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If you're stuck, you cannot marry each other or you cannot even walk away from such a relationship then you need a cure for your love Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he salatu salam brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Hebrew can truly love is so beautiful and a person may not be even able to explain the feelings and the emotions that he or she may go through as a result of that love. However, we are Muslims and we are restricted at a times and Allah subhanaw taala had revealed the Quran and send the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam for no other purpose other than guiding us throughout this life. And part of their guidance was to

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restrict the relationship between the genders if you cannot marry her, or if you cannot marry him, and at the same time, you cannot, you're stuck. You cannot even walk away from such a relationship. Guess what the third option would be Haram, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam peace be upon him said LAO, your little Maha beanie midlaw Nika there is nothing no option for the people for the couples who love each other except marriage. There is no any other option for you. The other option if you cannot marry, as I said earlier, walk away, leave it off, put an end to that story. There's nothing wrong with that, bring it to a closure once and for all. Because as I said, and I will

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repeat that again and again. The third option will be shy tans way to get you into doing that which is unpleasant haraam and unacceptable in the sight of our last panel dad, one of the writers back in the days had fallen in love with a servant in Kufa in Iraq. And so he sent to a family asking their permission to allow them to get married, but they've rejected for whatever reason, so the lady responded, and she told the man if you wish, I can come over to you or if you wish, you can come over to me, which means I'm all yours even though my family have rejected the proposal. And let me pause here for a second parents who are watching please make marriage easy for your children do not

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have a shared in the Zinner being committed as a result of the difficulties that people go through to get married to get the Hillel intimacy done in an appropriate manner according to Islam according to the law of Lost Planet Allah and His Messenger so please make marriage easy back to that lady. She wrote bluntly to the man offering herself Of course in a haraam relationship. She said if you want you can come or I go to you. I don't care about my family's rejection. But he wrote back to her and said pull in a half or in our site or be there The Omen Javi tell them Omaha mythos lm, if I have this obey the Las panatela I fear, a punishment that is so great and unbearable. So as we said

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earlier, it's not the end of the world. If you have not been able to marry the person that you have feeling for it's not the end of the world. Either you get married and make your relationship right in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala or walk away. On the other hand, many people out there who think that they are in love with one another. They are living right now a life of flirting online or hanging out together holding hands and exchanging sweet words and they are not yet married thinking that sooner or later, their parents will agree to the proposal and they will end up in a hallowed relationship. My brothers and sisters in Islam, if you started your relationship in haraam, there

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will be no blessings on the long run. So you have to make it very, very clear. Either it's hard from day one, or I'm going to the other direction. Allah subhanaw taala clearly stated in the Quran. Well, that's a table called water shaitan don't follow the footsteps of shaitan This is exactly what your town wanted you to do you want to do to hell allies, as I always say, to make that which is haram actually acceptable by going out with the person who is not your husband, not your wife exchanging those words that only husbands and wives are allowed to exchange thinking that at the end of the day, you know, I love her, she loves me and we're going to get married one day along the

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line. But this is one of the traps that shaitan has been preparing for you. That's why I didn't say do not follow shaitan. He said don't follow the footsteps of shaitaan because he will drag you bit by bit until you fall into the major sin of Zina. Not only that but many people who have experienced this life of having a boyfriend or girlfriend in the name of love, they end up with a lot of mental illnesses, many of them even the end of their own lives. They die by suicide because they couldn't imagine the lives without the person that they love, a loss in the horror and they have lost this dunya they didn't get what they want in this dunya well, her and the hereafter the reward that has

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been awaiting them if they had followed a loss of Allah and His commandment. So what is the cure my brothers and sisters lamb what is the remedy for that love that does not end in marriage in a healthy relationship. Number one, don't enslave yourself to the person that you love. Don't enslave yourself to anything

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Human Being Don't be like the wife of Allah Aziz, the Minister of Egypt who had fallen in love with Yusuf Ali Salaam. When you read the Quran you see the people have described the situation by saying God shall offer Hamza Yusuf Ali Salaam fills heart with love. She couldn't control her desire she threw him in jail because he did not respond to her evil plan. While I added the law This is what her arm relationship could lead to. It could drive you crazy could drive you insane. Number two, my brothers and sisters in Islam learn to love Allah subhanaw taala more than anything in this dunya the love of Allah will fill your heart will fill your life with satisfaction and contentment a Lost

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Planet Alison and describing the condition of some people who have committed partnership with ultimate Allah saying woman and mercy may attack the looming dooney lady and dad and your head buena home Gabriella Lavina Amano a shadow vanilla among people are those who have taken equals m partners and rivals with the last panel to Allah the love them, they love their partners, their idols, their worldly gains the love them as they should love a las panatela which means a lot deserve that love from you my brothers and sisters when Lavina Amman shadow Bella but those who believe those who filled their life with the with the light of Eman they are much more stronger in love to Allah

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subhanaw taala than anyone else. Number three, my brothers and sisters in Islam, learn to lower your gaze, divert your eyes away from that which may lead you to any horam activities, whether the person that you're looking to is not hijabi, hijabi and kabi. Either way, if you have got nothing to do with that person, minimize the communication, lower the gaze so that he can protect any unnecessary emotions that may lead you to harm activities. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said the stare the gaze is an arrow from the arrows of shaitan it's just the introduction to what could lead to the major sin of Xena so be careful lower your gaze learn why Allah subhanaw taala said than the or and

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that when you lower your gaze you protect immediately you protect your private parts Panama you our eyes, our brain and our private part are all connected to one another number four my brothers and sisters in Islam when you fall, when you fall in love, don't fall fully leave a space for either leave a space for longer and leave a space for door and call upon Allah subhanaw taala that if this relationship is going to take you closer to gender, then you're alone make it easy, meaning y'all are open doors for my family members for my the person that I love for the people in the community to insha Allah to Allah make marriage possible so that I can in sha Allah Allah be protected from

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anything haram but if you fall fully for the person, then you will neglect your purpose in life while mahalo octogenarian INSA le Abu Dune, I have not created mankind, nor genkai except to worship me, this is why you're here on Earth, you're not here to flirt with people who are not your husbands, not your wives. So limit the communication immediately leave a space for our data. Because if you if you fall with all your heart and all your mind, then you will neglect the main purpose of existence and that is to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala And lastly, my brothers and sisters in Islam number five, cut ties with the person that you love. If marriage is not possible, it is as

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simple and painful as this you can't continue communicating with the person if marriage is not going to be the fate so be mature enough to accept that not everything in this dunya we're going to earn that everything we want or we wish for we're going to be granted there's a wisdom behind this and we have to accept the destiny and the color of our Lost Planet Allah May Allah subhanaw taala grant our heart ease comfort, contentment satisfaction in ways that please Allah.

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May Allah Subhana Allah tala grant those who cannot get married in and fix the relationship in a manner that please almost pantalla a loss of panel tile is the way towards marriage towards more for relationship and ultimately towards gender. I mean, I mean, I mean, if you found this video beneficial, kindly shared it. A Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh