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Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of divorce on marriage, stating that it is a partnership and not about one individual. They emphasize the importance of history and the past to avoid future mistakes and emphasize the need to avoid mistakes by praying for others. The segment also touches on the history of the rainbow and the importance of protecting one's ear and heart from evil and dangerous situations, as well as praying for others and avoiding blaming them for being jealous. Finally, the segment encourages women to respect their spouse and avoid giving up on their past, as well as to pray for everyone and not allow evil behavior to happen.
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If you're married couples and looking for divorce recipe This video is for you As salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam This video is being prepared to demonstrate 10 ingredients that could ruin any one's marriage. We're not here to say that divorce is not allowed in Islam. In fact, it is permissible yet highly discouraged and detestable in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if you're going through marital issues with your husband with your wife, perhaps you've been exercising few traits that had led you to where you are today in sha Allah Allah In this video, we will demonstrate most

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common traits that can destroy marriage altogether and lead to divorce. Number one, our

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marriage is a partnership between the husband and the wife. It's not about one individual to take a decision. It's not about my way or the highway. No, no, no, you shouldn't be stubborn. When it comes to taking few decisions. You should learn to be an easygoing person humble enough to change perhaps few of your opinions or negotiate with your spouse gently and nicely in a manner that suits you as being Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah, Buddha convenient, Ramallah not albumin? rumali not Allah Kula Caribbean Hainan sir, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said, should I inform you for whom the fire is made unlawful harm that person will not be

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touched by Hellfire via the law upon every person who is gentle, kind and easy to deal with. So number one recipe for disaster when it comes to relationship between spouses is being stubborn. Number two don't beat each other up hitting hitting each other whether the husband beating up the wife or the wife doing the same it is absolutely the closest way to destroy your marriage is to beat up your beloved husband or beat up your beloved wife. Yes, we see the majority of the cases of domestic violence our husbands beating up the wives but actually there are some cases where the wife now have taken that courage to stretch their hands and teach their husbands lessons beating up each

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other is off the table the prophets Elias lm some of the description given by his beloved companions Mel barbatos who lice Allah Selim Hardiman, while a Moroccan caught the process and have never stretched his hand and beat up neither a servant or a wife at all in his entire life. The prophet SAW Selim had demonstrated this kindness and gentleness to all creation Omar Seneca illa mattone Lala meet the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent as a mercy to mankind and Allah subhanho wa Taala is expecting from us to also show mercy to everyone on earth especially of course the closest towards our husbands or wives or humble men or the Himachal Memphis Mr. Show mercy show mercy to to

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those who live on earth so that the one in heaven Allah subhanaw taala may show mercy upon you later on on the Day of Judgment, but how could we show mercy to one another, if the hands do the talk number three, divorce will now now now now bmm, and divorce more and the man to shouldn't always threaten or blackmail his wife by this cheap card of divorce. Not every time you have a fight or you have some disagreements, you go and say if you don't quit, I'm gonna divorce. I'm gonna send you back home to your family. Not only that, but we have even people in the community who would come along and encourage you to separate just because there is a problem had taken place between you and

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your beloved husband or your beloved wife. Remember, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam made it very, very clear that there are three matters, no jokes about them. They are very, very serious. Just the hondajet what has learned, if you are serious about them, they will be considered serious. And if you are joking about them, they will be considered to be serious as well. One of them is divorced. So don't threaten each other or lay the blame Allah protect us all with that cheap approach to blackmail your partner. Number four talking about the past. Do you remember 10 years ago, you didn't like my food? Do you remember the zillions of years ago you told me this? You told me that no need

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to bring the past when you're dealing with new fresh problems. Didn't you already live in peace after this past problem? Why would you bring the conversation about it when you're experiencing a new fresh situation? just deal with what you have today at this present moment and forget about the past. It's already gone. If it will do anything

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thing it will add more fuel to the fire number five never make a supplication against your spouse you never know when will alasa panatela accept such a no Do you ever make dua against yourself I sometimes see couples coming you know for coaching counseling and all that and in in the middle of the conversation one of them will say your law Please take me now and me once and for all so that she can become happy don't don't pray against your partner and don't make die against yourself the process of selling prohibited making a Doha or wish wish death upon ourselves the process and prohibited that and of course don't curse anyone and don't wish death to happen for others

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especially if that person is the closest you know whoa Nelly bass hola como and to live as on their own they are your garments that closest to your body is your garment that closest to you in life is your spouse is your wife is your husband How could you wish death upon him or her? The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was described that he never uttered these curse words, and and voila, fashion, whatever but he was he never cursed anyone. He never used foul language. And he was not obscene talker. That's your beloved prophet Panesar, sell them just do your best to imitate his character. and problem solved in one of the generations and then curse the wind, the air, and the

