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Just a short, quick Katara keep us warm in this beautiful weather.

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Ella sofa

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and a sofa. The people of sofa

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companions of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that were very poor, and they used to live in the back of the masjid. And the Sahaba used to come every time they come. They brought them food, they take care of them, but they were very well known.

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At times, they're 910, sometimes 2030 They vary every once in a while.

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One of these people, his name is Robbie. Ben cab Eslami Robbia Eslami. Robbie is narrating a hadith. And the hadith is inside Muslim most of you know the Hadith. But there's a lesson I want to

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derive from this hadith.

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Sorry, I said,

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I used to serve Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I used to stay by his door in case he got up in the middle of the night. And he wants to do I have the water ready for him.

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So one time, the solar system came out.

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And he saw me waiting for him with odo

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and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he told me

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selenia Robbie,

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Robbie, I got

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the gift

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that every single Muslim dream about which

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are soulless. So I'm telling you, what do you want?

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What do you want?

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Yeah, to be asked me, What do you want? Before I continue?

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I was thinking, if I am that poor,

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and I'm living in the back of the masjid. And the man himself, the best man ever walked this earth? asked me what do you want? I was telling myself and I want you to do the same. I said to myself, or Salalah just a room for some privacy. Maybe a couple of goats to milk them. Maybe a camel I can use as an Uber take people you know back and forth use it as for transportation. This is what I would think about you know just as much as him asking me and then all the rest of the stuff. I would work very hard to get to Jana.

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I'm from the people of the masjid never we

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know this is not Sinatra. Yeah, this is Basil.

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Robbie as a different different category different level. So the Rasul Allah, I want your company in Jannah.

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In one narration, it says yeah rasool Allah Who knows the narration

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give me till tomorrow.

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You know, keep in mind, we're talking about some narration said 11. Some 12. The highest I saw was 1717 years old

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11 to 17 and this is the age of RBI at that time. I want your company in Jannah.

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Look at the high ambition the high aspiration he does not twin Jana, he wants the company of Rasulullah Selim because he knows that our Salah Salem in a different level and I want to be your neighbor I want to be with you yeah Rasul Allah and Jana now Allah He This is nothing compared to what happened after and that what drove me crazy

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so after he told him yeah to be out what do you want Robbie? I said I want your company in Jana. And this is here where blows your mind

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so la salon said listen carefully availa Dallek.

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Let's go back to Visual

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anything else?

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I asked for the company for salsa, lemon, Jana.

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Small room privacy's a goat, I can milk camel I can use for transportation.

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Right I got the company for solar cells and the first one I asked for the company for solar cells alone which is great and be unbelievable amazing for such an age to ask such a request.

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Anything else you're a via

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or there'll be I say

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nothing got a sort of this is it. That's all I want.

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That's all I want.

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You know

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was your son. Come?

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Come on second. He's shy. Your son. Come at young boy right there. Yeah.

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Come over here. Come

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This guy

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and it's okay can come both of you.

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I want to just tell you example of what Toby is doing.

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What do you want lollipop or $20

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This is the difference between VR and virtual

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is just $20 for you. You're looking at it

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this is exactly what's happening. And a VR did not pick the lollipop we are picking the lollipop the VR pick the 20

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because he does not want instant gratification, and this is what Allah told us in the Quran to hit buena

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La Jolla, you love instant gratification you want to be rewarded now. Now I've Yeah, no, no, it's okay. I will live in them as you didn't know where we are. I will stay in the back for a while how long I'm gonna live 2030 5060 years this is nothing compared to the AP Euro.

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This is nothing compared to the AP Euro. So the Bihar very high ambition now, what is

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the prescription? Because it's not only for a beer just for everybody. What is

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the prescription

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to get the company of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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in Jannah May Allah grant us this I mean your blood

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so Salah Salem gave it to him and to the whole Ummah era via

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Ayni Allah Neff SICA be Kathrada sujood.

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Listen, we all know the statement very famous statement, but I want to to dissect it today.

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A knee at an obscure you know how we say here in America helped me help you. Help me help you. He said in the other Neff seeker, because for the sujood helped me Allah Neff seeker

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against your desire

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the desire the neffs a mob suit in general the neffs always orders evil. So you have to be helped me by fighting your desire how? Because Rati sujood do a lot of seafood here. A lot of seafood does not mean I'm standing like this and I said a message that here catheter sujood means

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a catheter is solid, pray a lot. Do a lot of prayer. And obviously that does not mean fish of God and so because this is a given, right, it means a lot of optional a lot of Sooners Yeah, Robbie, you want my company helped me.

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Now listen here. He did not tell him. You got it?

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What does that mean? Yeah, when when you make to you got to do something. Of Yeah, I can give you that. I can ask Allah for that. But you have to do something, do something. We make dua and sometimes we go to sleep, and nearly enough sicker because the sujood get up, pray tahajjud make a lot of sujood pray the Doha pray the Sunnah of the Salawat make sure you pray Allah cataratas sujood. Now why sujood sujood is so God Subhanallah like one of our Shijo he said one time she yoke is some not so God is so beautiful.

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That everything is once except to do this twice.

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So Jude you are whispering on the earth and your statement is echoing in the heavens.

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So Jude, You are the closest to Allah azza wa jal, according to the hadith of Rasulillah Salam, and there's an A and the Quran that tells me that the closest I am to Allah when I understood, which is that

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first should

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work that

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first should work that makes you shoot and come closer to me. So as soon as I said, I'm told him, You want to be in my company, do a lot of sujood be close to Allah, closest to Allah be as close as possible to Allah. And what else is true you would see God as when you're going through any kind of stress, depression, anxiety, all kinds of hardships.

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Allah azza wa jal Allah subhanho wa Taala the last day at in certain hedger

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Welaka na Alamo and Nikka er de cusat de Luca de Maria cologne. listen Allah subhanaw taala is coming wrestlers I sell them. They are sort of like a you know, Allah saying I know that your heart is distrust of what they're saying about you. The names are calling you Ms noon, share and sell it

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No magician crazy. They're calling all these names and I know that you don't like it.

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What should I do Allah? For sub the behind the Rebekah number one say Allah have this be Subhan Allah who would be handy Subhana Allah Houma would be handy. Allah is telling us Allah says Tell them we know what's going on in your heart. How can we resolve it? There's a big behind your bigger

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welcome Mina said within the second make a lot of sujood

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Why would Rebecca had to Kelly again,

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you want your you're stressed you're going through hardships. Say Allah Subhana Allah Subhan Allah who would be handy. Make a lot of sujood studying over somebody or Salah go pray to Rekha and ask Allah to relieve that stress and continue to worship Allah until

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the death comes with Rebecca

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and worship you're not until Ramadan is over. had yet to Kelly again your cane here, even though we all know that your cane means certainty. And is that anything more short in depth?

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worship your Lord until death comes to you. Mujahid Minja had NAFSA who he thought Illa every single one of us want to be in Mujahid, especially when they hear what's happening in May Allah bless us with shahada and his cause or source I sent him said the daily Mujahid the daily Mujahid is the one who performed jihad against his desire

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Okay, I'm gonna make you practice this inshallah Tada is this Jihad tomorrow at Fisher I want you all to come here a treasure makes you hide against that blanket makes you had against sleeping and I'll see you tomorrow inshallah Tada at 630 to pray Fisher Zachman lucky clover

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one Luna Allah I'm Abby

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water he wants to label Destiny Lima.

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In hola Nina you Luna Allah wants to

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do Nia or laughing or auntie

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mother Molina? What levena You will do meanie no meanness TV a while at MCC that several phone calls.

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Dad Oh, man movie