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Chapter 1: Shirk – Associating others in worship with Allah.

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Now man Rahim al hamdu lillahi wa salatu wa Taala he was sent Emma who Allah in the beginning Mustafa Ali he was Javi Jemaine

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Babu fen, the halal haram cunnamulla he will hire a Buddha who the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will show more Martha to her wakulla VEDA wakulla datain balada wakulla polariton phenol come to the second class of our nullifiers of Islam than the water the slam.

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After the introduction and the last class begin with the beginning of the book has to shift began Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim then he went on to say no that the no aka of Allah snam are 10

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so like all of the Marvel Islam, the issue of the best mela, a lot of calam has been said about the best manner and the best manner is Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. We're not going to get deep into that, the dramatic importance of it and so forth and so on. Suffice it to say that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam used to begin his eating with dismay, lack used to begin with going into the house with Bismillah sallallahu it was said so Bismillah no matter what the ethnic background of the Muslim is, he has to know it. Bismillah allies originally began the Quran every step of the Quran Bismillah with the exception of sort of Toba, the nibi of Islam so Lola when he

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was sending them whenever he was sending a letter to people during this time, he will begin his letter with Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. inauthentic it shows the importance of the Bismillah he says a lot while he was on it was seldom sit through my Bane at you john.

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What Oh, Rod, Benny Adam, and you're cooler ahead de comida Hannah adobo who Bismillah

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the thing that will prevent the Shia teen from the jinn from seeing the hour of the son of Adam or the daughter of Adam when you take your clothes off, what prevents the shelf team from being able to see your nakedness is when you say Bismillah so we lie when is important in the life of the Muslim so the shift begins with Bismillah as most women who write books are going to start with Bismillah he said you should know that the know aka the Al Islam I tend this word nuwakot is the plural for the word NACA. So for those of you who are studying Arabic In Arabic language is important the more Arabic you get under your belt inshallah hopefully the more you comprehend in London Stan the

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religion so he said that the Newmarket of Ellis land in the market is the plural of the word not which is the smooth fight in the is smooth fine. Anytime you have a small file for the fairly food it is smooth fine sajit dotted all of those are Islam file. Anytime you have the smooth file and it doesn't have an option is always going to be the plural of Hawaii like this not no aka had TIFF, Hawaii TIFF, share it show I had Sahil savoir he's always going to be so the new market of Islam when you walk into one of those things the move say that those things that will destroy

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your Islam so we have them the walker the booboo things that destroy your will do then the wocket of a solid things that you do in a prayer you don't do them your salon will be destroyed. But no walk up and hedge you don't go the arafat then you don't have a hedge than the waka Umbra of hijab many things that people can do, and doing those things or not doing other things nuwakot those things of destruction, those things that will destroy the thing that is in question the issue that is on the table concerning this word nawapa then this idea of the word meaning destruction it comes in the Quran many times and many of them of the past use this concept of a Nawab that to talk about

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destroying al Islam so shattered Islam, Abdul Wahab is not the first one from that Allahu taala mentioned in the Quran. Well, I Taku keleti naka de la ha hand embody kirtan and katha. Don't be like that lady who souls and she meant something like a sweater from beginning

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end to end takes three months, four months. Don't be like the lady who needs something. And then after finishing it, she know that she broke it and destroyed it. And this is telling people don't make chick with a lot. Because if you make chicken a lot, it's going to destroy those things that you're doing. This is telling you, be careful about being those people be of the people who you're doing the deeds, but you may be doing certain things. And you may not be doing other things as a result of that. You're fast and Ramadan, your Torah, we all have that Jihad of hygiene. Amara is out the window, because you may be making *. Because you may be disobedient to your parents, because

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you may owe people money, because you're an individual who's showing off so many issues. So the point is that I is using that word. Don't be like the lady who destroys Hades in an efforts. I mentioned in another ayat of the Quran in Edina and cadoola de la human body me fatty taruna ma, ma, ma ma who be a nuisance. While you see Doolittle of La Liga who has a role. Those people who they break in, they destroy the things I'm allowed to mandate for them to be put together. And they make mischief in the earth. These are the ones who are the losers. So Eliza gel has ordered us to bring a lot of things together, for an example your family times. So the one who helps to break the family

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tie. He's making this not he's destroying it. This is applicable to the unity of the Muslims, the people who use the religion or other than the religion to divide themselves and the Muslims and to divide the Muslims unnecessarily because of these mother hip, because of these, Gemma is these different groups because of these different slogans and idea kulu has been been validating for the whole and everybody's happy with what they had. Don't be of the people who help to destroy the unity of the Muslims in the community. Don't be a disruptive force in the community. So allies agenda has mentioned those people who break and ripped asunder the things that Eliza Jen has commanded to be

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brought together. That's the meaning of no op ed.

