Envy Series – Episode 05 – Making Dua For And Praising The Person You Felt Envious Of

Fatima Barkatulla


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Making the offer the person that you envy is also one of the key ways to show

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we already mentioned that because it's basically going against what your knifes is asking you to do, right? You're showing your nuts that you are in control.

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And lastly

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you know seeking refuge in Allah doing is the either seeking refuge in Allah from hustle okay saying oh Billahi min ash shaytani regime and asking Allah Subhana Allah to really remove this negative trait or this negative feeling that you find that keeps bothering you.

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One example of

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the previous point which was I know that when somebody is that a person should do the opposite of what one feels like doing a negative thing that a person feels like doing is that when you hear that person for example being praised, now you're the you're laughs might be telling you Okay, just say something negative, you know, put them down or praise yourself in that situation. Well, you need to do the opposite and you need to praise that person as well. And this is the way that inshallah

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that disease of the heart cure

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Tony Romo

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moving on.