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mailbag. I want to thank everyone who attended today, the town hall, our first town hall meeting, today marks the first anniversary of opening this place, we opened this place.

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Formally on February 18, we had opened it a week or two prior as a soft launch, where we just kind of came in and practiced running it. And then we opened it formally, it was a jungle Island was February 18. And now we're a year later. And thank you for attending and participating and listening to us explain what we've done and what we hope to do. And thank you for your comments and questions. If

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you feel like you wanted to comment, or you had a question, or you had some feedback that you didn't get the chance to offer, please reach out to us as board members, and we have an email, we are usually quite responsive. So if you just send it to us, we're happy to listen to it. And we take feedback quite seriously, within this group, and we're happy to to listen to you if you have something to say, if you think that we're doing something well, we would like to hear you praise us. And if you think we're doing something not well.

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Like our like our audio system, for example, then feel free, feel free to criticize us. And if there's something that shouldn't be happening, that's not that you would like to point out, do that as well. We're happy to hear I encourage people this place is based on empowerment, I encourage people that if you have an idea that you champion it and hold us accountable if we don't help you, or if we don't support you if we don't allow you to take steps forward, because the number of ideas in a community, unfortunately, are much higher than the number of people who are willing to do anything about them. So that's maybe where we have to kind of get a little bit of a balance in terms

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of of numbers, we need the numbers of ideas to match the number of people who are willing to actually do things. And so if you have an idea, you want to get something done, you can share it with us, and we will try and help you champion and if we have the ability to champion and ourselves we will as well. Alright.

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So today Inshallah, I'm going to conclude the top the Battle of high bar, which is we started I think, technically we started three two weeks ago, but I talked about the bulk of it last week. We haven't gone through the kind of the fun part of the story yet. So you get to enjoy that with me today in sha Allah Allah. A quick, very quick recap, I'm not going to spend a lot of time you've heard this before. But just a kind of quick reminder, if this is the first time you've attended this, this is what is this roughly speaking, what you're just blurted out what year is this, roughly speaking, seven sevens of the hero of the prophet Isaiah. So never forget to point out what seven

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because there are seven of his prophecy, which is the time of Medina and there are seven of his vigilantes sought to sell. So we're close to the end of his story on it, his salatu salam always breaks my heart when it comes close to the end of it, even though I've done this maybe eight times. But it's such a hard story to tell when you come to the end of it. And this is the seventh year of his HLR used to lie to Islam, he passes away right at the beginning or early 11th year so we'll have a few more years to actually share it with you. But right after the Treaty of dBm of the Prophet Allah has also spread his wings and he started corresponding with kings around around the region.

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And then he started actually building treaties with people around him it is something we actually really started to open up the country like the Muslim country, then Medina became became a recognized national is a is a country that had its army and it had its government. It didn't have that prior to her debut. Davia recognized Muslims and Islam as a as a country that had its own independence and autonomy.

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So the Prophet is lost I became very interested in establishing that So once he sent out his messengers and how it has been made as he was killed by the king of assassin the prophet had a sauce and moved an army to defend the need to avenge the the brother who was killed and the alleged to have occurred and I told that number of weeks ago, and then when they when they came back the profit I sought to send became more interested in neutralizing any threats that or any places where conspiracy was occurring. And Hyderabad had become the center of conspiracy for a shot lost its fuel price didn't have much to offer anymore. Mugdha was no longer a threat. The problem is autosens eyes

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are on maca. But in order for him to reclaim the Holy Land, in order for him to go back and actually do that He requires to get he has to get rid of other threats that exist in the land and hybrid was becoming a real problem. So the Prophet Allah you saw some attempted once and twice and three times to actually sign a treaty of peace with them. And they refused. And they continued to conspire. They actually were paying people are paying mercenaries to build armies, you have to go neutralize that it was becoming a headache to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam marched with 1400 people towards a place that had never been historically conquered by anyone. No army had ever been able to actually

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get through the walls of these eight castles with 40,000 trees on the inside and 10,000 warriors and enough food to go beyond the year that Muslims went and 1400 people and enough food for maybe 20 days, maybe not even but he went down a sawtooth and because his concept was and I've talked about this last time, but I want to keep it with you because it's a gem that I think is worthy of kind of contemplating the provider you saw yourself

