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The importance of laughter in Islam is discussed, including a person who uses words like "naughty," and "naughty," but apologizes for their behavior. A woman later describes Omar as a "monster" and tells him that he is a "monster" and that he is a "monster." The speaker discusses the history of Islam, including the Prophet's interview with a woman who talks about being "harsh" and "has trouble communicating," and how it can lead to sadness and death. The importance of not laughing too much and not being in a hurry to enter announces is also emphasized.

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One of our profits names are the Salatu was Salam was a boy hook, or a boy hack, which relates to someone who frequently smiles. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam was given such names, due to the fact that, despite

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the overwhelming presence of nomads, of Hippocrates, of ignorance, ignorant people around him,

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always asking him always bombarding him with their questions.

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The Prophet never felt bored, or stressed, or a showed any type of resentment to them. Rather, he was nice when he spoke to them. And he was always having a smiling face, which is something we need. Definitely I need a lot of that.

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We have to learn from him, Allah, His salatu salam, how he presented Islam, and he was not faking it. This was his nature sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And he himself advised us that do not look down at any type of goodness you can do

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or belittle it, even if you merely meet your brother, with a smiling face. And he said that smiling in the face of your brother is a charity

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and his description, and the old scriptures that he was

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prolonging his silence, he doesn't talk a lot, and that he

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would laugh a little.

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So laughter a lot

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is something that is abhorred in Islam.

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And some of it is

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recommended in Islam.

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So smiling, which is just the opening of the mouth, without any sound. And this is the minimum amount of laughter. This is the best.

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And it is desired and recommended in Islam. As Allah mentioned about Prophet Sulayman Alayhi Salatu was set up in the Quran when he heard

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the aunt,

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advising the other ants.

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So the ant is advising other ants that go to your holes, so that Suleiman and his troops would not step on you without them noticing you.

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Allah says factor by Sama, ba he can melancholia. He smiled in a gesture of joy or laughter from what she had said.

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And the prophets laughter was like that. He would not open his mouth and fall on his back and make this big sound of laughter like

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people of ignorance do. That wasn't his style. alayhi salatu salam, his laughter was just a smile, maybe his mortal teeth. I think they call it mortal teeth with a Pierre. When he does this jab at me Samara, may Allah be pleased with him says, after

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fajr prayer, the Prophet used to remain alayhi salatu salam, where he had prayed Fajr until the sunrises

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and sometimes the Companions would talk among themselves, about things they did in previous times, pre Islamic era.

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And they would

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laugh about some of the funny things they used to do. And the Prophet would not erase thoughts can deny them said no, don't do that. Don't talk about these things. Rather, he would just simply smile.

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He would also smile and maybe laugh when people misbehave with him.

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In an incident, an activity Malik tells us that while he was walking with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and the Prophet was wearing a cloak made of heart

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A wool and he had nothing underneath it. When all of a sudden a nomad came from behind the Prophet RSL salaam, startling him, grabbing him from his cloak and pulling him in a harsh way,

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to the extent that it affected his neck and shoulder, you can see traces of it on his skin. Not only that, he also addressed the Prophet of Islam in a disrespectful way by saying, Oh Mohamed, give me from the money you have, it is Allah's money, not yours.

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Such an attitude, if any of us would have been addressed by it probably would have made a fight out of it. Not the prophet is Islam. The Prophet looked at him. And he laughed, smiled at him, and ordered his companions to give him something.

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This is the character of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when they portray him as a tyrant is a warmonger as bloodthirsty. What is this

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complete ignorance, you have not read the prophets biography Allison's Salam, not even one single page.

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And this is cascaded throughout his life.

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He would smile, he would laugh, but he would not, as I said earlier, break in laughter and fall on his back or act hysterically sad whenever your customer pleases him, said once the prophets Allah Salam was addressing women of Quraysh. They were talking to him. They were bombarding him with questions and complaints of their husbands of their lifestyle. And they were raising their voices in his presence. And the Prophet, as we all know him was the kind, tolerant patient individual who would not hash them down or complain or say anything. That would be rude.

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Though they should have respected the prophet as more but they felt of him as a father figure. So they spoke in such a fashion until Omar knocked the door and asked for permission to enter.

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When he did that, they immediately hushed down, talk themselves up, covered themselves properly and took aside. So when Omar was allowed to enter, he came in and found the Prophet Iris Assam laughing.

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So the Prophet that Omar said, oh prophet of Allah, may Allah azza wa jal all you make you always in this cheerful mood. What is it that's making you laugh? So the Prophet said that a salatu salam, in reply to his question, I am amazed of these women who were at my presence,

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with their voices loud and talking

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until they heard your voice, asking for permission, how they all of a sudden, turned 180 degrees harsh down and went to wear their hijab. And when Homer

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scolded them, how dare you speak like this in the presence of the Prophet Assam and do what you have done when I came in?

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They said to Him, the prophet is not as rude as you are. The prophet is not as harsh as you are. And this shows you

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when the Prophet smiles I saw Sam when he laughs, that our religion is not a religion, of depression, or of sadness and sorrow. It's a religion of being optimistic, being positive, feeling the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal. And this is why, despite all of the prophets, worries, Ali salatu salam, and his tasks at hand. Despite all of the things he was thinking about how to run his own, and spread his Dawa SallAllahu sallam. Despite all of that, he would still have the time to joke with his wives and companions and spread an atmosphere of mercy and optimism.

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Abu Hurayrah says, The Companions once

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said to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, O Prophet of Allah,

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you joke with us, as if they were

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amazed by that, how is this possible when you are the Messenger of Allah and someone as serious as you are? Yet you joke with us. And the Prophet acknowledged this and said, Yes, but I only say the truth, meaning he would never joke while saying a lie. All what comes from his mouth is truthful.

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In an incident, there was a companion by the name of Zaha.

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And this companion was a nomad, it bedwin meaning that he did not live in the city or the town or the village. He was taking his sheep roaming around the Earth looking for places to graze. So he was always living in his tent.

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And he used to come to Medina every now and then to sell some of his goods and earn money and go about his own life. But whenever he comes to Medina, he used to bring gifts to the Prophet Allah. So Sam, the prophet loved him. A simple man. He used to say, Zaha is our Nomad, living in the wilderness or in the desert, and we are his

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townfolk that he comes and visits. One day,

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the Prophet went to the marketplace, salatu salam, and saw him auctioning some of his stuff. This is how the markets were, who would buy this pen from me? One to five, okay, five, nobody else, I'll sell it to him. This is how they used to sell and buy things auctions. So while he was selling his merchandise, minding his own business, the profit sneaked from behind him and embraced him.

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So the guy wasn't able to see who was that behind him. And he says, Let me go, who's this let me go. Then when he looked, and he discovered

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that it was the Prophet alayhi salatu salam,

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he kept on going back, so that his back would become in contact with the Prophet Allah is lots more, rather than trying to release himself from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam.

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So, the prophet started announcing Who Would Buy This slave from me.

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The prophet is joking with him.

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But he is a slave, a slave of Allah. So the Prophet is auctioning him.

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And he was joking in a very beautiful manner with this companion, who was not of great importance, like Abu Bakr Omar Osman, he was just a nomad

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and Zaha said, oh prophet of Allah.

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In this case, nobody would buy me. If you're auctioning me. Nobody's interested in buying someone like me.

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And the Prophet said that is a lot to celebrate. But by Allah you are of great value at the sight of Allah.

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encouragement, positivity, optimism, what kind of a boost this would give to this nomad? Now no one knows him.

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What kind of

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a motivation

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it would give him when the head of the state sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says such powerful words.

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And so many Malik says, A man comes to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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is eager to go for jihad. He wants to fight in the Cause of Allah. But he's broke. He's stone broke. So is there a prophet of Allah? Give me a camel so that I could travel and fight in the Cause of Allah.

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So the Prophet says to him Malay salaam Salaam. We will give you a

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child of a camel.

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And the guy says, What would I do with a child of a camel? A son of a camel. This

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is too small to carry me to battle. And the Prophet salallahu salatu salam, and do she camos give birth except to big cams, meaning that he didn't lie. But he just pulled his legs in the sense that I will give you a son of a camel, which is a grown up full fledged camel, but the man thought it was going to be a newborn camel that would not help or suffice.

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So hey,

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may Allah be pleased with him,

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came to the Prophet once and the Prophet was eating on a saw some some dates and a bread.

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And the Prophet invited him as usual,

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and said, join me. So so hype started eating from the dates, and we know that dates are more valuable than bread. So the prophets, and by the way, Sohei had some illness in his eye. So one of his eyes was

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And the Prophet racism joked with him, and he said to him, you eat dates with this infection in your eye.

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So, so he replied, This joke with another joke by saying, Oh prophet of Allah, I'm eating on the other side, with the good eye is looking. So the Prophet, Allah Islam laughed, and smiled in his face. The Prophet uses smile. He used to laugh, but he used to warn us that

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too much laughter

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kills the heart.

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And this is what we see among a lot of the Muslims

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who spent their lives watching comedy,

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watching stand ups,

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listening to jokes, reading jokes, watching comics, and reading comics, just to enjoy their time, not knowing that this has a very profound and negative impact on their heart. The Prophet said Ali salatu salam Do not laugh a lot, because a lot of laughter, kills the heart.

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And the Prophet sallallahu sallam, as I said, used to joke with his wives

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once he met mother, Aisha,

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and when she saw him, she complained of a severe migraine or a headache.

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So the Prophet SAW Selim

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was joking with her and said to her, or Isha, what would it be if you were to die? Before me, and I would wash you, and shroud you and offer prayer of funeral upon you and then bury you. What would be so Mother Aisha, immediately, her jealousy meter went to the roof and said, Oh, yeah, of course, if you if this happens, and I die before you immediately, the following moment after bearing me, I think you're going to get married to another woman and bring her to my house. So she didn't think about dying. She didn't think about being buried. Rather, she thought of who the Prophet SAW Selim was going to get married to and bring in her house and the Prophet smiled in her face, Allah Allahu

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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once laughed, and when they asked him, Why are you laughing or prophet of Allah? He said, I am amazed by people being dragged into Paradise, while being in chains. How is this possible? How can people be dragged into paradise in change? We know that people enter paradise willingly. Well, scholars explained that this is in reference to prisoners of wars, concubines, slaves, who fall in captivity, after the jihad after the war between the Muslims and the non Muslims, and they fall into captivity. They are imprisoned, they become slaves and sold as slaves. They are in chains. But then they see Islam. They embrace Islam.

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and they become good Muslims, and they die to enter paradise as Muslims. Whereas, if they were left to their own old religions, they would have died and went to hell, these chains, which was sad to them to be in captivity after being free,

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these chains, lead them to paradise. So, What an irony the Prophet SAW Selim laughed about this.

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And finally, there are so many Matisse so much material with me about the prophets laughter but the time would not suffice. Finally, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to laugh

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and smile when he sees his companions

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pursuing some of the adornment of this world

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were Aveda, may Allah be pleased with him, came from Bahrain, with some

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money, and some booty of wars and some treasures. So the unsavoury heard of that. So he came and rushed to the masjid. And after fajr prayer, each one of them started standing up a little bit, trying to draw the prophets attention so that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam starts to distribute some of this wealth, he would remember them. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam smiled and laughed, when he saw them, do what they were doing after fajr prayer, and he said, have the glad tidings and be wishful and hopeful, because by Allah, it's not poverty that I fear for you. Rather, I fear that Allah would open the doors of this dunya for you. And it would be widely spread within

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your reach, as it was opened to those nations before you. And that would lead you to compete with one another like they competed with one another, and that would eventually lead you to your destruction, as it led them to their destruction.

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The prophets, Allah Salam used to smile a lot.

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And he used to smile in the faces of his companions like to me, daddy, may Allah be pleased with him, he said, since I embraced Islam, wherever I encountered the Prophet dicer he would not see me except that he would smile in my face. This is something we should inject in our daily lives. Instead of having a grumpy face and a frown whenever someone talks to us know, be friendly, have a smiling face not cracking jokes everywhere, not laughing loudly. Lol, rather be like the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and through that we hope and wish that we will be with him in paradise on the Day of Judgment