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as relates to the book, no walk the walk out of La snam than the walk that those things that destroy Ellis lamb. Some of the scholars of the senate use this word and they use this concept and from them is Mr. Ivanova pop Robbie Alon. He said in that famous statement of his everybody heard it before in NEMA tool

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or Islam erwarten urwa. In a nutshell, Islam men Lem Yarmuth, Lj helia. He said, verily, the institutions of Al Islam, the monuments of Islam, those things that are known as being peculiar to the Muslims, like the mystery, like the other than, like hygiene onra like the Kaaba, like the prophets, Mr. sallallahu it was sent him all of those things that Muslim, non Muslims, no Muslims buy these things. And I said, these things are going to be destroyed and he used that word. Not that they're going to be destroyed institution one after another. When people grew up in Ellis Lam and he didn't know at Jamia the wisdom behind that is that Ahmad was talking about his condition in the

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companions main lobby pleased with them. And the condition of the people who came after that. The Companions knew what it was to live in nj E and the shift of Jamia and the volume of Jamia. So when they heard the Tao of the prophets of Allah it was sell them in the new alesse land and the towhee that he was bringing and the life that he was bringing. They understood the importance of the names and the attributes of a lot and they got joy out of praying behind the nippy listening to the kingdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala they were committed when they heard the affairs when Allah commanded or prohibited, they had no second thoughts about practicing those things. They want

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another level. So he said, Imma be pleased with him. Islam is going to be destroyed bit by bit. When people grow up in Al Islam and they didn't know Ajay did so now the person he really doesn't know jack here like Omar in a new hobby lobby pleasing Him. So that person today he sells his Islam for miserable price. He gets a job and they tell him you can't work. You can't work here if you expect to pray or go to Juma. He says okay, I'm not gonna pray. I'm not gonna go to gym, I'm

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not gonna pray. I'm not gonna go to Juma. I'm not going to wear hijab. I'm not going to hold on to my religion. So the point here is unlike to use this word before Islam will be destroyed. And he used that word not now our case of El Islam.

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law if not biased as well.

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And what was collected by many of the men who gathered those books of the sooner the assault of asuna, Eben obata and our jury, people like that. Those scholars like Abdullah actually double handed he has a book called keytab asuna establishing what Allison and Heidi people have said they fear what they believe in as a relates to issues of arcada and the main 100 the Prophet brought someone line who said, he said that our beloved non bias may Allah be pleased with him said that I will cut through Nevado at tauheed for men what Allah subhanahu wa eila will cover

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but here and overwolf Cala t lymphocyte and aha woman Wahidullah has suparna who What are Allah What?

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Not nakoda ato heat. He said that the cutter and believing in a cutter is what Islam is all about. submitted whether you understand You don't understand. How did Allah create everything and sign and decree everything was going to happen before that is not your business, just believe in it. So the other is the Nevada LS man. So anyone who makes a lot one and he believes in the color, then this is an aura to vodka in the Quran in surah baqarah that Allah tala is mentioning at the IEA to come see. And then he went on to mention Abdullah now bass, anyone who makes tauheed of Allah and disbelieves in the color, he destroys his tauheed so Shan Islam, Abdul Wahab and bring in this Nawab of Al

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Islam. He has the self who preceded him in doing that, talking about the nuwakot and mentioning these nuwakot he went on to say that you should know that the nuwakot of Ellis land al Islam we mentioned many times the meaning of Ellis lambs, and Ellis Lamb has three components to you to it, at least Islam, the law here the tawheed and Islam is for a person to submit to Allah with tauheed not what we find many of the Muslims doing today, saying that ilaha illa Allah but they're making shift left, right and center. That's not Islam.

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Innovation is not a slang. That's something else. And Islam is Islam, innovations and new things that are put in religion. And the Prophet said this religion is free from everything that is invented and introduced in it so it's not Islam. How can make kinship with allies origin be LS les? So LS Lang is how can we be Muslims? And the way we comprehend what Islam means is wrong. Where is the Nasir of Allah for community like that? Might as well as Omar said, as whom I said, anyone who doesn't perform hajj and he has the ability and he doesn't let him die as a Jew or a Christian at all He is more important than and hygiene is no hide without tawheed. So the people who insist on

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making Schick with Alon they reject the claim of tawheed but a bias just said for men why he de la Hata Allah anyone who makes a lot one tawheed and not only that, not only that he believes in the cover, for here and over to roof. It is the handhold that never breaks a toe he can talk

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to anyone who doesn't embrace it, take it and um die as a Judeo Christian, less land and list Islam and lead it so he submitted with towhead wanting to know who taught and obeying what he said and what he told you to do. Where's this Lamb of the person who doesn't play?

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Where's that Islam? He's a Muslim and he doesn't pray.

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And that's a lot of people. A lot of people some people don't pray at all. Some people don't pray half of their prayers. Some people just up and down like a game of dice chance maybe pray they won't pray today. Where's that Islam? No, he died no out of application of Ellis Lang, barrel winery, Dame a person knowing a part of my Islam. One of the real intricate parts of this religion is respecting my parents. But I don't have that respect. But I'm a Muslim, you're Muslim, but your Islam is dive. So it is submitted with tauheed and it is doing what we've been told to do. And lastly, at Bara, two minutes Schick Williams sugar cane, you must free yourself from the machine. You must free yourself

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from shipping and unless you're the king, that means not worshiping how they worship. That means not participating in their holidays, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, happy birthday, all of that. None of that blowing out candles, all of that stuff. New Year's

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All of that. And it also means and it also means not believing in any of the things that they believe in, unless it's been supported by our religion. So, Ellis land is an institution and Islam is a foundation then the waka devil Islam, those things that would destroy nullify your Islam, just as we'll do can be nullifies A lot can be nullified. The hijab can be nullified, you're not wearing hijab. Brother Mohammed says something a lot of what he was saying they're gonna come a time when the woman will be Cassie. Ariana, they'll be dressed but they won't be dressed.