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would exhaust all of his resources, do his best and go for it? He wouldn't make excuses will say, Well, I'm not we're not strong enough for it's not it's not balanced, it's not fair is this all you've got? Yes, I'm doing everything I can then go for it. If this is if you're putting in your full 100% effort, then there's nothing for you to worry about sleep well at night, and keep on going towards your goal if you're giving it your all. And the provider you saw some gave it his all all the time, and you taught the Sahaba to do the same. So it's marching towards eight, and eight castle wall with 40 40,000 trees and 10,000 warriors and enough food for a year with 1400 people that

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barely could make it for two weeks, wasn't something that he shied away from it, he still wasn't afraid, didn't say no, because that's all he had. He gave it every he brought everything he could and he went forward. And that's what we should do. And your life, always you're not required to give more than your 100% you're required to exhaust your resources to plan appropriately to you to make you you have to make sure that you've done everything within your ability to ensure success. But once you've done that, that's it, you're not responsible for the outcomes go for what you know is the right thing. He always did that as Latos law. And that's why that's why he was successful.

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Because he understood how to do it. And I gave you examples of how the body isn't even had intelligence.

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Sweeping the land. So he knew that most likely got the fine was paid off by labor, and they're going to come and try and destroy him from behind the great leader who put him in a position where he in front of him was quite abundant behind him was a lot of fun. So he knew that he didn't walk naively into a situation where he had no understanding No, no, he knew that was probably going to be the case. So he had to hide his domain. When they're ready, they're ready to start rumors to scare him off on off and go back to protect to protect their own tribe. And they did that successfully, which allowed the Prophet Allah useless and enough time to hold the siege. So they held the siege around

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the walls for 15 Nights. Nothing happened, they could not get through, they could not conquer anything.

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And didn't work at all. These are huge things I look at the size of this, this is still there, you can go if you go to Saudi Arabia, you actually go look to see these things. These were huge. These castles were humongous, they were until this day, they're monumental. They exist in a part of the world that you wouldn't think has these castles. These are not these stories are from Lord of the Rings. This is actually this is stuff that actually exists in the world today. You can go see that and and imagine maybe what they had to go through, it's not working anymore, can you someone do something for me. The team just says it's not it's not taking anymore.

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So the probability assessment after 15 nights, he would develop periodically I saw some migraines after after falling into the hole and that he bled out a lot. I think his thought was trying to hurt him. So he would have migraines every once in a while he would require like a night where he would be in a lot of pain out of your saw to him and he would kind of be out of commission maybe for a few hours. So we had a migraine that night. And it wasn't working out. So he said so he started to give the banner to different Sahaba so he gave it to the robocall and told me stuff Jeremy and give me Allah Allah grant you the ability to conquer the wall or get grow, get through and that didn't work

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Keep on going here.

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I told all these stories last time so I won't go back. Okay here perfect. So he gave it almost didn't work if it didn't work. So the night that he had the migraines he said Okay, tomorrow I'm going to give the banner. So off the rioter Aladdin, the Lord Julian your head Bula Hawala Sula, who we will move Allahu wa rasuluh but to give it to someone who loves Allah and his prophet and Allah and His Prophet, love him back.

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He said, I'm gonna do it tomorrow and for God, he comes to pray for God is awesome that morning, the Masjid was packed. Everyone was there, even people who had never led an army in their entire lives, even people who didn't even know exactly how to do it. They showed up in full armor hoping that maybe the proper audience thought I meant them because they wanted not the the leadership. No, they wanted the description he gave out of his thought was they weren't interested in leading the issue. They wanted what he just said he the probiotics I made testimony, he testified saying that the person is going to carry it is someone who goes he loves Allah and His Prophet is Prophet Allah and

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Allah and the Prophet loved him. So he wanted that so everyone was there. Khalifa the nurse who Yaya Luna and for whom Allah rasool Allah everyone's walking around kinda you know, I need to pick up something else what Allah from here it kind of flexing a little bit on them hoping that maybe the Prophet Allah Islam picks them so people are doing all that so the Prophet Allah is so Selma smiling he sees it all he's happy that people have that intention and initiative to Allah Aina it you know, to be a thought it was only Faqad we understood Allah and the whole Rama No, no, he said he has pinkeye No, no Forget about him. Someone else. Someone else he's sick. He said, can you just move

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on? He's not doing well. For Karla we tuned up bring him to me. For OTBI Lee you know the Allahu Anhu if you can hear him but he would have he would have periodically problem with his eye and he would have to stay in so the Prophet Allah you saw this guy who I knew about Julius any Rasulullah so Maka, the Hawala ad and then he started to wipe over my eye. Yeah, chroming kala Mila he Subhana wa Tada. We are cleaning he became losers.

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like to book of Allah subhanaw taala even from the rakia call from Alpha, yada yada who I naively when I see too few AI in a year kind of Ahmed was he took his hand off. I couldn't remember after that, till this day I don't remember which of my two eyes would get ill like I can't remember anymore because I see I can I can see I can see perfectly in both, according to Adam and Locanda Rama Doofy I in a hat I am Sir I am Sahara Yasuda, Allah He said Allah Allah sent him for you. I was I started to wish I had the ramen in both my eyes to the prophet Elijah, we spent a little bit more time wiping over my eyes and reciting Quran from you. So Allah Allah, he was like, for the Prophet

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alayhi salam said, Call me Ali.

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Baba rioter take the banner, where the hub was Deaf did when I tell it, go ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us access and do not turn back.

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So I didn't know the law when I took the banner. And he started to move forward. And then he remembered something he wanted you want to ask a question?

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So you remember the provider has asked them before he asked the question told them not to turn back, qualify their ally, you know, Takara so he walked backwards, because he didn't want to treat each other. The private audience I'm told him don't turn back. So he didn't want to turn back and disobey the Prophet. So he walked backwards, and he came back Okada through Allah Hi, Santa Clara, Ya Ali. Ma duck, why are you back? Takayasu Allah, Allah, Allah will continue whom? Why do I fight them? And what am I telling them? What is the point of all this? What what is the my communication with the person on the wall? What do I tell them? They'll call the rowhome ila shahada de la ilaha illallah

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wa Muhammad Rasulullah. Call them to the belief in Allah Allah illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah for Allah and yeah had the Allah Who Becca Yeah, it, Rod Jhulan Tyrone, laka hamari. None.

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He told him because yeah, only if Allah guides one person, who your effort one person, it's better to you than owning all of the wealth in the world.

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This to me, this hadith isn't the sign of fame, by the way. And this, to me, tells me explains very clearly, the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam 's intentions, is not to Assam was not in this for the blood or the money, or the conquering of any part of the world. His problem on a historical was Sunday, he did not have the right or the safety, to speak about Islam openly, which is exactly what we have today. By the way, his problem is he didn't have that he wasn't able to talk about Islam to people and explain it without fearing for his life, without fearing for being persecuted or killed because of certain people who are conspiring against them, trying to annihilate them. His fight with

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people was for the rights,

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of free speech, to speak freely, and of right of freedom of religion, to believe in whatever you want. That's what he was fighting for. Allianz thought,

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this is so important, because sometimes we study his story and we don't understand that piece. The provider is also had no interest in forcing anybody to believe in anything. If you force someone to believe in something, what do you create, you create something called a monarchy. We have no interest in having more of them. Either you believe so you're Muslim, or you don't, to force you to believe in something only creates NIFA only creates hypocrisy. Someone who doesn't really believe but as far as to say that they do so and that's the biggest human I do for them. That's what the Quran says they are the enemy. They're the problem Katella from Allahu Ana for goon. So the problem

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is I had no interest in forcing anybody, but he wanted the right to be Muslim. He wanted the right to speak about Islam to others and people to have the right to accept or not accept. So when he's going for labor, his goal is not to annihilate or to destroy or to conquer his goal is to go is to get his get that right. And maybe in the process, if you can perform that work, then that will be even better. If they accept Islam. That's his goal. If they can accept this time, Carlos perfect. So he told me if I tell him Allah shahada to Allah Who and Muhammad Rasool Allah, Allah Ania de Allah Who vicarage with Anwar Hayden highroller come in humble in Nam, it's better for you. If Allah

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grants guidance to one person through you, it's better than you for everything, anything in the world. So I lead on the Allah one who understood that.

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But if I refer to if they say no, to Khartoum, then you fight them and they refused this if they refuse to accept this, then you fight them, because they've conspired so many times in the past,

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sort of the Allahu Allahu Anhu would go and we'd March you would take the army and he started marching towards the wall obviously they're doing this under their shields because of the archers on the on the on the walls of the castle. It comes close to the door, and he bangs on the door of the hola Juan.

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I love this story because they Daniel de la has a very specific, very, very specific figure. Obviously, some people have completely, you know, he misused his legacy. But in general, generally speaking, saving it for us as as Muslims is someone who's very special. He's Zuckerberg, he is someone who accepted Islam very early. He was 10 years old when he did this or the law was very young. He has been with the Prophet Allah you saw to some every single step of the way. He has never missed a beat with him. It has led to a

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So, at this point he's in his late 20s Strapping Young Lad. He goes he knocks on the door hard. The Sahaba worldwide who are narrating the story tells the door was shocked to the point where he thought maybe we don't need to ask them anything because if he just hits on the door a little bit more, it'll just fall in. He hit on the door harder the people actually respond to call him in Bilbao. For God and Ali Yoon, even whoever you call him i My name is Ali. Cara Vanessa Munna did on the other side, the person is called Domo Allah someone said you are doomed to Allah

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not to them speaking to each other for Allah He in and then ethic Italia Bina and the home if

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you don't, it's morally we have within our books and no one will conquer this class, except someone called it and they start. And then they'll want to the fear begins in the hearts of the people on the other side.

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They become scared. They become scared.

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This is the this is the tool Allah Subhan escape fear, fear. They become scared, they panic. The leaders are like no, no, no, we're fine. We can. It's always been 15 days and they're starving. Remember the story of a loving mother when he finds a little piece of meat. He wants to eat it on his own the Prophet Allah Islam looks at him. He understands the story. And he goes and he divides it amongst people because people were starving. On the other side know they're having dinners and banquets every night. No problem, a lot of food there. So just don't worry. They cannot conquer this wall. If you don't weaken the defenses in front of the door, we'll be fine. But people panic. Panic

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occurred. And the soldiers who are holding the fort holding the wall holding the door would actually retreat back to their homes out of fear. And the Muslims would make it through the door.

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Before they did this, I'm gonna take a step back because I think this is I like telling this story. It's fun.

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Satan alila the Allahu Anhu. After he knocked on the door, they said that he said Arsenio Illya Menounos. Zuni send me somebody you know, you ever heard of duels?

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anciently wars would always begin with duels, it'd be a duel. Two warriors from each army would fight and the sometimes sometimes the result of the fight would actually end the war meaning if one person if this warrior beat that warrior, then there would be no reason for a war that that army would just retreat and sometimes it would just be for morale just for people to feel better. So so they he asked for for someone just to be sent out for a duel. So they send out a man his name is metal hub.

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And he comes out and he's saying poetry you say if I leave a table a name or have Bucha Christina a balloon mudra boo

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boo Hain and oh booty boo he started saying poetry I amaze me Smarthub and this guy was around to and something meters it was over two meters tall. save not only was it was shorter, maybe as short as I am maybe it may be a little shorter said and it was very was stocky brother Allah who I knew he was. He was a thick gentleman he was bold, and he was extremely they will say that it is what they say but say naughty. If he held you by your arm you would wouldn't be able to breathe anymore. If he took you by the arm if he held you by your arms, you would find it difficult to breathe. He was a very, very strong gentleman but he was not tall. He was a short gentleman a bit stocky, Madhab comes

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out he's out. You need to lean on top of each other to be as tall as much as it was. So those Muslims are looking behind and they're like, Allah. What is this? What is this giant that has emerged from the for he's saying this poetry Hi bar knows my name is Mara hob. And he's talking about himself is he warriors would use poetry to kind of boost their confidence. So what would he say save a lady submit Naomi haidara. I'm the one who was called by his mother, the lion. And then he says the very famous pieces of poetry that maybe we'll share when they hear it needs to be strung out to be to be nice, but he will use the analogy isn't met Naomi haidara. And this is why when you

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hear that say now you're the one who is described as that it comes from God Dan was the one who was called by his by his mother, the lion and they and they would duel and save now you're the one who would actually win the duel. So they will send out someone else. Also a very, very tall gentleman. This time Satan, Satan sob would come running say no, I need this is my this is my turn. So his mother who's who say this obey his mother. And when No, no notice smell.

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Smell is his wife. His mother? Who is he to the prophets debate who is used to the Prophet he is slow to Islam. He's even though I met he he is his he's his maternal aunts cousin. So his mother is Sophia. Dr. MacFarlane right. So Sophia, who's with the prophet Ali is awesome during this battle, to go to your rasool Allah, all right in a year whether they call him back going back, look at him look at his look at the guy he's gonna deal with these two three times is telling me that my son back son, my son back for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam will say, Allah, Allah, you know, he leaves him in Nicoline I begin Howard in our region, what our region Zubayr every prophet has a

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disciple, someone who will always have always is always in his corner, someone will always stand by him and mine is your son and so basically leave him alone. So as he does away with going with duel with the next person, he would win and as well by then the morale on the other side is completely destroyed. They heard the name

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Gonna save 90, the two strongest lawyers are falling, people are panicking. So save 90 of the low on who would come out of the army to charge the doors, the doors were huge, you're talking about doors that are a couple of maybe 10 meters tall by maybe 20 meters, I need in

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the other dimension, and they would charge the doors and they would bring them down and the water that would stay in for no longer than maybe to two or three hours. And then it would end 96 people in total would pass away 16 Muslims and 80 from the from the other side. And that would be the end of it. And every other once that first castle fell, the other fat castles that just fell through the effective fear, no fights or need every time they came to the doors of one Castle, they would panic on the inside within a few hours, they would come out surrendering and all eight castles would be actually conquered and would fall with the leadership save now you know the Allahu Anhu Allah, I

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have two things to add during the story.

