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Respect the boundaries of Allah

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Salah doesn't even consider on cathedra from

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my brothers and sisters, Allah subhanaw taala reminded us about the fact that not only did he created us from one man and woman, our Father, other mother, hawala has Sarah, but that he is not bound by

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our genetic codes

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which decide heresy. Because he created those chords. And he programmed, he created those genes and he programmed those chords into them.

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So from the same man and woman, Allah subhanaw taala gave rise to races from Mongo to caucasia, to Nubia.

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There used to be three main racial classifications caucasoid, negroid, and Mongoloid,

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which interestingly had to do with facial features,

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and not color at all. Yet today, discrimination is based on color.

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Interestingly, by this classification of caucasoid, negroid, and Mongoloid

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Indians, like me, are caucasoid.

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Or try convincing British immigration that I'm related to the queen.

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However, a little research

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that I was doing into this produced this, Jeff,

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the racial classifications of coxide negroid, and Mongoloid is an outdated classification system. As our knowledge of genes grows, these morphological distinctions that used to be defined as race actually turn out to be a very, very small proportion of the human genome, compared to the vast amount of average genome between each geographic area and the population around the Earth being 99.9%. Similar.

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So if I

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look at an African person, or I look at a European person, or I look at a Chinese person, then between me and them, we are, we are 99.9% alike, and only point 01 percent different.

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But generally, we choose to see the opposite way.

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Right, we say well, what is the similarity between me and an African person? Well, guess what? Everything is similar, except point 01 percent. And this is scientific fact. I'm not talking to you about some, you know, mythology.

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Interestingly, also the current classification,

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which we use, where people are called Africa, America, Asia, European, Chinese, and so on. This refers to geographies it refers to continents, and not to race at all.

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So also in our other confused thinking, Jews, including European Jews, who are actually European,

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so prophesied

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are called semiotic. Whereas Arabs are not called 70. The reality is that both the Jews which is ethnic Jews, 70, Jews, not European Jews, 70 Jews, and Arabs are from the same roots. They are both semiotic people. Both the languages Hebrew, as well as Arabic, have the same origin. They're both Semitic languages.

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But we choose to see what we want to see. Now Allah subhanaw taala told us that He created us from one pair, and divided us into various races and tribes, so that Lita ruffle so that you may recognize one another, and you may honor one another. As signs almost know that each one of us is an ayah of Allah, each one of us is the sign of Allah Subhana.

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Allah that adored us that our difference is actually something that should draw us closer and enable us to honor one another

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and love one another. Because we come from the same parents, other families

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and we have been created by the same creator, Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Yet we fall into the trap of shatta and we look down on one another

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On the basis of racial differences, which do not make us superior or inferior to anybody else,

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think about is what is shared and say what did you please say, when Allah subhanaw taala ordered it

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to make to do and he didn't mean to do and last in why he did that? What was his answer? A lot of tourists. In surah de la la se la la la la la calidad de Souza is about to talk Carla Anna Minho, Hannah patani when you work Allah,

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Allah, Allah asked him, he said, What prevented you or in place that you did not make a video when I commanded? And he said I'm better than him. You created me from fire and you created him from

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this is the primeval

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first statement of racial discrimination, which landed employees in Japan. People ask what is Islams take on racism? This is lipstick on racism, that racism runs you in Japan?

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Let's ask ourselves whose lead We are, we are following when we are being racist. Muslim societies are rapidly racist.

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I have heard statements

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in many countries of one Muslim group. Speaking disparagingly about other another Muslim

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people speak disparagingly if I if I if I'm in the Middle East, right. If I'm in Saudi Arabia, people will speak disparagingly about Egyptians and about remedies. If I'm in,

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in the UAE or if I'm in Qatar, then people speak disparagingly about the Saudis

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or the Yemenis in Africa, zeros against shanga or Zulus against causes in Nigeria, hausa against Fulani

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I mean, everywhere it is the same story. And believe me, the white people are no better because in Europe

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until less than 100 years ago, there was blood on the streets of European fighting European.

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The First World War and the second world war were primary wars between European countries.

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Right, the non Europeans who took part in those wars, like the Indians, for example, and so on, were part of the British Empire. So they were effectively part of a European country.

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But mercifully, after the Second World War, Europeans at least learned this lesson, that this kind of racism and nationalism is a is a is a poison, it's a crime against humanity. It's a crime against yourself.

