Khatira – The Signs of Hypocrisy #2 – Tafsir Surah Tawbah

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AI: Summary © The historical context of the Bible is discussed, including the use of "arive" in Arabic to signal weakness or illness and the need for animals to prevent collapse. The speakers emphasize the importance of showing proper behavior and proper behavior in achieving success, while also discussing various excuses and giving oneself permission to do things without them. The segment emphasizes the importance of avoiding excuses and giving oneself permission to do things without them, as well as the use of " admit" in certain situations where one is trying to avoid a situation and is embarrassed.
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This past Monday I chose few verses of Surah Toba highlighting the characteristics of the munafo and today inshallah I want to take few other ayat from Soto by the same passage and highlight few other characteristics so that we can reflect on our own selves once again ayat of the Quran, and Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are not there to though We pinpoint at the faults of others, that they are there so that we reflect on our own personality and our own traits. Allah subhanho wa Taala says what are the rune Amin al Arabi Li You then Allah whom What are other Ludhiana cannibal la hora Sula, so you see Billerica Pharaoh men whom either Aleem Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned

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that it was the it was the it was the normal practice that anytime there was an expedition and there was a call to join an expedition. If you cannot join you had to come to the Prophet SAW Salem and explain your excuse or present your excuse of not participating. Allah subhanho wa Taala says that there are two different categories of people in Medina at that time. One is those who are just making excuses. Allah says what Jaya and why Vito and the word. The word wa then means a person who's making excuses the what the word also more than it means a person who makes excuses in Arabic. But the difference is that you have one type of excuse that sometimes perhaps a could be the truth.

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And sometimes there are false excuses, but the word more other word that is used and so a Toba implies the people who use only false excuses, they will come to the province Salem, they will just fabricate something, and they will say yes hula I cannot join. In fact, there there are some orlimar who mentioned that this idea was revealed because a man came to the Prophet sallallahu it was said of his name was Jadwin face. And he says yes, hula, this battle of the book that is coming up, I cannot join the primary. Some said why can't you not join? And look at his answer. He says yeah, no. So Allah, when I go there, and they were about to face the Romans, that was that was the idea.

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However, see, that teaches us that when they went there, they did not face anyone and they came back. There was no actual fighting that took place in this expedition of the book. But he mentioned to the province of Salem that when we go there, they're going to bring their women it was a common practice that people were bringing their women, so they will bring their women the Romans will bring their women I will look at their women and I will fall into temptation. It's an excuse. The Prophet SAW Selim, he turned away from him. And he says, You know what, go ahead and stay you want to stay go ahead and stay. These are just excuses that you're making. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What

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are the rune Amir Arabi, Li you then I love them. They came with these false excuses, so they can be given permission to stay at home, or rock or the lady in a cannibal la hora Sula, or the oldest staying at home out of sometimes laziness, or sometimes these will not fit when we're just staying at home without even presenting themselves to the province on Salem. They didn't even bother to come to their property. So I'm gonna say yes to Allah. I cannot go for such and such reason. Allah subhanho wa Taala says so you see Bula de la Cafaro man whom either Berlin because of their act, because of this what they're doing wrong. For this they're going to receive a painful punishment in

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the hereafter. However, there were certain people who came with legitimate excuses. Allah then says the next idea laser Allah dwyfor II, Walla Walla, Walla, Walla, leadin, Allah Ji Duna Ma Yun, Fiona Harar, join it and also how Allah you are solely Allah then says there are those who are actually sick, they came to the Sun them, they excused themselves and they stayed at home. They when they stay at home, Allah is not going to punish them because there is a legitimate excuse. Well, what do you wanna Marva those who are weak, those who are fatigued, those who are singers, those who are the elderly, they cannot go they can stay back or those who do not have enough financial resources, they

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can stay back and then Allah subhanho wa Taala says the next idea, Wallah Alan Lavina either Toka Lita, Camila home Bulter La Mina Kamali there are those who came to province some they say yeah so Allah we don't have a right and we need to they need a right at that time because once again the book at that time was extremely hot when people made excuse the is too hard what Allah say in response, but now to Johanna Masha to Hara you think this is hard. The fire Jahannam is even more intense in heat. So it was really hard they could not go on foot. You needed to you need to have an animal. When these people they came in and said Yo Sula, we don't have an animal. The province ism

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said that you stay here you cannot you cannot go on foot you will collapse you probably will die. You need to have an animal. These people when they turned away and they had to go back home. Allah subhanho wa Taala says the Filomena demaree has an allow you to do my INFICON they were crying, but these were not fake tears. These were genuine, sincere tears. Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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I'm Maria Maria husband Elijah do manual frequent because they do not have enough money. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala says in nama sabina I live

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in a Mississippi I live in and studied. Welcome Dr. Ravi. Hakuna Malhotra live, whatever Allahu Allah will be from nyalam when Allah then says that these people they stayed behind, but they had a good or good reason. And there are those who also stayed behind. It seems like everyone is in the same boat, but there are those who also stayed behind and they did not have any reason. And they stayed behind with those who are the wrong doors now what do we learn from this?

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We learned from this that in our deen we have to stop making excuses. See the munafo and they made excuses and they got away with it. Today we often when it comes to our deen we make excuses. Why do I not come to a masjid? Oh, I don't like that brother. Why do I not come to measure that? I don't like that sister. You don't go to the masjid because of one brother. Oh you don't go to the masjid because of a sister. You go to the masjid for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala we have to stop making excuses. Why am I why brothers stay away from this haram? Brother What can I do? Allah has given me wiki man, Allah put me in this. This is my father. These are excuses. These are excuses.

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When are we going to realize we're not making a fool just like those will not be gone. Just like those would have your own. They thought that they can go and make a fool out Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they say that you know what we are putting ourselves in fitna just like this person said Jasmine is, in fact, there's another idea in Surah Toba that says women who may Appu look the LI wala tufton knee, they seek permission to stay away. Why? Because they don't want to fall into fit the Allah says when you lie. You are putting yourself in fitna. So we have to realize that when we lie, and we make excuses, or we justify our wrong, we're not fooling anyone else. We're

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fooling out. We're not fooling Allah. We're not fooling anyone else. We're fooling ourselves. We're putting ourselves into fitna and we have to stop doing this. Today. You may say something you might think Man, I'm such a smart guy. I can always justify and make up excuses on the spot, fool everyone. No, we will lie here we're fooling ourselves. And that is why these kinds of people are also mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah Hadith. And so the Hadith Allah talks about the mafia own and Allah says that these people when they come face to face with me known on the Day of Judgment, they will say that stop less benefit from your from your node, and they will be said and they will be

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they will even mention you now, do not alumna Kumarakom remember in this dunya we used to go and hang out with each other. We used to go to Davos at the same time we used to go hang out here and there our families used to hang out, we know each other come on, relax, just let me benefit from your node. Allah then says that you not do not Humala Kumarakom Callooh Bella Yes, yes, we used to hang out with each other, but at the same time, while keeping that comfort tend to and for second, you chose to put yourselves in fitna you did not have to go to a certain place. But you know your iman is weak. And you did not have to go to this kind of places. But you still went to those kinds

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of places. You put yourself in situations where your Imana could be jeopardized. Why because you want to be with certain people when I can tend to man for a second what are our Bastogne and after you fell into fitna instead of coming out of fitna, you delay that you just prolong that situation. And then after that, because you kept on staying in that haram and in that wrong, well, I can not convert into unphysical water Robusta water with them and then you began to become dolphin Allah subhanho wa Taala will horrid Comala money. And then you began to say, even if I do haram, Allah is awful Rahim. Allah is merciful Rahim but he's also Shahidullah repub also, it doesn't mean that I

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can go and do whatever I want. Why? Because Allah Subhana Allah is over for him. These are excuses that we make today. So let's start realizing our mistake. Let's realize yes, at times, we're making an excuse because there's a legitimate reason. Allah knows our intention. That is why when we talked about when I fit when we talked about they're inside their heart, they are outside they say that they are Muslims, they have Iman, but inwardly in their heart, they have a very corrupt heart. Many times we do the same thing also. So I asked Allah subhanho wa taala, though he makes us are amongst those who don't make excuses. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us the ability to make

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Toba and to seek his forgiveness. When we do make excuses once again. We make excuses. We're not making a fool of anyone, or we're not making a fool of Allah subhanaw taala we're only making fools of ourselves. I ask Allah to give us though FIP does aka Allah Hi it As salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh