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The Ultimate Guide To Misery #04 – Negativity

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Wael Ibrahim

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We get it, you missed out, you walk down the path of undesirable actions and now you regret what you've done. But hey, all what you've done has passed. And so you should not get stuck with your past.

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When you torture yourself with what took place in the past, your brain does not differentiate between reality and past memories. And so if you'd like to increase your misery, then bring to your brain all the ugly history of your life. And watch your emotional brain reacts in an instant of seconds. The opposite is also true. Because we could also reflect on the positive memories instead, in order to bring some good feelings into our lives. But since we're talking about misery, then here's your guide to a miserable life. Number one, focus on the negative. emotional triggers are very common among porn addicts. So if you wish to relapse again and again, then think of all the

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negativities that happened to you in the past. Number two, expect the worst to happen in your life. Always envision yourself as a loser who will never overcome his or her addiction to pornography. Number three, play the victim card. Blame everyone else but yourself, the environment of bringing government friends, of course, you're an attractive spouse. Number four, believe wholeheartedly that what you've done in the past is irrepairable an irreversible And lastly, since there is no hope in solving your problem, repeat the past and went further in your misery.