Keep Making Dua for Our Brothers and Sisters in Gaza I Sh Dr I Jannah Institute

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Let us not forget our brothers and sisters and Rosa.

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And this is not something easy. Unless you've lived such experience, you will not really feel what they are going through or went through. And I've spoken about it many times, but it's a good idea. And remind reminder always benefited the believers. We actually did what we can do to help them but I would say and I don't know who is hearing me from them. I personally learned from them a lot. I learned from the woman of Gaza, what does it mean to be a faithful person, a woman of faith? I learned from the men of Gaza. What does it mean to be grateful to Allah, it is extremely

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mind blowing. To see again and again and again and again. Different pupil ages, woman, men, children, in the middle of the rubbles lost, beloved ones, lost everything they have, and nothing comes out of their mouth other than

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What a faith they have.

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What did Allah gave them that he didn't give me or us? It's something really for years, if not generations, we'll be speaking about that.

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As they taught us, the least we can do is remember them? Yes into any other way we can help. But more importantly, two things. Let's go back to Allah and become the sorbents He wants us to be and let us don't forget them of course in your DUA and may Allah subhanaw taala make this truth that it is supposed to be for four days forever, your OB Amin