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And as soon as wiped out all racism, he wiped out all

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all nationalistic and nationalism, feelings.

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brothers sisters, so therefore let us ask ourselves, that where we are being racist, when we are speaking, you know, disparagingly about another person based on race, or when we are discriminating against another person based on race. Let's ask ourselves, whose lead we are following? Are we following the lead of the place of shaytan? Or are we following the lead of a hammer the dose of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? because believe me, the two are not the same. The two do not take us to the same place. The two actually take us to two opposite places. And we need to ask ourselves which place do I want to be in?

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Now what are the example of Rasulullah Sanam and his Sahaba? Let us see that.

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It also entered Makkah as a conqueror he cleaned the Kaaba of all the idols which have been placed in it. Then came the time to call the other.

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fella was at the head of an army of 10,000 people, which included the Maha Giroux who came from Medina. And then they came back in the army. And it included the answer the people from their army consisted of every big name of the Sahaba that you can imagine, every single one of them was in the army, anyone who mostly was in the army, and all the occurrences of the Sahaba weren't in that army. The family of horses or seldom was in the army said and it was there must be a bit of the hotel he was.

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He was not in the army, but you know, part of the army but he was in Makkah, and he was part he was in that in that whole group and he was he was president at that time. He said

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Cousin, Abdullah neighbors was there was there

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was there was there

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was there it was happening what was not the year passed away. But Mr. bingeable was there on the alarm on Wednesday, all of these people were in that arm.

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Yet when it came time to call the other, who would

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choose to call the first other

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in the harem Sharif in MK

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tell me first of all, who in your opinion, would have been the most suitable person to call the first other in the Kaaba after cleaning the Kaaba of all its idols. Once again, the house of Allah was restore what Ibrahim Alayhi Salam created was restored.

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Who in your opinion, was the best person the most suitable person? If if somebody asked me, who do you think should have called the other? Whose name do you think I would have said, whose name would you have said,

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I would have said Mohammed Salah Elisa, and you would I'm sure you would agree that Mohammed Salah was the most suitable person to call the other? Because he was the enemy? Whose right is it to call the greater than the right of the NaVi. But holy, docile assassin of Jews. He chose Villa Villa villa.

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Not only did he he did he choose Bella, gelato, as soon as a salon

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ordered him to climb on top of the cabin stand on top of the cabin called Yoda.

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Right? You know, I know that sound travels furtherest

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when we are actually closer to the ground, contrary to you know, the usual understanding the mineral the massages which were built, were really just a symbol of the architecture, somebody's standing on top of him or his wife didn't carry too far. Right?

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He got him to stand on top of the car.

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And to call the other

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way, you might say well to establish racial equality.

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I would say that Allah, of course Allah knows best. But I think it was also because, beloved, another lon, had paid his dues. He was among the Sahaba, who had suffered the most because

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on the on the, for the sake of Islam.

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And a sorcerer also wanted to establish that piety, and

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was the only criteria of superiority she was not establishing racial superiority or inferiority. He was talking about us establishing

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and showing in practice what I must monitor is it in the academic come into play at the best of you? The most honor of you is the one who

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is the most pious and telenovela Delano was therefore honored because of taqwa not not because he was black. Now, think about this, that who was below the law, Iran was the one not only did he suffer on the basis of Islam, but he was the one whose footsteps or solar system hurt agenda when he went in his own garage. So Bilaal with Omar Abdullah, who was somebody who Allah subhanaw taala loved and knew this, and therefore, he gave him the honor that was duty.

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Yes, he is. Now in this context,

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Allah subhanaw taala taught us who is superior and who is inferior. Now,

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after hatanaka

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it also was a wrestler took his army to face the mother socket, for in life. Now they had gathered to attack the Muslims. So they went now on the way they stopped. Now remember, remember in that army, there were a lot of people who were newly introduced, including a lot of the courage, who didn't go hadn't had the benefit of tarbiyah, which also lives on salary. So these were, you know, young man who not particularly,

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I mean, they were new in the religion, they didn't have the salary of our sources. And so they, you know, they had their own understanding and their own attitudes.

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So he

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ordered Bilaal

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A bit when the army camped on the wages up on the way too tight, and ordered biller

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to call the other

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girl called Piazza. And there was a group of young Qureshi, so called aristocrats with no mobility absorbers and basic Ashoka. These were the people from the from the so called Big families

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who started making fun and mocking say that by the law. So, you know, they mocked him, somebody called him, I don't want to be the what they said is recorded, but I don't want to repeat those names out to other folks.

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But suffice to say that, you know, they were not being complimentary, obviously. So they were, they called him all kinds of names. And this was reported, as soon as as soon as I saw them summon those people haven't really done it. This was serious, because

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the, this was the issue of, you know, they were being called by the commander in chief of the army.

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having committed something which could be interpreted as treason, because they could be interpreted as something that they are trying to sabotage or some word, the authority of ourselves and sell them because they're making fun of his mozzie.

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Anyway, they had no choice. So they had to go they went

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to set himself who was the, who was the leader of this group, who was the most vociferous,

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obviously, the most obnoxious,

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and they pointed to one of them, and that was a man by the name of Omaha, Dora.

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we got forward.

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Imagine what probably was going on in the mind of the man where now he's been caught, and nutritional supplements is isolating him is calling forward. Maybe it's not that the progress of serum is now going to signal to somebody and they will cut his head off as a sign and as a lesson for everyone else, to behave themselves and not to do what the kind of thing that he was doing.

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But, you know, this is what sets us apart. Nobody's gonna sell them. Well, unlike anybody else. His reactions, his responses were unlike anybody else. So what did he do? He called? And he said, Come and he was smiling. And then he said, Oh, Mahara Setsuna

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so why don't I sat down? close to him?

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And then he said to him,

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Do you want me to teach you how to follow your

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image? This is the strangest thing you can think about. Here is an image of a seller who's saying to Omar Avalon Do you want me to teach you how to call the other

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side was gonna say yes, I mean, I would have said yes to anything but no, that was the situation. So he said Yes, sir.

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Sir, sir, sir, sir. Ancestry. Okay, repeat after me.

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And then Russell called

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a shadow.

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oh blah blah, blah,

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repeated the other

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and then see the power of this way

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of correction,

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correction that is done out of genuine love for the person

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out of wanting the best for the person

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correction which is not simply a reflection of your anger, your anger may be correct, your anger may be righteous, anger will be justified.

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But in correction, if the anger comes forward instead of care and concern instead of love and affection for the student, then you do not have correction

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then you have resentment then you are worse than you have sadness

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as soon as the seller genuinely wanted to help this young man

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whose attitude was negative

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and this is how we corrected the CDF effect of that connection.

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When this is finished, I will just

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a request. He said yeah, so, bla bla bla bla bla is your was it in? Medina? Make me your mosey in Makkah

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says you are my words.

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Now, the historians have recorded this. And they have said that Allah subhanaw taala gave a very lovely, he lived well into his 90s.

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And every single day of his life until his last day, he would come into the hora he would make off and then he would pray to rocket and then he would call you for every Salah.

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Rather than just as I asked you to think about this, the life of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the best example for us. Because it's the most beautiful example that we have, of how to live our lives at every aspect of our life. So if you are a leader, and a leader is not necessarily a leader in an official sense, as in the head of a corporation or as the as in a political leader or something, in your home, you are the leader, if you are the Father, you are the mother, you are the leader. If you are the brother or sister you are the leader, amongst your friends, you might be a leader. There's no formal designation, but you are people look up to you people. respect you, people

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listen to you. Ask yourself,

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if you want to correct people and you want really if you want them to listen to you to, to correct themselves to follow what you want him to do, what is the best way to do that? Look for that in the Xerox or cell and you will find this.

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This is how we connect with people. In this case, it was an issue of racism.

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And in one single instance, he changed the setting of the art of somebody who was basically racist.

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Here was an Arab man was looking down on a black man and change that setting one

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out of love, out of respect.

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We like to talk about Africa. But we forget that to practice what Allah order in our lives is a reflection of our appeal. And it is not merely to recite the creed or to argue about the nature of Allah subhanho wa Taala that aqeedah is to demonstrate our belief in practice, by living

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by living that truth. To demonstrate our lie our Akina in practice by living them, ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us to practice this day to live Islam and to become walking talking role models for the people of the world to look at and to remember Mohammed Salah rollinson masala Allah will carry value

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