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They will be dressed but they won't be dressed their heads they have on top of their heads like the humps of camels, the way they make their hair under the jab. She has hijab on but you can see everything just has some clothes on top of it, but you see all of the contours, so it's no awkward. So the point is, if you have the nuwakot, nullifies of all those things, then yes, a person's Islam can be nullified. Islam can be nullified. And that's a reputation against the deviant group that's going to come up. Last week we talked about the dangers of a tech fear. Be careful of being like the people who go overboard in the tech fear who are affected with the mentality of the Hawaii cottage.

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The other antithesis of that the other opposite of that are the Moto G. who say as long as you say la ilaha illAllah you can do anything in the world. And you still are Muslim. And you're on the level of a man like jabril and MCI el cielo LA to LA he was sent. Um, I mean, he man, if you take the poor on, and you do the things that you can't even mention them, they're imaginable and you desecrate and disrespect the Koran. They say, your Islam is protected. Your Islam is protected. Because when you make sense and mistakes, you still on a high level of Eman? No, that's not the case. Your Islam is not protected. You Islam can be destroyed. by many things, the chef will learn

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to say, the nuwakot of Ellis lamb or 1010. And that's not the case. He didn't mean 10 wanting to make and hustle, wanting to

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make a specific number. He didn't maintain like that. I told you before this issue of the nowalk that the tech fear is a hokum shattering, this is a ruling, someone is a non Muslim, that comes from the religion. So when you approach it and you embark upon it, don't embark upon it and you're not qualified. Don't talk about it. And you're given rulings about tech fear based upon being angry with the person who you're talking about. You're overly emotional, he did something that you find atrocious and tasteless, like the man who saw the other man doing a bad thing. And he advised his brother and he said, Hey, you You better stop doing that will law he allow and put you in the agenda

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and Allah will forgive you?

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And he spoke because what he was doing, he was shocked. How can you do that? In the masjid you rob the lesson, you set the machine on fire? You did then you kill someone and brought the dead body and left in the Masters bathroom. So the person finds out something someone did. And his emotions say man, you are out of this religion for doing that. No, it's a hook shot. And based upon that, we find many scholars in many sciences dealing with as I mentioned to you, and those books, like I just mentioned the book of an Imam Abdullah Abu aadmi, Dino Hanban keytab as soon as soon as soon as, as soon as they have in those books about a past state in tech fear and the books of Al Hadi. Those

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books have had a Bukhari Muslim and emammal Bukhari has a chapter inside of Buhari called the Bab is the tablet and mobile during the chapter of anyone who will pass states they are given a chance to make Toba you have to give them a chance to make Toba.

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They apostate. Come come the ruler says you know what you did? Why did you do that? And they're given an opportunity and Amanda Bukhari he brings a number of a heavy from the authentic Sunnah in which his fifth comes from that showing issue of a past state and to fear and read that in the books of Heidi, all of them. And in the books of all of them. You have the chapter of residence and this is the point in the books of alphabet, a honey there is a chapter talking about the comma, the person who apostates and the scholars said that the

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walk out of Ellis lamb some of them said, 100 they give different reasons. Some of them say 100 Some say 400 not 10 there are many. Another way we know that then the walker developed slama more than 10 is that the chef himself himself in the book as we go on, he's gonna mention that these are the main 10 the most dangerous 10 the most dangerous ones, the ones that most people fall in to another way we know that the namaqua developed slammer more than 10 years. If we look at the milaca, who you have, although right now because you just pray, and it will go.

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So can you get up and pray soon? The prayers, yes, if you didn't do one of the 678 things that destroy your will vote. So some scholars said that the nuwakot of doable was six some says seven, some say eight. So you have mobile right now, as long as you don't go to the toilet, and you use the toilet from the front or the back or you pass when urinate, defecate or pass when if any of those happen from the nuwakot number one from the nowalk it is many omega comes out of you semen or the other transparent fluid that comes up before man has relationships. If that doesn't come out, okay if it does phenomenal work is a valid plan. If you don't go to sleep, I mean you're out really out

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laying down out you go to sleep no aka the violet slam. You lose your intellect. Because you went crazy. Because you drink Hummer, you touch your private part with desires shadow. If you touch your private party level door it breaks your window. If you did it with shadow if you did it accidentally inadvertently no problem. Number six, if you eat camels me novel, do you use camels me? scholar says six Some said seven Some say eight. I said eight. Now how is it that I will do as a part of Islam a small part of Islam? And we'll do is a sport small part of Islam has only eight nuwakot What about the whole religion of Allah Islam? And it only has 10 No, it has more than 10. But these 10 are the

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most dangerous ones that he mentions. These 10 are the 10 that the scholars have aged man know if the last concerning them. Joomla Tanisha Allah, these 10 are the tender if you look at the Ahmed Mohammed sallallahu wasallam these are the 10 that our relatives have fallen into and the people that we know, these 10 these are the 10 that Shepherd Islam Mohammed Abdul Wahab had to deal with in the environment that he was in when he brought the Tao of ATO he back to Nigeria.

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Okay, so he went on, Rahim Allahu taala. And he mentioned what is the first NACA dilemma slam he said the first one is and should fee a basmati lakita Allah. Carvalho Thailand Aloha, la Lucia de

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Medina validly manga wakad Allahu taala know who manga should be Lai haram Allahu alayhi wa wa who La Romana Vardi Mina, men and women who adapt, they rarely lie he come and get

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the genie cover.

