Guidebook to God #18 – The best of you is the best with families

Yahya Ibrahim


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The speakers discuss the importance of showing weaknesses to family members and their spouses, as it is a natural quality for their culture. They stress the need for pride in actions and highlighting the importance of showing one's identity to others, especially in difficult situations. The speakers also emphasize the need for everyone to be part of their home and not have their allegiance lifted.

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The best of us are the best with our families. Subhan Allah, one of the greatest things that I think is forgotten by many of us is that the greatest capacity to please Allah subhanho wa Taala is not meant to be experienced by those who are foreign to us and those who are distant from us, the greatest qualities that you and I seek to have as our characteristics, the place they should be practiced, taught, shown the most in our life is with our families, with our fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, wives and husbands. And that's something that you see as a regular theme when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one of the first things that I want to say about

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this is how eurocom hydrocone Allah, the best of you are the best of you with your families. And the Prophet speaks this two fathers of course, and husbands to be really good with their children really good with their spouses. But it's also equally important to understand that this word was not limited to them. But it's also meant to be reciprocated by those who they show goodness to. And therefore when you hear the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about his life and his lifestyle. You hear from those who were the first people to accept Islam, were the people who were nearest to him. They were the people who met him and knew him inside out. They were the people who were the

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first to believe in him. His wife had ijarah De La Hoya and her his cousin Ali of NAB, butala, who was far younger than him. His best friend Abu Bakr was so deep and his best friend Earth man, it was people who lived in his home who he had adopted his aide who used to be referred to as a diviner Mohammed. And until Allah said, No refer him back to his own father, right. The people who accepted Islam and the prophets, I send them with those who saw an experienced kindness from him, goodness from him in a capacity in a way that was not experienced by maybe those who are away from him. And I want this to be a guiding light for my life in your life, that whenever you want to please allow the

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most begin with those who are near you. In fact, the law structures the foreign in that way and its delivery. So the prophets I send him when he first revealed the Quran was first revealed to him. Allah says When did I share article carabin let this go and be revealed to you and the first people you share it with are your Ashiya your innermost family, the nearest to your friends and companions, those who are the most important to you? The next stage Allah subhanho wa Taala says to the prophets, I seldom convey this message Leo, Mel Cora, woman Hala, to the city that you live in the village you live in Mecca, mocha Roma and the surrounding hills. And then Allah Subhana, Allah says,

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and Nancy Germaine are cenacle in Nancy katha. I sent you to all humanity, yeah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and therefore it shows you the importance of showing love and mercy and contentment to those who are nearest to us and moving outward. Allah subhanho wa Taala also made it that our neighbors You know, they're not even blood relatives, but our neighbors who are within our job within the neighbor who is nearest you Muslim or not, in one beautiful hadith of Abdullah Ignagni, last narrations al Bukhari, it was the day of read and he ordered that the Audubon be cut and then he said Carlisle is Salah, he said to the butcher, once you butchered the meat and you're

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going to distribute it to everyone in the city. That be jadie Eliyahu D. Begin with my neighbor, the Jewish family. So the butcher was surprised. He said, there's so many Muslims that live in Abidjan Italia hoody. Should I really give it to your Jewish neighbor first, he said Cavalli caca wa lemon arasu la Salim. This is how the Prophet was and how he taught us I sell him in one of the authentic hadith also in Bahati, the prophets, I sell them on the day you've read, when he did the official slaughtering of the day of aid, he gave me to his neighbor who is a Jewish man salallahu alayhi wa sallam and I want you to pay attention to that. So our neighborhood, our community, our family,

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those who are nearest to you have more right to you than those who are distant from you, your school, your friends, your your classmates, your family, your cousins your aunt's right, notice that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has said our inner family that similar to Rahim, connecting the ties that bind us as as being something that's significant, that your,

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your and from your mother's side is as significant as your own mother, he said. So I tell them, I'll holla welder, your mother, sister, it's as if she gave birth to you. And all of that goes to reinforce the importance of doing good to our families, that our charity should begin with them. Our kindness should begin with them. Our invitations should begin with them and therefore for you and I so for example, your blood brother, your sister, they become the

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Most important person to you, even in comparison to your cousins. So I grew up with and this is not a Hadith of the prophets, I sell them, but it's a cultural trait. So I remember, you know, my father, he would teach me he would say, in Dawa, who Caleb Nanak. If it's, if there's an argument and it's your cousin, and you, then it's you and your brother, you face your cousin, because you are brothers, what into would not make a little sorry, but it's you and your cousin against any other stranger. And therefore this there's fidelity to those who are nearest fidelity to those who are a part of our families, and our homes. The first people who should receive the Baraka of our door are

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the first people who we should gather for our prayers. The first people who come to mind should be our wives, our husbands, our fathers and our mothers. learn this from the drop of the great prophets of Allah. What is the dry over Brahim? That's recorded in this Quran all of us know this Dr. Ravi Gianni Maki masala women lulea t O Allah make me one who is consistent in my prayer and my children and their children children are born our Taco Bell Allah enter this drive for me or a banner fulfill Lee when he Whalley they will invite me Nina Yama como ASAP? Allah, forgive me and forgive my parents and the believers on the day of accounting and judgment. Why is this such a powerful? Well,

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it gives you both important parts, the the family that is to come and the family that you lived with in the past. So as a young man, as a young woman, the most important people in your life are your father and your mother, your brothers, your sisters, your aunt's your uncle's, they become the nucleus of your family and no one will ever love you will ever care for you with ever seek for you, goodness more than your family and those who are nearest to you. Even when there are difficulties and trials and hardships, they will always be a part of your home. And the general Maxim is, as we hear, always, Blood is thicker than water, and that is a reality and truth. And we should honor the

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fidelity that we have with our families, friends, communities in that sense, but also we should also include those who are outside our bloodlines outside our families, that there is the fidelity of brotherhood of Islam. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to link Muslim people together when they were those who were isolated from other people. And therefore my allegiance is to the word of a loss of Hannah to Allah. And Allah subhana wa to Allah says, lethargy to Coleman Yamuna Bella he will Yeoman after us do Nam and har de la hora, Sula, Willow Canyon Abba home abna home our shirato you will never find those who truly believe in Allah, the final day that they will go

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headlong in support of their fathers brothers family, if they are in combat, with a law and against the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that is where our allegiance comes to a halt. We continue to remind them of the truth invite them to good, but our allegiance must always be to the book of Allah and the student of them and Ibu Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in seeking good for ourselves and our families and others. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us the best of people by being good to our families, homes and communities. Well, suddenly lahoma wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is your brother your hyper Rahim was

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh