True Patience Is Upon The First Affliction

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because somebody is very important in the DEA, the Messenger of Allah was once walking past a lady and she was crying. And the Boreas Allah Allah wa sallam said to her, and she was crying profusely, really, you know, I must have been overboard. So the message of Allah has said to a fear Allah.

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And she didn't know that this was the messenger of Allah. So she said to the persons, you heard the voice, but she didn't recognize the messenger of Allah, she said, You haven't been afflicted by that which I have been afflicted with.

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So look at look at this.

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The Messenger of Allah didn't turn around and say to her, how de Do you know I'm the Messenger of Allah. I'm telling you the HAC and you're not listening to me. But he knew he understood the situation that this woman is grieving. Later on. They said, You know, we just spoke to

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this is the message of Allah so the narration and Mr. A Muslim as you can note, it was as though death descended upon her when she found out she had spoken to the Messenger of Allah in that manner. So she went to the house of the prophets Allah salaam, and this is a beautiful, say, I went to the house of the Messenger of Allah. There's no gods. There's nobody at the door.

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And they knocked on the door.

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And I and I went in, and she said, the Messenger of Allah didn't scold me then tell me off. All he said a Savile in the southern una. He said true summer is upon the first affliction.

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You rant and rave for a week in the US have grown during summer. You know how about six guys? You break a few windows, you curse everybody around you. Now everything now you're cool as a cucumber. Now you turn around to tell you the pros. I'm doing sub a summer in the sod metal ruler. True server is upon the first affliction when it first happens. That's why it's difficult. The messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Didn't Scola? All he said as someone in the submitter

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in the hijab says a beautiful thing here in the hijab says, Why didn't the Mercy of Allah like an entourage? Why did he have people around him?

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Said because the Messenger of Allah was not too worried.

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And it was a sign of worldly kings at that time that they would have people an entourage around them and the Messenger of Allah didn't want that.