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process lm heard him saying bad words against the wind and the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam stopped him and he said, Don't do that. Don't Don't curse the wind for it is being commanded to do what it is doing. Perhaps the wind was causing things to fly here and there. So the props are simple. It is it has been commanded. And then he warned the man and of course all of us don't curse anything for if it does not deserve the curse, it will go back to you it will return to the person who have done the cursing. So we have to be very vigilant when it comes to swear words making law against each other You never know When will our last family respond to that and if something evil

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befall you, as a result of that, you wouldn't be happy for yourself and for your partner. Instead, my brothers and sisters let us learn to pray for one another even if we disagree even if we are annoyed Yeah, Allah guide her. Y'all are open his heart You're lost, soften his words and heart and mind and so on. And when when we do that for one another as couples, our children will grow up also hearing those words and they will learn from us, I get a lot of youngsters who hate the idea of marriage because of what they experience with the parents at home. Number six, do not grow grass, do problems to others. You don't have to complain to your mother, you don't have to run to your friends

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and tell them what's going on between you and your wife. If this will do anything my brothers and sisters, it would lead to a disastrous And not only that, but it may also lead to heat it feelings and grudges from the in laws against both of you, you may end the problem and, and spend the night together in peace but the family members once you complain to them about your husband or your wife, they will never forget. And then they will feel that you both as husband and wife You will feel that when you meet them next time. You know your mother in law would be looking at you differently or your your brother in law will be looking at you differently and they might you know, bring up the

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problems and they might tell you like you don't deserve our daughter and whatnot. So don't extend the problem beyond you and your wife beyond you and your husband number seven don't involve the kids disagree all you want fight respectfully all you want, but don't involve the kids don't even let the kids field get into your bedroom and talk decently about the problem that you're going through. And even if if you decided to take aside perhaps someone will go to the bit to the end of you know the corner and cry or do something Don't try to let the kids side with you. Did you see what your father did to me? Did you see how your mother thinks Have you seen a woman like that before? Can you

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imagine Can you believe what I just said it's true it's happening in our homes unfortunately don't involve the kids they grow up as I mentioned earlier hating the Constitution of marriage Little wonder why is in a is on the rise because they don't understand the value of marriage if DC the parents at war all the time. Number eight, don't leave home. How many times I've received phone calls from husbands complaining that the wives packed up their clothes and left the house is I do agree that when things go out of hand when it involves really physical, you know violence and so on. Yes, other people must get involved. But if you're fighting over trivial matters, you don't have to

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magnify these little issues. Don't leave home for that. If the husband perhaps got a little bit angry. I also don't advise him to leave the house. But if you wanted to go out to cool down and come back and apologize perhaps if he raised his voice unnecessarily or if he said few words that really

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hurt his wife, they man up and apologize. There is no problem whatsoever if you made a mistake to correct it by a nice and sincere apology, but don't leave your homes number nine disrespect he's not a man I have never seen a good day with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that the majority of women will be in Hellfire out we'll be learning Allah protect us all, because of this particular attitude that they will live together in peace for many, many years. And when a problem come along, they will say that we have never seen a good day or never seen a good moment with them. That means such woman are ungrateful, but the same apply to men as well. Be respectful, don't call her names

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don't abuse her family members take her to see her parents respect is the one thing that would actually build up a healthy home if you don't respect your wife. If you don't respect your husband, why will your children respect both of you? Number 10 and the last on my list, he's a cheat cheat. She's over generous enough with the blame game. Don't put a blame on your wife for everything that she say Yes, she's jealous. So what try to prove that you're not doing something wrong. And sisters, please not every time he do the wrong it means that he's cheating on you or he's doing something outside. Don't continuously use the card because guess what many times because of the repetitive,

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unnecessary and untrue statements of that kind could lead your husband to do the wrong I'm not trying to justify any wrong but don't be part of it. So avoid blaming her for being jealous. That's something that all women go through. But also do not abuse him or accuse him for being a cheater. If you didn't have a solid evidence. May Allah subhanaw taala protect our homes from divorce. Yes, it's Hillel, as we mentioned in the beginning of this episode, but it is the most undesirable activity in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. So let it be the last resort and avoid those 10 evil ingredients that could lead to divorce. And in that case, not only you and your husband or your wife will be

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suffering from the consequences, your children too will not be spared. A Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Harrogate

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