Yasir Qadhi – Heart Matters #02 – The Goal, Objective and Methodology of Spiritual Purification

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The goal of Islamic spirituality is to achieve the highest levels of Jannah, Jranin, and ultimate vision of Islam. monitoring objectives and researching methods are essential. A broader program of religion and reference to the spirituality and reference to Islam as core to one's spirituality is crucial. The importance of following the spirituality and belief system of Islam is also emphasized.
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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah is the One and the unique here is when we worship, and it is his aid that we seek. As to what follows we're continuing in our lessons about Islamic spirituality does gear to enough and yesterday, we mentioned some introductory remarks I'm going to go on today, we're still doing an overall introduction today, I want to discuss what is the ultimate goal of Islamic spirituality? What is the objective? And what is the methodology? What is the goal or vision? What is the objective? And what is the methodology you know, when you join a corporation, you're given a task your professor comes in the first day, the first thing you must know what is the

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vision of the company you're working for? What is the ultimate goal so everything you do must be aligned with that vision, every aspect every task has to be in accordance with the ultimate goal. So what is the goal of this gear to knifes the goal of this gear to enough so purifying the soul is explicitly mentioned in the Quran. Allah subhana wa Tada says fola. Dada Talulah these people are going to get the highest levels of Jannah. Who are they? Jannati I didn't touch it enough to learn how to hide it enough he was DECA Jezza Omen Zakka. This will be given to those who have attained to Ischia. So Allah gives us the vision or the goal. What is the goal of Islamic Disgaea Daraa Jonathan

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Rula, the highest of the high. So when you perfect this gear, you're not passing with a C minus, you are going to be in the top 1% The goal of this Kia is to be in the highest of the high that is your vision, everything you do, you need to understand I want to do this to be the best I can and reach the highest place of Jannah This is the ultimate goal. This is the ultimate vision. Now throughout Islamic history, various other groups and people have gotten involved and they've all you know they've all tried to think about Islamic mysticism. Other goals have been given for other people for example, you know to unveil the secrets or to achieve union with Allah, you know, these types of

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language we don't find it in the Quran and Sunnah. So we should stick to the Quran a goal, the Quran a goal, you want to be in the highest of the high, Okay, how about being close to Allah, we can even say you should be close to Allah no problem because Allah says of the righteous people. One of the rewards is fee MCI this. Endeavor. LeKan Mahkota there, they're going to be on reclining couches in Jannah in the proximity of Allah subhanho wa Taala no problem. So then of the goals of Islamic does Kia you want to be the highest of the high and you want to get to for those who are the ruler and the higher you are in Jannah then the more frequently you will be able to see Allah subhana wa Taala

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and the closer your proximity is to Allah subhana wa Tada in a way that we don't think about because when we say closeness and proximity, we have to imagine Allah is above our understanding. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Phil dos is underneath the Throne of Allah, the highest level of Jannah is underneath the Throne of Allah. So we can say of the goals of Ischia is to achieve proximity with Allah in Jannah. Yes, but the more precise terminology to get the highest levels of Jana, this is the ultimate goal and vision, what is the objective? What is the difference between objective and goal if you know you remember from your corporate trainings, objective is more

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close range objective keeps you in line with the goal. The goal is long term, the goal is one off the goal this far ahead, objective it keeps you in line just like you know the sights of the telescope, you keep in line. So the objective is you can feel it, you can sense it, the objective of Islamic spirituality once again what does the Quran and Sunnah tell us our Prophet sallallahu are they he was setting them gave us the objective precisely in the hadith of Gibreel. The objective is that you worship Allah as if you are constantly seeing him. Because even if you don't see Allah, you should be aware he is seeing you. This is the objective of Ischia. The objective that you monitor

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yourself if you keep on monitoring the objective every day, every week, every month, you will attain the goal. The objective is tangible. The goal we're hoping the after the objective, you can measure the goal we'll find out on the Day of Judgment. So the objective of does Gaea is to be conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala as much as possible, and this is also mentioned a similar sentiment In another Hadith

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the sooner we'll be happy and the more Jamil COVID Otto Bharani, our Prophet solo Salam was asked in a long Hadith, what is this gear to knifes. He was asked what is the spiritual the cleansing of the soul? And he said, listen to this, untie them and Allah Merica Haytham account that you are always aware that wherever you are, Allah is with you. So he literally defined the objective of this gear to enough's as being conscious of Allah, wherever you are, you are conscious that Allah subhanho wa Taala is with you that this is the objective. Therefore, as we move on day by day, I want you to keep the goal and the objective in mind why? Because every advice that I give myself and you every

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prohibition, I say don't do this, you have to link it to the goal and monitor the objective. Okay, so we know the goal, we know the objective, what is the methodology? What is the minute plan? What is the blueprints? How do I actually, you know, progress in this journey of designare to knifes. Our methodology is that we understand does Kyoto knifes is one essential component of a broader program of a broader system. That broader system is the religion of Allah does. Kia is one essential element, but it is not the only element. What are the other elements in the hadith of Gibreel? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam really beautifully explained what is the overall philosophy of

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Islam? What is this religion of Islam? It consists of three important chapters number one is your belief system, what do you believe number two, your rituals and your deeds. And number three, your test gear your spirituality, therefore, you cannot have a program of test kiya without at the same time having a program of your theology and Eman and your rituals and you're dealing with other people. There is no such thing as spirituality without religion, you know, in the world we live in because they don't have religion. They try to find something to fill the emptiness of the soul meditation, yoga, some higher cause that they think is noble. And they, they think they're gonna get

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something good from this. And I'm not denying they might get something good. But imagine somebody goes to the gym every day, 2030 minutes, but he doesn't care about his diet and eats the worst food imaginable and stuffs himself and he doesn't care about you know, driving recklessly, he doesn't care about finances, destroying all of his money, he might have some positives in the gym, but overall his quality of life is gone because he's not monitoring the other fields. Similarly for us as Muslims, we must have a simultaneous agenda. First and foremost our theology. You cannot have spirituality without believing in Allah and believing in His prophets without recognizing there's a

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day of judgment without always be conscious that Allah is going to resurrect me and ask me how I live my life theology, you cannot have spirituality without the rituals and the law. There is no does Kia have the heart when you don't care what your body is doing when you're not monitoring whether the headlight and Haram is taking place in your life maybe doing the best of the watch you bought and avoiding the Mohammed so does Kia is but one aspect of the broader of the broader goal of monitoring a healthy spiritual lifestyle. Now in our series of classes, I will concentrate on the spirituality but do understand you cannot have spirituality isolated from theology isolated from fic

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and Shetty. And I say this bluntly because some people Yanni throughout Islamic history, they have felt that spirituality is above theology, it is above Sharia. And so if you have spirituality, then you can be laxed with theology you can be lacks witchetty there is no such thing as does kiya without following the Sharia. You must follow the Sharia to attain to Ischia also brothers and sisters another key point somebody will say Here you are talking about this topic of Ischia. But throughout most of Islamic history, most of the people never really got involved in the science we say,

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Allah subhana, which Allah has created us all at different levels. And if we maintain the minimum of our beliefs and our Shediac, we will automatically attain the spirituality that will cause us to enter Jannah I'll repeat what I said. Allah knows not everybody aspires to be an A student. Allah knows not everybody can be the top 1%. So Allah has made things easy how so? He has revealed a very clear code of laws. He has told us how we live our lives, if we follow that code of law. If we believe in Allah and His messenger and believe in the last day and follow the Sharia, automatically, you will attain a level of spirituality that causes you to pass and entertain

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Now, but some amongst us are not satisfied with passing. Some amongst us don't want just the bare minimum we want to go to the higher we want to go to the highest for those there is this opportunity. So our methodology in attaining does gear is to turn to our sources the Quran and Sunnah and look at our vast scholarship and try to extract specific benefits and that will be one point for the next 2728 days in sha Allah final point. I want to reference certain books, not every one of them is exactly the same but overall they are in sha Allah mainstream acceptable of them of the earliest books written well tileable monkeys guten Kulu at the sustenance of the heart, very

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nice spiritual book about issues of the heart, obviously, Mr. Hasani Hello, Medina is a standard and a classic and Ibaka em has a really amazing book called modality just Sadie Kane and this has been translated to English. The Stations of the seekers the station's of the secrets is translate into English. So these are three books I recommend. Final point to summarize all of this Hassan Al Basri, the greatest scholar of the tabby rune, speaking to his students, he said, Do you want to know how Abu Bakr Siddiq was better than all of you? Some of them thought maybe his tahajjud maybe his recitation was no, what you guys are doing is similar to what he did. I mean, he's speaking to his

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students not to me on you what you guys are doing prank tahajjud fasting regularly giving zecca it's similar to what obika did. Abu Bakr Siddiq did not win the race because he had more tahajjud and more ammo and more charity than you aboubaker won the race because of something in his heart that you don't have the heart that does gear that he had, you don't have it that monitoring that awareness. He had it you don't have it. This is our motif for the next few weeks. We're going to be doing this that it's not just about actions which are important. It's also about inner spirituality. That's going to be our goal. We want to follow the footsteps of Ibaka so the Rhodiola one and try to

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attain the highest level possible and inshallah we'll continue tomorrow Santa Monica not much Allahu barakatu.

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