. But we have not lighted the fire under the porch. The fire under our pots is our connection with Allah subhanaw taala

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Ramadan will get him comes to help us to connect to remove the copper oxide on the wire and ensure that it is ready to receive the current the power of the know and guidance of Allah subhanaw taala to illuminate our lives in both worlds.

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We spent almost three weeks fasting and praying and remembering Allah subhanaw taala we feel close to him and want to know him. He in his infinite mercy said I will will live in a shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem with us are the Kariba the Hanifa in the quarry Wuji without a diary the

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earlier study whooley Well You mean OB la Lhomme yo show do a lot that I said which means and when my slaves ask you Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam concerning me, then I am indeed near them.

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I respond to the invocations to the dua of the

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of the of the mood day at the daughter of the supplicant when he calls on me.

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So let them obey me, and believe in me, so that they may be rightly guided.

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I remind myself in you, that all the promises of Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran are conditional, do something to get something, nothing will happen. If nothing is done, actions must leave our hands for Allah subhanaw taala decisions to descend.

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Allah Subhana Allah says, Let them obey me, and believe in me, so that they may be guided. The key is to understand this truth that Allah subhanho data is the one who changes conditions, not our wealth, not our influence, not our strength, not our politics, not our militaries, but Allah subhanaw taala all our schemes will work only if Allah is on our side. Allah is on the side of those who obey Him. Not of those who disobey Him and anger him.

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Allah said in Allah Allah Dena taco will love you know how much you know, Truly, Allah subhanho wa Taala is with those who have Taqwa and wormers You know who excelled who go beyond that and try to please Allah subhanho wa Taala in all that they say and do. If there is no taqwa and SR, there will not be any help from a loss or habitat. Before we go to solutions, let us see why difficulties happen.

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The same rule applies to personal or global problems. So let us reflect on this

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In our own lives, unless you are interested in hola hola yo yo mommy calm in Hatha Yoga you may be unfussy him were either around Allah who will be called me and so and Fila della Ahmad Oh mean doing him he will Verily Allah subhanaw taala will not change the good condition of upheaval as long as they do not change their state of goodness themselves by committing sins and by disobeying Allah. But when Allah subhanho wa Taala wills a people's punishment when Allah is done and this has decided to pay somebody, a individual or or or a people account, there can be no turning back of it, and they will find besides him, no protector.

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Because understand that difficulties and calamities don't happen randomly. In any difficulty. The first thing to ask is What did I do to bring this upon myself? Whether this is at a personal individual level, or whether it is at a collective level, same rule, asked this question, why is this happening? What is my role? What have I done to bring this on myself? Allah subhanaw taala said Zohan Alpha Deauville battery, well battery Viva customer ad Nancy Lee calm by the Lizzie Amarula home your jewel, Allah subhanaw taala said which means evil, calamities have appeared on the land and sea because of what the hands are men have earned by oppression and by committing sins, that

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Allah subhanaw taala may make them taste a patch

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of that which they have done, in order that they may return by repenting to Allah subhanho wa Taala and begging his borrow

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two important points to note. One, that what we are seeing is the result of our own actions. And to that this is not punishment for them, but a taste of the real punishment, so that we can take heat and change our ways and save ourselves from a much worse situation.

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Our society today is rife with disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala in every possible way, we not only disobey Allah, but we think this is our right to do so. We don't just do it by accident. We do it as a matter of pride, and we take pleasure in it, and we do it openly.

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It is not only our rich and powerful to do it. Every one of us oppresses the one below, and bows and bows to the one above.

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Whether this is in the home, or the workplace, or outside in society, in every place, this is our way. Allah subhanaw taala gave for example Allah gave women rights that many so called modern societies do not do to this day, but we Muslims denied those rights to our sisters. Allah subhanaw taala made the pure halal and the impure and evil haram but we indulge in all that Allah subhanaw taala prohibited Allah subhanaw taala declared war on those dealing in interest, but we accept his war and then wonder why we are faced with calamities. Take only one matter dealing with interest. Allah subhanaw taala dealt with this in such detail Allah

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Allah the nya Quran we were guna Illa Gabbi abou Mulethi at the Hotbird who shaytaan Amin al muss the Lika be unknown Carlo in level variable Mason arriba where halala will buy our 100 River river from a

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whole Mariza to mill Rob be fun to have Allah whom as all of our row Illa Allah woman if you guys haven't marry whom v have Caledon you ever happen love or Reba you will be so the court will law hula your hip beaucoup lack of in esteem in levena Amaru I saw you had the car was solid those

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Lahoma you were home in dark beam what I forgot when I leave what is going on?

