Amazing Structural Miracle of the Quran

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He was on it.

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With me, I thought

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it was an amazing job, the credit is the structure of the firm. Now, you have to understand something before I begin is that the grant was a responsive revelation.

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In other words, that really when someone would come to the Prophet Mohammed with an inquiry, for example, it asked him about gambling, or they'd asked him about the soul. It asked him about anything, that the Prophet Muhammad would come and return, he will basically answer them in the form of Quran in the form of Revelation, which means he had no time to really put everything together, he had no time to think about Okay, where's there's going to be actually put in terms of the actual growth.

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Despite the fact that it was circumstantial revelation to a circumstantial, you'll find that the Quran really is interwoven in an integrated way, which is really unbelievable, if you think about it. I'll give you one example. If you look at sort of Bukhara, which is the second chapter of the Quran. It's a chapter of 286 verses, and it is the biggest chapter of the Quran, which took more than two years to be rebuilt in its entirety. Yet, when you look at this chapter, you'll find that in the beginning, there are certain topics that correspond exactly with the end. What I mean by that is the following. As you'll be seeing, hopefully, on the screen,

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at the beginning, the first topic that was talked about, corresponds to the last topic that is referred to, which is faith and unbelief. The second topic that is referred to correspond to the second last,

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and so on and so forth, in such a way, which would make the chapter which is comprising of two unrelated expresses absolutely symmetrical. In this way, the Quran draws an unbelievable, who creates an unbelievable structure, which could not have been predicted, which could not have been manufactured, considering the fact that the Prophet could not have known what the circumstances of the revelation would have been.

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And in the middle of this chapter, it says, what a delicate jam that

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would have certainly made you a middle and balanced nation. exactly in the middle of your chapter, verse 143. But the idea is the structure is completely incoherent, and it's completely symmetrical. So to do this would require knowledge of the unseen knowledge of future events.

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So think about how that is the way it is.

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masala tea

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with me