Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 16

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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 16 – Surah Anbiyaa-Hajj

June 21, 2016

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Before we get started my daughter Mae wants wants me to show you guys this she she wants me to show you guys all the the drawings and the paintings

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she's done for me. So this is what the wall of my office looks like. That's her Ramadan Mubarak.

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So, yeah.

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All right.

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So thank you me for all the wonderful drawings.

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All right. All right, so we're in just 17 hours without him the last thought was,

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he was like the human Wallah. So just 17 inshallah Tada, we're gonna start now with sortcl MBR. And we're gonna move on now to sort of Hajj

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last week we left off and and really, you know, or yesterday not last week, yesterday, we left off talking about the story of Musa alayhis salaam in Surabaya as a relates to sort of Baja. So the story of Mossad, Islam was really to to, to reaffirm the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And to give the prophets lie Selim a level of hope, and a level of you know, a level of determination and confidence as he was going to face what he was going to face it his salon was set up. And keep in mind that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had not yet faced the worst of the reaction that he got from the people of Mecca, because sort of Baja was early on in Mecca. So it was to give the

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profits by some of the preparation that he needed, as he was about to face a much nastier phase in in the Ceylon Mecca. So it ended off with sort of mosa and, and the different ways that our last panel of data protected morsani solo. And then you have now in just 17, sorbitol, ambia. And salted MBR is actually called the profits. It's called an MBR. For a few years for a few reasons. The first one obviously is that it is a sort of that mentions the stories of multiple profits, so it doesn't center around who are mme or Uranus or use if it was set up. But instead it says it goes over all of these different profits. So certain ambia actually covers 17 different profits. So circle MBR is

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known as the sutra of profits. It's also Mackey and in Mecca, the stories of the prophets were not yet given in any level of detail. So certain MBA is particularly unique within a mechi context, in the meccan context, usually, the suit is focused on the belief in Allah subhanaw taala. They focused on the belief in the hereafter. But so little ambia actually takes multiple multiple profits and gives us detailed accounts of those profits. And the way that sort of MBR starts off is very powerful. It's terribly nasty hisab Bahama home Viva flirtin more any loan, that that the the accountability, the Day of Judgment keeps on coming closer to us while people remain in their

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heedlessness and they're pushing further away. So as the Day of Judgment gets closer, people get further away from a loss of Hannah Montana and further away from the revelation. So it's it's sort of the irony of the situation. And if you guys get a chance, I posted the hospital that I did last night at the residence

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which are the things that our last panel Jarrod concealed from the profits and conceals from us, and how a lot tests our hastiness because the law says and sorted MBR, Haleakala insulinoma added, that man has been created very hasty. So this sort of really, you know, talks about the importance of not being hasty and how a loss of habitat it carries out his plan. When Allah subhana wa, tada sees fit. So if we go back to the prophets, though, right, the story of the prophets, and this is what's emphasized within the surah, over and over and over again. So the prophets lie, some obviously is being accused of being a false prophet. And this is a sort of that gives us the details of many of

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those prophets. And in the fifth verse of the surah, last pedowitz, Allah talks about the way that they they make a mockery of the message. So each one comes with a different possibility. And they don't really care how they're going to disprove the message. The point is, they want to disprove the message. So they will employ every argument that they possibly can against the Prophet slice of them, whether they believe it or not, whatever they feel like is going to be effective and taking the people away from him. So in verse five, belcanto, Allahu Allah belif Taco Bell, who was there? So they, you know, last contract says how First they said that the revelation is just false dreams.

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The prophets lie. Some is just imagining things. He's just fantasizing. And then they moved on, and they said, rather, he's invented it. belif Dada, whoa, so he's completely making it up. And then they send Ben who a shout out, rather he's a poet, right? Or they said that he's a sorcerer. They said he's a magician. The point is, is that they jumped from

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arguments or argument against the prophet SAW the lahardee, who has settled them. And Subhanallah they really didn't settle on one. The point was that they wanted to find an effective way to crush the message and to prove that he wasn't a prophet. But every one of those attacks was proven to be insufficient. So they came up with all of these different things to disprove the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So that's the first one that they jumped from where the message came from. So was it his false dreams? Was he fantasizing? Was he making it up? Was he just putting together some poetry? And then in verse eight, Allah subhana wa, tada addresses yet another claim. So one of the

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ways that they attacked the Prophet slicin um, or they tried to disprove that he was a prophet was not just questioning the source of the revelation, the source of the poor, but they said Nally haga Rasul yaku Tom Williams, Phil, as they said, What is it with this profit? He, you know, he walks in the marketplaces. He eats food like we do. What is it with this profit being a human being? So loss of Hannah Montana says one Mirjana home just said that we did not make profits before

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you know that, except that they were human beings, except that they used to eat their food and except that they used to use the restroom. I will not count ohana Dean, and they were not eternal beings. So all of the profits that came before were exactly like the prophets lie Selim in that sense. So the first questioning as to the nature of the revelation. The second questioning is to the nature of the Prophet slice on himself that if he is a prophet, then How come he's still human. And Allah Subhana Allah says, Well, this is the way that all of the prophets before were sent, then the question what the prophets lie some is calling to. So the claim that they're making is that the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is calling to a divisive message. You know, he's turning people against their families. He's turning people against their ancestors, he's turning people against the idols that they've been dedicated to, for so long. So if you if you move on to verse 25, Allah subhana wa tada says that every single Prophet was sent with the exact same thing, the essence of the message of every single Prophet, one more of a sudden I'm in public, that we did not send before you except for messengers, and we inspire to those messengers, La Ilaha, Illa, Allah, so every single prophet that came before preach the same message of the oneness of God, there were

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differences and some of the rituals, there were differences and the jurisprudence, but every messenger was preaching the exact same message and who, La Ilaha Illa. And we're doing that very early, there is only one God, Allah subhanaw taala is one and everyone should dedicate themselves in worship to that one God. So again, to recap, last 100, Salah refutes them when they say that, that this is not revelation when they question the source. Then our last panelists, Allah refutes the idea that the prophets license should be some sort of supernatural human being because all of the MBR, many of whom will be mentioned and sort of Columbia, all of the prophets will be mentioned in

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the surah, they all have the exact same deed, none of them were supernatural, they all died, they all used to eat and drink like regular human beings. And that was so that they could serve as an example the wisdom of Allah, in allowing these prophets to be human is that they could serve as role models and examples and manifestations of the divine revelation that they are bringing. And then Allah subhanho to Allah, you know, refutes the idea that the Prophet Sly Stone is calling to something different than what the other prophets before him called to. So he's calling to the exact same message historically, as Abraham as Moses as David as Jesus as, as each and every single one of

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these MBR may have lost power to send his peace and blessings upon them all. So the prophets like seven is not unique in his message. He's not unique in his been to the other prophets. That means he is as the prophets came before, and then the last parameter, it says in verse 41, what are these two zero Sulayman public for hakobyan ladina Sofitel, inhome mercantil yesterday Oh, and the last American will be here stepz en las panatela says and every prophet that came before you, was marked, every prophet that came before you went through the same ridicule. when Abraham came, they ridiculed him with the same things when Moses came, they ridiculed him with the same things. So Allah is

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basically comforting the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and saying that every prophet was criticized in the exact same way and ridiculed in the exact same way. And Allah subhana wa tada eventually gave those profits victory. So just like the profits before you will be ridiculed and just like the profits before you

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be given victory and Allah subhanaw taala chooses to focus on some of the particular stories of the prophets and all of these prophets that Allah focuses on a loss. panatela focuses on the struggle. And this is a means of emboldening the Prophet slice Allah, as a lot does when he mentions the stories of profits within a mechi context. And each one of these profits that alarm mentions has a unique lesson that is highly relevant to the Prophet sallallahu. It was set up at the time. So first Allah starts off with

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the story of Ibrahim it his Salah, you know, the Prophet slicin is being ridiculed. Look at Ibrahim, it is Sunnah at least the prophets lie some has a handful of followers. At least the prophets lie Selim has some people that believe in him, you know, look at Ibrahim alayhis salaam who came before you. When Allah subhanho wa Taala set him with the message and his father rejected him. His family rejected him. His entire city rejected him. He didn't even have that handful of followers. Not only that, but a loss of habitat. I mentioned the very painful moments in which Ibrahim Isla was stripped and then thrown into a fire. Right? But Allah subhanaw taala protected him. So basically the

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persecution that you are facing, other prophets have faced that persecution before the persecution you're facing other prophets have faced that persecution before and the torture of Ibrahim or Islam the persecution that Ibrahim or Islam faced, came in the form of painful, you know, punishment, as well as abandonment from his people. Then Allah subhanaw taala mentions little tiny his Salaam, the prophet lute, the people of Lourdes, were not aggressive with Ruth it has slammed the way that the people of Ibrahim is now more aggressive with him. They were aggressive with little tiny hair salon in another way. Okay. But they mocked loads on Instagram, they rejected loads IE salon, they were

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arrogant with loads of his salon, they, you know, they they, they forced themselves upon not only his salon and upon the family of Luther Islam, they tried to force themselves upon them. So the ridicule that lutherie salaam faced was of a different nature than the ridicule that Ibrahim alayhis salaam faced, nevertheless Allah Subhana Allah saved law parties set up just like he saved Ibrahim is Allah. So Allah saved the brain from the fire. And Allah saved the law to Allah His Salaam from his nation. No honey, his Salah, who struggled for 950 years now realize that if you're in Mecca Now, the last primetime mentions, particularly that the struggle of nor honey Sam for 950 years. And

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so it took me up, realize if you're in the end of Mecca now, you're very prone to bitterness. So look, we've been calling to a loss of Hannah Montana for over a decade. And all we have is the small handful of followers, we'll look at new Heidi his celeb, who called for 950 years. And he had, you know, the same number of followers that you have after a decade, if not less, right? So don't be impatient because no Holly is Salam had all of that, right all of that time. And the amount of followers that he was able to gather was even less than the amount of followers that you are able to gather and then a Lost Planet Allah mentions there would and Sulayman and even was Salam. And

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somehow other element mentioned here, the hikma of mentioning there would enslave man, David and Solomon is that they were kings. But despite the fact that they were kings, and they had control, they had authority that did not stop them from being challenged and from finding obstacles in this dunya. And from having to you know, having to maintain the message and maintain firmness in the face of many obstacles. So even that would ensue the man despite having kazaa and a lot of despite having the kingdom of the world, even they had to face obstacles and they had to face rejection, and they had to deal with what they had to deal with. And that'll last somehow in the last two mentions of

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profits that we have.

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And sort of tell me I'm sorry, I'm really struggling guys make you out for me. And the last two profits that we have are a unibody his salon and the owner Sally has

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now a yovani. His salon was tested in regards to his personal well being. So in you Barney is Sarah was tested with illness, he was tested. So the loss of health, the loss of wealth, his family, you know, was taken away from him. So you Body Slam was was you know, was really tested in his own personal life. It wasn't his dad real life is his life and calling to Allah subhana wa sallam. But it was really his personal life. And Allah subhanaw taala focuses on that and Subhanallah we don't find much about people in the right effect. We don't find anything about them. All we really find is the test of a human body is allowed on a personal level. Why? Because that's the lesson to the

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profits by selling because the profit slice and would be tested on a personal level as well. He wouldn't just be rejected by his people. He would lose Khadija will be

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louder and he loves our pilot, his children would pass away and his salatu salam. So just like au bodyslam lost all of his children the Prophet slicin lost six of seven. Are you ready Stan was tested in many ways on a personal level and the Prophet slicin was tested in many ways on a personal level, and a loss of Hannah Montana saw a huge rally slam through those difficulties. And he saw the prophets lie Selim through those difficulties as well. Eunice alley his setup was tested by his people. So he was tested on a personal level Eunice was tested at a community level. The Prophet seisen was tested with both right so you've already snap was tested with his personal well being

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Eunice it Islam tested with the rejection of his people. The Prophet slicin was tested with both in both of these situations au bodyslam and Eunice Isilon, both of them found comfort in both of them found that, that that victory and help came from a loss of Hannah Montana in the form of drought. So when they both called upon a loss of hundreds, Allah relieved them, he pardoned them, he forgave them, and Allah subhanho wa Taala rewarded them for the struggle that they face. So this is a really a very powerful message to the profits always sentiments of the believers in this state.

