Wael Ibrahim – Roaming Ramadan 2024 #03 The Romans Power

Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the Colosseum in Rome, a construction that was designed to fit soccer pitches and reflect on past experiences. They also mention the idea of telecoil and how God wants people to change their condition to regain faith for the rest of their lives. The speaker also talks about the tragic tragic events that caused the collapse of the Colosseum and how it will elevate people to regain their psychological safety.
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Salam Alaikum if the labor of care to my brothers, my sisters in Islam, I'm here and behind me is the Colosseum in Rome, one of the oldest building during the Roman Empire, one of the buildings that attracts a lot of attention because of the greatness of the building. They said that it can fit to soccer pitches to soccer fields, huge, very high. As you can see, I want to show you around such a beautiful building. Now we as Muslims, we don't come to these places for tourism, rather to pay heed and reflect over people of the past how they conducted themselves and take some lessons for the future in sha Allah, Allah, may Allah protect us all. And one of the one of the ad that comes to

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mind is what telecoil I am Linda willowherb * and these are the days the weeks, the months and the years that Allah subhanaw taala alternate between people, sometimes up, sometimes down, I believe those who build this massive building, when they did so they thought that they own the world, which they did at one point in history. They were able to occupy maybe half of the weather even more, but the point is that they thought that nothing was going to defeat that that power Subhanallah then we may ask where are they now? Where's Frauen? Where is her man? Where are all these people who were at one point point, very tyrant in the very nature, the enslaved people they

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torture people they killed them the they thought that they are higher than them on all levels and Subhanallah Where are they now they are under the beneath the earth when I was reading about this Colosseum, I came across the part where how the Romans used the Jewish slaves to actually build this massive place and that's why they were able to do so within 18 years I guess. And Subhan Allah why did you slaves actually comply and the double the effort to build this Colosseum together with the Romans is because they were promised the freedom so again, one one day or up one day or slave in one day you are free. This how Allah subhanaw taala sooner of life don't ever think that because you are

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going through trials tribulations and challenges that this is going to be your your faith for the rest of your life. Allah subhanaw taala can uplift you and change your condition with a little bit of faith with a little bit of prayers in effort on your part to regain or to change the situation in your favor. May Allah protect us all Subhan Allah I was also reading

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one of the things that struck me regarding this this idea of what typical a Yamanaka will have in us and these are the days that Allah subhanaw taala alternate between people. Your condition is not going to be the same ever was the point in which Oh, no way out.

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Okay, can I just finish the recording? Two minutes? Two minutes. Oh, I can't Okay. No worries, it actually an urgency. Sure, sure. No problem.

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Sorry, I'll complete the video later because I was asked to leave right now. I'll complete outside. Just stay tuned.

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So apologies for the interruption earlier. So one of the things that reminds me as I mentioned, regarding this article, a Yamanaka willowherb, ns and D Saturday's Allah's method alternate between people. So we can reflect that we're not going to be on the top all the time. And also you're not going to be in difficulties and facing challenges and poverty and all that all the time. conditions may change. And we have to have that little faith. So what is that one thing that reminds me is that actually the Colosseum was damaged as a result of earthquake. So one earthquake, when Allah subhanaw taala would shake the entire planet earth one more time, where the Day of Judgment will be announced

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where the dead will be resurrected and so on. One earthquake of this dunya could bring all these great greatness into that great damage that you can see around our one two is actually collapsed. So again, don't ever think that because you are great and position and authority is going to last forever, humble yourself. The Prophet Muhammad awesome said when you humble yourself before Allah subhanaw taala for his sake, Allah subhanaw taala will elevate you on the Day of Judgment. And this what we wanted to achieve in sha Allah is that we don't want to be super great in this dunya in exchange of being

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The lowest of the low on the here in the offing. In fact, we wanted to always be in the VIP section. In general for DOS I mean Blarney, pay heed, don't go for tourism. Rather go to deduce lessons from these historical stories may Allah protect us all psychological

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