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Smith absolutely loves

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a lot of capital, how are you people doing but as history is how you

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from the land

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it's almost done

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this is how it is with smella as usual again

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bless this time that we're spending together because I truly truly interveinal value this time and cherish it because I know we may not be I may not be here next year so I'm going to cherish this time with you to the maximum Chavo Tana today

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feels when they've already started sold out and Milan yesterday the very beginning of it. And today it's about it's just number three from solid envarsus remembers and sisters they are going to recite from page 52 to 76. Today, those of your forward for the most half from page 52 to 76 Emraan which is also called a Sahar, all these are the flower is one of the names of sort of Enron as the Herat or the flower was just never three it is a Middle East oil not making it is a medley just like so that the Bacara in terms of its revelation, it is number 87 In terms of the sequence of swords that we revealed at Santa Monica is number 86 So Emma was revealed right after so what

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backup 87 So Pamela it has 200 verses which is in the verses or we say just just bought the power number three or just number three from

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it has 14 one seven because every slide and every idea has a separate as to why some of these

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reason as to why it was repeated in although

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up if we copied it from you.

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Right we've copied from you Okay, so 41 Seven, it has 41 reasons as to why it was repeated some of the ASVAB are the reads are related to

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some are related to tarbiyah some are related to the Battle of battle and some other data to the Battle of Ohio. If you want to learn more about the Battle of blood, especially the Battle of read surah Al Imran so it started with trouble off

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it started with what So Emma starts with me for

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me what we call that

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not the hedgehog dashicons yeah, here we go.

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So how often the hedgehog hollow for the hedgehog. And I talks about let's let's some gems let me throw in some gems ALLAH SubhanA wa Genesis in Namaha they have

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such a really beautiful area, Allah has a fairly shake from nothing nothing is is not unknown for Allah Allah. Allah azza wa jal is the all knower Subhana wa Tada. He knows everything he wills things that happened in the past, and he knows things that are happening in the present and he knows things that will happen in the future as they affect the shape which means you can run but you cannot hide from Allah azza wa jal because he is a semi

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Hashem, Allah subhanho wa Taala these are some of the names that we will study during the names of Allah azza wa jal lectures on the weekend, Allah azza wa jal also mentioned another powerful area, one of the most powerful areas in the Quran Cadila medical mark. Hola, hola. Hola.

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Magical moon to the moon command.

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What is your own moon kami man Tasha today you're the king tomorrow you're not? When I hear about this idea when you restart this idea and you talk about politics he talked about this keyboard is president or today or may have power tomorrow. Not today. You're healthy tomorrow you may not be healthy. Today you have a house tomorrow you may not have a house put in now American will say Oh ALLAH the owner of sovereignty didn't won't come into Russia you bless Kingdom or sovereignty to whom you wish and you remove it to whom you wish Subhanallah to add water is Amen. Tasha you give you give honor to whomever you wish. And you You give us grace whenever you wish. Everything that

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happens happens with the will of Allah subhana wa sallam was the controller at the door of this universe of Canada with the right and that Allah azza wa jal talks about the story of Mr. Poe the story of the area of the surah

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takes the name of Mr. Allah says in no law house for that demo one who has the Ebola emo. Ivana I didn't add any Allah, Allah He said next, this is what Allah has revealed. This is one of the some of abundant universe what

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he creates any favors Allah azza wa jal talks about some people he favorite. He says Allah stuff he favorite Adam, he favorite to it, and the family of Ibrahim and the family of Milan, who's in Milan and Milan is the father of Mary, the grandfather of Asa and Eastern in Milan and his wife but he says here Allah has mentioned Safa and Milan the wife of Imran Why, what is this so special about you for you to be favorited by Allah as Asian these people have something that is so special Allah favorite densified our data, Allah creates any figures he's never you profit and make profit will be the seed of all profits, the last profit to come at the very first profit to antigen that he favored

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us as an owner of your soul. Why? Because this OMA is the last OMA that was sent to mankind and the very first Amada with Andrew Shanna and the best

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this is going to

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know if you were the destination that came out to mankind. So why this woman is so special sisters. Are you listening? Yes. Okay. I said yes on their behalf. Maybe there's