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The first lautet from the know opposite of Ellis lamb is for a person to make a shift and his worship along with Allah subhanahu wa tada Allah. Allah mentioned in the Quran in Surah Nisa, Verily, Allah does not forgive that you make schicke with him, and he forgives me and everything lesser than that. And another it said, Who ever who ever no matter who he is, no matter who he is the father of no matter who he is the mother of no matter who he is the son of anyone who makes shift with Eliza gel. Allah has made haraam upon him agenda and his resting place is going to be the Hellfire and the body the the volley mean they will have no helpers the body mean here means the

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machete King people make * because of the item the Quran initiative lagoonal Navin making shirk is a great volume so that people make sure they have the volume on so the body movement have the presses won't have any helpers against the low subpoena who putana He went on to mention an example of this ship is the person who slaughters for other than a lot like the one who slaughtered for gin or he slaughters for a person in the grave. And this is the first not that he brings a shift. The reason why the man bring shift first whining from the nawapa double slam is because the shift is the worst sin that people can commit.

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against the lies whichever it is the Akbar Al Qaeda has been established in the Quran and the Sunnah. It is the one sin that if you do it, you won't be forgiven. As a matter of fact, if you do all of the sins in the world, other the ship, whatever your mind can imagine, and you do it multiple times, Allah will forgive you for that in sha Allah, you under the mercy of Allah. But if you just do * Can you die when you meet? a llama can shift you in trouble. You go to the Hellfire forever, the greatest sin so he brought it first. Allah mentioned in the Quran when he described the believers when levena Lega de Runa mala Ilan Arthur, when I get to Luna, Neff, sanity harmala, who

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in level have those people who don't call on other than Allah, they don't make * with other than Allah. And after that they don't murder people. They don't murder anyone who doesn't deserve to be murdered. So the biggest sin is shipping law, the second biggest sin, murder,

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unjust murder. I'm loving my screwed may Allah be pleased with him. He said that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was approached by a man. The man said yada so law what is the greatest sin in Islam? He told the man son in law when he was selling them. We entered over the law he made them Mahabharata that you make for Allah, a partner and equal and Allah is the one that created you. That's the biggest sin. That's the biggest sin. The man said and then was the greatest sin after that. He said and tough to What a dick, MacArthur telling young man that you will kill your child at a fee is going to eat with you. So you make an abortion. You get an abortion.

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You do an abortion. That's the biggest sin actus shouldn't murder. Murder. So murder has different levels. murdering your mother and your father, the worst murder. murder in the nebby is the worst murder. He says something about why he was setting them in a shed the nasty Adebayo mukaiyama Rajan, Catalan Libyan akata whodunit be the person who will get the worst punishment yo mo Qian is a man who killed the profit or profit killed him.

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So murdering someone intentionally is not like murdering him accidentally. So here he mentioned a ship because the biggest sin is the biggest sins The one that people have to avoid, as it relates to sugar honey, there are three types of ships in Ellis lamb and passing a sherco lfls at XM There are three types of ships so know this. The first type of ship is what the ship is talking about. The ship that is agbar if you can make this ship, you go outside of the fold of Allah snam if you die doing this ship, you're going to go to the Hellfire you're going to stay in the Hellfire you don't come out of the Hellfire where all the fall people go

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and ship at birth. The major one no forgiveness. We have a number of I like the idea that the chef brought Korea he by de la Vina Ezra foo and fusi him la tekna to Marathi lay in Allaha Yoruba Luba Jimmy, I say to them Hammad, oh my service. Don't give up hope from the Wrath of Allah when you make mistakes. Allah will forgive me in every sin. And when he said he doesn't forgive is a ship bill as well. So a ship agbar major ship goes out of the religion. There are many, many, many examples of major ship. The shape brought only one slaughtering for other than a lot right now today. There are Muslims who slaughter for the Olia who are alive or the Olia who are dead. They slaughter for other

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than Allah. He slaughters in the name of the ship, in the name of Ali, in the name of a *head little coddled Jelani, he may slaughter for Jin slaughter for someone that greed, irrelevant.

00:29:09--> 00:29:29

Jin, someone in the Greek Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he slaughters and he says in the name of the Navy, this is for the Navy, you go outside of the religion. And that's because that's because and individuales slaughter It is only for las colinas allottee when new Suki Yahya Mattila here of the land and he tell them

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my salad and my sacrifice is only for love my life and my death. To Him belongs the praise he has no shriek. So to make ship and the ship a Connie is making someone or something equal to Allah as shady or sharika. To make partners with a law to put people with a law and allies me this is something that is haraam. Something that person people

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Shouldn't do the non Muslims who worship the graves. They're going to say Yo mo pm when faced with the punishment toda la he

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can feed boliden mubin IGNOU so we can be Rob bilad I mean they're gonna say tola he won't lie he we were a strain when we made you people equal with Allah that's a ship new so we comparable anime we made you equal with Allah so it's haram you're gonna get in trouble a man say Masha Allah was shipped to Yato sulla it is as allow once and as you want as well. Prophet Mohammed said to that man a Jonathan EMA Allah He made them cool Mashallah, why have you made me a partner along with a lot don't say my shot a lot and what I want say it was as a lot one it by himself. So law negated anyone being equal to him, let me call for one I had no one is like quantum laser chemistry he shake.

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Nothing is like how tanimoto Semyon Do you know anyone who was similar to Allah

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so this is the first knock that the big knock the second type of * or before that, as I told you, a shortcut USC and UC Berkeley has a lot a lot a lot.

