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AI: Summary © The transcript is a nightly video session discussing various celebrities and their roles in various fields, including the Spanish national holiday, medical frequent hula, and the upcoming film release. The speakers also mention various cultural and political events, such as the Alana Merlin Muslimeen, a woman named Hope, a woman named Janae, and a woman named Hope. They also discuss the importance of forgiveness and guidance to Islam, as it is essential to protecting from evil, and ask the audience to pray for their families and heal their hearts. The speaker also reminds listeners to be strong and steady in their actions and not allow others to grab their attention.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who

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welcome to our nightly dua session for the purpose of education and motivation. Dua in English and in Arabic inshallah Tada we have just a few more nights in Milan May Allah Subhana Allah accept from everyone inshallah Tada we will give about 60 seconds or so, for the live stream to go out and to push out to different channels and then we will begin inshallah Tada Welcome to our brothers and sisters from all around the world as to them on equal what I'm going to lie here we're not going to we ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us and to accept from us during these blessing nights and to make us from amongst those who worship on Laila to audit and worship throughout the year as well

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along murmee Is that mafia and will give about a minute or so, just for the live stream to to go out and then we will start inshallah Tada welcome welcome from all around the world and welcome from different countries and cities and states medical frequent Hamdulillah we have representations from a number of different countries Mashallah.

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sister Julie Watty all the way from Malaysia

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all the way from Charlotte, North Carolina. We have a humbler Oklahoma.

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We have Germany, masha Allah,

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masha Allah may Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of you medical vehicle

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of course yes Canada cannot forget Canada friends as well my Sharma student aseema from France welcome

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Miss Miller we'll get started inshallah Tada

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with the Arabic dua Joseph Mojito

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Allahu Allah can hand Your hand and Kathy you're on by Eva mobile rockin fee law medical 100 hectare total law well I can handle either or lead what I can come to embargo everyone Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad in Fil A worrying waffle acid in offering matter in either your MIDI

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Amal Medina female Herdade Wow fina female athlete. What are well learner female until late we're barely cleaner female appoint worldliness shawarma although it in Naco totally will help me What are you more like? In a hula? You're the human were late. What are your resume and iodate tuber Dr. BENNER What are late that can harm your aagama for Lloyd Welaka Shukla Adama an amateur we are in our late the stone still fetal Kalong I mean, Jimmy, I don't know we want to talk. One or two boys make Allahumma in Natal foreign to him we'll have 151 Love them in the car for winter hula fourth one Allahumma in Nica for one two hula for five for Anna

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along the Inverness El Camino high equally he ideally he Julius Malema I mean who am I and I'm not when are also becoming a shadow equally. Julius Malema I mean who am I I'm not a lot of madness okay Fiona and a lot what total Kelemen karate or Hogben Moroccan why the Latino do any vertical fitness for elite Elite or must do and even what was up on a hook back were Hoberman your handbook or from Bama the new agree buena in a phobic

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alarm but you know now they're becoming a really Mila young woman call you will be shocked. I mean, I only learned when we never seen Teshuvah I mean, do I use deja vu?

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Law whomever even if you're well, when Hoshyar what is CERN and Kieran shirk, you know, well, I'm an unsightly Hamamoto called The

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Ultimate ball hit Ahmed and I mean are the ones in Latin America where are you in on Minahasa aluminum in a shift you I mean underneath your aluminum pulumi will absorb some bit groove analogic Allahumma Yan will finally well pulumi will absorb certain bit Kulu Bannerghatta Denecke a lot of my MO Polywell pulumi One of solid with a bit globala Denecke from Benalla to the Apollo bada bada in her data will have learned me that Don Kaufman in Nikka Interlingua Allahumma Koblin mo Titova were Indian multi shahada or Barragan multigene number one arena

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A lot of monitor John mostly button a few Deena went to Johnny dunya Kabbalah Hamina wanna la alumina? Wanna? Remo Sirona Why Johnny Jana to hear down on our football on a beautiful magic from a walk me alone that you know about binary Baddeck binary magnolol Cena biotic Mowgli and fina hook mocha OG lon fina follow up this Allahumma be policemen who Wallach some Mehta been off sick Oh anzaldo vikita around lambda who I had them in hoppecke I was that Sumpter behavior me lawyer in that and toggle Laulima Robbie off peruviana oneworld also Adina what zone Nina whether her but her Momina well Momina

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a mama that given I mean homeowners Cena winding I mean who magia who not what was up naughty la what? lady walked off and I then went into the Euro leak on Viraj Motyka of hammerlock I mean Allama Medina, Wendy bina windjana suburban eliminated a lot of models of who the what to what to offer when Lena

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Aloha Slipknot was lush above and Muslim enough equally Mecca also Bob and I are walking along I was living in Edina and a lady who asked me to Emelina while sniffling or dunya and and Latifi Hama Oshana whilst lifting in a feedlot and letting you know you heard what John had hired to do that and then if equally hide what Jordan moto or Hutton Dynamic Position a lot more reserved national Fatima what John played on a yo yo mana Park Allah models opener who's known Fatima why John Hydra Yamuna Yamuna park along Mata Dona Ana FEMA farmina Harada them been in love of Alta one 111 Raja, what are they in in LA avoider? One or more La Ilaha data one of them of loom and Ilana Salta, what are

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called even Ilana Jetta one Musa fear on Saturday man either nicking your auditor What are Moulton Illallah Hunter whenever you want Elijah feta erotica I mean

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a lot more sort of Islam or as a Muslim Allahumma men are ordinary Islamic only Muslim you know hate unfulfillable either qualified woman or ordinary Islam when Massimino Su and Anjali Qaeda who fina honey but you know what to so Yanni Yeah, but we you yo la Yama Tina yo la yeah all the way along LM Benard Amin a love marriage Masjid in Uppsala, you know the hobby muslimin along the water is open if he has a lot of problem amount Allah him upon him message off so I mean he didn't want me Allahu upon him better than Muslim you know, and it bothered me and Alana fundage it could have been a Muslim enough equally makan equally makan equally makan yeah other Janerio the Quran Allah

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Montserrat Eva the consolidation of equally makan Allah mythology combined and McRobbie opposite in Danang in Medina what should be my Alana Merlin Muslimeen you haven't been out I mean, a lot more fiddly motel Muslimeen Andrew Mehreen Alina Shahidullah Clemente Washingtonia winning a V COVID research Wimmer to learning along mafia loanword Hanwha for him rough on him what occurred in Missoula home what was so remote for them, while still haven't been met you were 31 but went up to him you know, don't we'll be able to come out in October 3 will be Illumina, Dennis along with Hamner either Sedona EDA ml saweetie along with Illumina leader to LA home a little Nolita to

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Allahumma Bonilla, Lila telefone a woman geography her body along me kind of tow the leader will find it for Taco Bell Mina July for Taco Bell Mina join Fatah combat winner during Ramadan we are

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Allahumma until one year when we're in telephony you want to know more Alpha ninja Ruka DUA and Misaki when I win Juca Raja and hearty feet a lot of my lateral dinner has been while I'm at Rush medical moto Dean. Yeah, how you use for your bureau schematics and astellia Mirotic and astellia Mirotic Ernesta Leith also left in a shutdown Aquila? What are taking now either unforeseen alpha time? A mom affinity Valentina, why did you want it? You know, a lot more fildena The Nobel Akula the kaha Angela? Kabhi Raha was only Marilena I mean, how mad I'm not yet Hola, yo, me llaman Anissa Luca Mooji about your chromatic was the email fibrotic was salam Atomico Lee well when you met him

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equilibrium well foes I mean Jannetty one Naja. Tamina law of magic nomina na Allama articleare Farben What do you call the ABA you know Omaha? Tina? I mean, I know a lot of math Karina Jana temana bra Yeah, as easily Oh, Mr. Liu calpheon those are either delayed or he's not gonna be you know, Sunday. Lena was shahada he was saw your feet or has to know that you cannot feel alone Muslim Luna Ramadan AMITA Blahnik when Naja Toyota to come in neutronic Allahu Vatican a female payment on a loan. A loan that I got a note on Madonna Seanie Nagisa was Mina to Medina when Jonathan Allahumma fee he we don't have authority, along with Tambo Salah to also Yamuna waqia Mana little Khurana was

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to do Donna Allahumma Taco Bell DUA and in Atlanta shimmy Ronnie what Tamara you know in NACA into tau Rahim

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well benna Hublin I mean, as wodgina What the reality now Kurata Reo windjana you know talking about you mama Rob

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Been out enough in dunya has an awful lot to Hasina working out of and not what else you to do. I wanna I know Hamdulillah you don't go out I mean, I'll tell you nothing more than abena from Eduardo early he was off me he was

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Zack McLennan to our brothers and sisters we will now move on to the English portion of the URL in sha Allah Tala. Let's move on to the English portion of the DUA, Joseph Macedo.

