The Ultimate Guide To Misery #06 – Past Has Passed

Wael Ibrahim


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Our past is part of who we really are. We cannot curse the past and expect to live peacefully today. Just sit by yourself for a few minutes and start recalling all the ugly history that had brought you to where you are today. an addict, sad and miserable person, what do you really feel? Even if you are at your highest spirit of achievement, those dark memories will crash you down to the ground. If you think about it, it is a very simple process to remain stuck in your past memories. All you need to do is to keep your focus on all negativities and forget about all the good things that have taken place in your life. Although we have a choice, to sit by ourselves for a few minutes, and start

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recalling all the great moments of victory, success and happiness that we have truly enjoyed and experience. And that will bring to us a new motivation, a driving force of energy to get these happy moments back into our lives. But if you choose misery over contentment, happiness and ease, then follow strictly the following miserable steps. Number one, keep your eye on focus on the traumatic experiences of your childhood and how it was destroyed by seeing your role model doing a shameful act. Number two, keep on cursing the day you said yes to your undesirable actions. Number three, never think of the possibility of regaining your focus strength and will to overcome your addiction.

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Number four, always talk about what you cannot do and ignore completely what's within your reach and can truly accomplish and worse. Group all the above the entire horrific memories that you have experienced and play them all in your brain at once in order to increase your doses of misery.