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They usually circle around or they're contained within four things. And they are a lot the ship that people make the ship to go outside the religion. First thing is people make shift in the ship could dour. They make door to other than Allah. That ship, Akbar

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baccara become the only a statue Blekko bloco and melody Nia stuck below nan ebidta yet Haruna Johanna Daiquiri and your Lord said to me said to you call on me alone, and I will answer your prayer. Your

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anyone who doesn't make dua to me, I'm going to put him in the Hellfire with those who are lonely in debates. So advise only for Allah. Nobody should make dua to Allah. They make and do other things that can help them can hurt them. No. So that's the first one should have been sent around for major things. People make *can do they make dewata other than Allah to Prophet Mohammed? Allah, yar Rasul Allah. Yeah, yeah, Chef, Abracadabra, Jelani, and on and on and on. Second thing is and muhabba. People go overboard in the love for people. They go overboard. We love Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, so he's hospitalizing. He didn't die. He knows that.

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The Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is Allah reincarnated. ie is alive reincarnated. Jesus is the son of Allah and mohabbat people go overboard women and nasty manga unduly laggy and dagang Buddha hunkapi law from the people are those people who take partners along with Allah, they love those partners more than they love Allah. So what do I and and muhabba Another thing that's important about Dwyer when he shared Islam, in one of his really important books called Alcoa at iRobot. The four principles, he said concerning a DA that the machinery can do and the time of courage. I will live in Abidjan, they mean less a shift than the people doing his time and our time.

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Like right now our relatives and the people who we know they make more *. Can you imagine this than Abdullah hub and elbogen? He wrote about this in alkali the Arab How How was that? How was that? Abu Bakr Abu lahab in Abuja he was on some wild stuff how now

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he gave the ire of the Quran we allow Tara mentioned

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for either rocky will feel full Tao la hammock the senior level Diem finance manager who manage bar ever whom you should record when the non Muslims of Mecca when they were riding in the ocean in the boat was about to crash in the storm in the waves in this rough time that they were having. They may do our to allow with a class Oh Allah save us. They didn't say Oh, lat Oh.

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They said Oh Allah save a shot Allah when they had the tough times. You need money. Yeah, Allah you lost the war. You're alive. You lost the baby, your wife, your ally in the time of shinda when you need something the drought Yeah, a lot difficult times. But alas it is, but when he arrived them to the mainland.

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I got safe. Lo and behold they started making Schick

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brush. So when times were tough with Quraysh, they may go out to a lot. when times were good with courage, they may shake. Now, our relatives, when times are tough, we make dua to other than Allah. When times are good, we make daughter other than Allah.

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The time is tough at the pass the exam yard also Lola, I beg of you asked a lot help me to pass the exam or russula, you help me to pass the exam. His wife is having a baby yada, yada. So Lola helped my wife to have the baby during the tough times. So you mentioned that a dog and muhabba number three at

00:35:51--> 00:36:26

a shelter agbar comes a honey and obedience. People obey other people and disobedience to Allah as the Yahood and the nesara was guilty of doing a lot of the time I mentioned baramulla Banham are bad in doing that. They took their priests and amongst as long as along with Allah, Allah May something halau they are monks and priests made it haram and they listened in the obey the priestly monks allow me a shift

00:36:27--> 00:36:30

in the book first

00:36:31--> 00:36:55

law in the Old Testament don't take anyone along with me in worship. They rejected that and they followed the amongst the priests that's in the Old Testament. That's the old law. Don't Don't drink No, that's in the Old Testament. Homosexuality haraam no no no different interpretation is LBGT time now.

00:36:57--> 00:37:21

So their books may many things haram and they are monks and priests came and said no is halau Riba Haram. They say no, hello, everything. Everything they may allow. Women were not allowed in the Bible to be the member in the pulpit to be the man the vicar, the priests. Not not No, no, we're gonna change that.

00:37:22--> 00:38:05

And we'll hear from ob magnetometer line as he says, have a light it was seldom you people are going to follow Benny and Surat eel in everything that they did. Even if they go into the lizard soul, you're going to go into the lizards hole. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as many many things haraam people come from our community, and they make them halau. And these are the experts in LS Lan, and they have individuals who are always the experts who are talking on LBC I call that station lbst of a day LBC. These experts in Quilliam, these types of people? No, you don't have to wear hijab. No women can marry women. No, the Muslim woman can marry a non Muslim man, and on and on and

00:38:05--> 00:38:10

on. So a shift to a birth you go outside of the religion, and your doula

00:38:11--> 00:38:38

and you are in your muhabba loving, also in obedience, the shift tells you do this, and you know what's wrong, and you do it, glorifying the chef and making him have rights over you. That only ally has number four. And the last one a whiny is the obedience I did say for right? A da, a TA and the fourth one is and Nia

00:38:39--> 00:38:58

when you do something, and you do it for other than Allah, you're doing that particular thing. And you're doing it for other than allies or just in your casting you're near. You fall into that second type of shape is the minus ship. A ship to us Coronado is called minus ship is still big

00:38:59--> 00:39:08

ship. Escarra means those things have shipped that don't take you outside of Islam everything less than a ship to agbar the chef mentioned

