Quran Dua #27

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I will do bIllahi min a show you Vaughn and Juan de creme it's all at the more time on our being Nina's all Tula Ghana Rafi bottle me Mohammed lon I'm burning me in

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the semi Alani dream file I'm

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gonna be in New York all

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the way along wall and will be mouthed off to Allah is that gunkan oohs are in Nisa may to hum or Jana in me or either because who Riyadh Mina che you fall on your Wardy but Bella boo boo Cabul in Hassan you better

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than Hassan moussaka Zachary

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Zachary mahal Bella Jay dying

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call call my

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lucky Had Allah to I mean I'm

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in a law hi on Zuko Masha

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OBO uniface

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una de cada Aza carry

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on we have really led whom can re attend to Eva in Naka, semi outdoor