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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato is below my Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he saw ladonia Salam Madhu respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam Welcome back to lifestyle. The lifestyle that was brought to us by our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Allah Allah Salam. May Allah subhanaw taala enable us to continue on following his path until we breed our last Amina belonging because Allah will determine our condition or our situation, by the last action that we will perform in this dunya so the last action matters the most May Allah subhanaw taala make our last action the best because the prophets Allah Allah is Allah mentioned Allah I brought bill

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how a team Allah will determine your destiny, whether in Jannah or will I ever be law in the other destination? May Allah protect us all by the last action that you have performed in this dunya walaikum salam or to Liberia to everyone who had entered the room? May Allah accept your fotl Blimey, so it is very important to understand that following the path of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim and making his path making his life our lifestyle is what will determine our destination in Jannah with the light Allah or if you didn't follow then it's up to you blame no one but yourself. Today is very important topic and that is avoiding sins, the life of the lifestyle of the Prophet

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Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam of avoiding sins at all cost. The Janab l Marcy mahavihara minha alma bottom, the apparent sinful activities that can be obviously available at our fingertips, which are very obvious that it is haram or these activities are haram so avoiding avoid that one a baton and those that are hidden, those that are performed maybe behind closed doors, those things that maybe are vague, and sometimes we are unsure halal, or haram and so on and so forth. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam would say I've heard one one horror movie in Allah is obvious. Haram two is obvious. You don't need really a Mufti or a speaker or a chef or listener to tell you what's halal

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or haram. You have your common sense you know exactly what's right. You know exactly what is wrong. However, there are other matters require deep knowledge require me the scholars to come and tell you it's halal because and then they will cite the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim as evidence or they will tell you It's haram because and they will also cite those evidences.

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam said that these gray matters, these vague issues, it is better for you to avoid them at all costs, avoid them vegetable issue will help you better avoid those doubtful matters which could lead easily to sinful activities. May Allah protect us all and grant us the right understanding. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam there are other sins that are specific, which we should also avoid at all costs. And I wanted to highlight a few of them. In fact, one of them in particular that is absolutely general. So it's not like stealing, stealing is a specific sin. But there are other sins that are committed in secret behind closed doors, that Allah Allah knows what

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are the nature of the sinful activities so the prophets Allah Salah also addressed this issue saying La Alamanda acquirement mean Almighty I know a group of people from amongst my OMA so there are Muslims yeah today oh well piano, these people will come on the Day of Judgment. Be has an air team. I'm 30 valatie habitable these people will come to Allah with good deeds. Listen to my words very carefully. These are the words of the process alone. These people will come with great good deeds as great in size in in measure, like the size of mountains. So they're good people they're engaging in good activities. Burj Allah Allah will have a more thorough but Allah subhanaw taala will turn these

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good actions into scattered dust meaning these these good activities will be weightless in the sight of Allah. Allah will not even look at them. Why is that? So this is something very scary my brothers and sisters Islam to come to Allah

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Is good actions you think that you have done good only to find that your actions will be turned away. That's why Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran

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about, you know, sort of gas and sewer that we supposed to eat every Friday Subhan Allah that

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hello to Bill Campbell X Serena I'm Ella Should I inform you of the greatest losers of all time? And Latina no loss I own Phil hayati dunya, only Assa buena. And now your sooner Sona Sona that those people who have thought that they are doing good actions in this dunya while in fact they were astray, they were misguided they were misled by others. May Allah protect us and may Allah never make us among those people. I mean Alborada me so Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet SAW Selim is going to us this mental picture, that there are some people who are doing excellent actions, yet the deeds will be rejected. So there was a companion among the people who listened to the process and

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when he mentioned those words, and he, you know, inquire from the process of them. So if homeland i asked Allah, the limb lead is what Allah this company named fell ban, may Allah be pleased with me set to the process, Allah described these people to us. Yeah, can you talk to us more about them? Who are they so that we can avoid what they used to do so that we do not fall into their own mistake or into the same mistake again? So he said Allah inom widecombe The Prophet SAW said, Indeed, they are your brothers and sisters in Islam, one engine Datacom and they have the same nature, the same inclinations like yourselves, they are human beings like you and I. So there is no really much

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difference between you and I, well, who do not mean a lady Canada Hello, not only that, they have an extra quality now, what is that extra quality they use to stay up in the night praying to Allah Tahajjud prayer will lay just like how you do. So this is now not everyone will be given the gift of clear emulate, let us agree on this. Not everyone will be gifted, they emulate these are selected people Allah chosen to cleanse them from the sins by giving them that ability of giving up their sleep, giving up the warm beds and the teddy bears that you hug all night for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah Subhan Allah so what is the problem then? Some of you may ask now, if those people are

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coming with great number of good deeds, and they pray late at night, the best form of prayers after Tagil the best form of prayer sorry, the best form of prayers after the obligatory prayer is clear Malay nothing can be clear Malaya like whosoever will ever cast everyone.

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So what is the problem? The prophets Allah Allah Allah Salam continue by saying well lacking now McClymont however, they are groups of people, either Hello will be the hiring lay in Tacuba, these people when they are alone behind closed doors when the Haram is presented to them secretly the violates the ayatollahs feminine that's the problem. These are the sins that are committed behind closed doors that eat up your good deeds.

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May Allah protect us all y'all? May Allah protect us all few things we learn from this hadith my brothers and sisters Islam number one, your good deeds alone are not sufficient to take you to take you to them. So be careful. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day stood up and he said to the people, you want the people, the people who were around him, he said, You will never be saved by your good deeds. They say even you will. Soon Allah even you all messenger of Allah he says even I, until or unless ALLAH showers me with his mercy, so we will never attain salvation. Jana with our good actions, forget about this. We have to invoke Allah's mercy to cover us up, you know, and cover

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us from those sinful activities so that he may admit us to Jannah second thing we learn about this hadith is the care of the companion named Sal burn, may Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with him. He was so

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worry about those activities. So he asked the process element he enquired from the processor to describe them, to describe these people to him so that he can avoid those sins. So it is important as much as we wanted to learn the good activities. We need to learn also the bad ones so that we can avoid them. We need to learn the consequences of sinful activities on our lives so that we can insha Allah to Allah avoid them at all costs.

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And other things

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Another thing also to learn, which is very, very funny, I found it to be the most important lesson of this hadith is that look at the words of the prophets of Salaam. When he started describing these people, he said what they are your brothers, they are your sisters, they pray late at night, these brothers of yours, they pray late at night, which means what they are religious people, they are committed to the deen of Allah subhanaw taala. But that does not prevent them from falling into sins, which means that you and I, the lay people should now have hope and Allah subhanaw taala, that if Allah subhanaw taala is telling us through his messenger that even religious people will pray

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that God can fall into sinful activities. So how about you and I. So now we have hope, I hope that Allah will have mercy upon us once we return to him in repentance. The point is, my brothers and sisters instead of avoiding sin is a lifestyle. It's a lifestyle that the believers should always have in mind. That's why the Prophet SAW Selim said, avoid being alone with the opposite gender. So if you are a man, avoid to be alone behind closed doors with the with a female and if you're a female, avoid being alone with a man. And also that applies to those people who are chatting online. If you're chatting with the opposite gender online alone, where there is no supervisor to prevent

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any harm from happening, then avoid that the process and said avoid that why? Because the third will be shaitan. The third person will be shaitan. And of course, shaitan is not there to entertain you. So I thought is not there to invite you for a barbecue, she thought is there to drag you, literally to drag you into sinful activities. Look at this. Avoiding sin was the lifestyle of the Prophet SAW Selim was the lifestyle of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, and it should be your lifestyle, too. Why is that? So because once you're falling behind closed doors, you are indirectly demonstrating a very dangerous idea. And that is I'm afraid of my father. I'm afraid of my mother.

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I'm afraid of my husband, I'm afraid of my wife. That's why I committed the sins behind closed doors, because I'm not afraid of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Indirectly you're saying this, you are making Allah subhanaw taala the least person, the least deity looking at you.

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The least who's looking and observing your sense. But if your mom's there around you, you will dare not to do haram and secret. If your father is around you will they're not doing the Haram in front of them. But once your father is not here, once your mother is, is absent, once your husband or your wife is not around and you're alone, you just go for the same no matter what how big the sin is. You just go for it because you don't think that Allah is watching you. That's why Allah says in the Quran. Yes, the food I mean in CoA is the phone I mean Allah who are who are now that these people they conceal their sins from the people around them, but they do not conceal their sins from a law

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who is with them. Allahu Akbar, wherever you are.

