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The video discusses the importance of the Bible and the language of animals in relation to protecting healthy individuals. It also touches on a man reciting the Bible and his conversation with brothers and sisters about the importance of staying healthy. A woman named figures attempts to kill new babies while expressing scaredity of the men who are supposed to kill them. The transcript also includes a woman talking about her father's desire to kill new babies and expressing fear of the men who are supposed to kill them.

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Today is going to be time yesterday somebody told me she gave lots of chocolate. We'll make it up for you today. So today the car is on the head, he today wouldn't be finishing. So after sohara which we talked about yesterday Shala means poets and time of the Prophet. You know, the language of the art is very, very powerful. So they used to send letters amongst them and speak to one another, sometimes only with poetry. So there's this civil discourse autostrada and then today he will also cover so enamored and so for us, as of yesterday, they have the car is now they've reduced the portions of we know what they'd be reciting they used to recite one quarter one Zeus and a quarter

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from now on as at the end of Ramadan, there will be only reciting hamdulillah one Zeus. So we shall be able to complete the recitation of the headline of the Quran by the 27th inshallah Jota Allah tonight on the 27th of Ramadan Inshallah, so solar enamel, and salt and cassava, so that never ends. Nothing means ends. You have bees, and you have ants, you know, which is a novel, which is a medley solar. It's a bat, it's 93 verses and it starts with our scene. That scene just let me give you something because now I have a little bit of time.

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We know when we talk about follow the hedges, we call them all of the hedges. There's also we call them there's another name, who knows that is Hello, Fundacion

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masala Mocha, Nam, you see what what is the beautiful thing about the the ROV or the

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on the language of the hollows.

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When we say hold off at the Hedgy also from about when we talk about the alphabets, the Alembic alphabets, we have 29 letters and or 2829 or 28 You have what we call often vision ear, or philosophy cheriya. Right. The hollows waterlogged, man thought, the holes that when you say the letter, the whole of them are pronounced, and hello for the letters that I've actually written. And then when we say passing, it starts with passing what I'm pronouncing here, I'm not pronouncing you know, the half. If I were to pronounce the half, I would say pass.

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Just like if that mean, I'm not pronouncing the healthy how to pronounce the half hour to be I'll be saying, who said that? Who said you said that.

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But okay, sisters, welcome center.

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What do we pronounce? We don't pronounce the letter. If I were to pronounce the letter, it will be alarmed or it will be pus. But I'm saying Farsi. What do we call that?

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Are you sister?

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What do we call that something?

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issue of health

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is small health. What does that mean is small health.

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The name of the letter,

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you see the name of letter, I'm not pronouncing the letter the letter is SA or see us. But website Farsi or any flam me. So we pronounced the name of the half versus the half itself. This is the beauty about this outfit, the Hedgy there are 14 of them. And where do you find them? You'll find them in 20 I saw us and how many letters do you have now be 29. So Pamela, and to the left? I believe in Allah. So I'm not going to tell you how and what if Allah wins it like that's kind of what the 14 have.

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And we'll find them in 29 solos, and we have in our B 29 letters. So you can think of the marvelous things about the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala says paciente

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operando kita movie, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada here talks about sort of Neville talking talking about so the man so the man and brothers and sisters do you know that there are all these prophets I have actually a seminar called nation builders, nation builders about the prophets, these prophets they were they were inventors. Do you know what they are good as a histogram invented

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is no wrong.

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Sisters Yeah, let's start with the sisters. She's making

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She's good. She's good. Get her

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chocolate chocolate dough

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Welcome back. Welcome back. You just came from Africa.

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What was

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yes, he invented what did he invent he invented was

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The armor, you know that people would wear when you go to war, you know sometimes that he that the, to protect people from you know, the one who invented that is their own

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so he Allah is is your talks about the story of Solomon and then the way the old is the father, so he is the son. So the man Allah has blessed him with, with with this ability to speak and to understand the language of the animals. Here, this is what's called a lemon. And

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we had that either ago at our wedding. I'm your product number two, Johanna Luminesce, kinako. You heard and talking? In fact, recently it's been rated that he told you one of the Nancy told this snap, and how many how much do you need in terms of food to survive? She says, I would need one grain to survive one year, he brought her one ends. He brought her one grain, and he locked her in the box. And he came back the following year, he found that she ate only half of the grain. He told her how come you told me you need one grain to survive one full year, but you only ate half of the brain. She says yes, that's when my list is in the hands of Allah. But when the list is under your

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hand, you lock me in this box, I thought that you may forget about me. So I only ate half of it. This this discussion happened between her at the end and so the man and he said so he asked Allah subhanaw taala to bless him with the sovereignty that he did not get anyone with. And then he used to have his meeting with all the creations of Allah azza wa jal then when to use to serve Him. The agenda is to serve Him. Animals used to serve him but here's a gem one of the traits of a leader he wasn't needed either. He sat down he noticed that the Hood Hood what do we call the hood billionaire in English tweeter?

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The hoopoe

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to come with Parker

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wood hugger look beggar

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in either what's called hook,

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hook hook.

