Your parents are madly in love with you

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he salatu salam, my dear respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam and everyone who's watching, may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from all of us our good deeds and may Allah subhanaw taala reward us for our beautiful intentions that is that are yet to be transformed or translated into good actions. I mean our blood I mean, this video in particular is a reminder to my young Muslim brothers and sisters out there. And I have a message for you in sha Allah was here sitting reflecting over the blessings of having a mother I have lost my father in 2011 May Allah Subhana

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Allah have mercy upon his soul, and it was so grieving because I did not spend with him. Good time Subhanallah love him after I made my journey from where I was to where I am today. I didn't spend with him quality fatherly time before he passed in 2011 So now I have deep fear in my heart all the time about losing my mother may Allah subhanaw taala grant her more years to live in sha a longtime Allah for Allah subhanaw taala sake in Allah subhanaw taala service so that we can inshallah gain the maximum benefits of Doha, um you know, blah blah mean.

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But this is a message for you my brothers, my young brothers and sisters know this no notice fact your parents are madly in love with you.

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No one on planet Earth would offer you love compassion, patience, support like your parents no one on planet earth once goodness for you more than your own parents. And I know some of you are listening to this and saying maybe between themselves brother but you don't know really my actual situation you don't know how harsh my father is you don't know how my mother used to usually talk to me and this and that. I know. You know my brothers and sisters, I was just reflecting on a lot of the the beauty of valley here where I am now. And subhanAllah I compare the level of parents so Pamela Lin to that of a surgeon. You see my brothers and sisters is them if you have experienced

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surgery's operation or if you have witnessed someone else who has gone through this process, may Allah subhanaw taala cure are sick. And may Allah subhanaw taala reward those who are going through challenges of that nature. May Allah subhanaw taala elevate their status to the highest level Jimena brownie for the patients. But if you have observed you know the surgery process and you observe the life of a doctor, a surgeon, the surgeon, what does he actually do he knock you out.

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He he literally knock you out upon a lot or being just like our band sometimes will ground us and tell us hey, go to your room don't come out unless you feel what you did was wrong and so on. So he knocks us out a surgeon but he knocks us out for actually our benefit and and for our own sake. And guess what, as they do surgeons, they open you up they cut you they handed you with knife my brothers and sisters, they cut you open and they know that it's going to hurt even afterwards when you regain your consciousness Subhanallah all the indeed do this. And when you look at their behaviors, if you have observed any surgery online now everything can be shown on YouTube and the

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like Subhanallah you think these people have got no hearts, but will lie they have got hearts like angels. They are so precise. They are very careful. They are many of them praying your Allah grant us ease so that we can eliminate the sickness from the body that I'm handling Subhanallah when they cut you open, they see the blood, they get into the core of your problem, your physical problem, they eliminated to the best of their ability. They stitch you up my brother and sister all these processes those who are not surgeons or those who are not doctors, they look and say, Oh my God, I am about to faint already Subhanallah on him but surgeons, they will go through that painful process

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for your own good sake. So sometimes our parents are unreasonable. But maybe that's from your perspective. Maybe you didn't understand their viewpoint. So my brothers and sisters in STEM have mercy upon them. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran Wakaba Buka Allah taboo in the year we're Bill Well Edenia Sana Allah so the Hannah Donna has commanded us in the Quran to worship none but Allah subhanaw taala and right after this command of worshiping

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him right after fulfilling the purpose of your existence on planet earth. He commanded us to be good to our parents SubhanAllah. He commanded us in the same way and my brothers and sisters in Islam to lower our wings of humility. To them, he commanded us my brothers and sisters in the same area, that we should follow them on all levels, except in one case, when we invite you to worship other than Him Subhan Allah on the so my younger brothers and sisters out there, run, literally run, if your parents are around, run, give them a hug, kiss their hands, ask them to make dua for you. Ask them to forgive you if you hurt them. And if the past prostrate now before Allah subhanaw taala and ask

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them to have mercy upon them and ask him to reunite you with them in sha Allah and gentlemen for those amino bloggin Salam alaykum warahmatullahi