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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the rules of physics and how success and failure are not the same. They also talk about the desire to build houses and marry beautiful women or a handsome man, citing the history of the new president's policies, including the creation of an economic system and the use of war rooms in public spaces. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding a lens and finding a path for profitability, while also acknowledging the freedom of the new president's policies, including their desire to buy a house and become a license builder.
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see that the issue was with the sahaba. The van like it was when we were talking about the, the way in which

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we have changed the whole system. And then we complain

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about the results, thing I want to explain to you is that a loss of adult data created this world and he created a system. And he created this with,

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with some rules. These rules apply across the board, no matter who you are, and what you are. And these are like the rules of physics. rules of physics are also ruled creative.

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And just like they apply, they apply across the board, anyone, Muslim, non Muslim, whatever, if he

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or she follows that rule, then they get a certain result, if they don't follow that rule, they, they get a different result.

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The law of gravity is where it attracts anything, any free falling object

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towards the Earth at is at an acceleration or 32 feet per second per second.

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you are in that situation, if you're free falling, then you are under the effect of gravity. Now, if you do not want that effect of gravity, to reach to its natural conclusion, because which means that you don't want to meet the earth traveling towards it at that acceleration, then you have to do something to counter that, which is a parachute right. So you will wear a parachute which counters the force of gravity, so you land on the Earth safely, otherwise, you will smash yourself to death. The same rule applies to success and failure

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unless rather than amid the rule, and the rule that Allah subhanaw taala made was Allah subhanaw taala gave us a lens through which to look at the dunya if you look at the dunya through this lens, and you will see a picture and that picture is the picture of the of truth, the picture of reality.

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Look at the dunya through another lens, the opposite of that, it gives you a different picture, that picture is a picture of deception. Now, the Sahaba what they did was they wanted to do their they wanted the dunya they loved the dunya just like we loved the dunya they wanted the dunya just like we wanted to dunya but not at the expense of the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala

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right. Otherwise, if you say that they do not want the dunya then explain to me out of band Mina, founder of the Lando explained to me

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of drama now for the alarm. Why did they continue to do business? Why didn't they just become box and go straight to the masses and say I'm gonna take off for my whole life. They didn't they, they they were very powerful businessmen.

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They were hugely, you know, wealthy.

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And they continue to continue to do business. But they did business in the way that Allah subhanaw taala prescribed

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right now,

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what was the difference? The difference was, they looked at the dunya they looked at their ambitions, their desires, they looked at the dunya the world through the lens of the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala diligent

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for them,

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the view that they could see through this lens of the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala DeLillo that was the idea that was a real view. And in fact, this is true. So for them the non negotiable thing, the thing that there was no

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that they did not consider to be something which was, you know, we take would ignore

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the thing for which they had no alternative, and they didn't even want an alternative. Right? That's the key thing to understand is they were not obeying Allah subhanaw taala as if it was a bit but they were being Allah subhanaw taala out of love for others.

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So for them, the thing that had

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that had no alternative and that was

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non negotiable was the obedience of Allah.

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Everything else in the world was negotiable. Now when they look at the dunya in this way, and they made Allah subhanaw taala and obedience to Allah subhanaw taala supreme in their lives. Allah subhanaw taala gave them to

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Allah gave them more than here then we can ever imagine.

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Right? Our desires are really if you look at our desires, our desires are miserable. Our desires are not even worth thinking about. Our desires are purely personal, personal. I want

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I have to have I want to build my own house. I want to build a house. What kind of house?

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Are you looking at the like the palace of Alhambra? No, even even our desire in the dunya is so miserable.

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Some wooden structure exists in this country, most of it is wood, one once spark and it goes up in one file.

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This is our design. I want to have this this car

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by the car. Our desire is not to build the car our desire is not to create this absolutely fabulous, you know, automobile which runs on love alone? No.

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Our desire is to buy a car. So you buy a car and make somebody else wealthier.

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These are our desires.

