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AI: Summary © The host introduces a story about Mr. De granted's impact on the world and his desire to lead people astray. They also discuss the use of words in court and the use of las panigrades. The speakers explain the meaning of "hamaji," which believes he can succeed in killing and lead people, "ham criminal" and "ham civil" which are both related to "hamster" and "ham civil," and provide examples of how these phrases are used in the Muslim community. They encourage viewers to donate to help with running costs and future projects.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Quran Weekly. I'd like to welcome y'all to the very first episode of this exclusive series from Quran Weekly stories of the prophets. And we're going to start off very appropriately with the story of somebody who Salaam, other money his Salaam, the very first human being and the first prophet of Allah. And to be very honest and frank with you all the story about Mr. De Salaam is something that's mentioned multiple times throughout the Quran. And there are different events from his life that are mentioned in the Quran. So I sat down and gave this a lot of thought what I wanted to share with y'all in this video. And the conclusion I came to was something

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that is very near and dear to me personally, something that has a profound effect on me every time I read it or to think about it, and that is the Toba the repentance of admati salaam. So let me set this up for y'all really quickly. Are the Mali Salaam is created by Allah himself. His wife, however, is created by Allah they live together in Paradise and enjoy an eternity of bliss and happiness together.

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Allah subhanaw taala established the status of other mighty Salaam commands all the creation including the angels mumbrella. Everyone to bow down, prostrate do sujood in front of other Mali Salaam out of respect, everyone complies except for one, it bleeds shape on Canada managin he was one of the jinn. When he does not comply he disobeys defies a law. He is ousted from Paradise, the graces and the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And he is cursed, damned and doomed by Allah. He makes a very interesting request at that time he says oh a lot on didn't eat yummy you buy soon. Let me live till the Day of Resurrection Day of Judgment. And what does he say I want to do with that time

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he makes his intentions very well known public. He says the upper Odin Villa home Sara takelma, Sakina aqui en la hamaji, Marine, I will obstruct all of them, I will obstruct all of them from the straight path, I will lead all of them astray. And he has a reason for why he's so confident why he thinks he can. He can be successful in doing so. He says, Well as you do accept a homeshare killing because you will not find the majority of them to be grateful people. They won't be grateful to you or law, and they won't appreciate what you've done for them what you've given to them, they'll disobey you, they won't turn back to you. And that's why I think I'll succeed. But Allah subhanaw

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taala also told him something at that time, he said, Fine, you might be able to lead some of them astray. But there are some people that you won't be able to get to ilari by the come in hamal meclizine. You will not be able to get to those. You won't be able to lead those people astray, who are sincere and McCullough seemed sincere people, you won't be able to mess with them. Now let's go forward. He basically, Allah subhanaw taala had told that Mr. Li salam, there's one thing you can't do lattakia Bahati shutaura Don't go near this tree. shaytaan basically comes in lies to them and you know, tells them all types of nonsense, and gets them to eat from that tree.

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Once they've taken from that tree, they've done exactly that, which ally told them not to do.

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A few things happen. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us their private parts are exposed or sent down to the earth or they're basically ousted. They're removed from Paradise. But now what do you do now? What do you do in this situation? Something very interesting again, a las panatela tells us for tilaka demo mirabai Kelly, Martin O'Malley Hassan received certain words directly from Allah, Allah gave certain words directly to Adam alayhis salam, he received them from a law What are those words? Allah tells us in another place in the Quran. robina our Lord, our master who has given us everything that we have showing appreciation of the alumna and fusina we have wronged ourselves. We

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messed up sincerity. We messed up. Why elemental Finland our handle an akuna Minal ha serene and our law if you do not forgive us, you do not shower us with Your mercy. We will lose we will fail we will be doomed.

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And so now what happens? Allah subhanaw taala tells us fatale Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted their repentance. You know, I'd like to interject right here real quick for 30 seconds and explain to y'all the meaning of repentance. You know, this is something I I talked to my

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Students about a lot. A lot of times in, in the Muslim community Muslims, we have certain concepts, and we translate them into English but the problem is when we don't even understand what the English means. So what's what what do you call to obey an English repentance? But what does repentance mean?

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Toba? We don't really know what repentance means. In the Arabic language Toba is a Roger electric, Roger Illa set up. It is that when you were supposed to be going north and you took a wrong turn in you're going south you're going in the wrong direction. What do you do? instinctively? You know, you make a U turn to turn around and get back on track. That's what obeys doba is a U turn Toba is to turn things around Toby's to get back on track. And so Adam alayhis salaam turned back to a light said oh ally shouldn't have eaten from that tree. But I did. Please forgive me and have mercy on me. Oh Allah, Allah accepted his repentance to come back and put them back on track.

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When we see, we all have to reflect our own humaneness. We are all the children of our family salon. We're all human beings, we're all gonna mess up from time to time. We're all gonna do something a lot told us not to do. What do we do in those instances? What do we do it? What do we do in that situation? We get a turn back and head back to Allah. Because you see, perfection is not the goal. For us. Perfection is not even possible. We're human to areas human. The goal for us is to always find our way back to Allah, like Adam alayhis salam went back to Allah. And what does Allah subhanaw taala tell us when somebody turns back to Allah tries to fix things with Allah through magista hora

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boo, Allah selected him Allah chose him. What's about Allah He and Allah subhanaw taala accepted his repentance.

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Some mahad was some metabo alayhi wa de su mucha hora boo Fatah alayhi wa Harada. Allah selected him Allah chose him. Allah accepted his repentance. And Allah blessed him with guidance. Allah taught him how to live his life on that straight path.

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This is a profound lesson for all of us. From the story of Adam Ali Salaam, Allah is reminding us a less teaching us how to repair things with him, how to make things better with him. So why don't we seize that opportunity or lie messed up? Please forgive me Have mercy on me. Get back on track, find our way back to Allah. And when you are repenting to a law No, that shows gratitude that shows sincerity that shows were chosen and selected by Allah. And Allah will teach us Allah will show us how to live our life properly. So that's a quick little story and a lesson from the life of other Mali Salaam. May Allah give us all the ability to constantly keep repairing and fixing things with

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Allah. Keep turning back to Allah. Until next time, Quran Weekly does akmola hate on but Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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like when you're driving, and you were supposed to go north and you started going south? you supposed to take a right you took a left. And when you realize in a little while that you're going the wrong direction. That's a helicopter by the way. It's okay, we're gonna wait it out.

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Saying See, we were talking about tober right. I'll make some Toba stuff from the law. I'm sorry about the helicopter. all right now let's continue. This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim forward slash donate

The first episode of Stories of the Prophets Series – Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda talks about the incident when Satan misled Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) and how Prophet Adam made repentance to Allah.

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