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Yeah you will the

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law hover the room um you know we've

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gone to many

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very lamda rollover as a Ruby Hardaway min Allah He was only one to bottom welcome Russo unworldly formula taslim on our toes.

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A lot around that is that in these ayat of surah baqarah from 275 to 279. Those who consume interest cannot

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Stand on the Day of Resurrection except as one stands who is being beaten by shaitan into insanity. That is because they say trade is just like interest. But Allah subhanho data has permitted trade and has forbidden interest. So how can they be the same, so Whoever heeds the warning from his love and dismiss and stops may have what his past and his affair rests with Allah. But whoever returns to dealing in interest, those are the Companions of the Fire. They will stay there eternally, they will abide eternally. They're

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here the villa. Then Allah says Allah will destroy interests, Allah will destroy into interest. Yamaha por la Horiba well, you will be sadaqa Allah will destroy Riba, Allah will destroy interest and will give increase to sadhaka and charity.

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Now, what bigger clarification Do you want as a Muslim?

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This is not my word, is the word of Allah subhanaw taala. Go look it up. I gave you the reference of the ayat. Allah will destroy riba Allah will destroy interest, and will give increase for sadaqa for charity. And Allah dislikes, disbelievers and sinners. Truly, those who believe and do deeds of righteousness, and establish a salah and gives the cat they will have the reward with the rub. on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. Or you who believe, fear Allah and give up what remains do to you from Reba from interest. Leave it from now onwards, if you are really believers, it's a condition liar. If you refuse to give it up the new design,

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Allah says, fear Allah and give up what remains due to you.

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For whatever means get out of it. From now onwards, if you are really believers, and if you do not do this, then take a notice of war.

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Take a notice of war from Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger Salah Salem. But if you repent, you shall have your capital subs. Do not deal unjustly by asking more than your capital sums and you shall not be dealt with unjustly by receiving less than your capital sums.

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Ask you my brothers and sisters. What can be clearer than this? Allah subhanaw taala declared war on the one who deals in interest on his own behalf. And on behalf of Rasul Allah azza wa jal

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underlined the muscles or the Elano in a hadith and Muslim rabbit reported that was sold as a result of Zen. Allah has cursed.

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Allah has cursed the one who consumes interest. Its client, meaning the one who's

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paying that interest. Its witness, that is the one who witnesses that transaction. And it's recorded the one who makes up the document.

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Allah has cursed the one who consumes interest, its client, its witness, and it's recorded. interest based dealings and adultery, do not become widespread among people, but that they will become vulnerable to the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala geladeira Allah Almighty interest in adultery

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Jabba raga la rosette Rasulillah Salam cursed the one who consumes the river who consumes interest means which who lends money on interest, and the one who pays it. And the one who writes it down. And the two who witnessed this, and he said, they are all the same. And this is in Sahih. Muslim.

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I live in Abu Dhabi, or the law no and Abdullah in the mass road for the law no narrated, that also lies Allah Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala curse, whoever consumes Riba, whoever consumed interest, whoever pays interest, the two who are witnesses do it and the scribe who records it.

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Allah is my witness that I have stated it as clearly as I can, with all the evidence that I know.

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It's your life. It's your Ashira you decide what you want to do.

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We must ask whether somebody we are at war with will will help us you want to buy war

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from Allah and then you want to raise your hands and you say, Oh Allah help me is it going to happen?

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It is insanity to imagine that what caused the problem, the same thing will also cure it. Each path leads to a destination

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to go to another destination. We was changed that path. Allah says ma Sava mean mercy but the Nila Videla remain human biller he had the callback. Well Allah will be equally Shane I live in Surah de la and Allah's raw data said No calamity befalls No calamity comes but with the Leave of Allah, no gravity comes, but with the permission of Allah. And whosoever believes in Allah, He geladeira Allah who guides his heart, he supports him, he helps him to understand the difficulties that he's facing. He shows him solutions. whosoever believes in Allah, He geladeira who guides his heart, and Allah is the all knower of everything. This is the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala.

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That we will be comforted in the midst of the difficulty that we are facing.

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The difficulty is itself a sign of the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala because it comes to save us from burning ourselves in the fire.

