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snuck up on

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me sort of law who was sending my back and then me and him early he was stalking me as my Am I but I just want to capitalize on something that I kind of mentioned briefly last night. Last night

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when we were talking about

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we talking about the brothers and sisters in Palestine.

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But particularly when it is the reverse where Allah subhanaw taala said, When I tell him what I tax, no one will Atlona in control meaning, where it's a first world law prohibits to prohibitions, a congratulatory statement and then a condition to not be set Do not be weak, and do not be saddened for verily you are from alone. You are the ones that are lofty, in quintagroup, meaning if you are the believers, so what is the belief initially that which makes you lofty and put you in a high position, and it's the belief that which protects you? And it's the connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the most important thing, even though our brothers and sisters are trapped, and

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it's an open prison, and they're starving, and there's no food, no drink, no electricity, to a certain degree, no hope. But what's so beautiful about the Muslim is that this life is only a matter Hala. This life is only a stage it's only a part of our existence.

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That's why the Prophet SAW Selim told him to live in a country dunya can Anika Laurie one oh RBD Sabine, he said be in his dunya as though you are a stranger or wayfare passing by. And he said the process I'm said Maddie with dunya in nama Anna methyl rocky Ben Estelle Valetta, SHA, Jonathan, from karma, where Tanaka, the promisor suddenly said, What is for me in this life. Verily, I am like a wafer a stranger that goes and takes the shade of a tree on his journey, uses that shape then gets up and goes on the rest of his journey. He compares this life like the shade of a tree.

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So the verse that I want to talk about is it's in the same chapter of alpha Emraan. As I mentioned, the chapter of alpha and Brian is so pertinent to what we're what is going on now. The fact that the Muslims went and fought particularly in Jihad when they fought in the battle or hurt, and they were not successful, but we say ultimately, it was a success because it was a lesson, lessons plural. Allah subhanho wa taala, as recited in the first raka where he says for that task Subhan Allah Dena pootie Luffy Sybilla he and wetter and do not think the ones that have died in the path of Allah are dead, but

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he says rather, yeah,

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they are alive where and rugby him Eurozone with their Lord, with full provision Fetti Hanaa and they are happy.

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They are happy. So let's remember this brothers and sisters that what is happening, we don't ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala for it to happen to us. But as a process, some said and I mentioned a couple of days ago and the brother asked me the question, what if we are jealous for them because they may die Shaheed if that happens if that happens, we ask a lot to protect them for any oppression. I slightly was incorrect, because I said we shouldn't ask for the oppression. But this should be the process. Some said. If you ask for shahada and you are truthful with Allah subhanho wa Taala will bless you with that.

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Okay. What I want to mention here is later in the verses Allah subhanaw taala says after other than nurture Donna Jean and I mentioned it last night when he was talking

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to give glad tidings to the believers. And he gives characteristics of them he says a Latina either called a Latina the caller who NASA in the NASA called the gemera oolichan They're the ones because they were munafo cone at that time. There was a man if they wouldn't have fought they wouldn't if they wouldn't have left they wouldn't have died. Right look up our own Ameco to go further. Oh unphysical notes in Quinto allows that was what I was saying that the one African they said man if they wouldn't have went they wouldn't have died man. Allah says you wish for yourself that in consumes in Quinton sadaqa meaning you wish for yourself this fact that death is something that we

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should despise is something no it is something depending on how you leave is where so honorable. And it's a lofty position. So Allah subhanaw taala said don't think those that died in the in the path of Allah. unwed rather they are live this is why this is so important. Because it paints the bigger picture for you as a Muslim.

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Do not rely on this life and think that this life is everything the beginning and the ending is here.

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That the beginning and the ending is here. There is a whole other life rather as I'll even Abdullah said, couldn't be a banana will

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be of the children of the anchor of the next life better to ronelle higher to dunya

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will ask you not to hide or Abaco Allah says rather you

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refer this prefer this life but the Accra is better and Abacha everlasting

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so I'm saying this because Allah subhanaw taala says after that it's a statement that I mentioned last night when I told you I saw some videos and you see them in the street. And there is there is there is fear and this is natural when you see you know bodies on the street and they're saying aspirin alone it molecule has to be alone it molecule has to be Allah. Allah says a levena

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Paula humaneness in a NASA Kojima or local than when alpha coin during that time See, look, all these people are gathering your small number They're all gathering against you. What happens at that time?

