The Ultimate Guide To Misery #10 – Comparison

Wael Ibrahim


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If you want to be miserable, compare yourself to others. Everyone has different challenges in life, you may not see their challenges and think that they are in a better situation than you are. What from their perspective, you're blessed and enjoying a life they would wish to have. The I wish game wouldn't change anything going on in your life. Only action can bring about changes. And please don't get me wrong. I don't mean that you shouldn't learn from high achievers and successful people. You may learn all you want, but you need to do what you can and according to who you are, and what conditions you are going through. It should always be about you and not anyone else, no matter who

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they are. But if you wish to reach the maximum misery in your life, well, here's your manual. Number one, feel worse about yourself because your body shape doesn't look like supermodels and porn stars. And as such, search the web for pills and fitness programs that would guarantee you the same delusional body shape. Number two, purchase anything you don't even need. Get yourself into debt that you don't even know whether you can pay back or not. Just because you don't want to look less cool than your friends who own the same items. Number three, hide your old car far away from your workplace or university to avoid embarrassment in front of those who drive better and more expensive

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cars. Number four, frown and show negative attitude when you are with your family members simply because they are not of the same class you would have wished to be part of. And number five, pretend to be someone else and take on a role that doesn't suit you until you lose yourself and don't even recognize who you truly are.