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As they're very prone to bitterness with everything that's going on, but they're still maintaining, especially the profit slice. He's maintaining a sense of steadfastness and a loss of Hannah Montana telling the profit slice on not to be hasty. Not to not to not to rush and the believers not to be hasty and not to rush. Now, somehow a lot. The next surah is sort of hatch and Sultan Hajj goes back to a Medina context. And some of the scholars say that the first that the first half of certain Hydra the first the first portion of Swords that Hajj was revealed in Mecca, and the majority of the sort of the second the last two thirds of the surah were revealed in Medina, or they were it was all

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really revealed in Medina. The point is, is that this is the beginning of the prophets license arrival in Medina, the Prophet slicin has just got Medina and Subhana Allah, you know, the backgrounds of the surah is Hajj, which is amazing because they were in Mecca all these years. And the last kind of attack did not reveal to them about the hedge. Why now when they moved to Medina, and it's the beginning of the Medina, so it's not even it's not even close to the era in which they're going to be able to do over on Hajj, the Prophet slicin would not be able to do it for another nine years. So why now? Why is a surah of Hajj been revealed now? So what happens upon Allah

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you can imagine the mindset, the Muslims have moved from Mecca to Medina.

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This is the first year in the lives of the mohabbatein and the lives of the Mecca, that they are not witnessing the hedge around them. Why? Because there was a hedge and generally there was still a pilgrimage in the days of ignorance, but of course it involves idols and idol worship and so on so forth. But this is the first year that they're being forced to see this from from outside in. They're no they're not in my cat. It's not like they have TVs where they can watch the pull off and they can watch the, you know, the Hajj procession taking place. This is the first time they're disconnected from that environment altogether. And you can imagine the pain that they're feeling

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knowing that the month of the hedger has come and they are completely disconnected from the Kava, they're completely disconnected from the Hajj. And here they are in this new land of Medina. So a loss of hundreds and it really you know, he reveals this the sutra as a source of hope. And it's interesting because in the last sort of Lost Planet, Allah warns us against being hasty. And in this sort of loss of Hannah hoods, Allah is giving the Muslims a promise that they would return to Mecca and they would return to do Hajj. But Allah does not tell them one, right. So don't be hasty. You will one day make it back to Mecca. And you will one day make it to do Hajj. So don't be hasty. And

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so Pamela, this is in the very, very beginning of the madonie period, as they've come to us as they've come to this new land of theirs. So it's how they're feeling the sadness, Allah is telling them that you will do Hajj, you will come back to this house. And when you do come back to this house, it's going to be better than when you left it, it's going to be purified from the idols. It's going to be hedge in the way that Ibrahim it has set up that hedge. Now, if you look at sort of the very first two verses of certain Hajj

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are a response to the first verse of su Colombia. So Sultan MBR talks about the rapid coming of the hour, and how people are avoiding paying attention

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to the hour right.

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And this sort of sort of hedge Allah subhanaw taala says yet you have NASA tough hold on back home in NASA Rosetta to Sarah t shaped when I leave, O mankind fear your Lord and be dutiful to him. Verily the earthquake of the hour is a terrible thing.

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So recognize that things are going to come to you. So Pamela so the last one is that look, you know, don't don't allow yourself to become heedless of the Day of Judgment. here Allah Subhana. Allah is saying, Be mindful of the Day of Judgment. The opposite of taqwa is reflect heedlessness. So taqwa is a heightened state of awareness. Love law is a heightened state of heedlessness being in a complete state of slumber and heedlessness. So last night I was saying, you know, be you know, think about the Day of Judgment realize that the hour is coming. And Allah subhana wa tada says, Yo, metodo Hello khulumani morebeer action out of that. A lot of times I says on that day, you will see

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every nursing mother be distracted from the child and she was nursing. And she and the last child says what tomorrow could do that he Hamlin Hamlin. And he would see that the the pregnant woman would abort her pregnancy. So the pregnant woman would miscarry. And Allah subhanaw taala says, what's out on NASA sakala. And he would see the people as if they are intoxicated will not be so careful. But they are not intoxicated. They're not drunk. Well, I cannot abolish it, but rather the the punishment of God is severe. So last time, I was mentioning the state of chaos and havoc on the Day of Judgment, people running around, people trying to figure out you know, what they're what