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The tequila Hi Thelma hyphema Khan the prophets awesome said fear Allah and have Taqwa of Allah wherever you are. If you did not watch my episode taco please go back scroll down wherever you are. We have we broke us from a while Ibrahim page connect Institute global connect us to Karachi and live di go back scroll down to see the previous episodes. Or visit the AWOL Academy to see the entire series inshallah to know how Taqwa is important and yet another part of our lifestyle. Our Allah that taught us men NESEA rob the WHO Phil Halliwell, the Hello lajuan houfy Shut the hell out or feel

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that whosoever forgot about a law, behind closed doors or in secret, Allah will neglect him in the most critical time of his life and that is death.

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So there are many, many things my brothers and sisters in Islam, we need to pay attention to when it comes to avoiding sins. And that is number one. hafla you have to always be aware of the state of heedlessness, don't ever listen to this reminder that you're listening to today and just pay no attention whatsoever. Never Never do that my brothers and sisters in Islam, pay attention. Don't ever be like the people that Allah subhanaw taala described in the Quran that these people are like animals No, they are even worse.

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Your Katana Bella Nasir herself who will home feed off let him more in on the day of reckoning is coming closer to people while they are in a state of heedlessness. You know what are they doing? They reject these these reminders they rejected the

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C'est la later inshallah inshallah we repent later, we're still alive we're still enjoying life we're still young. Allahu Akbar. May Allah protect us all. May Allah protect us all Allah described these people love are you know, these people have got the eyes but they don't see with it. They have got the heart but they don't feel with it you don't reflect over the reminders. And then Allah says hola Ecole an army below among those are like cattle. No Do they are even worse than carnivores than animals because animals were born by natural by natural, fulfilling the commands of Allah subhanaw taala. They are they are designed this way. Monkeys my brothers and sisters are not smarter than

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human beings they are created to behave in that way. Dogs are not smarter or dolphins or pigs they are not smarter than you. Well other Hala canal in Santa Fe, Sunny Tapui, we have created humankind in the best mold in the best shape ever. You are favored over all creation. So these animals that behave in certain ways, and then you think that they are smarter than you are they're very, very intelligent, they are not they are designed this way. All monkeys with no exception love banana. But not all human beings love the same type of foods upon a lot on the they are designed this way. They are made to behave this way for us to appreciate the creation of Allah subhanaw taala but you are an

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intellectual creation,

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your intellect you're an intellectual creation for a reason to choose between different options to choose between right and wrong. You have that ability that was not given to animals, but Allah subhanaw taala and this is a what that when you are heedless, when you don't pay attention to the cost of Allah you degrade yourself to a status even lower than the animals will arugula or eco home offload, those are the heedless people Allah subhanaw taala mentioned second thing that you need to pay attention of is belittling minor sins you know minus Ember plus minus and plus 1000 minus cents plus a million minor sins because mountains of sins that you will not be able to bear on the view of

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judgment you'd be surprised you will be like drained you will be like wishing, hoping not to even exist seeing those minor sins. The Prophet SAW Samson II icon or Maha karate Zulu. Don't ever be little minor sins for the indeed accumulate until the Doom men the Doom people, the Doom people, minor sins, the con Omaha karate Avenue That's why Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran did not say don't do dinner. He said Don't come closer to Zina wala caribou, Zina do not even come closer to any situation that may lead you to Zim

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any situation and don't ever don't even say what what we hear from from people around the brother but my intention is I work with this girl My intention is pure, but brother I can control myself rubbish all this is rubbish. My brothers and sisters, Ibrahim alayhi salam we mentioned this before I think Ibrahim Ali salaam, the man who broke the idols, he broke the idols because he didn't believe that they are gods is the same one who makes the iron he made dua to Allah Provigil has better the better than eminent What do you know when you already have a snob your Allah make displace Mecca, a place a city of security and safety and protect me and my children prevent me or

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my children from worshipping the islands. Why such a man who broke the idols will make dua not to worship the idols because nothing is guaranteed. Don't ever say I can I'm strong I don't have this. My intention is pure, you can fall anytime. That's why avoidance is better than remedies to avoid the sickness is better than the cure. Subhanallah prevention is better than cure as they say Right? So be careful my brothers and sisters in Islam, it is absolutely essential to avoid sins at all costs. Now what do we do?

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How to deal practically with this number one before the sin so I always say that you know protect your environment before the sin so design your environment in a way that is conducive to good activities finished. So if your sin is using your mobile phone or internet devices behind closed doors, don't do that anymore. Use your computers your use your devices outside bedroom, problem solved. You will have no heart to do anything foolish in front of the people when your device is in public. So before the sale, you have to immediately or you have to protect yourself.

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Look at the man Subhanallah look at the

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A man who killed 99 persons, and he went to a chef and he told them, will Allah accept my repentance? He said no. So he killed them. So he killed 100 people, but the man was so sincere, he went to another man to ask a scholar, someone who was given knowledge and wisdom. And he told him well Allah accept my dependencies. Of course, Allah will accept your opinions, but your environment is toxic, your environment is inviting you to sin, so leave your environment. So the first thing is before the sin, we have to design our environment in a manner that will always encourage us to do that, which is right number two at the time of the sin. So when you are now pushed so hard, if you

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are pushed so hard to commit that sin, what do we do run away, run away balama either law, use of eraser and when he was seduced by the lady who wanted him to commit sin, to commit Zina, he said what I seek refuge from Allah I seek Allah's protection I have nowhere to run to except to Allah subhanaw taala so he ran the opposite direction. Where are you going use of a salon, the doors were locked from behind from inside from outside guards were outside not to allow anyone to exit Subhanallah that there was the situation yet he ran to the opposite direction of the lady and the lady ripped off his shirt from behind. That's how he was resisting the sin, run away, leave that

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place. When you're bombarded. Where you're bombarded by the sinful atmosphere, and you're about to fall, runaway make will do and due to Raqqa call a friend called someone that you trust. You don't want to shy us to define good friends by telling us the good friends are those people who when you look at when you look at them, they remind you of Allah

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even without telling you anything just being in the presence of those people bring you back to Allah subhanaw taala Okay, now we are human beings after the sin What do you do so before the sin

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at the time of the sin

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after the same because we are human beings we're gonna we are bound to commit mistakes. After the sin. What do you do? Number one, despair, not

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this, never give up on yourself. Never give up on Allah subhanaw taala never ever say that I've been doing the sin again and again Allah Allah will never forgive me ever, never despair in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala in Allah for the Ruger Jamia. Now hold on for Rahim Allah says that he forgives all sins minor or major so long as you return back to the idea Lavina Alladhina sorrowful Allah said those those my slaves who have transgress all bounds and all limits.

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Yeah, but they do not suffer other unforeseen those who wronged themselves. Latok Natoma Rahmatullah, don't ever, don't ever despair in the Mercy of Allah for Allah forgive all sins. Hamdulillah. So don't ever despair in the Mercy of Allah if you have fallen into these sinful activities, number two within this point is that you should immediately repent. And number three, you should immediately make or do a good action in Asana to the hipness, a good deeds, wipe out bad ones. So remember those things and number four is the way forward the way forward. So before the sin, at the time of the sin, after the sin, and the way forward on my lifestyle after that,

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pertaining to sinful invite environment and sinful activities is revolves around two things my brothers and sisters and Stan do. And our the two Ds do it during the night, you know, we are in Ramadan, 16 days or some people 15 days of Ramadan have gone already, and we been accustomed to making dua at night. Now continue with that dua, even after Ramadan dua in the night, and Gowa. Throughout the day, the two days invite people to goodness, the video that you have listened to today, that the lecture that you've listened today, to today, maybe this is something was beneficial to you, but why will you bury that video within your own? Within your own account? Why don't you

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share it with others? That's what we always say. Dawa is not necessarily to invite non Muslims to Islam. Dawa is to invite people to goodness to invite people to witness so just that low Hydra May Allah subhanaw taala make us among those people who hear the reminders and follow them to the best of our ability. And may Allah subhanaw taala enable us to control our desires not not in a way in a toxic way but to control these actions

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that are based on some desires that are toxic. Well I had a biller May Allah allow us or enable us to

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to direct these desires in a halal way, I mean,

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may Allah subhanaw taala prevent us from falling into sinful activities that will displace a lot and result in our damnation within fire. Amina blah ninjas Aquila. Hi my brothers and sisters in Islam. Don't forget share the videos. Subscribe to the AWARE Academy YouTube channel. And we'll see tomorrow in sha Allah Salam on a waterfall why? A lot of things