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Oh Isla

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Macomb one and nothing no dough has

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to well

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or is that little mood dumping? I levena

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Kunis is all your all he will call the mean a lathe or Luffy nine in 19

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is well long we'll have bull Mosinee all levena either fall over Hey Schatten al Lala Moo Fuson that go all the way

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down far only don't obey Him or mail Phil Nuba in long walk all while I'm used to rule 1501 Meola Hoan. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam. The ad that I just recited contained a description of the people of Taqwa talking such a concept that was described in the Quran or mentioned in the Quran over 230 times. Can you imagine? Allah subhanho wa Taala keep on reminding us that a lot of good things being prepared for the people of Taqwa if we read the second chapter of the Quran Surah Al Baqarah Elif

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me, then he Kalki tabula ie Buffy Hoda, Muthana clean Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that this is the book the Quran in it, there is no doubt a guidance for the people of Taqwa. So the Quran was meant to guide the people with this beautiful quality, the quality that summarizes the lifestyle of a Muslim that's why the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Allah Allah Sam said it tequila hyphema couldn't have Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala. Wherever you are, anywhere you go, you have to display this quality and just like how guidance he died, I was restricted for the people of Taqwa. Jana, to my brothers and sisters in Islam was prepared for the people of Taqwa and Allah subhanaw taala is

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staring us in the eye and recited earlier race one another my brothers and sisters in Islam towards forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa taala. And gin which is as wide as the size of the heavens and the earth or that little Mottaki in it was prepared by Allah subhanaw taala for the people of Taqwa and then Allah subhanaw taala describe the qualities of the people of Taqwa. And this is the episode of today my brothers and sisters in Islam. Taqwa as a lifestyle first of all, taqwa is defined as creating a barrier between yourself and anything else that may anger Allah subhanaw taala. Whenever you are tempted to fall into sinful activities, this shield Taqwa will prevent you from falling into

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such an error, you will always have that awareness deep inside of you that Allah subhanaw taala is overwatching and as such you will feel so shame deep inside or ashamed of falling into sinful activities that Allah subhanaw taala prohibited This is Taco I'll even have you thought about the Allah Allah It was said that he had defined taco as a whole for minimal Jolene while I'm an OB Tenzin what ridurre Bill Alene Wallace their their duty Yama Rahim Taqwa is to fear Allah Subhana Allah the Exalted the Mighty, the most powerful. Well, I'm a little bit 10 zeal and to work hard to implement the revelation sent down from Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran or through the teaching of

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Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the implementation of what Allah has revealed. This is to a sign of your taqwa what ridurre allele and to be content, happy and satisfied with whatever Allah subhanaw taala provided you with my brothers and sisters in this dunya even if it appears to you, as little while is standardly Yama Raheen and to be prepared for the day of departure for death, these four line definitions of Illumina with all about the Allah Allah sums up the quality of a person with Taqwa. In fact, my brothers and sisters in Islam the ink

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Time month of Ramadan. Its purpose why Allah Subhana Allah Allah made it one of the pillars of Islam. Why Allah subhanaw taala made it compulsory upon every believers and even the nations before the Muslims, Lucha lecom tahune so that you may develop Paco and become people of Taqwa. Now among the signs that maybe can give you a little bit of indication that you are a personal taco or not, are mentioned in the ad that we recited in the beginning of this episode. Alladhina Fatone, f is some raw e what the raw those who spend in good time when they are in a state of comfort and ease and the bank account is perfect was a lot of watercolor. What not raw and also during that time when

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things are a bit difficult and tight. They don't say no, I don't have enough so I will keep for myself and my family know the go out of the way even during difficulties and the spend for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala because they have firm belief that if the spent Allah will give back because Allah is Al Karim the most generous they understood the ayah in the Quran, Matthew Levine philippou Nephi sebelah he came at Ali hubba

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that's Abbas and Bill fee cool listen boletim to have the wall long who will die for the mash

