Ramadan 2023 – Reviving the Spirit #30

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The Post-Ramadan Blues: Overcoming Spiritual Lows


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of staying consistent in prayer, fasting, and maintaining good family connections. They emphasize the shaytan of the previous month and encourage people to make an effort to be the best of themselves. They also offer prayers for those affected by shaytan and encourage forgiveness and connection between shaytan and Allah. The speaker emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and offers prayers for those affected by shaytan.
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facia Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. after Ramadan, many people feel this withdrawal because every day you were fasting you enjoyed the soul you enjoyed the Iftar you probably went to the masjid you had a group of friends came together. You had a beautiful evening you spent time in taraweeh you might have sat with your friends thereafter. Some people have ice cream, some people have tea and coffee desserts, And subhanAllah that entire month went by in such a beautiful way. Here we are at the end of Ramadan. Now what? Well the important thing is Allah Almighty made things compulsory in Ramadan that are not compulsory out of Ramadan, and we did those things. And we tried

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to do a few more things. So I'm still going to stick to what Allah has made compulsory out of Ramadan. Number one is I'm not going to miss my prayers, because that is a pillar of Islam such a solid pillar that it distinguishes a believer from a non believer, you need to pray. So I will try my best to fulfill it in the best possible way. Secondly, I am going to maintain consistency. Regarding certain things. I may not read as much Quran because in Ramadan, I read a bit more, it being a blessed month and I was earning more rewards. So I read more in Ramadan, I'm not going to read as much out of Ramadan, but I'm going to do a portion a day, the car or the remembrance of

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Allah post every form of prayer, I'm going to keep that up. I'm going to try my best to maintain good family ties. I'm not going to give up my beautiful dress code that I developed in Ramadan that was compliant to what Allah wanted. Because unfortunately what happens is people come out of Ramadan and suddenly they're a totally different person, you don't recognize the person why the dress codes change completely? Well, if that dress code is within what Allah has ordained or permitted, it's okay no one needs to say you must wear a specific thing No, but the framework is built by Allah it is set by Allah. So if you are wearing something that is within what Allah has ordained, mashallah

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you're doing a good job, and may Allah Almighty help us to continue to improve in our dress code. But after Ramadan, there is a statement of the predecessors that they used to state what a lost people who worship Allah, only in the month of Ramadan without bearing in mind that the same Allah who was in Ramadan is here out of Ramadan, be cellcom, la Abu do not Allah elaphiti Ramadan

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you know what a bad nation of God what bad people who only worship Allah in the month of Ramadan or they don't worship Allah except in the month of Ramadan. We don't want to be those. We want to be people who are trying our best Ramadan is over. But I'm going to try to fast twice a week. And I'm going to try to fast the 1314 15 that we've heard about so many times of every lunar month, I'm going to keep up quite a few things that I have maintained during the month during the month some of it was compulsory. Now it may not be compulsory, and you know what, uh, rightly so Allah knows I need to relax a bit. I need to enjoy perhaps recreation. But as my life changed a little bit in sha

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Allah, this after Ramadan, you know, I'm going to maintain all the goodness that I have, I'm not going to lose it. When you build a bank balance, for example. And it's just an example that I'm giving, you built your balance, and you have 1000s of gold coins, for example. And you've mashallah Tabarrok Allah built them over the whole month, and suddenly you come out, you're swearing, you're cheating, you're, you're hurting people, you're deceiving. You're slandering your backbiting. You're sending one after the other, whatever it may be, you're gone back to your bad habits. You're depleting the massive mountain that you accumulated through the month of Ramadan. You accumulated a

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mountain of gold now suddenly, you're depleting it. What was the point? Do you really think that's what Allah wanted from you worship Allah for a month and then forget about him for 11 months, come back from Allah Forget it, but we need to be consistent. I remember meeting a brother who told me that you know, I've left everything I've put it aside all the sins and all that and you know what? After Eid, inshallah we'll pick it up. But what did you just say? After he said, You're gonna pick up

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your sins and redo or go back? That's strange. That's totally absurd. It reminds me of the Hadith that says, you know, shaytan is tied in Ramadan. That narration

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doesn't specify

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All the shayateen but the main chiefs have shaitana tied up in Ramadan, the little ones are still running around doing their business. However,

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it was said that the way people operate, you know, some of the people have just mentioned, and I can see it now to the way people operate. It seems like Shaytan got you wound prior to Ramadan. And then he was tired, and you kept unwinding, doing his his things throughout the month of Ramadan. And now that Ramadan has ended, he's caught you exactly where he left you if that was the case, what did we achieve from Ramadan, let it not be.

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In sha Allah, this being the last of this beautiful, beautiful series that we've had on a daily basis, a journey, trying to make the most of this month with beautiful words of guidance and advice.

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Throughout the month, I ask Allah Almighty that all these words do not go in vain. And in sha Allah may have benefited us and in sha Allah, they have impacted us in a way that we've changed things in our lives. Remember, we're all in need of the Mercy of Allah, all of us need forgiveness. And every single one of us will be forgiven by Allah, the minute we seek his forgiveness, genuinely, you are genuine, you seek forgiveness, you regret what you did you promising Allah you're not going to do it again. Allah says it is wiped out. Together with that, when things happen to change our lives in a beautiful positive way. Well, Allah He you begin to feel the blessings of Allah in your life, you

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begin to witness the goodness that Allah has bestowed upon you, you appreciate the favors of Allah and recognize them.

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You appreciate the halal in your life, to the degree that you don't even incline towards haram. But when you haven't made an effort, you incline straight towards haram and Hana and has no value in your eyes. Because as it is you don't have a relationship with Allah, or it's very weak, or you couldn't be bothered, or you allowed shaytan to bring you down for a long time. So if shaytan brought you down, once, twice, thrice, and you quickly came up and you made amends and you sought Forgiveness of Allah, you have a lot of hope. But when you've allowed shaytan to bring you down for a prolonged time, there is still hope. But it might be much more difficult to get you off to say,

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Listen, come back up. What Allah does is he makes people go through really tough times, tough times, to the degree that they need help and they need, whether it's their health, or their wealth, or their jobs or their relationships, whatever it may be anything, you need such help the no body can offer it to you, and He makes you turn to Him. And when you turn to Him that turning is absolutely amazing. It is such that he brings you down with

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into the position of prostration with humility.

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And subhanAllah you feel the connection, instantly, Chapin could have worked with someone for 70 years, one beautiful moment with Allah and all of that can be wiped out. So remember this, my brothers and sisters, let's make an effort. Let's make an effort such that we become the best of people. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was loved by everyone. He was a person home people to this day have very unfair with him. They see words that are not true about him. They spread rumor, they try to find fault. They lie. All of that has not affected his reputation whatsoever. In fact, every single day, there are so many people who are accepting him as the final messenger of Allah

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subhanho wa taala. Every day there are people entering the fold of Islam. Yet if you look at those who are trying still to tarnish his image, there are many they have not succeeded and they will not succeed because Allah Almighty has protected the reputation of the most blessed and beloved prophet of his Mohammed bin Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So we ask Allah on this beautiful day, to make us to followers of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to help us to guide us to bring us towards goodness, to resolve our matters and problems to grant us blessings to open our doors to have accepted from us the month of Ramadan to forgive our shortcomings to help us throughout the rest of

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the year, to help our children those who are not married. We ask Allah to grant them spouses who will be the coolness of their eyes, and those who are married we ask Allah to grant them happiness, bliss and joy, and to grant them offspring who will be the coolness of

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have their eyes. We ask Allah Almighty to bless those who are struggling across the globe with ease, and to take them out of their difficulties and suffering. People all over the world who are struggling, the list is endless. We could name Afghanistan Philistine, Iraq, wherever else it is. So many countries Subhanallah, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, people are struggling for different reasons. We ask Allah to alleviate the struggles and the sufferings. In fact, even in first world countries, people are struggling for many reasons. May Allah Almighty assist every single person. Remember to continue such prayers throughout the year for everyone. And the reason is, when you care

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for others and you pray for them sincerely, Allah Almighty will take care of you. And through your prayer, Allah will alleviate their struggles and sufferings as well. And therefore we ask Allah Almighty to use us to serve the good cause that is pleasing to Him, and to serve humanity in a way that they do not see suffering. May Allah use us to do good and well no use us to continue that good until the day we meet with him. May he be pleased with all of us, forgive our shortcomings and accept the acts of worship we engaged in the month of Ramadan. May He make us from those who enjoy the day of Eid in a way that is pleasing to Him. Akula Kohli Harada or SallAllahu wasallam albaraka

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Allah and Amina Muhammad was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Leila and to call the

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