And We shall test you with evil and good as a trial Taraweeh Khatira Sh.

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The speakers discuss the concept of a trial, which involves a person testifying about their behavior and ability to achieve prosperity. They use the example of a heart attack on a woman named Sayid Basit, who had a critical illness and had to go to the hospital. The speakers emphasize the importance of patient behavior and patience in addressing the pandemic, while also discussing the struggles of Islam's first son and the importance of gratitude and sugar for one's health and success in life.

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Now, that we shall test you, we shall test you with means of evil and good as measured as a trial. So is going to be as a trial Allah will test that with that which is good. And that which is considered hardships and evil or difficult. Fall down and you return shall always be to Allah subhanahu wa taala I question for you right now. Whenever you hear the word trial, whenever you hear the word test, what is the first thing comes to your mind? What kind of trials we're talking about? Like what?

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I hear hardship like what? Poverty

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health sickness,

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children test with a children's SubhanAllah.

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Water on our Yeah, the honor is something to ponder that hurts the honor. All these tests that we're talking about right now, there seems to be on the difficult side, the evil side, right? The hardship side, how many of us when we think of test we think of prosperity,

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being able to come to this masjid and pray at hamdulillah safely and go home. There is no other biller occupying army and outside knock on a door to beat you up because you come into the prayer and Ramadan. How many of us think of this as being a handle a blessing to be able to come to the masjid and go home safely?

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How many of us they see that Alhamdulillah coming out of your house it is still there. You go back the roof is still there handler of gravamen you come out you drive Mashallah. You're beautiful in a fancy car, you come to the masjid over here and handle a lot of blood. I mean, and you have a parking spot beside a homeless parking spot. When

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you have a parking spot we'll handle that you're able to park and walk to the masjid and pray. How many of us think of that as being a blessing being a test and a trial from Allah azza wa jal? There is what I'm saying this because I received a question from somebody actually on social media. So is it true? Is it true that if Allah subhanaw taala is not testing me that I'm I'm being punished?

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Like, is it punishment, if Allah subhanaw is not testing me? Because they heard that the prophets of Allah said in the Hadith, in Allah Hey, the hubbub then if teller of ALLAH SubhanA, Allah loves a servant, He will test they will put them to trial to test. And the only thing that we think about when it comes to test is being tested with something evil. But that's not the case. That's not just a fitna and the trial that Allah subhanaw is talking about here. In this ayah Allah says, when a blue can be shared, we will highly fitna we shall test you with evil and good as means have as a test and trial. So you're going to be tested with so many things, including the prosperity that you

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have the safety that you have that good that handler by me and that ALLAH blessed you with these our means of tests and probably even harder than difficulty, harder than difficulty. How so? You see the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when he was one that he was walking, gone to the masjid after he received some of the world's spoils coming from the east. And everybody was talking about how much they've collected in the masjid and the Prophet SAW Allah said was gonna make distribution by the end of the day. Nothing was in the month so everybody was excited and everyone was hoping that they get some. So they were walking by the prophets, Allah Salah when he was on writing his camel, and

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everybody's holding and looking at the Prophet and smiling in the face of the prophets, Allah said like showing their face to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the Prophet he knew what it was what they were asking for. He goes, you're asking about the thing that we just got, you know, that we have in the masjid. Then he said to them Salah SamCart wala Himmelfarb Raj Shah they come I'm not afraid of poverty for you, is it that's not my my problem for you? When I can actia and tough to have a Kuma dunya I'm afraid that Allah Subhana Allah Allah will open the gates of dunya

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the gates of DNA will be open like what what does that exactly mean? That all the hierarchy of this dunya will be opened for you the access to wealth and, and health and prosperity and houses and all these things? Well, that can action and to FDA, they come with dunya

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Come on, under 15 km effort mecanica bloco and will will be a cause of fitna for you. Now, you will be tempted because of this dunya like there was before word tender with this dunya Fotolia Coco karma halacha tune and you will be ruined because of it just like it was ruin those will be for you.

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The fitna of prosperity and higher can be more dangerous because we do not see it as being a trial. We don't see that the fitna of hardship requires what from us Adama requires patience. It's easy to face it with patients when we see that we can't do anything about it. So what do you do so stuff Hamdulillah I should be patient. But when you have been blessed with so much, you're not paying attention, that is another trial for you. That requires what? Gratitude Schuco and Allah subhanaw says in the Quran, vokalia lumen Obadiah Shaco

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few among my servants who are truly grateful

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what Kali Roman about your Shaco few Allah's ha saying that