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The Mapco said they're all gathering it's showhome be afraid, be afraid. What happens for Zadran, Eman?

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Xad. To whom Eman and that is the thing that increased their email. That's what increased their email. What you would perceive as that which would make you more scared and bring make you more fearful and make you question Allah which is interesting because if you allow that fear to take over and consume you, it could possibly go down a dark, slippery slope of despair. Why would Allah do this? But as a matter of fact, Xad whom Allah says fuzz Adam, meaning that because they said that

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it's what increased them in their email?

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Because they said that Subhanallah and then what do they say? Call husband Allah, when near men were killed.

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Husband Allah if you ever hear people recite the Quran, and you hear the sheikh say Hasbrook Hasbrook, it means that's enough stuff. So has means that Allah is enough for us. Allah is enough for us. Allah is enough for us.

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He is enough for us meaning that what is going on now? We see what is happening with our brothers and sisters in Palestine. And particularly in Gaza. North Lhasa what has happened, what is currently happening now. We see what is taking place with them. It is important that we make dua for them that don't that Allah protects them that Allah shelters them, and that Allah subhanaw taala most importantly brothers, that Allah keeps them strong with their Iman and him

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that Allah keeps their Eman strong with their Eman in him, meaning they trust in Him in whatever situation they say in hamdulillah whatever situation they say husband Allah, Allah sufficient for us when the men work here, as was told to me Subhanallah some of the brothers and sisters in Palestine are going back up north. What do they say kill us if I die I die in my home.

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Can you imagine that type of Kurt Yanni

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that type of courage. Because they reached the point I mean Subhanallah what's left?

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What's left has been Allah we're near him at work here. This is important for us as we sit and one of the safest neighborhoods in Dallas right now. In a masjid with light with a C don't feel guilty. But realize it is a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala What does Allah say after this first after he says they say Allah has enough for us and He is the blessing one. When he will kill he is the blessing one that we trust upon. We trust upon him no matter what kill a blessed form of trusting in the MO cool ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada phone call Abu be near my team mean Allah.

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Allah says right at that, because of that phone, call Abu be netmeds and they turn and face the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala or fondling and the virtue LEM em sesam Su, that no evil afflicted them. What about who did one Allah and they follow the pleasure of Allah Allah who formed in Alvine and Allah is of the greatest forms of virtue.

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Why these verses Sobey in the mathematical misshapen, Allah says after that will in here, then Allah says in the magnetical, misshapen really that is from shape on, you hold for OLIO for not to call for who Maha phony, he tries to make you fear have fear.

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But don't fear Him, fear Me, if you are from the meaning. And he continues? Well, he hasn't Nicola who do not do not have sadness from what they say. Any Subhanallah brothers and sisters, I advise you to read these verses. These are the verses around 176. And the chapter of Allah Imran and it is so pertinent for our brothers there. And it's so pertinent for us here, but remember this to our husband Allah when the men were killed, particularly the aspect of Allah being enough for us when there is nothing there for you. Literally nothing. No, no

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necessities. What do you have? You have your Eman and that's why I always remind ourselves the statement that we pray in the janazah. And I hate to keep bringing up death but it is important because it reminds us of this life.

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When Allah says Allah will lead to a fate to who Mina for toa for who? And an email, if a li choose to take him, choose to take him upon an email and if Allah subhanaw taala keeps us May Allah keep us upon Allah. Amen. So brothers and sisters, it is important and I hope each and every single one of you at this time are making dua for your brothers and sisters and Sharla. The next lesson we're going to talk about some of the etiquettes of dua, but particularly the DUA that you used to make in the last 10 Nights let's let's let's be honest, the times where you've tried your best to be your best, the last 10 nights of Ramadan, we need you to activate that intensity of dua at this time. And

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even more, because people are suffering in Palestine, people are suffering in Afghanistan. People are suffering in Libya, people are suffering in Morocco, people are suffering in Sudan, people are suffering in China. Our Muslim brothers are suffering all around the world right now.

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And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect our hearts from any fake propaganda that can affect our Eman. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to shelter us with goodness and to shelter our brothers and sisters with goodness and with safety. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to feed the hungry and to nourish those that are thirsty. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless them and protect them with the nourishment of Eman. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us suppose I pray in the middle of night for that middle of the night for them. You had a bit of anime Robin ads and after dunya

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ads and after dunya hacer una within a naughty hasna Joaquina either Banagher or Salah was cinema vertical they've been 100 wider earlier he was to be abroad.