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But Allah Xhosa says by that we will install sheep verse number 21

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Marlena on Hood Hood. Um can I mean Allah EB

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should either hola as the HANA Allah Tiana Neva, so funny movie, he has this meeting every day with his servants. And then he noticed amongst all the creatures, all the servers, one bird is missing a trait of a leader he pays attention, a father, a mother, a leader, a manager, a director, very meticulous, detailed attention. He cares. Where's the book? What did he come? He should have attended the meeting, I shut punishing I shall kill him. But he was a fair leader. What did he say says as he brings me an excuse, a good justification. And then what was the whole the whole, the whole, the whole was going around in this scavenging trip. And then he saw this woman from from

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Yemen, the Queen of Sheba, they were worshipping the sun, and the hood hood, they had this villa in his heart, how come these people are worshipping the sun. So he came back to cinema to tell him worship to our highest owner, he shops in Indonesia, our founder and her people, they were worshipping the sun from the from, you know, instead of Allah they were making a trip to the sun. And in their debate with the way the sun shoots this this ship, it says that in the industry in the solar solar thing, and then he told him that this is what he wasn't. This is what the story was today. Mine is to them. We send the message to her to come back and then she will come and be Allah

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subhana wa Tada wishes to help companies. Vinicius and then verse number 62, beautiful verse from South number, Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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You all make it to have but somehow the less sometimes when we make the only one we are in dire need. But then when things are fine, a lot of people tend not to make that when everything is fine, only happy when you're healthy. Why should they make die? You may say I'm fine. Yeah, and you only need that when you're not fine.

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And you need to have when you're not fun. So one has to be saved by the machine verse number 62 M Aug volume, either.

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Who is the one who's asking you a question like a wonderful, wonderful question. And may Eugene who is the one who answers the call of the one who is in dire needy and may use he will work?

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Well, your chief will sue our

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on who is the one who answers the call of the needy who is the one who alleviates your pain your stress and distress and makes you inaccuracy then is that anyone other than Allah? Is anyone other than Allah. Why do you go to so and so when you go into trouble the first thing that you should do

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Got this first one who you should think of when you're going through any hardship is is is

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sisters sisters Allah give her give them give them

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so as cook inshallah Tada so as

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verse it's murky surah Allah subhanho wa Taala here talks about Surah two Oh, water he said in much more detail, much more detail. And here system please listen to this verse number six from Surah Al passes, oh Musa, the mother of Musa

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only Musa I inspired the mother of Musa to suck at her son because now he saw that dream and then in that dream somebody from Venezuela is going to destroy his kingdom. So he said they told the people I'm gonna kill all the newborns. They told me if you can all the newborns who's going to serve us one year you kill them new babies and one year you

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must live here when he let them live. It was the year when Hubble was born. And the year when he was going to kill them is the year when for that one Musa was born. So now mom is pregnant and she's scared and she you know, because if she was to make any noise during that trial at birth, they will come and they would take her son and they would kill him. So Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed to her Whoa, hang on 11 Moose and all that. And we leave it to the mother Musa to soccer her baby because the sisters they know every mother, her hope her a her dream after she delivers her baby is to do what she serves

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to tell him

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to breastfeed him to soccer him so Allah has those will fulfill that wish of the day for him. 50 Honey, if you're scared that they may get him for free, he failure Allahu Akbar, to him in the river. And then Allah makes a promise. Allah makes a promise, and we shall bring him back and make him among the most serene, we can knock the prophets and she did Allah subhanaw taala told her and then Musa Ali Salam Gan Allah azza wa jal talks about gonna have to jump here verse number 23 when Musa had to travel to medium you had to be kicked out he left Egypt and he's traveling to India and then he passed by this well and there was some women there and there was some men while caring for

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them for their for their capital. And then he saw a couple of women he says Allah says verse number 23 What a Malaga Medina was your daddy your method SES for what was your the main hint mean? Dooney Hemara attorney to do Dan Harlem Alpha Bravo Kuma all those three hectares your

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whatever I'm gonna show you one carry when he made them he says Why aren't you worried for your flocks? They said we don't want to mingle with men. There's only men we're waiting to answer them and finish it they will come and we will water for our flock. Then he went and he wanted for them. What did he tell them? He says must have the book OMAP two words he didn't say semacam How are your sisters? You do it okay mashallah good mashallah look I like it he said oh brother mashallah he looked like he got some old mashallah

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keep that no matter

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what are you why are you here towards the said we're not watering for flux because we don't want to mingle with Matt and listen for you and I when things happen outside give them

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and then the woman after he will fell after the water for that she wasn't she told her father and then she came I want to show you the car is to listen to this because sometimes we listen to the plan but we don't connect with the Quran Allah subhanaw taala says verse number 25 for

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one of them came walking modestly understeer here in that one pitiful recital. He recited like this. He says one of them came walking mother's Creek. And then he repeated modesty. She said, as if she was walking modesty and she spoke to him modesty of the Allah as there was only said, and one of them she came to him walking modesty and she said, my father was to thank you for watering for us sisters and brothers. This is how you could Elise is the other as Allah subhanho saying, get them the story of Musa this day in sha Allah.

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Allah talks about the study of Paolo or he was the cousin of Musa who chose not to leave and Allah subhanaw taala destroyed him with all his wealth. When he said pardon the novelty of it. And he says whatever I have is from me, he did not attribute anything to Allah subhanho wa Taala so I've learned destroyed in all his wealth. May Allah azza wa jal give us the understanding of the two and make us love. Amazon Wait, I love that Kamala Harris. Walk along FICO

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was set up like that. Oh my god.