00:39:09--> 00:39:10

he mentioned

00:39:11--> 00:39:57

like this issue of he didn't mention like swearing but other than a law that should prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and kind of hand it in for Leah Bella. The End know who men Hannah for the arrival of Africa. Catherine Asharq. Anyone who says well law he only use a last name. Don't say what Kaaba will never be. Don't say that. He said, anyone who swears let him swear by Allah. Don't swear by your father's I swear by my father swear my father's grave. He said anybody who swears by other than Allah, He has made shift. But what's the shift here? Shake a scar. Another example of schicken si is Ria showing off. It's not the schicke that push you outside of the religion. When you

00:39:57--> 00:40:00

pray you want someone to see you praying you give sadaqa

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

Because you want people to say you gave Southern you read the Quran because you want people to say he is a crime 90 with the Quran a lot

00:40:07--> 00:40:28

as relates to a shift asker anyone who means a lot doing it, he's under the machine of Allah. If Allah chooses, you'll forgive him for like, choose to punish him, but inshallah Allah Allahu energen, inshallah is going to ultimately go to gender though, I shake an Oscar. And and authentically, if he said to his companions of a long line, he will sell them

00:40:30--> 00:40:58

a car for an eco a shell, Oscar, the thing that I had the most fear for you guys you companions are most afraid for is the small ship. They said, What's the small minor ship, he said area showing off. So he called it a ship and a scar showing off. You don't go outside of the religion, but it destroys your DS and it's a major sin. The third type of shift and the last type of shift and we're done is to shift

00:41:00--> 00:41:04

the hitting shift, the one that's not easily visible.

00:41:06--> 00:41:18

And if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was afraid for Abu Bakar, Mountain Men and alien the rest of those ODF for showing off if he was afraid for them. What is the case with us?

00:41:21--> 00:41:30

So don't go overboard. As it relates to people who teach you don't go overboard when chefs come here. Don't go overboard in the amount of Ellis lamb.

00:41:31--> 00:42:08

Don't let your religion be shaped so and so said this and said that we are going overboard in our dilemma. All of them evaluate all of the Jamaat even people claim a selfie or go overboard with their shares. Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was a fried for abubaker aroma, man and he earned an MA from the companions more either the new Jebin Abu huraira, Eben Rama, and Cebu Manny I Isha. Those are an AMA, no style after them was like them, may Allah be pleased with them.

00:42:09--> 00:42:59

And we exist. And he is the chef, and I go overboard the chef, the chef can be doing things, he doesn't get rewarded for it because he's showing off. The chef is like a done. He's like a done like the mafia. If you don't take my position, I'm going to bring you down and take you down that way can't be for law, that can't be for law. Your chef is upset with you. If you don't take his position about something he gets mad at you. Come on share. The issue has more sides to it. Then your position. The chef was upset with his student because the students said that Ebrahim the kalila Villa, Ebrahim worship the sun, the moon and the star, the chef said to the student, no, Ebrahim. He

00:42:59--> 00:43:27

didn't worship, then he was saying that he worship them to argue with the mushrikeen as if he was saying, if the sun is the big one, and if the moon and if but they all said, so therefore, it doesn't deserve to be worship. So he was saying that as an intellectual argument against his people. And that position is a position that some of the nmfc have said, Abraham never mentioned.

00:43:29--> 00:44:04

But the kid the student of the chef, he took a position of other scholars, some of the scholars said, it was Abraham's father, who was saying, Yes, I worship the moon, I worship the sun. Some of the scholars said it was Ebrahim when he was young, before he became a nebby. And a proof it was him. And he did worship the sun and the moon and the stars the proof that he did do that, when he was young, and he wasn't a newbie and he was on the religion of his people is in those iron. He said, If my lord doesn't guide me, I'll be from those who are straight.

00:44:05--> 00:44:11

And then Allah guided him to towhee. So it's, it's the life, the chef got upset with a student

00:44:12--> 00:44:16

and asked him, How do you take another position?

00:44:17--> 00:44:33

They share your position or Mr. Tuck it and your students position on why you would have done that over your student like that. Are you going to be the dad like that over your student? Your Tao can be like that. So whiny, don't go overboard and show you.

00:44:35--> 00:45:00

That's not to doubt them. metab suit oven and to put them down. The nebbia of Islam was concerned about his kindness. And the companions existed, knowing they were in Jannah but saying we don't know where we're gonna go. I just want to come up on and be equal. I told you that Heidi from the melodica America with all of what they do, they told a lot. We haven't worship you probably

00:45:00--> 00:45:03

Sup Hanukkah, my bet NACA had a bad day

00:45:05--> 00:45:17

so don't be like that Don't be like that. I shaped a scar and I shared a huffy the hidden ship isn't authentic it and and Danny made it authentic in a jam in

00:45:18--> 00:45:29

a severe as the Mohammed bin he ban brought it and he saw it as being authentic as well. prophets of Allah it was sent him to this ship, Kofi Amati

00:45:30--> 00:45:39

Ming dubby but nonetheless at the sherkin my alma is more heading than the footprints of

00:45:40--> 00:45:41

an ENT.

00:45:43--> 00:46:01

So you can imagine an ant nobody can see his footprints except Allah who can see and hear his footprints. You knows everything about that and the number of other ants in the world all over the world, and he gave the risk to every end and every encounter. So when this authentic identity says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:46:03--> 00:46:05

a shift Kofi Amati

00:46:06--> 00:46:11

Minh Debbie animality it is more hidden.

