Mufti Menk – This Will Calm Your Heart

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a recitation of the Quran that describes the rememb Ask of Allah as the most powerful and most powerful thing in the world. The recitation highlights the importance of the words "will" and "willful" in the context of the meaning of the word "will" and the connection between "will" and "willful" in the context of the word "will." The recitation also highlights the importance of the words "will" and "willful" in the context of the words "will" and "willful" in the context of the word "will."
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The calmness of the heart by the remembrance of Allah For indeed, it is the remembrance of Allah that will come the heart. What comes your heart?

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What comes your heart? Is it not the beautiful melodious recitation of the Quran?

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If it is good news to you, you're a believer.

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It has an impact even upon nonbelievers. It has an impact even upon the hearts. Go and check out the social experiments that people have engaged in seeing any random person on the street and telling them listen to this, how do you feel and a lot of them will tell you I feel calm. I feel relaxed, it's soothing. Those are some of the most popular common words.

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So Allah is telling us, it comes the heart, the Dhikr the remembrance of Allah which is the most powerful remembrance of Allah Azza wa Vickery, Tila Quran

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the best decree you can ever engage in? Is the recitation of the Quran. The best dhikr why it's the word of Allah, the word of your Lord Your makeup Subhanallah

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so give importance to this Quran?

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Continuing from the it's not only calmness of the heart, yeah. Are you super ninja

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able to

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become washy?

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Only Matthew sudo well, who then oh, Ma, Allah says in it there is guidance and mercy. And Allah says, oh people, there is a reminder that has come to you. It's a reminder, powerful reminder, that's encouraging us to go through the meanings we have memorized it. Now let's look at what it says the meaning of it the translation that have seen the broader lessons when there are lessons that happened in the masjid, regarding the Quran, and its teachings and the Tafseer and so on, please attend. Why it is Shavon who comes in make you lazy and think that that is not important? Because it is the most important?

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There we go.

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Word of Allah, how can they be anything more important than Kalam Allah? So Allah says, My whatever tune mera become. Beyond that Allah says where she found only Matthews to do it, there is cure for what is in the heart. Imagine the qualities of your heart will be cured, the jealousy, the ill feeling, the malice, the dirt, the love of worldly material items that come in the way of you and Allah, everything is dealt with by what recitation of the Quran, connection with the Quran.

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The true connection

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sometimes you see a young led,

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reading beautifully melodiously

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we will tell that young lad Masha Allah Tabarrok Allah, may Allah bless you what a lovely recital.

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But my beloved child, listen to one thing. Make sure that your character and your conduct is equally shining. Because your recitation is really shining.

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Allah gives you you don't want Allah to take it away.

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