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they're doing, people wondering what's happening, right, because they didn't prepare themselves for that day. So in this in this world in this life allows mounting inserted MBR people have dulled their senses, they've purposely tried to ignore the hour and put themselves in a state of heedlessness now inserted hedge last times, I started off by talking about the consequences of the heedlessness and how people are on the Day of Judgment where suddenly, people are in this complete state of shock, trying to figure out where they are trying to figure out what to do with themselves and so on, so forth. And so somehow a lot in the, you know, the next stage of the surah is very

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interesting. And so on until ambia. a las panatela calls our attention to the creation of the heavens and the earth, the sun and the moon allows potential even references the Big Bang, in sort of an MBR that you know, that everything coming together and then being split. By the permission of Allah, Allah mentions of the seas, Allah mentions the mountains, a Lost Planet, Allah mentions all of these different you know, all of these different types of creations around us that that show a lot of existence and prove a loss of 100 Tyler's creation and control, right that a lot is in control. Now, you look at this, this other side of things right. And a lost parents, Allah calls us

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to the creation of ourselves and certain hedge, the focus is on the creation of ourselves. And this is an argument that's made in

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quite frequently, that a lot of times either suddenly him at noble alpha wafi, unfussy him, that we will show them our signs in the highest in the furthest horizon, and even within themselves. So the focus in certain MBTI is in the horizon is looking around to and recognizing the magnificence of the creation of a loss of habitat and seeing all of this around you as a proof of God. Now a loss pentatonic tells you to focus on yourself. So verse five, if you were to actually to Google or search the ad in embryology, right, it's actually quite phenomenal. So Pamela, you'll find that there was a conference, you know, where some German embryologist you know, said that the embryology

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of the Quran or the way that the poet and mentions the states that we come to being

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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions this, you know, the way that we come about, and how in our own creation, there's a sign of God, that God takes us from a state of being of nothingness, to what we see of ourselves today. And then once again, Allah subhanho wa Taala puts us in the state in which we are

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in which we returned to him. So if you look at verse five, it's a very, very long piece where last time mentions our creation, from dust from nothingness to dust, to drops of fluid to becoming, you know, blood clots to becoming lumps of flesh, some of us being formed, some being unformed. So some people actually being born, some people not being born last parenthood's Allah mentioning, you know, the way that we grow when we become human beings, recognizable human beings and so on so forth. And how eventually after we've reached full strength, we either die young, or Allah subhana wa tada says, We are brought back into a state of complete dependence. So you know, either we die young, or

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we grow to become completely dependent, like when we came into this world, you know, when you came into this world, you are completely dependent. You rose to a state of independence. And if you live long enough, you reduced once again to a state of dependence. So last time tells us to really focus on ourselves and focus on the creation of ourselves and see in our

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sells the magnificence of God. And, and you know, the proof of allows creation and the proof of God's creation in verse 11 Allah subhanho wa Taala says wamena nassima yeah with Allah Allah health for in our Saba who hate on Mon mon NaVi. He was in our Saba to fit in Colorado, what he has to do now and after las panatela says and there are some people that worship a lot on an edge, how tough is literally an edge, okay.

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In the previous word uncertainty and the last cansada says people are hasty. All right, in this surah so it has a lot. Pankaj says some people worship a lot on an edge. If good comes to them, then they'll stay in the religion. If that comes to them, then they'll jump off the cliff, then they'll literally jump off the cliff. And even I bustled the line he says that there are some people that accepted Islam, they became Muslim. And as soon as they became Muslim, right, they were expecting wonderful things to happen in their lives. But when they went back to their tribes, and they went back to their people, and they found that they have harsh circumstances, they started to wonder what

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is this religion? Why isn't it giving us what we want in this world. And Allah is telling us in the previous sutra, that Allah Subhana heights, Allah will will send you what he sends you and goodness will come to you when it's time, and a person should not focus on those things. Okay, don't focus on the goodness of this world or on success in this world or on what appears to be failure in this world. But instead, focus on that which comes in the next life and people that worship a law on the condition that life is going to be good as they see it are eventually going to fall off the cliff and they will jump off and they're going to find themselves completely confused in regards their

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spirituality. Verse 26, through 29, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions Ibrahim alayhis salam and Allah subhana wa Jalla says and when we showed Ibrahim it is set up

