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AI: Summary © The concept of Islam is discussed, including its importance in teachings and its various stages, including the Hadith and the god's presence. forgiveness is emphasized as a means to build a relationship with others and achieve success and loss. The importance of practicing the god's symbolism is emphasized, and forgiveness is discussed as a means to establish a relationship with oneself and not just oneself. The segment also touches on the definition of Hope and its relation to one's success and loss, as well as the importance of avoiding forgiveness and mindful of others' behavior.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah catalyst and out of Monroe heme Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Salam salam ala bizarrely Sabri silly Emery wa lock that can release any of our Kali Saba Chanukah la Mulana Illa Marlon Tana in Mecca until Alima. Again by the respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam once again Ramadan Mubarak May Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of us are fasting, our prayers are subdued or who are standing up at night, our citation of the Quran or dua, may Allah subhanaw taala by the end of Ramadan, write our names among those people who will be spared from the punishment of hellfire Amina From today onwards in sha Allah, the program that we

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have launched with the beginning of Ramadan titled lifestyle will be inshallah live streaming as you can see, so basically, I will be just going through a specific concept each

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day of the remaining days of Ramadan in sha Allah and I will be expecting your questions your comments so that I can ensure a lot I'll answer them in separate maybe broadcasts later on Inshallah, but please keep the comments coming, keep the question coming inshallah so that we can maximize the benefits of this idea, the idea as a as explained in the introduction, video, if you did not watch the introductory video or episode one, you may head to the AWARE Academy, YouTube channel inshallah or my Facebook page or other platforms Inshallah, to watch these videos, we indicated very clearly that these concepts we are aware of, they are not new to our ears, we heard

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them a lot, we know a little bit about them, but in practicality, sometimes we are lagging behind or we are lacking the practice of something that define who we are as Muslims, and today's episodes is one of the most essential concepts that we have to ensure a lot of demonstrate and display in our daily life. And that's the concept of SM few things in sha Allah Tala with this beautiful

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quality of being Muslims. Number one, you you know that hadith the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad salah, known as Hadith Gibreel, we know that a man came to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and the companions were around him. And the recognize that this man is not from around Arabia, they haven't seen him before. There was no any sign of trouble giving the fact that his rope was so so white is heroes so black, so there was no any dust of sand around on him. So they did not know who is this man. But we knew later on that it was the angel Gabriel Alehissalaam peace be upon him who came to teach the Companions through a beautiful methodology that we are also lacking in our in our

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time today. Subhan Allah and this quality is questioning, asking the more you ask the more you know, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam in one of his donations he he said that the cure or the remedy of ignorance, the sickness of ignorance is actually questioning is to ask questions. So Gibreel Allah is asked the Prophet three questions. And we all know the hadith is very popular. In fact, this hadith is known as almost son, the mother or the essence of all the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam because it encompasses the most important concepts and elements of our deen and that is Islam. Amen, and SN so the angel Gabriel as the process and what is Islam and the process are

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answered. Then he said you you have spoken the truth that he asked him even what is demand in the process and answered and so on. And even in another narration the danger Gabriel go beyond Islam email and SN he even asked all I'll cover he asked about the day of judgment and so on. If you are interested to go into the depth of of this study of the beautiful hadith of Gibreel you can go and try to as a homework inshallah for you in Ramadan. Go and read all the versions of the Hadith to know the comprehensive answers given by the Prophet Muhammad saucer, but our topic today is SN

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this beautiful concept and Excel is known to be higher than Iman and higher than Islam, because it is the result of total submission to the will of Allah Subhana Allah

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And so it is the highest most perfect form of our deen of our faith of our iman. Yes and so when you reach to that state of Assam you are not only a believer you're not only a Muslim you you comprehend the entire meaning of Islam email in essence so let me let me any simplify it inshallah for you. Not every Muslim is a movement and not every movement is a Muslim, but every movement by default is a Muslim and every medicine by default is a movement and a Muslim. I'll repeat that again Inshallah, not every Muslim is necessarily a movement or a Muslim. A Muslim simply is a person who acknowledged Allah subhanaw taala and acknowledged the fact that Muhammad SAW Selim is his messenger, that Islam

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however Eman is a higher degree of our belief is a higher degree of our faith. And Eman is higher than Islam because it relies heavily on believing in the unseen and Ladino we Munna will help you be while you play Munna, Salah those who believe in the unseen, are categorized higher than just those who have acknowledged Allah and believed in the Prophet Muhammad saucer. However, Sam is a step higher than both Islam and Iman. And that is the beautiful definition given in the same relation with the angel Gabriel as the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah and what is your son? Now this is the time for you to take notes in sha Allah, the prophets Allah Allah Samson what the Sun is to worship Allah

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as if you can plainly see him. Allahu Akbar. Now I want you to visualize the scene with me. Because we cannot see Allah subhanaw taala in this dunya and may Allah subhanaw taala make me and you are among the people who will in sha Allah plainly see Allah on the Day of Judgment in gender in the light are the ultimate reward awaiting you and I my brothers and sisters in Islam is seeing a law plainly in sha Allah on the day of judgments, Pallavi,

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San is that is that awareness that when you worship Allah subhanaw taala it is as if he is right there in front of you. But then the Prophet SAW Samson but if you cannot see Him, because we will not see him in this dunya as I said, yeah, the Hadith mentioned somewhere else where the prophets of salaam was sitting with their companions and he looked at the full moon was a lot of article and he said, By Allah you will see your Lord as you can see, or as you see this full moon. This is how plainly we're going to see Allah and inshallah in Jannah in the lay down. But the Hadith says what they said is to worship Allah as if you can see Allah subhanaw taala now I want you to visualize

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yourself my brothers and sisters and stand in that position. Imagine if Allah subhanaw taala appeared to you in his actual form. How will you worship Allah during this time?

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That reflect over this How will you How will be your attitude like standing before Allah in Salah? How will your will do look like?

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Will you will you will you wait for a second

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when you hear that then or will you rush immediately and perfect your Salah before Allah strata. Will you wait in front of TV series movies, notches and whatnot on TV and delay the Salah, delay the Salah, the most one of the most important pillars of his time, the most important act of worship in Islam so Les Paul, Allah will you delay that because of worldly matters or your rush because Allah is right there standing before you. Then the Prophet saw some said but if you don't see along, because we will not then be certain be absolutely sure that he is over watching that's Sn is when you develop the awareness within your heart and mind that even though we don't see Allah, we are

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absolutely certain that he is overwatching SN and Taqwa Taqwa is the first episode in our program lifestyle. If you didn't watch it, please go to the YouTube channel, or even on that page, and watch the episode of The Hobbit it's so closely related.

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That was to create a barrier between yourself and anything that's anger Allah subhanaw taala as we mentioned, but Sn is to worship Allah as if you can see him but even if you don't see him, be sure be certain develop that certainty within your heart and mind that he sees you. So you will not fool around. You will not do anything that angers him. So this is the first definition given by the Prophet Muhammad is awesome. The second thing that I wanted to highlight is that many people think that those concepts that we have heard about so many times are just options are are just there in our books.

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and traditions but they are not off grade values Halabi and if you hear the Quran and pay attention to its words and pay attention to the command given by Allah Subhan Allah in the Quran regarding SN Subhan Allah one of the most commonly recited Iiar during the Juma prayer during the introduction in the whole book in Allah HYAH Moru beloved LEE Well SN Allah subhanaw taala commands Justice and commands, Sam. So Sam, my brothers and sisters is not something optional for you to choose, and to pick whether you like to practice or not, you have no option but to practice a certain in your daily lives, to strive to come up with this perfection in your life, perfecting your acts of worship,

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perfecting your dealing with people perfecting your manners and behaviors Subhan Allah Allah the the Prophet SAW Selim said in our voice to the altar Mima macadam, Allah Allah I have been sent to perfect manners. So if the prophets of salaam one of these missions is to teach us how to perfect our manners, then how can we actually struggle to reach that level of perfection? A sand is the solution Subhanallah Avi?

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Sn is the solution. According to some narrations, another definition of Excel is to connect to connect with those people who cut ties with him. And to give those who with help from you when you need them the most. They say no, we were not interested to help but Subhanallah tickle am when you know that we don't have a nice Allah's plan. I said that these days these, this life is a compromise of ups and downs. Those who are enjoying this luxury today Subhan Allah Allah overnight, they may use it. I just returned from Turkey Subhanallah alim, and we have met businessmen who have lost everything they once owned. Everything that we thought it is the source, but comfort in this dunya

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they have lost completely. Now their cars, their businesses, their offices, their companies are under the sand. It's beneath the earth, literally everything being destroyed. And we have seen those same people who once were rich, owned a lot of businesses are now living in tents in freezing weather Subhanallah all the holding plates. Every time the organization's around announced that there is a meal or this something to eat, they will line up waiting for the Daily Bread for the day. So Subhan Allah or the whatever you have owned once and now it's no longer yours. So Subhanallah the definition according some people say that this narration or this definition is belong to Ali Vitali,

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Allah knows if it's authentic or not. But the definition is so valid to give those who withheld from you don't ever say because they have not helped me in the past, I'm not going to give them anything, I'm not going to be the support today. Don't do that. That's not the essence of power. So to connect with those who cut ties with you, your relatives, your friends, you try to re establish that relationship and if they rejected at least you have done your part. So you will not be blamed for your good intentions

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and give those who withhold from withheld from you and forgive those who wronged you. So, those who have done something bad for to you and and you are harmed and you will run by the evil eye I will admit Allah protect us all. It is a time for us especially in Ramadan, it is the time for us to let go of this of the past and forgive them and forgiveness does not mean reestablishing the communication and becoming too close to one another like the like the olden days and become good close friends again sharing this sharing that no forgiveness means that on the Day of Judgment is if Allah subhanaw taala decided to punish these people as a result of hurting your harming you, you

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would stand before allowance a lot I do not want them to be punished. That's forgiveness. So forgiveness is actually connected to the hereafter and not to distance power. So this is another definition of Sn now tick the boxes and see if you are one of those people who need to modify and enhance the level of excellent insha Allah Allah because this is part of our lifestyle as Muslims. This is part of the deen in fact we said it is compulsory upon everyone to practice SN to the best of their ability. Even some scholars one of them the trauma or the Daffy May Allah Subhana Allah bless him and preserve him. He defined SN beautifully he said he made a comparison between justice

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and SN.

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So he said our justice

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is to take what is your do right? So whatever is your heart, you have to take it that's justice and to give to give in return, whatever other people's right so if you're working and you're going from working from eight to 3pm signing in at eight and working perfectly within that these working hours is just as you're giving other people their hug, right. But Saturn Subhanallah the sun is to take even less than what you do right? If it's not available if the people are not able to give you what is your heart and you did your work perfectly for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala then it is fine for you to accept even this and to give even more than what's required of you. So you go to the

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extra mile. I one of my bosses used to say like go beyond the call of duty so that's your that's your job that's your business, but actually you're not limited to the work description or the job description you go to the extra mile that's sannan San also is referred to as conduct when you do something you do it perfectly to the best of your ability Subhanallah AMI, that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said, in a live who either Camila Komal, Milan, I yield dinner, Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam mentioned that Allah loves such a person who when he excused any activity, any action to perfect it to do it. So with absolute perfection, of course we

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as human beings, we will not reach to that level of perfection. We are not angels, we're not angelic beings, we are human beings, we will earn Subhanallah but what it means is that you exert your best you exert your utmost effort and your your best is good enough in Assam, Allah's fanclub so don't compare between your best and other people's best because everyone has his own capacities on skill set and so on and so forth. So what is needed, what Allah subhanaw taala wanted to observe from you is your absolute best in everything that you do, in everything that you do.

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And so on Allah when you look into the ayat of the Quran, and the derivatives, excuse me,

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the derivatives of the word Sam, you see that Allah subhanaw taala commanded SN upon everything. First of all, the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Himself mentioned in Allah catabolic said other kuraly Sheikh, Allah subhanaw taala had written SN upon everything meaning he decreed that we should do things with Sam in every action or life Subhanallah and then the process I'm gave two examples you say for either the battle for us in all of the path. So when you slaughter even when it comes to slaughtering your animal, slaughter your animal with absolute sense upon a loss of sharpen the knife so that the animal does not suffer pain. You know, do not bring the animal in front of other

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animals. All these be instructions given regarding slaughtering animals, it should be done with SN Subhanallah Ravi in this area. Allah subhanaw taala said will adore Booker all of us should remember and memorize this. Although out of Booker and let Abu L in Yeah, who were being worldly they need that Allah decreed that you should never worship other than Him and to your parents, you must treat them with SN will be validating Santa now you will hear Spamalot, the derivatives of the word send in all the ads that are coming even in a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam where he said that if a man Allah subhanaw taala bless him with two daughters or three daughters, and he has

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some Lahoma and he became an he treated them with absolute kindness. And the word mentioned here is us and Loma or he treated them with excellence Paula even treating your children should be done with your son to bring them up on Islam on respecting the mother on respecting people in the community in the society on how to perfect their behaviors and so on and so forth.

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Even Subhanallah Avi Allah subhanaw taala commended Remember Remember my words because I don't want you to take what I'm trying to convey on a lighter note that masala this motivation speech. Remember the words because this is a comment from Allah not from you know not the speech from Brother while Ibrahim or anyone else what Allah subhanaw taala said for either we're either multitone bitter here that when you are greeted with any greeting, the rule for how you be asked and even how do ha so you must this is a comment

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And so, you must respond to that greeting with a greeting that is far better. The Ask me again another root for or another word that comes from the same root centers, the same word SN be asked any minute you have to respond to that greeting with far better greeting than what you have heard or what you have received Subhanallah or at least or at least respond in an equal manner. So so this is an idea again, where the word sound or the derivative of Sn is mentioned even when it comes to our and we'll end with this Inshallah, even when it comes to Dawa, inviting people to Islam, conveying the message of Allah and the work of the prophets of Allah subhanaw taala to mankind Allah subhanaw

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taala although it is a myriad of Vika Bill Hekmati, one Mo i bottle Hassan Allahu Akbar Hassan. So invite people to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching. Beautiful preaching is a very loose translation. But the Arabic says work Elmo either has to you have to convey the message in the most beautiful manner possible SM perfection May Allah Subhana Allah grant us perfection in what we do. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from becoming lazy in worshipping Allah subhanaw taala with SN and may Allah make this Ramadan the starting point for us to perfect our lifestyle as it was intended by Allah subhanaw taala and throughout the life of his beloved Prophet Muhammad and

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all other prophets and companions, Jews and Latina my brothers and sisters in Islam, please post your comments, post your questions inshallah I will do my best to create other videos to answer your questions in sha Allah Allah.

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And if you could do me a favor by hitting to the AWARE Academy YouTube channel, just click this like and subscribe to the channel inshallah so that we can be able to create more videos of these nature in sha Allah Allah to serve the OMA desert Mahara once again Salaam Alaikum See you tomorrow inshallah Anna the live broadcast As Salam aleikum or logging over again.