If You Had 2 Weeks Left To Live Would You Be Proud Of Your Life

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You read this morning, no guarantee your evening.

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Your evening, no guarantee you really morning. But the way that we live

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is that we're never gonna die.

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But imagine,

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imagine if the world was going to come to an end. If we were going to leave the dunya. We knew that we had two weeks to live and listen, this happens day in to hundreds and 1000s of people. You're dying in two weeks, you're terminally ill.

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It happens to people we know around us all the time.

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Imagine if the doctor said you got two weeks to live.

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And we could look over our shoulders.

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Would we be happy with the way we live our life? Would we say yeah, you know, I lived a life full.

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I did something behind me. Which was worth while.

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Would we now be in a panic mode. And I know, literally all of us would be in a panic mode. Me included everybody. But to what degree?

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Your day and night was after the dunya

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Voris Allah Salam said, is hard for dunya you hit book Allah

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do do the hood in the dunya. Don't be one of those who runs off to the dunya all the time, and Allah will love you.

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And we're not doing

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doing in the Dunya doesn't mean that okay, you send the dunya and then you sit at home on your backsides. No, it doesn't mean that is a means that your your entire day not engaged in the dunya but you're doing something else worthwhile. That is

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you do something else.

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You're helping somebody.

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He said do the hood in that which people have in their hands.

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What the position to people don't look at somebody who's got something bigger than you a bigger car bigger house, better children more well, the Boris Allah said to Zoho, in what people have in their positions and people will love you Allah.

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People will honor you.

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People will honor you for what you are. But the more that you will look at people's positions, the less people will honor

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the less people will honor you.

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We have the greatest examples in our in the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam