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I was relying Machito Najim spiller man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID Mursaleen Sadie now Muhammad new Allah Allah He also big Marine, our beloved brothers and sisters Salam aleykum rahmatullah wa barakato

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always we will begin with the praise of Allah Masha Allah Allah Allah Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love our greetings salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was piousness pure family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us in this month of Ramadan, Allah subhanaw taala except fasting, masha Allah there is no better place on Earth. There's no better people on Earth than to be in the Doctor of Juma in the masjid Well, fasting Subhanallah I can't think of anything better. May Allah subhanaw

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taala accept from us and be pleased with us. I mean, I mean, hamdulillah Inshallah, we begin a mini series in Ramadan, and we're gonna call it dream crafting, Dream crafting. And it's plagiarized a lot from a, a workshop by Chef Pamela Sharif Rahimullah passed away last year, which is called Dream walking. And the idea behind it was how to love the power of dua, the power of the art to really make your dreams come true. And for those people who really actualize the doers, who really make dua correctly, they see miracles happening in their life all the time. And there is no better time to make dua when in the month of Ramadan with the idea and objective that it becomes part of your life.

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Now, before we begin just one thing, I want to remind us that in Ramadan, the objective of Ramadan is not to do a lot of good deeds that you can't sustain. Yes, we push ourselves during the last 10 nights we might spend the whole night even indulge it, but that's not sustainable, far more beneficial, would be to do a habit, start a habit that you will keep with you for the end for the rest of your life. So for example, instead of saying, Look, I'm not going to wake up every night, three o'clock, two o'clock the morning and make the budget, but I will wake up 10 minutes before budget, and that two rockers will be my tattoos. And I'll forever do that Alhamdulillah that's the

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objective of Ramadan. And one of the easy habits to really inculcate in your life, is to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala. Because this is the simplest kind of a vida, this is the simplest kind of of worship. And it's for your benefit. And for those of you whose panela will hear in December, when I was on leave Alhamdulillah, one of my colleagues use of hasip if you remember, he stood by it. And if you remember football, he mentioned for almost 20 years, he didn't have a son who didn't have children. And he had given up hope that look Hollis, I'm never going to have a child and Allah has decreed this for me. And then, you know, his wife wasn't feeling well. She went to the doctor, and

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the doctor said, You're gonna give birth in the next three weeks. In a span I couldn't couldn't How did this happen? And so Hamdulillah he has a son Hamza is going through all the pains of a new parent in Alhamdulillah, in his, you know, senior days, and one thing he asked his wife they were discussing, what did we do differently this year, we will making dua for two decades, what did we do differently? And she said, she joined the scores of Chef Pamela Sharif dream walking, which really showed you how to push your doors to be to maximize to maximize it. And it is something simple to think about. Think of all your worries and your problems. Everything that you want and you need

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in work from a worldly perspective. And you had a direct line to I don't know Elon Musk, or Jeff Bezos, and he really liked you. Whatever you asked him. Number one, it's nothing for him. It doesn't, you know, you need a plane ticket to go somewhere. You need a new house, you won't even feel it. And he really liked you. You just asked and he gives it to you. You would feel look I have no issues. If my problems are solved with Allah and Muhammad Allah. We don't give Allah any analogies. But Allah subhanaw taala is far far above that way you should believe every single dua that I make. It is inconsequential to Allah subhanho wa Taala Yes, it will change your life. It can

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make your life completely miraculous, but to Allah, it's a matter of couldn't be. And it is, and that is what Allah subhanaw taala is. And so this is how we really actualize and believe and put our faith in our doors. So in this course, in this series, we're going to talk about how do I make dua the words what words should I use? What is the best times to make dua? Does it have to be in Arabic? Can I make Can I speak English in my studio? Those kinds of technical questions as a fasting person what is the best time in Ramadan? How do I maximize my dua to be the strongest it can be? Let us look at the two hours of the Gambia in the Quran. What was the nature of the two hours because if

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you look at it Subhanallah you'd find a common theme or common methodology of the doors of the Gambia. But today's lecture inshallah is the most simple

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Within one, and that is to genuinely genuinely believe that when you raise your hands, that someone on the Allah subhanho wa Taala is listening to it, that Allah subhanaw taala is a way of your DUA, that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah loves that you're making dua, and that he is answering it and He will answer it to be certain with Yaqeen it will happen, it will happen. And so the first Hadith Genovesa Salam says, A da vida or dua, who are more about that the essence of worship, the essence of our relationship between us and Allah is dua dua really, if you were to strip down Salah Hajj fasting, everything you take all the rituals that will do this very cool. Ultimately, our

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relationship is your Allah I asked you, I need you and you respond. That is what it means to be servant, and master. And so the essence of our worship our Ibadah is DUA and that is why Subhan Allah, when you look at and why we talk about this topic, especially in Ramadan, when Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the verse of Ramadan which you've heard so many times shadow Ramadan Yeah, you wonder the iniquity VALIC Museum, you've heard this so many times, but in the middle of the aisles of Ramadan, that you must fast and if you travel, then you must make the day up. And if you can't you put your finger smack in the middle of nowhere. Allah says what it is about the need for

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iniquity. And if My servants ask you, oh, Muhammad Al Salam, where am I? Where's Allah about me say I am close to them. I'm near to them. I'm not for you don't have to look where I am. Who G without a diner than I answer any supplication. The DUA is singular, I answer any dua that they make towards me that I immediately answered, but yesterday Bulli. So let them turn to me and also respond to me. Why did Allah subhanaw taala break the ayat Allah speaks with Ramadan, Allah then speaks about I'm closer honestly to us and then he continues to speak about Ramadan and fasting why? Very clear, doesn't take you know, you don't have to have a PhD in intercede, to understand. Allah is telling

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you that he always responds to you to us, anytime, anyplace. But when a person is fasting, and he's gone through an entire day, not eating, not drinking, he woke up before the sun rises, and he stopped eating until the sunset. How beautiful Subhanallah is that to Allah? So using Yeah, Allah I have as you said, if I respond to you, yeah, Allah I've responded every single second. I've been wanting to eat and drink I said, No, no, for the sake of Allah. Now, you don't have to wait to book a time but especially book a time when you're at your most hungry and most tired. Raise your hands Yeah, Allah. I need you hear Allah. I want this from you. Well, Allah subhanho wa Taala in His

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Majesty say no, and we never Hadith are gonna be some tells you, your Lord. May he be blistered and exalted is kind and he is generous, and he is shy Subhanallah that if he slave raises his hands, but he is he does not respond to it, he leaves his hands empty Subhanallah

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and what makes you think it makes you makes you ponder on the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala Would he really let people who are worshipping Him and are sincere to him, raising their hands was something which is trivial to Allah, which is easy for Allah which costs Allah nothing to simply reject it without a reason that is, that is not in the nature of Allah Subhana Allah and Allah says in the Quran, we'll call her a book of ALLAH says, Who the Rooney I said, You better come ask me so that I may respond Allah wants you to ask sometimes there is this notion that I've asked Allah for so many things already. I've asked Allah for this that I'm going to keep asking. Allah says yes keep

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asking in the medina stick beluga and it say the hallucinogen nama delphinium, those who are too proud to ask me, those are too proud to worship me. The destination is Jana. And so Subhanallah

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you know, when you asking and making dua to Allah,

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whatever you get out of the DUA, the millions that you might get the promotion that you might get the husband, the wife, those are actually byproducts of the real objective. You asking, Allah pleases Him. You asking Allah is the thing that Allah wants you to do. This is worshiping Him, this is coming closer to him. And then just as a gift, you will Subhan Allah give you that which you asked what we ask.

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Now I want you to understand, some of you might feel, I don't know how to make dua properly. I don't even know Arabic properly. I've committed so much sin. How do I speak to Allah? Remember, even the non Muslim the disbelieve in Allah gets the two hours answered the prophecy and says, Beware the dua of the oppressed, even if he is an unbeliever, for there is nothing that between that DUA and Allah subhanaw taala. Allah answers the doors of even the non believers when they are being oppressed. Even he believes Subhan Allah in the Quran, he made a DUA and I'm gonna answer this.

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Now when you understand that there is nobody who's dua is invoked by Allah to Allah sincerely. And Allah doesn't respond to that Allah responds to every single dua how

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Much more than for the believer and the one who loves Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah says that you should make dua to him in every situation. But of course, it is in our nature that we turn to Allah as a last resort and that shouldn't be the case. Many of us we latch on to dua, when the doctors say, look, there's nothing else I can do. When I don't know where else to go, when I don't have a phone, Elon Musk and GFP and everyone they all said no, now I make dua, Allah subhanaw taala says, I'm Yugi will either die, but who besides Allah is the one that answers the dua of the methodic, the one who is extremely desperate, the one who has no other place, who else answers him, either.

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besides Allah, we actually flew Elijah, hula found out and he removes any kind of evil difficulty upon him. Allah says, well sees it besides me, that when you are going through whatever hardship and you raise your hands to me, I am the one that will answer that dua than a visa sometimes isn't a very, very beautiful Hadith, that when anyone is going through hardship, they are all of us have our, our worries, our concerns, our struggles. And then a visa says there is no servant who when he is stricken by anxiety or sorrow, by some kind of calamity, and he says, Oh Allah, this is also this twice. This hadith is beautiful, because it shows you how to make dua, the person says, Oh Allah, I

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am your slave, I am your servant, the son of your slave, the male slave and the son of your female slave, my head, my life is in your hand, you have complete mastery over me, your command over me is forever executed, whatever you determine will happen. And you'll decree over me is Justin, whatever you given me is just your Allah, I ask you by every single name which belongs to you, which you have named yourself with, or you revealed in your book, or you've taught any of your creation, or would you have kept hidden for yourself in the unseen, that you make the Quran, the life of my heart and the light of my breast, and you depart from from an a departure of all my sorrows and release from

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my anxiety when you make this dua in times of difficulty in hardship, in times of distress, and absences by Allah. He says the prophet is making a summa Walla, he's saying he's sweating. Allah will remove his sorrow, and replace his grief with joy. It's a promise from Allah subhanho wa taala. And the Sahaba when they heard the city Oh, yeah, Rasulillah Salam, that we shouldn't memorize these words. And so that means yes, you should, whoever years this should try and memorize these words and say this dua in this manner.

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We shouldn't only remember Allah in the bad times, we should also remember him in the good times. And these are special kind of beauty when things are good when you're on holiday when you're not in the hospital, or you're not bankrupt, or you're not going through marital issues, when you make dua to Allah, because then at least he says, Whoever remembers Allah in His times of ease, Allah will surely remember him and be with him in his times of difficulty. And so dua should not be this last line of defense when we are in hardship, we should dream big. And that's really the the theme of the series, Dream big.

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Dream, no dream small, subhanAllah dream that I want to be, there's nothing wrong to say, I'd like to be the CEO of this company. I would like to have this and that to do good with it. Of course not to do evil with it. But I would like to, you know, master some, some field of study, I would like to be, you know, be able to bench I don't know, the 100 kilos or 10 I don't know how many kilos, you know, I'd like to be able to do all those kinds of things. I'd like to have a six pack whatever it might be. I don't want to share my dreamless here. But anyway, these things you should make dua for these things. And don't think it's too trivial. When I make these things. You think it's trivial

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look at the visa Salam, and allegiances you should ask Allah for all your needs. Even if your sandal step breaks Subhanallah Hadith I'm gonna be solemn, that if your shoe breaks, you should make the ARIA Allah replace it with something better.

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Don't trivialize anything because as we said, there is a beauty in making dua It's a beauty in saying yeah, Allah something is not right in my life. I want you to assist me, I want you to help me whether big or small. And so the resources call upon Allah, while you ascertain of his response call upon Him, and you are sure he's going to respond to you and you'd find that miracles happen in your life. Anybody Subhanallah as I said, anybody who is really actualized dua, they will confirm with you that it is amazing how the things that they may do in Ramadan, sincerely. They may do us sincerely. They found it happening in the next few months within the very near future. And that is

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why the sous chef Muhammad Sharif Rahimullah passed away why he did this course. Because, you know, he said when he was a kid, he was learning HIV. And it was Ramadan. He just started and he said you know if I make dua sincerely, I'd like to finish my hefty list in two years. And in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. I'm gonna make this to our every night when surely on Laylatul Qadr. I'm gonna catch it, you know, but just by process of elimination, and he did it

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And he achieved what he had set out to do. And he did this regularly over the years. And he said, every time I would do this in Ramadan, in particular, I would make these extreme do I make a list of the hours, these 562 hours that I really want, and I prioritize them through Ramadan, every single day of the every salah, and especially in the last 10 Nights, I'd make these doors, and I would see them coming through. And again, for us here, and this is the sadness of becoming an adult, we almost have this hesitation to believe. And it's not that we doubt it's really you doubting Allah subhanaw taala if you genuinely believe ALLAH is near, and he's listening, and for him, it's easy, then why

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should we doubt whereas the youngsters, the children in the masjid, they will surely believe they will see I want this thing I want to be top of the class I want to be the striker I want to be whatever, and they will make dua believing and that is why Subhan Allah comes through.

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So do as always answered, then a visa Salam says that Allah promises whenever a Muslim supplicates Allah, Allah accepts his supplication, either exactly as you want it, or he replaces it by averting a calamity from him, unless of course you do is sinful in any way then Allah does not accept such a DUA. And so the Sahaba mentioned that if Allah accepts all out to us, without any limits, then we should make we're gonna make a lot of doors and then abuses Allah is more than you do us, the more you make, it doesn't diminish Allah in the least.

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The prophecies the slave will receive a response you will receive Now again, this is a promise not from me from Allah subhanho wa Taala and Rasool that if you make dua sincerely and consistently, the slave will get a response from his Lord, so long as his dua does not involve any kind of sin, or is dua does not involve harming another person or cutting or family ties, and so long as you're not too impatient. So Sahaba said, What is what does it mean to do to be too impatient to be hasty? So their responses, being impatient is when you say, I made dua, and I made dua, and I've not seen any response, and so you get frustrated with Allah and you stop making dua, if that is the nature of the

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person, then is indeed his TA will not eventually reach it. But with Yaqeen you keep doing it, and you keep being persistent, Allah will respond to your DUA. This is for anytime, anyplace outside of Ramadan. But then in the Ramadan, there is a special special bonus when the Nabil says when a fasting person breaks his fast book a time Iftar time at that time, he's two hours not rejected. At that time you do is it's a promise from Allah I will not reject you to ah at the time of Iftar now, we've got 30 days way.

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Allah subhanaw taala has given you almost a blank check or a blank piece of paper, whatever it is that you want, write it down and submit it to me, and I will answer it.

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If you genuinely believe and you are sincere in it, you will get it we get Nila. And so this is the opportunity that we have every evening before you break your fast as far as especially on a Friday. We know that additional to Ramadan additional to fasting every Friday there is an hour is a Hadith that says an hour in Friday. We do not reject it. We don't know which hour it is. But many of the scholars have said it's the hour before mercury. So again Cohen's coinciding tonight took a time tonight if you're joining up the hour of Juma with Ramadan with your fasting make big to us tonight to shallow this evening. Make big two hours this evening. You know test to know if you're really

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making the art correctly.

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Make a list what is the three or five most important things you want to ask? And if you struggle to write them down, it shows you haven't been making dua to Allah consistently. A person who is consistently in dua he knows exactly. I need this, that and the other. These are the five things I don't think it'll be accurate Robina Artina, for dunya Hazara waffleh hacer una you make dua for the dunya and the akhirah. Tangible to us. And so between now and Marguerite, at least have your list ready before Buka time and take that 510 minutes before you break your fast. I'm gonna make dua sincerely for success in your job, success in your marriage, success in your health, forgiveness to

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be a better person to increase in Ayurveda, whatever it is everything for the living for the dead, make a list of a few things and I will always make dua for these things every single day, until the end of Ramadan. And during the nights of the last few nights, and insha Allah see miracles happen we end up with this hadith. Allah Himself speaks not the words of a hadith but this is the words of ALLAH Hadith could say, Allah says, Oh My servants, all of you are lost. All of you are straight, except those who I have guided. So awesome guidance of me and I will surely guide you asked me to be guided, asked me to be on the straight path and I will guide you, all my servants. All of you are

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hungry, all of you are poor, except those who I feed. So ask sustance

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Have me and I will join and I will definitely feed you. All my servants all of you are naked except those who have given clothes. So ask me for clothing, and I will clothe you, all my servants. You sin by night and by day, you're constantly committing sin, and I forgive all sins. So seek forgiveness from me asked me to forgive you, and I will forgive all your sins. Oh, my servants, were the first of you. Now this is Panama. This is what I want you to do it when you make dua tonight, this is to whom you're making dua to Allah says, Oh, my servants, were the first of you the first man until the last person, the humans and the djinn. All were to come together in one place, and

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were to make dua for constantly asking me for things. And I would give every single person what they wanted, whatever requests he wanted, that would not decrease me, as much as a needle, put in the ocean, that drop that comes out decreases the ocean, this is who Allah subhanaw taala is your DUA is yes will change your life. But to Allah it is very, very easy to do. Very, very easy to do for the only SDG but just ask and he will deliver even Allah, Allah subhanaw taala except from us or fasting, may elevate our ubaidah may accept all our two hours and grant us mellifera and gentle Philadelphia. I mean, I mean, just a few announcements. Our social welfare department, we obviously

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feeding people during the month of Ramadan, if you'd like to assist and support them, you know, you can donate to our welfare program. Also next week, Saturday, a very special program on the calendar only one one day in the year we ever do this. It is we invite orphans from the orphanages. We give them an outing we take them to the planet to just a day out. And then we have Iftar with him and we give them a bag with stationery and toiletries and things that they need for the year. If any of you would like to sponsor the bag, the sponsor the program, it's 400 Rand per child in sha Allah as part of your sadaqa insha Allah so let us know as well if you are keen, and anyone who wants to join our

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mailing list we have our series this year is Kiana. The science of karma and the end of time so if you'd like to join our mailing list after the way then you can join our WhatsApp line Dracula was ALLAH Cena Muhammad Ali also have you said I'm listening. And I'm glad I'm glad I mean, Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh