What Is The Purpose Of Fasting

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June 12, 2016

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So when we are to embark upon a month, which is a blessing, the son of approach, the early scholars approach to the month of Ramadan was what they would prepare for six months before the month of Ramadan, and for five months after the month of Ramadan, because they knew that if they were successful in this month that this month was the entire year would be fruitful. This was their preparation, the entire day, rotated around the month of Ramadan, and the province of Oman.

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Oman knew the virtues of the month of Ramadan, they would wish that the entire year was Ramadan, really how many people who were here last year with us in the month of Ramadan?

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This is a month which should change our lives. Like it changed the lives of other people. But why does this month not change our lives? Why is it that this month has no impact? Because we have not really understood the purpose of Ramadan? We think that the purpose of Ramadan is to abstain from eating and drinking and that's it. And you could carry on with your business. This is not the purpose of Ramadan. How often do you see many people that they don't eat, they don't drink this fasting. But they lie they deceive. And the problem is a muscle of the person who doesn't leave live and acting upon it deception that Allah leaves not for him to leave his food and his drink. How many

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people do you see you backbite in the month of Ramadan, look to eat and drink generally is what is Hello.

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And they will in the month of Ramadan. Allah makes that witches Khaled Haram. What about that language is haram before? What about things like backbiting and the time

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they came to him and this little message Obama there are these two women

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and they're hungry. pangs of hunger, close to death, and the promise of someone that and he gave each one of them a bone.

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And he said woman and the woman is into the bone, fresh flesh and blood sees me as a problem. Brothers alas Allah said that these women, their clothes, their foster halaal but once they were fasting, they were backbiting other people eating the flesh of other people. And really this is why because we don't understand the purpose of fasting, breathing, don't eat, don't drink and carry on like you did before. This is not the purpose of passing the romance of the Rufus law even later.

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In the June there are many people who first but they attain nothing from the past besides

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their fasting they're praying but they are taking nothing from it. Why? Because

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the purpose of Ramadan Allah Allah clearly outlined the purpose of fasting in the Quran is a guy you will know Xena Amano La Masia Kumar puja Allah.

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Allah say that we are prescribed last thing upon you like we prescribed it upon those who came before you Why? So you may attain taqwa? What is Taka? Taka sobre la

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cabina Malik. What is taqwa? And he said, Oh Mira, we need Have you ever walked down a path which has bones? What do you do? You gather your cloth so it doesn't get caught in the thorns. And you take every step carefully. So one of the sources of friction with this is that when you go down the path of life and you see all those things, the destruction of glamour and the glitter, round and the mug cruise, you are careful.

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They will be those for whom the month of Ramadan is a source of blessing that by the time the month of Ramadan finishes, all his sins are forgiven, besides the major, the major things you have to do so

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you have to reap in front of a lot. You have to be repentant in front of Allah and you know this deep voice to say, bro, you cry. What kind of man are you? Women cry. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that person who remember Allah Holly and that person who remember the last month Allah is the clusion and he remembers a lot and he whipped on the day of judgment when they will be no shade besides the shade of Allah and the sun will be at a miles distance. This person will be under the shade of Allah, Allah on that day. The reality is that men who would want more matching give me a new pride and wonderful last month Allah men like who men like the soul of Allah

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this ratio is mentioned, the heart is about the alarm, he will pick up the front and he will recite the word until, for me he would cry through out who was hot it was any man who was more mature. Was there any more man who was stronger than hard it

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was this sort of Allah. He fought over 100 battles, and he lost one, this was hardly been released. And he would cry for the one law because he understood that he could not fulfill the rights of Allah.

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And therefore many people after the month of Ramadan, they will be like the day that they were born, they will be pleased. But for many people, the month of Ramadan will be a source of destruction. Remember, members of Robert de la ley was ascending the pulpit and he said amin upon the first step, and then he said amin upon the second step, and amin upon the third step, and the

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Messenger of Allah we saw you do a thing today that we've never seen you do before. And the Robin the Muslim said that you Brian came to me. And he said, Whoa, to that person who reaches the month of Ramadan and eat and who is thirsty, Jabra is the greatest of the ages. And who is saying our means a lot and I was alone. Is there any doubt that this law will be accepted by law? And you look at our houses what happened in the month of Ramadan? We eat more in Ramadan than we eat the rest of the year.

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Then how are we going to attain taqwa? We need more in the month of Ramadan than the entire year we eat. And what the status thing of all is that women, they spend more time cooking than they spend in the above about Amazon. In the morning, they're shopping in the afternoon, from the floor to their behind, they understood cooking. This is a month what the progress what nothing, when nothing is equivalent to a forum. And once per is equivalent to 74. And therefore we need to derive maximum benefit from this month really. And we must ensure that our women spend more time in worship than they spend upon this tool. And really there are people out there. Even today. They will open their

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forests with water and they will close it with water. There will be people who are my brothers and sisters, your brothers and sisters die out of hunger this year. The only thing is we're concerned about is Islam. The province a Muslim said that there is nothing more dislikeable last Mandela than when a person eats to the food. So therefore the month of Ramadan is the month that we prepare ourselves that we inculcate in our life.

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We inculcate in our life. Because the prophets, Allah Salam said, this is the month of Southern chef who

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will stop swaddle, Jana, and sobor is rewarded. And really, this is a basic requirement if anything in life, and this is why it's in the manga Ramadan group of people the Sahaba, the son of they had taqwa. And this is what the hell's one law came. This was in the month of Ramadan.

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When the Muslim took over Spain, in 92 feature, it was the month of Ramadan. When it's loading up Ramadan, la la, booted out a crusade from Syria.

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In 5082, it was the month of Ramadan. Why? Because these were people who understood that this was a month of taqwa and a month of

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months of sleeping. Really, if there was any time that we need to inculcate in our children, taqwa and somebody today, but the unfortunate reality is that parents do anything but in our case, one day children come Ramadan, the child's body, fasting is forced upon the child, and they think

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only a child has to go to school is the command of Allah. What are you teaching your child you're inculcating in your child that he should transgress the law the one law instead of inculcated taqwa. And they think that they've been kind to their child, you're being kind to your child, you're spoiling the child. Akira is the same child didn't go to school. If the same child didn't find a job, they would sit him down and give him a lecture as long as they are wise because this is the thing that we know that Allah will test you in all walks of your life. He will test you with faith with hunger. He will test you with your life with your wealth with your fruit. And then they Allah

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they give glad tidings for those who are stubborn, really

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the smallest calamity before we begin to shake and quiver and we are geyser Allah Do you think Gemini

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does look a lot to learn what to do as a sacrifice