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I want to marry a beautiful woman or this handsome man and then most Muslim men they want to marry. They never do it, but they will always talk about oh, second wave, third wave, fourth wave, absolute garbage

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these are this is the extent of our desires. How many I spent my whole life talking to people, right? I spent this month did my work. I counseled people, I talk to people like this that

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I I've never heard somebody say I want to create an economic system that truly revolutionizes this world.

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I want to create a system of government. I'm not a king, but if I ever become the president or prime minister or king of a country, then I want to create a system of government which has this which create which will have this absolutely fantastic society which is free from all pain and suffering.

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I've never had somebody say something like this and never heard somebody say that I want to build this automobile this car, which is you know, as I said, you know law runs on Lebanon or sunshine or something

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00 emissions

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as if I maybe I maybe I'm in the wrong circles, maybe you have you are with people who constantly talk about this great invention. That's what you only hear about consuming.

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What kind of ambitions are these? The Sahaba didn't have all this. They said we obey Allah. And there's no alternative to that. So Allah gave them the dunya Allah gave them the old world. He created He gave them they had and the generations after them they they had an empire which was five times the size of the buyer of Alexandria, the so called Grid five times in area.

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At the end of the MANOVA when the bonobo was came, they inherited an empire which was five times in size three times the size of the Roman Empire at its peak, five times the size of the empire of Alexander the so called Grid.

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How did it happen?

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And then if he I don't have the time here to go into all the all the you know, the economics and whatnot of it. They did that without enslaving people, they did that without mass slaughter of people.

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When Julius Caesar conquered Gall, gall had a population of 300,000,

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Julius Caesar,

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Julius Caesar slaughtered 100,000 In one day

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in the war, and he said this is a good day. So 1/3 of the population is slaughtered

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another 1/3 of the population he enslaved he took them as slaves and carted them off to Rome.

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And 1/3 were just scattered all over God.

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He completely destroyed the whole state of God, the whole, you know, those days they were not states and countries and no national body, God is present in France. And most of it

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the Muslims did not do any of this. The Muslims did not mass enslave people, the Muslims did not mass slaughter people.

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Yet they had a the empire of, you know, five times the size of the empire of Alexander and three times the size of the empire of Julius Caesar and the Romans.

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All this because of the lens through which they looked at the dunya. We on the other hand, we've turned it upside down. We look at the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala through the lens of our desires, I will obey Allah if it suits me. I will obey Allah, if it is convenient for me. I will obey, obey Allah, if it fits in somewhere with my desires.

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My desires must come first. So I want to buy a house. I want to build a house. And if I have to take an interest based mortgage, that's okay. You see Allah subhanaw taala declare war on you if you do that.

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I don't care.

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I want to start a business for which I will take an interest based loan I want to go they have an education

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I'm in a university in this country where, where

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education and healthcare are the two biggest scams.

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So I want to dig a educational loan and put myself you know, under end up with a with a bit of a amount to pay back off, you know $100,000 or more.

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And as a result of that

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I enslaved myself the system.

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This is something which is non negotiable. If you ask somebody, first of all, why do you need to buy a house or build a house? Why Why don't you live in a rented house, which is hella

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Why was to get an education, so called education in this country, go to some other country and get education much cheaper. We will get the same education for 110 the price

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Why don't you change what you want to learn? Because there are many things that you can learn you can learn in this country, which does not we do not cost that much. I know a friend of mine who wanted to be a dentist, when he figured out that he did all the sums yet he realized that he needed a million dollars

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to graduate and set up a dental practice.

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So he changed his goal

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and he decided to become a builder or license builder.

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become successful he is on his way

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to maybe earning $100,000 or more annually

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doing something which he likes to do because he was good with his hands he likes to do that at his own pace.

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My brothers and sisters please understand this.

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There are always alternatives.

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The question is what do you hold as non negotiable?

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Which is the lens through which you want to look at the world?

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This is what the Sahaba fosjoas Did

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they put on the glasses of the obedience of Allah's man hotel and they never took them off.

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And others right lol let them see success in this world and he let them see John mentioned.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala the law who to be pleased with us and never to be displeased with Allah, Allah Allah will carry while he was revealed maybe