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After they conquered the first wall after they got through the first door, and therefore you have a lot of land, and then you have another set of walls and doors and a castle. So going through there, they would come by a shepherd. He was a slave.

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So this shepherd would come by with his sheep and he would say

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what are you guys doing exactly here? So they're saying we are Muslims. And so yeah, so what is what is Muslims?

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So they explain to him this is what Islam explains.

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So after he hears about Islam, he comes to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is a anti Rasulullah you're the one who was the you're the leader of this group. You're the prophet for color Nam for cara de Kulu and Emanuel Min obika Yatta Hello Jana, you say those who believe in you and stand by you will enter Jana. For Cara Nam Bacala in ni net you know that you probably have a number

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cubbies to see up

00:22:01--> 00:22:22

mcloon Bananas indeed I smell horrible. I have horrible clothing. I am ugly. I come from a bad background and no one likes me. For Legion What about someone like me would would be able to do that for color supply sell them in a moment. For even if you believe even

00:22:23--> 00:22:24

your boy your booty hook

00:22:25--> 00:22:27

what doxa Lucia book

00:22:28--> 00:22:50

where you jump Maluma Baroque while your head brokenness and if you do and you enter Jannah then your clothing will be clean. And your order will be beautiful. And your physical appearance will be beautiful. And people will love you. Carla Kulu Lisa, Annika in Amman tubik This is what I get if I believe in you Bacala Nam

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cada a shadow Allah Allah illallah wa Anika Abdul rasuluh mouse now via the algorithm so I bear witness in the Oneness of Allah and and your prophecy What do I do with this one I'm I have all this sheep but I do it to him give it back to whoever owns it so he gave it back the whole of America Anna I need about albergue after they got into the second door Allah Okasha, he didn't need any fell and he died as a martyr that day. Yeah, kudos Allah. Allah is LM called a janitor, when I'm yes Jude Law. He says he had your January never prostrated to Allah once. He never prayed once, not even once. But he antigen called Allah hula and I see him no walk up, buddy. You have Allah hoody. Ha.

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What's your mother Thea Abba, WA Santa Shukla will have Baba who has Xhosa Team coralayne. And I see him and Jana and he's wearing beautiful clothing. And he smells nice. And he looks good. And the people in Jana is like they love him. So Allah Allah, he was like you send them. This story to me has always been something that I think about this story quite often. And the reason I think about it as the following

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the fact that you'll run sometimes in life, you'll come by people who just life has beaten, the

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just beaten, beaten any hope out of they have been, they have been persecuted and oppressed and mistreated, all their their entire life, to the point where they don't feel that they can ever amount to anything that has value to it. And people that happens, where you're just so oppressed and mistreated. And everyone that everyone you've come by has always speaks negatively to you and looks at you and some people will come to a point where they just don't feel that they have any value or worth at all. And someone like that would come by the prophet What are your thoughts wisdom, would find enough

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safety in his presence, to express that feeling because no one wants to say that if you feel like that you don't say it to people because it's very hard to admit it if that's how you feel. But this gentleman to come to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam to meet Muhammad

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Soula and to feel safe right away after meeting him to tell him I feel like I have no worth at all. Nothing about me is good. I don't like me. I don't like myself i How could I be someone without a moat agenda? And for the Prophet Allah you saw to someone tell him no, no, you are a value. And if you do the right thing, you will find that value and for that to happen to him is just a beautiful story of, of success. In this world. That's what this is about. Islam is about taking people from their struggle from the Romans from that darkness to nor to enlightenment. And if Islam is not doing that, if it's not, then whoever is doing it is doing it wrong. Whether it's practicing it, preaching

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it, teaching it, spreading it to bringing people to is not doing it, right. If it's not taking people from their darkest moments from their buruma That's what the Quran says. From the buruma to the Romans, Bible. HuffPo, Kabbalah Raja Yoga hula naked yoga. It's like