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this woman she says is if

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I wish if our wives or parents or or our or fathers would have this, this thinking of this wife of Iran. They said her name is Hannah, but not in the Quran, Allah and the Sunnah, but he's from the the Islamic area. They said her name is Hannah. She says ha That is Paula tomato am Allah and Allah be in Nineveh? Tanaka? Nafi Buck name ahava Fatah Bellini. She says oh Allah I have dedicated that which is in my womb to be in your service. Yeah. And she was an old woman. For some of the people who come and say I'll be your MC dot from me. I want to have a pie straight your son. I've been told that I cannot have babies. I've been told that I'm barren. I've been told that you know from doctors

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that I can't have babies they said but if Allah said that you can then you can because this woman was all

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your doctor you understand that? This woman was old. But then she never lost hope. And she says, Look be Indian. If you were to present me with a with a with a son. Here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna have the baby serve the conserve the mousseline serve the worshipers. If our women can today's the LRB or our fathers can say, well Allah, our next baby in sha Allah, we will dedicate that son or that daughter to be added by the man to be half and a half to be che ha ha ha. This is what she did. And then Allah has blessed her right and then she became pregnant and then she says love be

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quiet for

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a copy in your that's

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we're in recently to her.

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She says oh Allah I gave birth to a woman to girl because she thought she wanted to have a change in the because the Romans the the baby they caused mischief on earth at the time the Romans so she wanted to change and she thought that change can only happen to men so she wanted to have a baby a boy and then who can serve them was stolen and ran around he can make that change but she gave birth to a woman to female that she says do not be in your that 200 While I give birth to female what is that what

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Allah prove to her that she was wrong in what way I'm sorry you want the way that change could not only happen to men change could also happen to the women in Uganda to help them so what is it like okay, so it nice to meet you.

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And then Allah subhana wa Tada talks about Zakaria okay philosophy not Mary is born and who looks after her is that can he? Zachary huzzah Carrie and zirconia is the one who took who looked after married because he didn't have no father right i mean is a very married so he she says when he he he came in he made this very beautiful to a lot be heavily male they don't care here's another proof that yes if Allah says do or be it can be inshallah without a lot being heavily militant on supply Eva in Nicosia, dua for that one no matter if it will work out you know you slowly feed me hobby Allah Allah You bet you can be nice. Whoo, yeah. Then he made the same Oh Allah bless me with the

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sun. He was also a son. He's an old man. He's an old man. And then he's making Allah bless me with the sun. So Allah subhanho wa Taala answered his call, as he was praying if you want this breakthrough always happens when you're doing something good. He was praying as he was praying ALLAH SubhanA

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Our money money says yeah, in the wishes can be good. I mean, it's also Korea we give you the continent of the world with a boy by the name of Yaya. She's gonna be an old and my wife is very an old, how can I have baby? Allah says Allah again he does as he wishes subhanho wa Taala and that Allah azza wa jal talks about the story of Maria pan Isa. And then at the very end, I'm going to add with this as it is 10 minutes, 27 seconds, one more minute. For me another gem one of the most powerful is in the Quran that talks about unity, Allah subhanho Dionysus, you, arena and on top of

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the moon that you don't want to miss the moon. Well, of course he will be happy there he, Jimmy, Jimmy, Allah is all you who believe you should be here and do not die except in the state of Islam. Well, of course they will be happy that he Jimmy and will stay strong together stay together unite together. You see when the Prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina, what did he do first?

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The Prophet Muhammad only migrated

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he built the mission and other human dimension What did he do when he migrated to

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the message and then he he

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he called for unity between the MaHA she did not answer Allah and that's what the Prophet did. So here Allah as they're saying, and come together, unite, Don't dis unite love one another is is the spirit of you see ice house. I see Pakistanis I see. Malaysians

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I see

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I see.

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I see. This is the beauty of Islam. When you go to market your net worth in one currency 345 100 If people different from different countries and different liabilities it's amazing. That is the beauty of Islam as we see us here together so almost in almost incredible yet we need to support one another as Allah subhana whatever they say it be as the as he says a rope while tossing will be heavily available hold on into the rope of Allah and dope disunite I hope this message comes through inshallah Santa Ana, you want to be united not want to be disunited. I ask Allah to bless you all to put Baraka in your health and your wealth and your families in sha Allah Who Johanna and me I love

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your smile Baraka lafay comes from Lafayette so that might apply to other over the counter