00:46:12--> 00:47:02

This is the religion of a tawheed it is more hidden, shipped huffy, hidden ship when the companions heard that they say God also allow How then Are any of us going to be saved? Because if is that hidden, everybody can fall into it. They were concerned that we're in like the people today. Like he has a pass to go to gender to exist on the earth with all of his shortcomings, and he's existed as if he's in gender. How are we going to be saved from this hidden shidduch? He said you should make this call Allahumma inni ooh, bitka men and Shrek what an oceanic Baker when Alan was stockbroker, manna, Adam or allies seek refuge in You for making shift and I know that I'm making shift and if I

00:47:02--> 00:47:06

do make shift, I seek your forgiveness Forgive me make that door.

00:47:07--> 00:47:13

So this proves a number of things. The third category of of ship hidden ship.

00:47:14--> 00:47:45

Where does that come from the Heidi *can is oma is like the footprints of the end. So life is that hidden any and everybody can fall into it. How do we get saved? learn this. Aloma in the becoming an OSHA kabaka Ma Ma an alum was stuck Furukawa mala Allah, Allah I seek refuge in You for committing shift in what I know, I know this is ship.

00:47:46--> 00:47:50

And I seek your forgiveness. If I can ship and I don't know.

00:47:51--> 00:48:11

So those are the three XM of a ship. We're gonna stop here with that nakid we'll do the next one next week, inshallah. And we'll finish the 10 o'clock that evening in 10 weeks. So if you brothers have any questions in Sharla, concerning the nonprofit, you can put your question for it, I can do

00:48:14--> 00:48:14

it for them.

00:48:27--> 00:48:32

question is about the Hadith of the Prophet that was used last week when we talked about

00:48:33--> 00:48:51

some issues that should be understood concerning the tauheed. He salani was sending him same economy as he cafe. Bihar Duma, anyone who says to his brother, hey, do caffeine or anywhere similar to that. Hey, you infidel. Hey, you do

00:48:52--> 00:49:30

Prophet said some of the letters and that word will fold on one of them. When another narration say that that word goes up to the autoshop Allah and he shakes the Auto Show, and it comes down in the falls on one of them. So if he is a cafe, if he is a cafe, then he's not your brother. He's not your brother. And he has a caffeine sign up and slam because he makes Shrek with a lot. He slowed up other than Allah, he's doing those major things that put him outside of the religion of Islam. He's making it to other than a lot. So you say Kashmir, so it's true. But if he's a Muslim, and you said that and he didn't deserve that ruling, then it comes back to you. Meaning that you are Catholic and

00:49:30--> 00:49:44

what's the meaning outside of the religion? Yes, if you believe is permissible to go around, and you make people prefer based upon your desires you think is halau because you're making allow would allow me around so you go outside of religion, you're going to come to that.

00:49:48--> 00:50:00

But normally, it doesn't mean that it means that your calf it means kufr and nirma. You have rejected the NEMA you've used the NEMA that allow tala has given

00:50:00--> 00:50:38

This man is being a caffeine you as being a Muslim you as a Muslim, you're rejecting that and you're throwing it away. So it is COVID. That's not the level of COVID. You don't go outside of the religion, but you are making a big sin. Like the Hadith where the prophet SAW Selim said that the majority of the women will be in the hellfire. A lady said, why would the majority of the women be in the Hellfire, he said, because your husbands if they were to do good for you, as soon as they don't do for you what you want, you say, I never saw any good of you. And also because you make to fear coffers of the natla. Cofer of the NEMA means when your husband gives you things you don't

00:50:38--> 00:51:04

appreciate it coffered of the NEMA. So if a law gives you a NEMA, you make sugar or coffee. So in this case, the guy said you cafe to his brother, so he's not a calf, he's a Muslim, it comes back and he made the cover of the name of the law gave him and Allah gave him and that is using this coffered or this fear as a weapon. But it doesn't go outside of the religion doesn't go outside of the religion, any more questions and honey,

00:51:17--> 00:51:47

individual where to slaughter, and he said Bismillah. But this is for my grandmother, my grandfather Bismillah. This is for someone that the religion allowed you to slaughter on his behalf, then no problem in the Milan model D yet, then that D that action is going to be judged by the NEA and the need for it was for the reward to go to that relative. So you get a reward because you did it. And your need is to go to them and they're going to get the reward. No, no, no problem with that.

00:51:48--> 00:52:25

As long as the religion allows you to slaughter for that person, as for the one who wants to slaughter and say this is for Rasulullah sallallahu, was sending them an ad of ha, I'm going to slaughter for my family wagon and slaughter an animal for the profit. No, that's it innovation. companions didn't do that. So don't do it. No. So this is not talking about that should be saying in the name of alat in the name of Iblees. Like some of these people slaughter for magic and things like that, Juju and all of that Voodoo, any more questions. For the

00:52:39--> 00:52:44

EA all of that falls under react react can be in a bad

00:52:45--> 00:52:46

shape. Akbar

00:52:47--> 00:53:25

is in the names and the attributes of Allah. Akbar is in the Ruby of Allah and in the UI of Allah, I shipped a scarf shipped to Alaska, and Alaska is unhappy. This shirt can be in your eBay that and it can be also in your life. It can be in the color clothes that you wear, the way you wear your clothes, a person has trained us two different pairs, he wears one right shoe and the other opposite pair for the left shoe to stand out. And to be different and to be remembered

00:53:27--> 00:54:15

with a particular color so that the people can see so that he can stand out his car, his clothes, he's doing it in order to disobey in order to have you know, at people to look at them. This is showing off and it's also a form of kibber some form of kibber where the person is saying, Look at me look at me, where the only objective is look at the top beam of Allah. Every time you honey and opportunity presented itself whether people praise Prophet Mohammed Salah line he was sending him sometimes he deserved it and sometimes he didn't. Sometimes they went overboard in praising him. And sometimes they praise Him as He deserved. Every time it happened. He never was quiet. He made sure

00:54:15--> 00:54:56

that the one who was praising him, gave homage and paid homage and acknowledged and recognized Allah and he brought himself down. So the last one he was selling. So he was always constantly teaching our men. Don't be a person who thinks that you are an avid czar hitting you in general, and you're tricked and you have a horror or because of your application. Bizarro Humphrey Dini mechanics are born. They were tricked in the religion by their religion because of what they used to do and practicing and I come to the Donaldson I do some stuff I pray five times a day, but there's a lot of stuff going on with everybody things you should be doing that you're not things that you shouldn't

00:54:56--> 00:55:00

be doing that you are doing. So nobody is in a position.

00:55:00--> 00:55:10

to exist like that. So showing off showing off is from that. And it's a form of keep going. No more questions, honey, for the coffee.

00:55:21--> 00:55:44

A person does a good deed to please anyone from the creation. And he's not doing it for a lot. This is an issue that is a problem. Everything should be done for a lot. But a person can do something for a lot. And in doing that thing, and doing that thing for Allah is going to please other people. His parents want him to do something, and he doesn't want to do that thing. His parents,

00:55:48--> 00:55:59

they want him to not get married to that lady, and he wants to marry her. But the Prophet says some of it was Elementor, aka Shea and lilla, he or

00:56:01--> 00:56:10

anyone who leaves something for Allah sake, Allah will replace what he left with that which is better. So he left that idea of marrying the girl

00:56:11--> 00:56:25

pleases parents, but he did it because Allah told him, please your parents, listen to them. And whatever they tell you to do, if you have the ability to listen to them, listen to them. So he left it for Allah, but to make them happy.

00:56:27--> 00:56:33

So there is no problem because it was for Allah. But if a person he prays like some of our kids

00:56:35--> 00:56:45

go to the gym in the morning. You come back from the machine in the morning, while they prepare him for school, a boy that you praise he I pray? No, you didn't pray,

00:56:46--> 00:57:08

go in and pray. So he goes in there and you think he's praying when you walk in the room. He's bad. He's doing like this. He's praying for his parents. That doesn't count. He's a kid though. He's a kid though. So you got to allow that you got to work on that. The big muscular happens in the masiva when the kid is 1819. Teenagers 1615. Big problem.

00:57:09--> 00:57:11

Now, last question.

00:57:31--> 00:57:33

Mother, Teresa, each column.

00:57:43--> 00:58:21

Now if a person is doing good deeds in the public, there's nothing wrong with doing good deeds in the public. As long as you have a good man, again, the people who gave the sadaqa that time when the poor Muslims came. And they looked impoverished and they looked in need. So the Prophet called the people out until the people to spend one of the companions got up very quickly. And he came in, he put some money on some food, he get went home, brought some food, he did it quick. And he put it in front of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. When the people saw him do that. It inspired and encouraged them. So everybody went to get food. Until when everybody came out, there was a mountain of food and

00:58:21--> 00:58:44

clothes and money in front of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So he told the people in significant Islami subnet and Hassan acana level, to have a gentleman Amina BM and Leyland Thomas or Jerome Shea, anyone who starts a sonet in LS lamb a good thing, and other people work by that good thing, he'll get the reward without the reward being taken away.

00:58:45--> 00:58:55

So that person did a good thing in public. And he did that thing. And it encouraged other people. So he wants to do something that's going to encourage so he's the first one to start it off.

00:58:56--> 00:59:35

He just has to make Jihad that he's not doing it. So that people will say, look at him, look at him, he has to make jihad. So like in the mejlis, he comes inside of the measures for the dose, there's the person who's going to come all the way to the front, because he knows the Hurry, he came to a lot so locking to him. So he wants a lot to take care of his affairs. So he came all the way out. Because he knows allows them. There's the other person who says, Man, I'm not gonna go way up there because people gonna think people are gonna think I'm trying to be special. So he was shy of a lot. I was shy of him. So he backs himself out of the rewards, like the one who says, I'm not gonna do

00:59:35--> 01:00:00

anything in public, because Riyadh No, you have to make jihad. You have to struggle within yourself. And just do it because she doesn't want you to do it. He wants you to make real and if you don't do that, he wants you not to help out at all. So struggle with your Eman and do the thing and you'll get the reward of anybody else doing it at you. And that's what we found what the

01:00:00--> 01:00:12

companions, where they would teach people how to do things like in the famous incident of Hassan and Hussein, who saw the man who didn't know how to make model. And instead of going to the old demand and saying that's not how you make Moodle,

01:00:13--> 01:00:26

one of them said to the other one, you want to see the model that our grandfather taught us and a man can he say yes, and he started making mobile and the man was watching. He made that will do to teach the man

01:00:28--> 01:00:58

but it was fall up. Brother Mohammed saw something down on the member and he prayed to rock guys. And then he turned to the people says, pray the way you just saw me praying. He prayed to Allah but he prays so that people can see him as well. So you can have that need is for Allah. But it's for the people to get more reward not to show up. And allies Allah and Allah have a was a Lama who will send them robotic and an abena while he was having his main was sent out by the camera to light What about a cat