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of Allah We praise You. We praise you your Allah for the ability to praise you. We praise you a lot for the blessing of life for the blessing of guidance to Islam. For the blessing of seeing the truth as truth, you Allah we praise you for granting us life to the month of Ramadan and life to the last 10 nights of Ramadan we praise you Allah for the ability to worship you. He Allah to you belongs all praise You are the Lord of the heavens in the earth and the Light of the heavens and the earth and the maintainer of the heavens and the earth. So to you is thanks and praise to Allah you are the truth. Your speech is true your promise is true and your meeting is true paradise and hellfire are

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true, the prophets are true and Muhammad peace be upon him is true. All we submit to you, we believe in you, we depend on you. We repent to you and refer back to you we seek judgment from you. So yeah, Allah grant us forgiveness from you, for our past sins and the new, those hidden and evident from all of them we repent. And from those sins we forgotten while you know, Oh Allah, we asked you for Paradise, the highest levels of Paradise, and everything that will bring us closer to actions and speech. We asked you a lot to protect us from the fire and anything that will bring us closer to of actions and speech. Oh Allah, we ask you to guide us amongst those who have guided and grant us

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health amongst those who have granted health to protect us amongst those who have protected and bless us in what has been given to us by you. Your law protects us from any evil that is decreed for you decree in truth a nun can decree over you, Nan can disgrace whom you support and none can honor whom you oppose. You are the blessed and exalted. Oh Allah, you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.

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You are the Most Merciful of those who are asked the most generous of those who give the sustainer of everything you alone ever live. Oh Allah you who hears what we do not hear you who sees what we do not see you who changes the universe by simply saying can be we don't have the ability to praise you Allah your as you praised yourself. But we thank you Allah for our faith, for our families, for our health and our wealth, and all that you've given us, we declare to be our Lord with no deities other than you, You created us we are your slaves and we fulfill our pledge to you. We seek refuge in You from the sins that we commit. Your blessings upon us cannot be counted Your favors, we all

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admit, we confess our sins yeah Allah and we ask for your forgiveness for non forgive sins except for you. Oh Allah, you are a lawful. You are the one who loves to forgive so forgive us O Allah. You are forgiving you love to forgive so forgive us your Allah you are forgiving you love to forgive so forgive us. O Allah. You informed us with the Rooney study block and call upon Me I will respond to you. You informed us yet Allah Allah topknot will middle of Mattila do not lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. So we beg you Allah we call upon yo yo Allah from different parts of the world Oh Allah, we call upon you during this blessed month during this blessing our during this blessed time, we call

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upon you yet Allah with your names and your attributes your Allah We beg you to please forgive us your Allah please forgive us for all of our sins. Oh Allah forgive us for our sins the past, present and future, the major and the minor, the sins that are public and the sins that are private, the sins we remember and all the sins that we forgot. Oh Allah, we seek refuge in You from a heart that is not humbled and an eye that does not tear knowledge that does not benefit us and a prayer not lifted near. Oh Allah make us people of the Quran. Oh Allah guide us to be people of the Quran and our loved ones as well. Oh Allah make the Quran, the spring of our hearts, the light of our chests,

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the remover of our sadness, the repeller of our stress, teach us what we don't know of it and remind us what we forgotten and grant us the ability to recite throughout the day at night. Oh Allah make us amongst those who recite the Quran and review the Quran and memorize the Quran and internalize the Quran and reflect on the Quran and teach the Quran and live upon the Quran in every facet of life. Oh Allah, Allah was to live and die upon the Quran. And Allah was to be protected by the Quran is intercession in the grave, to be shaded by an interceded for on the day of judgment and to read

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to the highest levels of Jannah through living and dying upon it's memorization and implementation Oh Allah, Oh Allah, guide us and our loved ones guide us here Allah from all around the world Olden young, guide for us, our youth to Allah and bring them to the truth, protect them from influences that would cause them to be misled, forgive our parents and grandparents and have mercy and our debt removed from us, the overpowering of people and the overburdening of debts. Oh Allah for those who are struggling with deaths with for those who are struggling with poverty, we asked you a law to open for them the doors of risk and to grant them patience and perseverance and resilience to pursue

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only that which is permissible and that which is pleasing to you. All along. We asked you for success. And we asked you to make us a people who understand what success is. We ask you a law for all of our loved ones and all of our community members around the world to grant us the highest levels of success and to remove our stress and to make us people of trust and talk when we ask you Allah to bless all of the marriages of our brothers and sisters around the world and to protect them from any harm or evil internally and externally Allah. Allah we asked you to marry our bachelors and bachelorettes and to guide them to the best of marriages into the best of actions are aligned the

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best of character and the best of Taqwa in every situation. Oh Allah for all of the Muslim students around the world. We asked you Allah, to grant them the ability to Excel for your sake, indeed, and dunya. And doubts and desires repel. We ask you a lot to free our prisoners and bring them back to their family safe and secure, and to heal our sick from all illnesses, you alone are the one to cure. Oh Allah, we seek Your protection from being tested. And we asked you Allah for the greatest reward for every test that we've passed the Allah we ask you Allah for protection for our families, our loved ones, our brothers and our sisters in the land that you have made, bless it. And in every

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land in every place in which your name is mentioned. Oh Allah we have many brothers and sisters in many countries and states in many cities, yeah Allah and behind closed doors who are suffering and struggling with oppression and injustice. You know Allah for our brothers and sisters in Masjid in Oxon all around the world, in countless places if we were to list them here alone, many of them feel like they have no state to support them no OMA behind them no learn to accept them and no one to carry them it is them and you Ya Allah, you are there supporter you are there hope you know Allah, all avenues are shut for them except for your door that doesn't close. So be their greatest support

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and greatest ally, and guide us to Allah to the best of actions that will bring about relief and justice and peace to other people make us a source of justice and peace for other people Yama, Allah have mercy on our friends and our brothers and sisters, and our relatives and everyone who requested our prayers, forgive all of their sins, and correct all of their affairs. They are Allah or Allah. You've blessed us to experience the month of Ramadan. So bless us, you know Allah, with your forgiveness allow us to be amongst those who entered Ramadan and left it with a clean slate. Forgive us all along and be with us and don't punish us. There's nothing that gives us the ability to call

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upon you, persistently knowing we have shortcomings and sins and faults and flaws and that We've disobeyed you Allah nothing gives us the ability to ask have you consistently except what you've taught us of your forgiveness. You are a rock man. You are a Rahim. You are a terroir you are an awful you're the one who forgives, and you told us or Allah will who will allow for one on one do it and then you are the ever the oft forgiving and the most loving and the one who seeks your repentance will be forgiven. Yeah, Allah we ask you, your Allah. We ask you a lot during this blessed night for forgiveness, we repent to your life from all of our sins. We ask you Allah for

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strength. And we ask you Allah for the ability to refrain from going back to our sins. We asked you Allah for strength and wisdom. And we ask you a lot to protect us from going back to the sins of Allah make us and our loved ones of the people of paradise and protect us and our families and our Ummah from all evil and heal the hearts of the believing people Oh ALLAH unite between our hearts united between our communities and our institutions and our brothers and sisters in every Landon place and make us a people yo Allah that do not have any kind of superiority complex any kind of pride or arrogance looking down on one another because of ethnicity or nation states or languages

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make us one or May Allah guide us your Allah to be people of humility and people of unity. Yeah Allah we ask you to make us amongst those who are accepted on later to further your Allah grant us the wisdom to seek Lena to project consistently in all 10 nights. And not to retire on any of these remaining nights and make us amongst those who are accepted on the night that is greater than 1000 months, or Allah. We ask you for all that is good. The good now and the good later, the good we know and the good that we don't recognize. We asked for your protection against all evil, evil now and later the evil that we

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Recognizing the evil that we don't recognize, Oh Allah, we ask You for happiness and healing. We asked you for strength. We asked you for resilience for our brothers and sisters dealing with loss. Dealing with grief. We asked you Allah to help them and to mend their hearts. You are the one who mends the hearts, we ask you a lot for optimism and to make us a people of hope. And we ask you a lot to make us a source of hope and optimism for others around us. All along. We asked you to protect us in our mental and physical health. And we asked you a lot for every kind of healing and to be guided to the best of healing all along. As we've come to you, begging you striving harder in