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walawe who say Oh gnarly the example of those who spent for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala is just like the seed that you planted, which afterwards it grew seven years. And in each ear Allahu Akbar 100 grains and Allah multiply on the top of all of that Allah multiply to those whom He is pleased with. Wala who was Helen alim, because Allah subhanaw taala is too vast is too rich and ever knowing another quality mentioned in the same ad will call the mean alive and those who are strained their anger Allah didn't say here those who control the feeling of anger, because we do get angry. We do experience this intense emotion sometimes and throughout the year of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu

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sallam, we could see some incidents where the prophet muhammad sallallahu Sallam himself became angry even some of the narrator's will describe Muhammad SAW Salam as getting angry or he has gotten angry. But how did he display that anger? This is an art by itself. How can you contain that intense emotion within you so that you do not explode and create chaos around you will call the me and I'll hide those who are strained that angers means that during the time where they feel so agitated and angry, and boiling from inside out, do not cause any damage on the outside, while La Vina and in

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another quality mentioned, and those who pardon others, those who forgive others and let go of the mistakes those who know their own shortcomings and that's why they let go of the mistakes of others because they're hoping that when they are when they make mistakes, they will find kind hearted people as well, who will forgive them and let go of the errors. They are hoping that on the Day of Judgment just like how they forgive others Allah to will let go of the mistakes Subhanallah on the wall long we will have bull Masini Wallah who your head boom Icynene and Allah loves those who do good Subhanallah Lima Allah describe all the above actions restraining your anger, forgiving others

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and spending good time and bedtime as something good done with the quality of sound, such a quality that will insha Allah to Allah be discussed in another episode but Allah loves those people. And if Allah loved you, my brothers and sisters in Islam, congratulations. What else should you fear? Now? Allah subhanaw taala goes on to describe further other qualities of the people of Taqwa. Well, Adina either follow fascia, and those when the fall into indecency and immoral activity are vulnerable and fusarium, or maybe they have wronged themselves in any way. The Corolla, immediately, they remember ALLAH subhanaw taala immediately they remember that Allah is over watching them immediately.

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Remember that you have sinned in front of the king of all kings, Allah subhanaw taala nearly killed me Dean, the Master of the Day of Judgment, first of all is and obey Him. Then immediately also the Ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive them and then Allah subhanaw taala reminded us my brothers and sisters that are many young from Aruba, Illa Allah and who else is there who can forgive sins except ALLAH SubhanA wa wa ala Musa ro LMFAO and those people will never insist on what they have done. They will never insist on the sin, they will resist it, they will fight it they will find out a way to overpower the temptations in the sinful activities. We will not commit that sin while knowing for

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sure that it is sinful activities. Such are the qualities of the people of Taqwa and if you

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can live by these qualities my brothers and sisters in Islam that such people the repayment will be Mo Farah complete forgiveness of the past sins and Jeanette not Jana, plural of paradise Jannette a lot of Jenna's were rivers would be flowing underneath Carlina fear you will live there you will abide there forever for eternity. Well now I'm a doula and lean and this is how excellent the reward of those who implement who act upon the commands of Allah subhanaw taala. And so my brothers and sisters in Islam, your homework this Ramadan and beyond in sha Allah Allah is to develop as much taqwa in your heart as possible. The prophets Allah Allah Allah SLM point to his chest and he said,

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taqwa Hoonah Taqwa occurs inside of you in the heart. That's why no one can measure your level of Tahoe except Allah subhanaw taala the one who controls and over see an Overwatch your heart and this is why exactly the prophets Allah Allah Sam said there is no difference there is no any superiority between black and whites, Arabs and non Arabs except by the level of Taqwa This is the criteria that Allah subhanaw taala used to judge me and you my brothers and sisters in Islam, so utilize Ramadan to achieve this goal la lecom Takuan so perhaps by the end of Ramadan inshallah Allah you will be among them talking and you will be earning such a beautiful reward that Allah subhanaw taala

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described in the Quran May Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant, you and I and everyone was watching us the highest level of Taqwa Amina Brahimi Desikan law Hainan, but hold it don't leave quickly. Please share the video with everyone and subscribe if you didn't already and we'll see tomorrow inshallah as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh