Tazkiyah Through the Quran #28 Justice

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Justice, the establishment of Aladdin will cost Allah Subhana Allah says that the very essential reason that this Quran and Sunnah la calle keytab this book was revealed to you and you your life message Yeah, Mohammed Lee aku later, humaneness will be replaced, that mankind can establish justice, fairness, equity amongst each other. The very elemental element of the Quran is that it's supposed to purify ourselves from every gross injustice that we encounter into the world. And Allah Subhana Allah tells us that those who stand up look at the words. Kunal, POA mean Allah be of those who stand up before Allah for God as a way of testifying in front of Allah, Shahada, a bilquis,

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witnessing your life witnessing with your words, witnessing with your intent, witnessing with your behavior, and establishment of a Christian justice, whenever I am forsaken, even if it means it's a self indictment of criminality against yourself, your people, your own nation, our own community and a time Subhan Allah, we fail at this as Muslims as an oma, where we do not call out that which should be spoken out against where we allow racism to be in our households, where we allow sexism and inappropriate dealings with our daughters and wives and misunderstandings and inequity to continue, where we allow people to dominate with a politics of fear, where we allow that our

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teachings of the Quran are not the mandate of life, but we seek other isms instead of it. Justice

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is the clearest mandate of all of the Scriptures that were sent the Akuma NASA will test that mankind will stand up in equity and fairness and justice for all. And there is no distinction between the tall and the short and the dark and the light and color, the male and the female before Allah Subhana Allah, that there is a right and a rule of law for everyone is equitable under it. That becomes a powerful purifying factor for our hearts. My dear sister who has suffered under toil, know that justice is meant in the Quran. And if you haven't seen it in the household, haven't seen it as you were raised up or grew in your community. No, it's not because it is not the mandate of

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Allah, but because of the sins of mankind. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to reclaim the Sunnah and the tradition of the prophets. I seldom that we raise up upon an oma, those who establish justice, even if it means we call ourselves out. prophets I seldom said of the greatest Jihad of the greatest struggle for the truth is to speak a word of truth to a one who is a tyrant and is able to wreck havoc upon us. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to stand up for the truth, wherever it may be upon an enlightened and practiced way of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Ameen.