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mccannon bait we showed him the place of the house before the house was even built, before the capital was even built, that this is the place where you need to raise the foundations Why? Because this is the first house in which God was worshipped and which Allah Subhana Allah was worship and you know and so Abraham Einstein is being told to raise the foundations once again the thought if he know and by you mean our work so Dude, that you know for the people who make the last around the camera for those who stand up in prayer, and for those who prostrate and humble themselves to God. And Allah subhana wa tada says that Ibrahim was told Abraham was told whatever then financially but

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has yet to carry Jalan while only vomiting yet Tina and clearly fudging me and proclaim to mankind the pilgrimage, and they will come to you on foot. And on every lean animal and from every deep and distinct wide mountain to Every valley. They are all they're going to come from all over the place to respond to the call that you are making Leah's huduma ella home and they will bear witness to the to the goodness for themselves, why escoda small law and they will mention a last name and the days that have been specified and so on so forth. Here the beauty of this is that Ibrahim alayhis salam, you have the imagery, right? You've moved to Medina now. And you don't have Mecca anymore. You're

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not seeing the pilgrimage anymore. You're not seeing Hajj anymore. And now you're being given this image of it. But he might he has said I'm standing next to the cabinet and no one is with him. Right except for his son is married. So Brahim is having no worshipers around him and being told to call and people will come call and people will come to make this pilgrimage. And this is extremely powerful and extremely beautiful. Because the believers have been forced out of Mecca. And now they're being told to remember when Abraham on Islam was standing next to the cabinet and saying, Yeah, Allah, where's my voice going to reach? Why should I call out and Allah says just go ahead and

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make the call. And I will deliver your message and people will respond to your call. And this home that you have built for the sake of God will be populated people will come to bear witness to the to the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and this place will fill up with believers. And so this is a message to the believers, that the dream of Abraham is not lost. The vision of Ibrahim alayhis salam is not lost. So focus on the vision the dream of ability my salon and things will come to you. And you will see you will see that one day you will return to that house you will return to fulfill the vision of Abraham fulfill the dream of Ibrahim it has set up and so Pamela This is the the only

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surah in the Quran. By the way. It's the first surah in which were called Muslims. The first surah were our last times our calls us Muslims if you go to the last verse of local where Jackie do filet

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How can Jihad II and strive for the sake of Allah with the striving due to him who watched of Africa mama Jana and a confidant him and how much he has chosen you and he has not placed upon you in the religion any difficulty? Min let Abby come Ibrahim This is the way of your father Abraham who has sent Macklemore and Muslim in common. He is the one who named you Muslims before and former scriptures. So you have been called Muslims you've been chosen to be Muslims like Abraham which means you submit yourself to the will of God Muslim, literally you submit yourself to the way of God. So this is the first time we're called Muslims. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and it is in

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this revelation in this revelation, the akona masala and the akona, rasuluh, Shahid and alikum that the messenger will be a witness upon you and you will all be witnesses upon mankind. If you look at this Subhana Allah this beautiful this beautiful vision of Ibrahima Islam and the sign of Abraham calling out who's going to respond to this call of submission to God. And this the first time we're being called Muslims the first time we're being called amongst those who submits like Ibrahim IE Islam in Canada who Rabu Islam pada Islam to European Rabbil alameen. When a lot told him to submit, he submitted himself to he will he willfully submitted himself to the command of a loss of Hannah

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Montana. And what we also see here is that this is the only source and the answer to Hajj, in which the such de is comes twice. So we have two verses of such that here two verses of, of prostration. This is the only surah in the Quran, which shows you submission, submission submission, prostrate yourself, you know, humble yourself to a loss of Hannah Montana, do not be hasty goodness will come to you and avoid you know, impatience that a lost parents Allah warned against them so little ambia instead focus you're now in this new stage in Medina. But Allah subhanaw taala will fulfill the dream of Abraham, the dream of Abraham is done, you will return to that house, you will return to

00:32:08--> 00:32:28

the kabah declaring the greatness of a loss of Hannah Montana. And things will change for you things will look up. So that's that concludes the 17th Joe's. So I'm about to finish up and I'm about to ban. James. So thank you for joining us, James. today. I appreciate all your comments.

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And yeah, Zack will fade into the rest of you for tuning in today. So that might even run slow.