If the Quran is Scientific then why is it Against the Theory of Charles Darwin?

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Salam aleikum, brother. I'm asking this question on behalf of my very close friend. He's a non Muslim, he don't want to disclose his name, but he's an engineer by profession. He wants to know, Quran does not contradict with modern science, but it says Adam alayhis salam was the first man on the face of the earth. But this goes against the theory of Charles Darwin regarding evolution.

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But as a question if if Quran matches the signed by does not agree with distributor of the Quran, then Salaam is the first human being. It goes against that theory of Charles Darwin and I agree with you. The Quran does not agree with the theory of Charles Darwin because Charles Darwin's theory, Quran is a book of fact, not a book of theory.

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if you read the book of Charles Darwin,

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if you're the book of Charles Darwin, the origin of species, it says that Charles Darwin went on the ship by the name of HMS Beagle, which went on island by the North Carroll tropos. And he saw birds packing in holes and niches. Depending upon the niches the bird packed, the beak became small and long. Based on this observation, he propounded his theory of natural selection. But he wrote a letter to his friend Thomas Thompson saying that I've got no 100% proof regarding my theory, but because it helps me an embryology, in rudimentary origins, et cetera, he has propounded that otherwise. Charles Darwin himself agreed that they were missing links, that the reason in school, if

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we had to insult someone, we used to say that if you are present during Charles Darwin's time, then his theory would have been proved right, incinerating looks like an ape.

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So this is just a theory, it does not affect at all, I have not come across a single book, which is called as the fact of evolution. All of these are theories of evolution. And furthermore,

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according to PB Grassi, he says it is letting imagination done too wild, just based on few vestiges that we are assuming that we have been evolved from if today, Seinfeld found four ways. First is Australopithecus. From the Ice Age, then CRO Magnon, Neanderthal man. All these what science I found, there is no link between them. And there's no proof that we have been evolved from a

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and upon two hands, it's Craig, who is an expert in molecular biology. He says, it is absurd, just based on DNA to assume that our forefathers waves it is just the assumption. There are hundreds of scientists who have written against Darwin's theory. Darwin's theory has been proved for us long ago. Now something is come on the internet recently. Okay. Now in theory, these are just hypothesis.

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But certain things have Darwin that life has been evolved from water no problem. Quran says that industry under Chapter number 21 is number 32. A certain things are correct, but as a whole, that human beings have been derived for me. It's unscientific. It's a theory and that's not a fact. Hope that answers the question.