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the month of Ramadan. We asked you Allah to grant us the wisdom and the consistency in worshiping you after Ramadan. We asked you Allah to guide us and our brothers and sisters who took more steps towards you during this month to be consistent throughout the year. And that if there are bad influences on us, online or offline with any kind of environment or any kind of friend or company, we asked you Allah to replace it with that which is good. And we beg you Allah for many more Ramadan's to come, oh Allah guide our institutions guide our Islamic centers guide our organizations guide our scholars, our politicians or community leaders from all around the world and guide them

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your Allah to the most pleasing actions to you to the most corrective actions and protect them your Allah from any kind of evil, protect them your love for missing guidance. Yeah, Allah for those who are trying to divide our communities and those who are trying to harm our communities from within. We ask you a lot to protect us from their doubts we ask Allah to protect us from their evil and their harm, and to make us a people of unity and a people of advice and people who follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in character and in rituals. We asked you, you're allowed to make us people have humility and to seek knowledge from those who are knowledgeable. We

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asked you Allah to forgive our scholars or institutions, and those who have arrived and we ask Allah to guide them to the best of actions. We ask Allah to guide them to the best of actions. Oh Allah, show us the truth is truth. And guide us to it and show us evil as evil and protect us against it. protect us from it, oh Allah. Oh Allah, we ask you in these final moments to accept from us. We asked you a lot to accept our dua. We asked you Allah to accept our dua, O Allah, you're the one who said what he does like everybody Hanifa in Nepali booty Buddha Tada either and if My servants ask about me, I am nearby I respond to the one who calls upon me, when he calls upon me we are calling

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upon your Allah, and we beg you Allah, we beg you your Allah, we beg you Allah knowing that no one can accept our dua except for you. We beg you a lot to accept our dua, we beg you a lot to accept our DUA and to make us content, knowing with full trust in who you are, that the DUA is being responded to in the best manner possible for us. We asked you Allah to guide us and forgive us. We asked you Allah to purify our hearts, purify our hearts, to purify our hearts and our actions. And our final supplication is that all praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds or law, send your peace and your blessings upon your messenger Mohammed, and those who follow Him until the end of

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times, Aloma Amin.

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Zachman, Lafayette and once again, to our brothers and sisters, for joining us from all around the world. Mashallah. As usual, there's a great diversity of Hamdulillah. Those of you who joined and mentioned as well, the different states you're coming from, all the way from Florida to Boston, to the east coast and the west coast and Maryland and Dearborn, mashallah, all across Michigan, and New Jersey, all across Canada, all across Europe, all across Asia and Africa as well. May Allah bless you all, may Allah accept from you, may Allah reward you, stay consistent with your Dora stay consistent with your dikkat during these remaining nights, and I asked Allah subhanaw taala to

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accept from all of you. And to make this up people have consistency, know that every dua makes a difference. And as a reminder, dua is accepted in different forms, it may be accepted in the way you just asked for. It may be accepted in a better form for you. It may be accepted as well, by serving or forming a protection against the calamity that was coming your way. So you're doing it for something else ended up protecting you. It may be accepted for somebody else because of the drought you just made for the entire OMA and the angel said and the same for you and something you needed in your life was responded to a blessing came to you and opportunity came your way because of the DUA

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you made for your brothers and your sisters. So do not forget your brothers and your sisters as well. May Allah subhana X after you and the last week Dr could be accepted is that it seemed as a reward on the day of judgment and imagine mountains and mountains of rewards. And you come on the Day of Judgment, the most important day and you're looking for as much good as possible is the currency of the afterlife. You need as much of it as possible and you find millions or billions of Hassanal good deeds because of the DUA.

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If you kept making consistently in this life knowing that no good dog goes to waste, no dog goes to waste, no dog goes to waste. So stay consistent and may Allah accept from all you Joseph McKinnon for tuning in. We will continue in sha Allah to Allah during the remaining nights tomorrow night for us here in the US and eastern time zone it is the 27th night tomorrow inshallah Tada it will be the 27th night for us. I ask Allah to accept from all of you regardless of when you started on Milan, stay consistent. It could be later to or it could be any one of these nights. Does that mcphedran wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi a Gemini was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi

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