The Story of Dawud in the Quran

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Now, Sara was was, was sitting in his chamber. And he was doing his he's a badass, why should we use his day for worship? We had four days. One of his days was just for worship 24 hours to just worship Allah in a chamber locked away.

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Suddenly, to individuals climb over the wool, that he's in the chamber wall, and they drop in right in front of money shop, how were they? How did they manage to get over that all the high, we'll have them anywhere they dropped in front of them. This is the Quran in surah. Sob when they dropped right in front of him, they'll be shocked, taken aback. But anyway, one of the began to speak.

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He said, This is my brother.

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And you know, my brother, he's, he's very good at speaking. And you know, I've only got one sheep. He's got 99. And he wants to take my one sheep. He wants to take that as well. But he's so good at speaking. And, you know, what am I supposed to do? He's got 99 already. I've only got one. And he's trying to convince me, I have to give that one to him. And the way he spoke the way his words were, it was convincing. This, you know, this person really isn't. It's not it's not good at expressing himself, and his brother, these other guy was the brother, and suddenly, straightaway that without Islam, then he starts giving his judgment. He says, you know, this, you shouldn't be telling your

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brother this and he goes into giving advice. And then as he's giving advice, what happens is, they disappear.

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They vanish. He realizes there were two angels that came to him as men with a situation and Allah is testing the older lesson. And he learned a big lesson. He went straight into repo hardware rakia, and he went straight into RUCO. And he sought forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal. Why? Because he had passed a judgment before listening to the other party.

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Big mistake, big lesson. Why did the Quran give us this? Quran is teaching us. Okay, who came to you how they came to you? Have you heard both parties. And even as you hear both parties, I'm telling you, as any man

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if a woman comes to me and says My husband is this is that I know, almost 100% By the time I speak to the husband has stories now, not going to look as is 50% Probably the truth. 50% might not be the truth or 70% the truth 30% not the truth. But when I speak to the husband, that's how we sing. Then whatever the husband says, I take his word back to the wife. And I say, your husband says said this and said that. Now she's gonna put missiles onto his daughter. And I'm saying the things that he said, and now the husband's words are looking like, Oh my god. 50% is not true. He will say it's probably true, and so on. And then you can Okay, okay, let me come back to the history to the

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husband. And he says, Okay, I haven't started yet. I got scammed his house. So he starts firing powers this

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history comes out. Whoa, easy. Tiger. Sit down. Let me come back to you. You go back to the why? She says Yeah. I'll show you some Apache helicopters. Right. And after we're done, right, she's gonna start firing with some other stuff that comes up. Oh my god. You go back and forth, back and forth back and they realize you know what you mean like both things both of our mistakes. That's usually the case.

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find both have done wrong. Both have made mistakes. Both have done things in the past. And this is this is this is where it started teaches us that you need to be upright in how you deal with information that comes to the underside just because one person came to you