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Wael Ibrahim
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I've supported

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Palestinian cause ever since I went to the West Bank

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in the early 60s, and saw what's been happening to the Palestinians. Unfortunately, I've been denied access to Gaza. But I've seen what's happening to the Palestinians in the West Bank, and a slow genocide has been taking place. I have friends there, I feel deeply for them. And the least I can do is stand up in Australia and say, long live Palestine.

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Hi, my name is John McEwen.

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I come from South Africa. And I realized the situation of Palestine is very similar to the situation in South Africa. Except I think it's about 1000 times worse. In fact, I think it's got a million times with with this last debacle. And something has to be done. You can carry on fighting for the rest of your life.

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But trying to sort things out, I think are going to be a * of a lot harder. And I think something has to be done. It's now used fighting over something which is just ridiculous. I don't know how you sorted it out. But the West issue I've got a lot of explaining to do.

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Here to support the Palestinian people, against the genocides colonial organization has been brutalized and the Palestinians for 75 years. It's a bit tame, it stopped. So God bless Palestine, long love Gaza and people.

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My name is Karen McCune, and I'm really horrified by the genocide that's happening in Palestine.

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And I'm here to support the Palestinians. And I just want to all the warming to stop that everyone deserves a life. My daughter and I just here in solidarity with everyone in Gaza and the West Bank, and all Palestinians everywhere. For the genocide that's trying to be committed against you and honoring your resistance which is unending we understand your fight and we are against our government. We don't appreciate what they're doing. You need freedom. Like all of us.

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Mr. message for you guys were with you. I'm from South America, here in Australia. But remember, we are supporting you all the words with you. We love you guys. We are you also

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from the Bibbulmun people here we walk today in solidarity for the people of Gaza and Palestine the people of Palestine fees wire now. From the from the river to the sea. Palestine will be free. Okay, USA, by many kids have been killed today. A free Palestine. Where was your income?

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You don't need to be Muslim for the Middle East to stand up for what's right for human rights to stand for Palestine. You just need to be human. And we all know what's going on. We can see it we can no longer excuse turning a blind eye. You see it in real time. It's like history. It's right now see, videos and

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to the people of Gaza. We stand in strength and solidarity and love with your plight, the people of Western Australia barely stand with you and we will not stop fighting until they stop the atrocities against your people. We are not just us and we will make them sign that ceasefire, love and solidarity to you. And Allah will go through what are they in order to win I love a good to move in. Do not lose hope you know despair in sha Allah, Allah, Allah and they will help him Allah is Yeah, and you see the support from Australia mashallah sha Allah Allah was in his head eight and we'll see ceasefire. We'll see if

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I have the people that we are here out on the streets fighting for you, that we are the Palestinian resist.

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Since on the Western Front you are in our drive in our thoughts. And as you can see all types of Australians are here for you. We're here for you through free Palestine. Love the people of Gaza. And I hope the situation gets better for you guys. We were here today, we're thinking about you we feel we feel the pain you're feeling. We wish all the best for Palestinians and we love you guys and we're all here for you today and we hope we get through this together. My message is to you that we are with you that every time I take a drink of water I think of you every time I think of your children, I'm paying I think of you. So please stay strong and trust that we will fight for you. We

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will fight for you

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