Sulaiman Moola – Push yourself – Because nobody else is going to do it for you

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of pushing people to reach a destination and receiving motivation and inspiration. They emphasize the need to stand up and embrace change. The conversation is centered around the use of Wake Up Calls and motivation to encourage others to join in the fight against drugs.
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And I was saying to the youth earlier today, when I gave them a talk, I said, you know, sometimes a car cannot work. And then you get these jumper cables. And you connect them because there's dead cells in your battery, or you get someone to push your your vehicle to give you a jumpstart. And you need that, that push, and somebody will probably cajole you or motivate you, but you cannot expect that person to push you to destination. Good point. Yeah, at some point, you got to stand up and say, You know what, I need to move my own vehicle. Yes. And we all need these Wake Up Calls and motivation and inspiration. That comes the time you're like, understand, I'm an adult, I'm grown up,

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I'm a believer. I'm accountable. I'm answerable to my Creator, and I need to buckle up I need to rise up I need to embrace I need to stand up. And now it's time for me to invigorate others.

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