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It's an early warning for us to turn away from our path that leads to Johanna.

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Allah said, what are Luca Homina La Villa dune Allah very like very la la mejor Jun. Allah said, and verily, we will make them taste of the near torment, which is through disasters, calamities,

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illnesses, pandemics prior to the supreme torment in the Hereafter, in order that they may repent and return to a loss of habitat and become obedient to Allah. The Quran Al Karim teaches us that the solution to all problems is to repent

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instead of the whole hold Elisa Lam says Ya call Mr. Vidura, Babu Sama, Adobo la you will see the Sava la comida while your Z to come CO was an LFO vertical wala Tata Our love was at me. He said, Oh my people, ask forgiveness of your love. And then repent to Him. And He will send you read from abundant rain from the sky and add strength to your strength. So do not turn away as Mooji removed as criminals.

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There are many I had with this meaning in reference to many MBR he was salam was show us that everything good begins with repentance. Only when we accept our mistakes and crimes can we hope for the anger of Allah subhanaw taala to call and for the difficulties to be removed. In our materialistic minds, we must accept that it is not our schemes, which will help us but the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. This is this we must invoke by is the fall by repentance and by Dawa by turning towards Allah subhanaw taala but if we remain stubborn, the suffering will remain no matter what we do. Allah subhanaw taala told us about two mistakes and the difference in approach which led

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to the endings being very different. Let us see. Let us see how we

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are the one is alive and how are they he said I'm on mother's and our father and mother disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. But when they realized what they had done, they were immediately contract immediately repentant. They accepted their mistake and sought forgiveness. Kala Banaras Salam nan husana will love the film on our Hannah, Lana Conan Cassidy. They said Wow. We have wronged ourselves. If you do not forgive us, and do not bestow upon us your mercy, we shall certainly be of the losers. Allah subhanaw taala forgive them and send them down to the earth to remain here for a time and work according to the plan of Allah subhanaw taala and then to return to their home that is

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Evil is also disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala. But see what he did.

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Call Allah ma Menaka Allah does Judah is Amar talk Allah Allah Pharaoh men who fall of 20 Min. of October 18.

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Allah subhanaw taala asked him, see the mercy of Allah Allah He disobeyed Allah did not immediately punish him. Allah is giving him a chance to repent. So Allah asked him What prevented you

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Why didn't you do it? What stopped you I believe that you did not prostrate when I commanded you.

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What made you disobey me?

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What did he say?

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You see, I'm sorry I made a mistake. No. He said I'm better than him.

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You created me from fire, and you created him from clay.

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See the totally different attitude. Instead of accepting his mistake, he justified it. And by implication is casting blame that the fart was with the order, not with him.

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He's like saying your order is wrong, I'll get away in that.

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We need to ask ourselves, who our attitude and actions resemble more, when we are warned about the displeasure of Allah subhanaw taala for our ideas and for our actions, we must ask because all actions have consequences. And that is why we must change now. Because one day that exit door will shut Allah Allah for habit to mean her former Yahoo laka Anta Kabara via * rose in the coming a surgery. Karla and Zuni Illa yummy rasool

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Allah says, Please get out, go down from this, Jana. It is not for you to be arrogant here. Get out for you are of those humiliated and disgraced?

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Even then the police does not repent. What does he say? He says, allow me respite allow me time till the day they are raised the Day of Resurrection. And these are the Ayatollah Lara. And he said more and more things about what he would do. All of them pointing to the fact that he dug himself deeper and deeper into his hole until he was last.

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Allah subhanaw taala guides those who wish to be guided, Allah does not compel or force anybody. We choose our own destiny. Ramadan comes to give us another chance to change our path and turn towards Allah. For those who do it, Allah subhanaw taala is it called Dr. Abadi, Allah Xena asafo Allah unforeseen la doc Natoma Rahmatullah in Allah will do by Jamia in the whole world of photo Rahim say or Abadi say all by slaves who have transgressed against themselves by committing evil deeds. Do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Varied Allah subhanho wa Taala forgives all sins. Truly He is He is oft forgiving, Most Merciful. For those who repent. Allah subhanho Donnas forgiveness is boundless.

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The condition is repentance and change. Now, because tomorrow never comes or that is our change opportunity. Let us take it and chart a different path for ourselves. Masala Allah Allah will carry virally he was going to get on the right way.