The Descriptions of Jannah & Jahannam – #3 – The 7 Layers of Jannah & Jahannam

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Mina shavon hongji

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we're going to have

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woman has to do.

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I said I want to Kamala Harris will lie he will bought a couch we praise Allah subhana wa Taala and we asked him by his names and by his blessitt face, that he makes us of the inhabitants of Jenna, and we seek refuge in Him and His mercy from ever being of the inhabitants of the fire of hell. Today shallow Tada, we're going to continue our series about jahannam and then in shallow to either work our way to the realities of gender. And we ask Allah azza wa jal to protect us from gender and all that leads to jahannam. And we're going to continue from where we left off. So today, we're going to begin with a discussion that is found in a number of treaties. And by the way, a number of

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our early authors have written about this, in the the written booklets or treatises about the descriptions of agenda and janam. And some have concentrated only on gender, and some have concentrated only on jahannam. So for example, the mammal called Toby has written a treatise about the fire of health, a bit a bit Daniel, one of the classical scholars as well, he wrote about the fire of hell, and the descriptions of the fire of health.

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Excuse me, as well, we have the famous of this person Han, from India, the great scholar from India, he as well wrote a book about the fire of hell, and the descriptions of the firehouse. These are all books that have been written in our history.

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And, of course, probably most famously been Roger Bell Hambali, the famous, humbly scholar of the ninth century, he wrote an entire treatise at the home in an hour, being scared of the fire of hell, and is considered to be one of the classics. So these are all books that have been written about this concept. And I have consulted most of these and others, obviously, in the preparation of these lectures. Now, we're going to begin with the discussion that is found in these books about Believe it or not, the location of jahannam where is Johanna located? And we find this discussion in all of these books. And there are a number of opinions that are mentioned. The first opinion, which is

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ascribed to even Ibis is that Jenna is in the seventh of the highest semi watts, and Johanna is in the lowest of the seventh. So the conception that many of the earliest callers had, which is it has some basis in the Quran. And the Sunnah, is that there are seven layers, these layers are called semi semi what simply bapco This isn't the Quran that Allah says he has created a subclass of meltem dibaca. And Eliza just says that he has created sub xml watton one meter out of the mithila hoonah. And a similar number of Earths He has created so from this, some use to derive where they have derived that there are seven layers that go up and then maybe seven layers that go down. And so this

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notion that Jen is at the highest of the highest seventh Gen. So what excuse me so semma is not the same as gender when Allah says sabba semi watton please call the semi What are seven layers above us? We say in English the seven heavens, but we don't mean by the seven heavens, the actual heaven that is Jenna. So we need to be careful here because the term in English is an overlap. The sub is somewhat is not the same as the jinn. And when the translators say the seven heavens, so by somehow what the Arabic is not the same as the Djinn. And generally speaking, the earliest scholars felt that Jenna is in the highest of the seventh heavens, the Sabbath semi What? Okay, so and I've spoken

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about this, by the way in my theater lectures, when I talked about Israel and marriage, go back to the first of those lectures, excuse me, and you hear about the, what is called the cosmology of the Quran and Sunnah or how people perceived the creation around us. So it is ascribed to Eben Abbas that he said that gender is at the highest of the semi watt and jahannam is that the lowest of the aldine or the lowest of the Earth's and had been a large job and humbling his treaties. He said that this is clearly the correct opinion. Another scholar Eben Mendez, he has a treatise as well about jahannam

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He has another report described to even Ibis in which it is alleged that jahannam is under the seven oceans, not the seven Earths. And this is mentioned by the famous patata as well. The student of human Abbas said he used to say that Jenna is in the seventh heaven and jahannam is underneath the oceans. And there is an evidence as well that some have derived from a Hadeeth incident

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which is goes as follows that allegedly this hadith is not authentic. We're going to come to that so our Prophet system is reported to have said it's a weak Hadith so we say he is reported to have said that la Yakubu bajo El Cajon Oh more time to run our laws and feasts AB de la he for in the title Buhari now run with Titan Baja, no one should write the oceans except somebody going for Hajj, or for omura, or an expedition in the way of a law meaning a military expedition because underneath the oceans is a fire and underneath the fire, there is another ocean. Now, this hadith is considered weak by the unanimous consensus of the scholars of Hadith. And also plenty of companions would go

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traveling in the oceans for other reasons as well the tableau Tableau tableau, and it is well known. It's wasn't just for these reasons. And so, nonetheless, this headline does exist in our traditions. And from it, some have derived that jahannam is under the oceans. This is the second opinion. The third opinion is that both Jen and Johanna are in the semi wet, except that in the highest semi what you have genda and the lowest semi watch, you will have jahannam and this is based upon the notion that when our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went on his stolen mail, merge the Hadeeth goes that he went on to starting about arch and he saw Jen and Johanna. Right. And so even, even as Hawk

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says in his book of Sierra, that when the prophets Allah sent him went on astride Mirage, he said to the Sahaba, he told jen netta, well, now i saw heaven and hell. So the fact that he went to Israel with Mirage, and that was up to the semi watt, and he says that he saw heaven, and hell indicates that both Heaven and Hell are up there, except that heaven is higher up and Hell is lower than that. And this is a position that is found in some of the early books, but others rejected and say, just because the profitsystem saw it on the night of his saw Mr. Raja, does he mean he saw it in the heavens? He is simply saying he saw it in that night, he did not say he saw it in the heavens, and

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it is possible that from the heavens, he was taken somewhere, and he saw jahannam as well. So seeing jahannam on that night does not indicate that it is in this somehow what and that is a good answer to this. The fourth opinion that is given is that Jen and Johanna might currently be in up above and below, but once Allah destroys the creation, it will be moved to another location that we will not understand. And this is recorded by one of the earliest scholars of online with a Swanee, who wrote a book about the descriptions of Jen Neff. And he has a narration ascribed to urban mushrooms that Jen is in the fourth heavens, he said, the fourth heavens, and once the tiama takes place, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala will move it to wherever he wants, and jahannam or fire is in the seventh earth. And once the gamma takes place, Allah shall remove it and move it extremely to wherever he wants to move it. So this notion is that Jenna and jahannam have locations right now. But when the Trumpet is blown, this world and all that is in it shall be destroyed. And so when it is destroyed, according to this interpretation, heaven in hell will be moved to a location that Allah Subhana Allah knows best. This is a fourth opinion, a fifth opinion, enormous realty as well as a small treatise about jahannam. And he says that it is best to remain quiet on this issue, and not to have an opinion

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because we do not know and we do not have a text from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and this is clearly the safest and the smartest and the best opinion we do not know. And this is the position of a number of scholars, including Cydia huson Han, the famous scholar from Bhopal from India and sha Allah, Allah de la V, the famous muhaddith of India and the mujaddid of his time, sha Allah de la v. He says in his data, he has a treatise of VEDA, that there is no text that mentions the place of jahannam. And so it is where Alonzo gel has placed it. And we do not know and our minds cannot comprehend. And of course, this is something that we fully agree with. So I'd like to add

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here this is of course

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My position as well. And I'd like to add a modified position, which is the same one was a bit of a modification, which is that not only should we remain silent, we need to understand that this notion of the location of gender and jahannam, that our early some of the earlier authors hadn't and scholars had, it is very different from what we know. Now, they their conception of cosmology was quite literally that there are seven layers of heavens and seven layers of Earth's, and that if they could have had a spaceship or a rocket ship back, then they would have imagined that they can just go up higher and higher and higher until they can get to gender. And of course, that is not the

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case. Rather, what we now know is that this is what we as Muslims will say, is that this is a different dimension altogether. It's not something that you can take a spaceship and go to gender doesn't work that way, our world is a different world. And in fact, what I have posited in the Sierra series that I gave and the cosmology there is that all that we see around us, to the very ends of our knowledge is in fact, one layer. This the first layer, it is the layer of this world, and beyond this are we can call them dimensions, we might make more sense here, these are dimensions beyond, we cannot travel from this dimension to those dimensions unless Allah wills. And that's why,

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when our prophets Lahore, I sent him went on the journey of astronomy large, the Mirage was we can call it a portal, the Mirage was the mechanism via which our profits of the La Jolla center was taken from this world to those other dimensions or other worlds, we do not have access to those places. So the whole notion of where is Jen and Johanna is nonsensical from our paradigm. They exist in worlds and in dimensions beyond hours. And so we have no clue. We don't have a coordinating system in that world. It's simply in their element array. And we should not discuss it, neither has Allah and His Messenger put upon us the obligation to discuss it. So we should keep theology

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practical and realistic. And I only mentioned this discussion, really just because all the other books mentioned it. And also because we do need to sift through our classical books, with our utmost love and respect to those great roadmap, we would have been the same. But knowledge is always built upon what the previous generations have done. And there is no harm in really sifting through we need to break away from this concept that just because it's found in an earlier book, I just quoted you famous authors and famous treatises, great erla. But their conception of their timeframe was different. And they literally felt the agenda is going to be in the seven heavens, the highest

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heaven is going to be Jenna and whatnot. And in the end of the day, that's their conception, and we know that it's a different understanding now. And so we need to sift through this and simply point out that there were humans we are humans, just like we expect later generations to build from our knowledge as well knowledge never ends and you keep on learning from the previous generation. So, the whole question of where is Gen and jahannam should not be discussed academically it should be discussed historically, what did what did people in the past say, we do not know we cannot know we will never know in this world. And by the time we do know, we will not care about their locations,

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we will be interested in shallow data, our fate which is in Charlotte going to be gender. So the next point that we want to discuss which is something that we do have very little about from the Quran, and Sunnah is the guards of jahannam. The fact that there are what are called Hassan or hozen, there are people or there are angels, excuse me, not people, there are angels who are guarding jahannam. And so they're making sure that nobody can exit once they are inside. And this is in contrast to Jenna, there are no guards in general, because once you're in nobody will want to leave of their own accord. So there are no guards in general agenda has no guards genda is a free

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place. But once you are in why would anybody leave? Whereas jahannam there are guards outside of it. And these guards are mentioned in the Quran. And

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so for example, in sort of the hareem verse six, you will have the nominal coup and fusa coma legal now run will all do Hannah's will hijra that oh you who believe protect yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is people and stones I lay her guarding the fire Armada ecotones Lila lauzun chida dhun una llamada home wave how to in a minute model look at how Allah describes those angels over them I lay her appointed over them are mela iica z love very harsh she died very severe la yes una La MaMa home they never disobey Allah when Allah tells them to do something and rather they do what they are commanded to do. In other words, the angels are not going to change Allah's command.

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Don't expect to have any shefa from those angels, those angels they will do whatever Allah subhana wa tada has decreed them to do. And Allah describes them as Lila Boone Shiva doing harsh and severe. And we also know the exact number in pseudo Talmud death theater, verses 30 to 31. Allah xojo says, I had this idea I shot over the fire of hell or 19, he literally says, exactly 19. And then the verse goes on, that we have not made the keepers of the fire except angels. In other words, we did not appoint humans, because humans might have been soft, humans might have had compassion, humans might have done something that they should not have done. But the angels have been appointed. And

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those angels don't have freewill, those angels are going to do what they have been commanded to do. And then Allah says, and one marjana data whom will fit in a little lady Latina cafaro, and we have only made their number a trial for those who reject Islam, so that those who are given the Scripture will be convinced, and those who believe will increase their Eman and the both of them will have no doubt about this reality. Whereas the hypocrites and the kuffaar are going to say, What did Allah intend to buy this example? This is how Allah Zoda leaves a stray whom He wills and guides whom He wills, and none knows the soldiers of your Lord and the army of your Lord except a law. And the

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mention of the fire is but nothing but a reminder to humanity. I encourage you to look up this verse has a very deep and profound verse with with death at 3231. And the summary of it is as follows that when Allah azza wa jal revealed in the Quran that there are 19 guards of the fire of hell, a Buddha has stood up as Qatada says, In taba and others that Abuja has stood up and said, Oh, people have the Quraysh can't, every group of us you know, every 10 amongst us just take charge of each one of these angels. So, you know, 200 of us are going to overcome, you know, 19 of them where you know, 100 of 90 of us are going to overcome 90 and then we'll just get rid of them. And we will then march

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into Jenna. And I will Jehan mocked the Koran, and he mocked this point of the 19 angels. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala says, we have mentioned they are 19, in order that it'd be a fitna to those who reject and in order that the people of a man and the people of the previous scriptures are certain now, it is said that some segments of the Christians and Jews at that time, they also knew that the, the that the angels of jahannam are 19. And so by mentioning 19, Allah azza wa jal is proving to them the veracity of our scriptures, I looked this up very briefly, I was not able to find this in modern Christianity, maybe there's still some segments out there there believe. But as

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far as I'm aware, this is not something that modern Christians, or at least the majority of them do not believe. But it is likely that perhaps some of the Arab Christians might have believe this. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala, is saying that this revelation that it is 19, it is a proof to the people of the book. And it is something that the people of Yemen will believe in, because I have said so. So both the people of the book and the people of Yemen, they will know that this is true, and they will, therefore increase their demand. And as for the rejecters, they will mock and they will make fun of and so that will be against them on the Day of Judgment. By the way, of course, I

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just have to point out you're completely unrelated to our talk of gender and jahannam, this verse of 19, they had this data I showed

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it has a very interesting recent history to it were around 30 years ago, around 30 or so years ago, somebody by the name of Rashad halifa. Here in American Arizona, he began propagating a very bizarre theory called the 19 theory of the origin, the miracle of the 19. And unfortunately, our esteemed chef and teacher, somebody we all love and admire. shakaama did that for a while, he picked this up, and for a few years, he was also propagating this theory until shakaama. Dad realized that this person is a very, very dangerous evil liar and fabricator and so Mohammed did not rejected this and and recanted from this theory of 19. But Rashad Khalifa continue to propagate this theory that there

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is something of a miraculous

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19 repetition of the neuron. And he released a number of books that this word occurs a multiple of 19 times this letter occurs multiple of 19 times turns out that pretty much all it was fabricated, like who's going to actually sit and count the number of letters or words he's fabricating. And so he was saying that it is so intricate that the Quran is saying that there are 19 repetitions but of course the Quran is talking about the angels of jahannam and how many they are. He took this verse, and he concocted a very elaborate theory.

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That he used computers at the time, he was actually a Professor of Computer Science at University of Arizona. And because computers were still new people didn't have access to them. This is the late 70s, early 80s. So he began propagating this really bizarre theory. And in the process, he ended up rejecting the sun and complete in totality, he ended up rejecting some verses of the Quran because they did not fit his theory. And then he eventually claimed that he was the Prophet of Allah to America. And he had a small following here in America. And he called himself submitters rather than muslims submitters. And his following his group was, you know, it caused some issues and fitna for a

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while until somebody assassinated him in Arizona and the movement is still around to this to this day, very small remnants are still there, the submitters, anyway, that is not directly related. But you should be aware, when I quoted the verse, Ali had decided that this is a history that is related to, especially Islam in America, and what has happened over here. Now we'll go back to our, our talk here. So the verse has nothing to do with the miracle of 19, the verse is talking about 19 angels, and the verses saying that there are 19 angels that are guarding jahannam Now, are there only 19? Or are these the main 19? If you go back to the books of Tafseer, some of the early tabulation and

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others they said these are 19 under each of them is 1000 or 10,000 or 70,000. So these are like the 19 If you like, you know the the main angels and others have said no, they're only 19. In any case, it's really not something that is going to change our human allies Origen mentions that there are 19 in number and we should leave it at that. We also know that in the Quran, it is mentioned that

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these angels will be invoked by the people of jahannam. And these angels will not change the timeframe nor will they have any sympathy for the people invoking them. pseudo lawful reverse 49 we'll call it Latina Finn, Natalie has an 80 Johanna Madura back home you have if I know Yo man minute either. And the people of the fire will say to the guards of jahannam. call out to your Lord so that he can make this fire of hell at least one day less for us, give us a rest bite, give us a vacation, at least for one day. And the angels will say didn't messengers come to you? They will say yes. So the angels will say go ahead and call as much as you want, nothing is going to change. And

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in sudo Zohar of Allah subhana wa tada says that when the coup de are called the IRA, in our book, they will call out, oh Malik, let your Lord come and destroy all of us. This is one of the interpretations of the alkalete. And the other one is basically to let us come out in other words, they're either asking for getting out of jahannam, or they're asking for a death so that there is no longer hidden them. And so they're here we have an interesting point, which is that the name of the leader of the 19 is mentioned in the Quran. And therefore, we know the name of the primary gatekeeper of jahannam and the leader of the 19 and his name is Malik. His name is Malik. And of

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course, Malik of course means the owner. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala has called him Malik and the people of janome are going to be calling out Juana though your medical doctor Alina or book, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us as as reported in the Sierra, among other books, that when he was going on the journey of hisar, Mirage, he said, every single angel that I met, smiled at me and laughed, and was happy to meet me and greeted me, except for one Angel, one Angel, that when he saw me, he greeted me, but he did not smile, and he did not laugh. And he had a very, very stern or a sad face. The Prophet Hello, I said him said, I asked you believe, afterwards, who is that

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angel that did not smile did not show happiness, whereas all the other angels showed happiness to meet me, and gibreel responded, that was Malik cazino. Now that was Malik, the one who is in charge of the angels who are guarding the gates have not, he has never laughed nor smiled since he saw jahannam. And Julian said, if he were to smile for anybody, he would have smiled for you. In other words, he has never laughed or smiled since he has seen what he has seen. And he would have smiled if he had the capacity to smile, but after he has seen the word then he does not smile at all. And so jubilees excusing Malik that you need

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Excuse Malik for not smiling because of what he has seen. So this is the name of the, of the, the the gatekeeper, the main gatekeeper of hell and that is Malik and we also know that the net that number 19 that our Prophet system was given.

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It is something that is somewhat special and this is reported in the most of you might be starting to feel vanilla here that Abdullah Abdullah Al said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came out one day to us, as if he was bidding us farewell. So this is one of the last sermons he gave, and he said no Mohammed Nabeel on me, I am humbled so saddam the unlettered Prophet, and he repeated this three times. And then he said, there is no prophet after me. And I have been given the firewalk to hell Kelly, would you want me or who will whoa ottima who I have been given succinct speech, and the first of it and the end of it. And I have been taught to the number of husbands to

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not the number of angels that are guarding the fire of hell and I had been taught to the number that are holding the throne hemella to loutish because the Quran mentions while you may know how to shut up Baker Falco home Yama in Amazonia, that there are going to be eight angels carrying the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the Prophet system is saying, in this hadith and Muslim, remember, Ahmed, that he knows he has been taught by Allah to knowledges that are very special, very blessed knowledge is that nobody else or hardly anybody else has that knowledge of number one, the number of the angels of jahannam and number two, the number of the angels that are carrying the throne. Now

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another point here, before we move on to our final issue for today, that some have said that the term for these 19 angels is zebadiah that the terms urbania, which is mentioned as sort of visceral because that Eliza just says Santa Rosa Barnea, we are going to call the zebadiah Some have said these 19 or that zabadani. But the majority have said no zebadiah here means the angels of punishment, not just those 19. But any angels that are Stern, that are angels of punishment, they are called zebadiah. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best, it doesn't appear to be the case that those angels those 19 are called as a bonniers. js. So we now discussed the guardians of hell,

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and that they are 19 in number and we mentioned that gender does not need or have any guards. Now we move on to our final topic for today. And that is the realization that hell is composed of different levels. jahannam has different levels, they are not just one is not just one platform, no, it is multi layered, and multi leveled. Now, in English, when we have something of levels or floors, we simply say there are different levels, different floors. In Arabic, there are actually two different terms if the levels go up, versus if the levels go down. So if you built something into the ground, and you had different layers, you would not use the same word as you would for a building that has

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layers up. And so in Arabic, when something goes up, we say that that structure has Delta jets. That structure has Delta jet, delta jet is layers that go up. The opposite of delta jet layers that go down is delta cat so the gene becomes a calf dollar cat. And Jenna has Delta jet and jahannam has delicate Jen has dollar jet and jahannam has Delta cat and we know this very explicitly from the Quran and from the Sunnah. So in the Quran, Allah subhana wa tada says inserted in verse 132, when equal Lin daraja, tune mimma amaroo all of them shall have a daraja based on what they have done, your daraja in Jana is equivalent or will be decided by what you have done. So when you call in da

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da da da and this is Jenna. As for jahannam Surah Nisa, verse 145. Allah Subhana with Allah says in the mana for cleaner Fidel kill us well dark delicate the darker that's down there, the Mona feel clean or in the lowest layer of jahannam. So the fact that Allah is saying the lowest layer indicates that there are multiple layers and indicates that jahannam has dollar cat like Jen has dollar jack. Now how many dollar cat? Oh, Johanna, I referenced I think two weeks ago three weeks ago that some scholars have said that there are seven Delta cat of jahannam and they said this based upon the fact that as we're going to come to In our next lesson to show a lot that jahannam has

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seven doors la has sabar to absorb

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So the assumed that every door is at a different layer. And that could be right, that's not necessarily wrong. At the same time, the number of doors doesn't have to correspond to the number of layers. And you could have multiple doors on one layer, or you could have, you know, more than more than those number of layers and seven doors. So there is no explicit evidence in the Quran or in the Sunnah about the number of layers of jahannam. Nonetheless, once again, we find a very common motif in many earlier books. And again, this simply shows us that scholarship is human. And that, you know, it is okay to look at our tradition and rethink through even if a famous alum says it, and

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there are many of them are called to and others that said, this point, but that is an opinion, and we respect their opinion. But we say there is no explicit evidence to support it, nonetheless, quite a number of early authorities. And in fact, maybe even some of the tab their own, they had this notion that they're exactly seven. And they even assigned specific people to these seven. So for example, one of the earliest scholars said that in the highest of the seven, so basically the one that is, you know the least, so obviously, everybody agrees that the lower you go, the more punishment is going to be. And this is based on the verse in the NFL NFL, as well. So the lower you

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go, the more punishment, just like in general, the higher you go, the greater the reward, that is something that is unanimous, and it is found in the Quran and in the center. Now, some scholars have said that the first layer of jahannam will be for the sort of the more heading ie the sinful of the Muslims, some have said that the first layer is going to be the sinful of the Muslim peoples, okay, so the sinners who will eventually go to Jenna, they're going to be in the first layer, and the second will be an Assad Ah, and the third will be yahood. And the fourth will be the saw, they own the sabians. And these are the people that are

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there are now called in our times, Manda, Ian's very, very, very small group left, by the way, probably only 40,000 people left. And this is one of the most ancient religions that is still around in the world today. And like all ancient sex and religion, they're only found in Iraq, or anybody that has left from Iraq from that religion. The fifth, they said, will be my juice, and producer, of course, the restaurant is our policies of our times. And the six they said, we'll be the pagans of the Quraysh. And then the seventh will obviously be what we already mentioned the verse in the Quran in them when our Filipina for darker, less fully men, and now, so they had this beautiful

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categorization. And they said, This includes the entire world as we know it. Now, the problem with this is that Firstly, there's not a shred of evidence from the Quran and Sunnah. And secondly, it clearly indicates a cultural bias of the people of that time, who thought that the world could be divided into these seven categories. Whereas in reality, as we're all aware that there are far more categories of people than these seven, where are, you know, going to be the agnostics with the atheists or whatever, these are not mentioned, by our early scholars. And again, the world was very different back then. And they thought that this categorization would include everybody. Nonetheless,

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it's very clear that this is again something that we should not talk about because the Quran and Sunnah does not have that. I found it interesting narration of just quoted forum, for benefits sake, and we seek Allah's refuge from being in any of these categories. I'll call Toby mentioned integration that even he doubts is authentic, but he mentions it in his in his treaties, and he ascribes it to more art in general, but it is most certainly not from him. But you have to realize, obviously, when you have somebody ascribing these things, so somebody at some point in time did say this. And so it that notion is there, even if it's not why they've been jumbled, but maybe somebody

00:34:02--> 00:34:38

in the second century is saying this, and then people just you know, in their you know, it's human nature you ascribe here and there it's in authentically ascribed to somebody earlier. But I found this very interesting and again demonstrates that this notion, actually I found it more interesting than the previous one, because it demonstrates that the gravity of the sin will take you down in jahannam. That notion was there in early Islam, and it is common sense, I don't think you need an explicit evidence to arrive to derive that opinion, because it is common sense, it is what we understand from a number of other traditions, some of them will come to today. So this is a

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

narration that is ascribed to Mark bingeable. But it is not coming from him it is most likely from somebody in the first early first, late first early second century. And it is alleged that he said that scholars are basically of seven categories the evil scholars the evil scholar, sorry not also called the good scholars.

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

Although not any of the middle lawmakers amongst the good, but the evil scholars are seven categories. And depending on how evil the evil was, they will be in one of these seven layers. So he said that the scholars who, when they advise the masses, they became very harsh and mean and nasty. And if anybody dared advise them, they became arrogant, they will be in Darkest Hour, they'll be under the first level of genda. In other words, that they are advising others in a very nasty and mean manner. And they're never taking any advice themselves. The second, he said, are the earlier Ma, the scholars who are only interested in taking their knowledge to the salon and the rulers to

00:35:45--> 00:36:28

benefit the rulers, right. So he's the best in the second level. So we seek Allah's refuge from any of these levels, but those scholars that are justifying the evil and that are using their knowledge to get, you know, in the good books of the rulers, they're going to be in the second level of hell. The third level, is that the scholar who doesn't care about the people, he's only, you know, he has no concern for teaching or preaching. It's only himself himself himself. He's not teaching anybody. So he's selfish. So he's going to be in the third level. And then the fourth level is that the person who teaches different things to please the people, okay, so he chooses what is to be set in

00:36:28--> 00:36:42

front of different audiences to please them. In other words, he's basically wanting to gain popularity by giving different messages not consistent. He's not speaking the truth. He's just speaking for the popularity that's going to be in the fourth level. And then

00:36:44--> 00:37:30

the, the the fifth level, are those who are learning the teachings of the Buddha, who then then Asara in order to teach the Muslims in order that strange ideas, basically ideas that are unknown, he becomes the exotic scholar. So he goes to inauthentic sources, and he teaches them he puts them in the fifth level. And then he said, the sixth level, are those who go out to the people and say, ask me ask me, and getting his popularity amongst the people. And Allah azza wa jal considers him to be meticulous, he's basically going out of his way for his popularity. And a lot is not like the mythical if you will be in the sixth level. And then he said, the seventh level is the person who

00:37:30--> 00:38:07

considers his knowledge to be something of his own intelligence and something that makes him a better person. In other words, he becomes arrogant because of his knowledge, he will be in the seventh level. Now, the whole point of this, I just found it interesting that the same sin of an evil scholar, it was understood that there are different types of sins that the person can do, and they're not all going to be the same. And even if this notion of exact scholarship is not authentic, I think that it is a reasonable case to make that yes, the same sin done by different people. There are different types of different places, different circumstances might be able to get a different

00:38:07--> 00:38:49

punishment depending on what is going on. Now, the notion of jahannam having different levels or layers is something that's very clear. And one of the authentic narrations in this regard is a Heidi that is reported in Sahih. Muslim and also in other books of Hadith, that Al Abbas rhodiola one, he said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that O Messenger of Allah, were you able to help your uncle abou call him because he would protect you? And he would defend on your honor and your behalf? What have you done to protect your uncle? Have you been able to benefit him? So our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Nam, I have been able to benefit him. He is right now. Theo ba ba

00:38:49--> 00:39:37

Hinman and Lola the radical economy of Turkey is fairly min and now. He is in the peripheries of Janda he is not in the middle. He's not in the depths. He is in the upper levels in the peripheral regions, where it not from my intercession, he would be in the depths of the fire of hell. Now, this is very clear that the fire of hell has different layers and different levels. And that sometimes, you know, a person might be very evil or whatnot, but for some mitigating circumstances, he goes through a different layer. And if there's any one who will be able to benefit from the chef, I have the prophecies of Walmart being a Muslim, that will be his uncle a book audit, because I will

00:39:37--> 00:39:59

probably he never accepted Islam. And because he didn't accept Islam, there is no place for him in gender, but because he did what he did for the profits of the law while he was selling them and he defended his honor but he defended not out of he man he defended out of a loyalty to the tribe. He defended not because of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah but because he loved his blood relatives,

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

He was defending the truth and honor but for the reason that is not for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So because of that it benefited him partially, but it not been, it did not benefit him fully. And so it benefited him partially because he is in the peripheral regions of the fire of hell. This shows us that jahannam, therefore has peripheries, and it has higher locations, and it has lower locations, our profit systems that work not for me, he would be in the lowest of the low location. So this also shows us therefore, that there are levels of jahannam. And we also hear from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he said he that somebody asked him, who

00:40:40--> 00:41:26

has the lowest level of punishment, who will be punished the least on the in the fire of hell. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, in one in one, sorry, I didn't know the other normal kiama that the person who will be punished, the least in the fire of hell is a person who will be made to wear sandals of the fire of hell. And because of that, his brains are going to be boiling. So this is the person that is being punished least In other words, the point once again, punishments are of levels, punishments are of layers, they are not all the same, and the least person will not be the same as the one who is below. Now, another key point that I mentioned earlier a few weeks

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00:41:28--> 00:41:33

And this is something that seems to be very explicit in a number of a hadith

00:41:34--> 00:42:19

is that people who worshiped Allah, people who lowered their heads in search the to Allah, people who did will do people who said the kalama, who read the Quran, people who had actual Eman in their hearts, they shall not enter the actual janam they shall not enter the actual jahannam. Nowhere will they be a lot of xuejun are the those that are going to be punished amongst them. Because as we mentioned, when we talked about the bottles, and we talked about the kiama, it is very clear that there is a category of Muslims, may Allah protect us from being amongst them who are going to be punished for a period of time, but eventually they will end up in djenne. Now, where will they be

00:42:19--> 00:42:59

punished? Where will that punishment take place? It appears that that punishment will be either now here again, we do not know. Either, it will be at the very top level of jahannam, which is not going to be entering through the doors of jahannam. Because as we explained when we talked about the piano itself, that the doors of jahannam, whoever enters it will never come out that the doors have jahannam whoever goes through that door is never going to come out. And we know that the believers are going to enter agenda. So therefore, they are not entering the doors of jahannam what is going to happen, we're going to talk in a few weeks about the people of the out of the people of the

00:42:59--> 00:43:50

elevation, some have said those are the righteous of the believers. So they are being punished by the heat and the smoke of jahannam while not being in jahannam, okay, or they are being punished in a jahannam that is not quite the jahannam of the doors of jahannam. Either way, the concept is there, that the actual jahannam that is you enter through the doors, that jahannam will not be for the punishment of those who lowered their heads in front of Allah subhana wa tada and died upon tawheed no matter how evil or wicked, a Muslim who believed in a law was their punishment will be in a place or location that is not the same location as those who rejected Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now

00:43:50--> 00:44:36

again, is that location within the actual walls of jahannam? If so, then they will not enter through the doors, or will it be in a place that is above and the heat and whatnot is coming again, this is Elmo vibe, and we don't want to find out personally and the day we find out, we hope that we are not there to witness it. But it appears and Allah knows best that this is going to be not quite in jahannam but a region or a place that is affected by jahannam while not being outside of it. And the Quran references the people out off, and we're going to talk about this in a few weeks. And it appears or one interpretation is that this out off is a place between heaven and hell, that the

00:44:36--> 00:44:59

people have the out off, they are not in Jannah and they are still in a type of punishment and their punishment varies from person to person. And those people will not be in jahannam but they're definitely not ingen either. And this appears to be the sinful and the wicked of the Muslims and this is a key point. The people of tawheed

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

The people of the Kadima will not enter the actual jahannam in which those who rejected Allah out of arrogance and incense are being punished never are the two the same. The one who said La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah can never be equated to the one who recognize the truth and who saw the reality and then said, I don't care and I want to live my life and I don't want to know why I'm here, the two are never the same, the Muslim and the Kaffir can never be the same in the hereafter. So we learn this from a number of traditions but we'll conclude with this primary one here in sha Allah and then we'll resume next week inshallah, to Allah, that our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said

00:45:41--> 00:46:33

Hadith is in Muslim and and other narrations as well, that as for the people of the fire, who are its real inhabitants. Now, I let you know whom Aloha. So the process is distinguished, the Hadith is going to go on, he's going to mention two categories of punishment right? And the first category he is saying, as for the people of now, who are the real people of now, they shall never live or die for in the Himalaya, Muna firewalla they're never gonna live you don't call that living, and they shall never die. But he said, There shall be another group of people or saw but tomorrow now to be the Ruby him, the fire of hell will touch them will afflict them because of their sins. And they

00:46:33--> 00:47:19

shall die a type of death until they become like charcoal, they become burned up, then they will be interceded for, and they will come in batches and groups and they will be thrown into the fire sorry, into the river of life. And then it will be said or people of Jenna go ahead and enter it. And so they're going to sprout forth like a seed sprout forth and it becomes for those people are going to become refreshed and then enter gender and they're going to be called Jehan me Yun for a period of time, until finally their marks will be removed from them, and then they're going to be completely in gender. Now. This Hadith is very interesting because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

00:47:19--> 00:48:05

sallam distinguished between the people of the fire who are he said, it's real people, Luna alladhina, home, Aloha, and he said those people permanent, they're never going to leave never going to die, everything will be there for them. Then he said there is another group, he said the heat they are not a Luna, the people of eemaan are never going to be add on now. The people of the kalama will never be inside that jahannam rather, what are their profits or some say they're going to be people are saw but toman the fire of hell is affecting them, it is influencing them or it is some it is it is it is you know, obviously punishing them, but they are not of the people of hell. And

00:48:05--> 00:48:50

therefore, from this, we conclude in our today's lecture, that hell has many data cat, and either the very top layer is outside of the walls of jahannam. And that will be the layer for the unrighteous of the Muslims, or that there is an area that is not even called the layer of jahannam in which the punishment will be there, but it will not be the actual punishment of gender. Now in either case, it's really just a technical difference. The point that I'm trying to stress here is that the people of a man are not going to be treated as the people of gopher and this is why it is so important dear Muslims that we pray, even if it is occasional, it is better than not praying at

00:48:50--> 00:49:27

all, because our prophecies that have said that the fire of hell will not touch the places of such that it is important that we do will do it is important that we give charity we fast Ramadan, it is important that we do these deeds because the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim says that people have agenda will argue in front of Allah and they will say Oh, a lot. These were our brothers, they would pray with us and fast with us and give charity with us. So these are sinful Muslims who did these deeds, and they're ending up down there. And so in the end of the day, we realize that there are going to be groups of Muslims that will be punished we have to make sure we are not amongst those

00:49:27--> 00:49:42

groups, but those that are punished are not going to be in the same levels the same dollar cat as the people who have rejected Allah subhana wa tada and with that inshallah we conclude for today and we resumed next week until then said on Monday come to LA he will bark catch