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The Ultimate Guide To Misery #03 – Too much comfort!

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Wael Ibrahim

Channel: Wael Ibrahim


Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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time equals life, the minute that passes is gone forever. So is it really wise to spend long hours in bed? Especially if you're addicted to pornography? You know the bed is one of the locations where you always get triggered and later relapse to porn. Why then would you want to spend too much time there? I'm not saying don't get enough sleep. Rather, don't spend too much time in bed, whether sleeping or doing something else. However, a life of misery could be easily achieved by doing the following. Number one, purchase for yourself a very comfortable mattress and mattress that can drag you down every time you'd want to get up. Number two, keep your room cool with a temperature that

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always invite you to stain. Number three, keep your room dark and never allow the sun to shining. Number four, forget about the noisy alarms which were made to wake you up. Number five, keep a massive flat TV in your bedroom to encourage you to watch and entertain yourself from the comfort of your bed. And of course, if you wish to stay even much longer, keep a laptop next to you on bed to help you relapse to pornography whenever you want.