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The transcript describes a funeral in the United States, where a chef killed a woman in a funeral culture. The chef, who was a woman, had a smile on his face and kept on climbing until he reached the top of a member of the operation. The interviewer describes the chef's actions and how he recites the statement of Islam to encourage people to be grateful for Islam.

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Smilla hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah once again, continuing with celebrating the life and learning from the death of Sheikh Abdullah Carmen Rahim Allah we really lost the star last week a star of the Quran.

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And, you know, I want to share in this short clip some jewels from the janazah itself from the funeral procession because it was being widely circulated in Arabic and I'm not sure if anyone you know, is giving it the due attention in English, about how Allah sealed the life of this man. Sheikh Abdullah cam and

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after completing the month of Ramadan leading the Muslims in total we all across the United States, as his visit was winding down. He was in New Jersey and he was with a friend. And they spent the whole morning together remembering Allah azza wa jal and reminding each other and rejuvenating each other's faith. They came back to the masjid he led to the vote of prayer. And then he

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went for a short nap. And Allah cold called back his soul, peacefully in that nap.

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What the burial was on Friday, and of the amazing things we heard at the janazah, at the funeral procession, is that one of them was from the chef that flew in from California, because between him and Chef Abdullah cam, it was a mutual promise that whoever of us dies first will wash the other. And he says, he was saying ask anyone in the room during the washing, he was saying this at the gravesite to us.

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His face was his face, as we've always known it with that beaming

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smile of a child, he had that innocent, cheerful smile, always on his face when he was in reciting the Quran and melting his heart and hours with it. And whoever met the chef for a moment knows this. I mean, he had the mind of 10 men, he was a scholarly man.

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And he had the eyes of a pious man constantly, you know, crying weeping from the love of Allah and the fear of Allah and the longing for meeting the prophets of Allah, Allah alayhi wa sallam, but he always had that smile on his face, that filled the room with energy. And he says that on that washing table, that smile never wavered.

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And we know from the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu, alayhi wasallam, that people are given the glad tidings of their award before they die. And that the believer in particular dies with ease their their death does not contain the anguish of those who are corrupt. So that's a beautiful sign for us to cling on to, in the good hopes for the chef, but also, as you know, a true goal for us as well. And he was saying, also, ask anyone in the room how 48 hours later, the stiffening that happens to most corpses did not happen with his body, his body was as flexible and cooperative as it was being moved about in the washing as someone that was, had just died a few short minutes ago. And

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that is in sha Allah another good sign that we hope for another amazing jewel from the janazah another one of the scholars of Quran stood over his grave and says that

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when the posts went out that chef has passed and funeral is on such and such a date and time, a sister reached out to him and said that I had seen the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I believe the previous night in a dream. And he was holding the hand of a man that I could not recognize. I knew the description of the Prophet SAW Salem, but not the description of this man. So I just assumed naturally he was one of the companions whose physical features I'm unfamiliar with. And then I wake up and I open up social media. And I see the graphics and I see the obituaries I see the note and it was actually the hand of Shehab Allah camel being held by the hand of the Prophet

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salAllahu alayhi wasallam and I've never seen the sheiks face before the death notice.

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So what a beautiful reassurance What a beautiful sign that fills us also with hope. We can never say things conclusively. We are not gods we are servants, but it makes us hopeful servants that God Almighty Allah Subhana Allah Allah is pleased with this man who lived his life in dedication to Allah and his book in his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and a third and final capture from the janazah for you is a one of the mache if I

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recall that Allah sent us a glad tiding through another dream by another way

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Just version in sha Allah that he saw the sheer are sending a very very very high minbar like a pulpit or an altar and he just kept climbing and climbing and climbing till he got to the very top of that member of that altar and then he turned around to everyone and he recited to them the verse and sort of the scene

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yeah later call me Allah Moon be melt off earlier up be what Jelani minimal Grameen oh how I wish that my people knew how my Lord has forgiven me and honored me in the most special way.

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And he said, you know automatically jumped to my mind the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that it will be told to the companion of the Quran, the truly committed person to Allah's verses and will, quote recite and climb and your station will be determined by the very last verse you're able to recite, so that ultimate Quran competition in the hereafter.

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He was allowed to see in sha Allah it was a true vision, Shahab Allah cam had reached the pinnacle of it due to his attachment to the Quran. May Allah have mercy on his soul and sanctify his grave and reunite us with him at the height of Jana, a loving man mean