The Ultimate Guide To Misery #05 – Screen time

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AI: Summary © The speaker advises against maximizing screen time and suggests minimizing it to avoid disturbing users' memory. They also advise against updating social media accounts with irrelevant information and recommend looking into YouTube videos of people who do not know each other. The speaker also suggests looking into some postings on social media to win a debate and suggests avoiding hardcore pornography by stopping right after a debate.
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One of the best advice we usually give to porn addicts is to minimize screen time. Of course, internet devices are the most common triggers for porn addicts. So why do you want to add fuel to the fire? However, this is one of the most annoying advice porn addicts usually receive. Because the porn use has become so habitual and addictive, so leaving their internet devices has become a real challenge for them. But not all medicine tastes good and sweet. Sometimes we have to bear the bitterness of tastes to enjoy the beautiful feeling of being healthy and free from pain. But there are people who would always run after misery for them. Here's what they should do. Number one,

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scroll down on your small internet device with the excuse of reading relevant or irrelevant news. convince yourself that you are enriching your mind and learning something beneficial. Number two, update your social media accounts with essential information. Like what do you had for breakfast? And where would you spend your vacation. Number three, go through hundreds of profile pictures of random online people that you don't even know. Number four, watch YouTube videos of half nude people and convince yourself that it is better than porn. Number five, comment on every post on your social media accounts to win a debate and prove that you know everything. And number six, browse some

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provocative sites thinking that is not a big deal. And when you relapse to hardcore pornography, decide to quit, then run through the same cycle. Again and again.