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Truly among my seven who are truly grateful. So that is a great fitna. When you have the you have all the access to the highlight of this dunya Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah Allah Allah, Allah Muhammad, Allah subhana wa Taala saved the Ummah, through the trial that he had to go through for years. He had to spend in prison few years, you know, during the ambassador era because of the theological trial that was going on in his time. And he was imprisoned because of his staunch position to defend the the principles of Ellison and he will Gemma in regards to who Allah subhanaw taala is, and the Quran and he was beaten. He was almost tortured. As a matter of fact, he said that he was said about

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the first first encountered in prison. I mean, obviously he was one of the element of his time people recognize him Mashallah. And now all of a sudden you're in prison, in prison, with whom with drunken with thieves and all that stuff. Can you imagine that how you feel about this situation or the biller? So Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah when he was he was facing, he was facing punishment and torture basically with whipping on his back lashes on his back. He kind of like felt a little bit nervous. One of the guys who was drunken, he goes, Yeah, Imam. He goes, Yeah, and I'm look, he goes, I get beaten for drinking.

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I get beat up for drinking. And he says, Look, and regularly I get beat up for drinking regularly. I'm telling you, it's only the first few waves and you're gonna you're not gonna feel the rest of them.

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Just the first few and the rest of us just gonna feel it. Subhanallah Muhammad, Allah, Allah, Allah Catco as me I felt so strong because of a statement. First of all, this man has been beaten for drinking, and I'm for something else. Subhan Allah is for the Divinity of Allah azza wa jal. And the other thing is just like he's telling me Look, he just few words, and that's the rest of it. You don't feel them.

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He says, what has me so he spent years in prison eventually he was released after that, and he was put under house arrest for a few more months before he was re released from that and was honored reinstated as one of the great alumna of the OMA by the following caliber that came afterwards. And as a Moreover, to reinstate his position and sending an official apology from the state. He was showered with lots of royal gifts, coming to his house. One time he came from salata, Lhasa, he said, he came from slaughterhouse or he entered the house and he saw treasures there cases a lot of stuff. He was shocked because what is this? His son says that the Khalifa sent this Do they think in

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his father's gonna say Oh, mashallah, was when I was in there, right? Like your Amazon boxes, right? You just open it and see what's in there. So, he thought that his father is gonna say Bismillah mashallah, what is in there? He says, oh, like, oh, like, Oh my god. Oh my God. He goes, son, go ahead, distribute all of this. Give it away in charity. Cardio liberty. I mean, this is a gift for you. Because no, no, no, no, no. Because Wallahi this trial is worse. You know, for me, it's harder on me than that trial to have to deal with imprison.

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Like as if you think that look, I'm going to be selling my Jana my trial, my reward with Allah subhanaw taala for this, no way. Send it out all of it. Don't leave anything behind.

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Because he knew that this could be a fitna for him. How many of us are now been dealing with the fitness of prosperity, the fitness of Nirma the fitness of safety, but we're not paying attention to this so we're not given enough gratitude. So my dear brothers and sisters, if Allah subhana love somebody, he will test them no doubt about it. But it doesn't that test does not have to be the test of hardship and and pain. It could be the test of prosperity and higher. Are we grateful enough to Allah subhanho wa Taala be among those who are few. Finally, remember, Hatha at one time was doing tawaf around the Kaaba, he heard someone making dua, he goes allah how much antimonopoly Allah who

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was anti male colleague, Yola make me among the few your Allah make among the few and I'm not just gonna like what kind of is that? So we stopped him and he was really talking about what kind of diet is this? What is that? He was polyamorous minion. I heard Allah Subhana Allah said he will call you to him and I bet there are few among my servants for those who are truly grateful. I'm asking Allah to make him among the few. Amen. He was shaking his head he goes Suhana Kulu. Nassif, Mohammed Omar. Everybody have better understanding than Omar, like this Bedouin have better understanding for this higher than Omar himself. So my dear brothers and sisters make the DUA that ALLAH SubhanA make among

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those who are grateful. We ask Allah subhanaw To make us among the grateful yorubaland I mean, we ask Allah subhanaw To make us among those who are few who are truly grateful to him. We ask Allah azza wa jal to continue to bless us with his Nam era. But I mean, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala not to deprive us of these blessings because of our shortcomings because of our mistakes. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us some hierarchy, but I mean in this dunya and akhira we asked Allah subhanahu wa taala to make us some of the who truly appreciate is now my this best

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Dr. Bananaman to make us among those who will share the blessings with those who are less fortunate. Dr. O'Brien I mean, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to continue to bless us with this hierarchy or Allah, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us some others will be able to give that gratitude and sugar enough for the job right? I mean, and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada we got it in this place that we gather together and genetic videos Allah Allah with the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Azza Masada Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu Nabina Muhammad while earlier CIBJO Selim Sarama requirement de la Rocha.