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Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the phrase " Zarepentually Enough" and its use in media coverage, highlighting the failed state of Israeli society and the ongoing terror crisis. They call for peace and security, but realize that Enough is enough. The segment ends with a call to action and statement of strong support for justice, while expressing support for peace for the future and a desire for attention to the situation.
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Can you guys hear me at the back? Can you hear me at the back? When I scream like that? Can you hear me?

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We'll do our best inshallah Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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May peace, mercy and blessings of Almighty God, we own all of you.

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Now I have in my speech, a phrase that I'll keep on repeating. Every time you hear it, I want you to shout it back at me in Java. The phrase is enough is enough.

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Enough is enough.

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75 years.

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No, just enough is enough.

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Otherwise, we'll stay here until the morning.

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75 years? No, no, just just just solid chunks.

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Only the words Enough is enough. When you hear it shouted back at me only the words Enough is enough. A lifetime.

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A lifetime marked by oppression.

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Injustice, illegal occupation, cruelty, brutality, ethnic cleansing, systematic genocide, and an OP Wait, guys, wait, guys.

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You missed the point.

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When I say enough is enough, you repeat them all right.

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75 years have passed yet. The international community continues to fail in providing basic human necessities to the people of Palestine, particularly those in Gaza. I have come here to not only voice my concern, but to echo us as well and to declare to the world Enough is enough.

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In a world where the color of your skin and where you were born, is more a whole new way than the lives of innocent children. Dedicated women, hard working men, we proclaim to this world that thrive on inequality. Enough is enough.

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In a world named Israel

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in a world named Israel, where the norm includes the physical abuse of women and children, then abduction, humiliation, and painstaking control over every inch of their existence, every inch of the existence.

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We boldly address such a terrorist state Enough is enough.

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In a distressing, named Israel, in a distressing wall named Israel

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where homes are demolished weekly,

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Palestinian lands on your soul, and the skies over Gaza are consistently shown with sophisticated weaponry. We challenge this distressing world and we shout and we outcry Enough is enough.

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In a world defined by hypocrisy, in a world defined and characterized by hypocrisy

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where media outlets readily report Israelis death, while intentionally overlooked the more frequent and numerous murder of Palestinian civilians.

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To this hypocritical world we say enough is enough.

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In aligning with the mantra, Israel has the right to defend itself chanted. We fail to realize that this six logon this six logon has been used to grant immunity for war crimes to be committed. Enough is enough.

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In a world that often calls for peace and security in a world that often called for peace and security.

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Yet turns a blind eye and a deaf ear

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To the 75 years of ongoing terror in Palestine,

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we echoed the sentiments of the suffering as served to the to the so called peaceful world. Enough is enough.

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In a world supposedly granting religious freedom, yet, the revealed Alok samosa, and other religious places in Palestine, specifically, in Jerusalem face this respect, closure in front of worshippers bombs, live bullets that claim the lives of 1000s of people over 75 years. To this disrespectful world, we say enough is enough.

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In a twisted world where victims are unjustly labeled as terrorists, why criminals are celebrated, and allowed to fool the world into supporting their crimes, we stand for, and we declare to this twisted world, in our faces enough.

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In a blowing world,

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in a blind blind war that has not has not seen Gaza,

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with a staggering 80% of the population relies on humanitarian aid for survival.

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The depth of these crisis becomes plainly evident. Children, innocent in their vulnerability, bear the impact of starvation and trauma, with reports indicating that nearly 50% of them suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These statistics are not mere numbers. They represent the shattered dreams and stalling childhood that demand our immediate attention. With these in our eyes,

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and compassion, our hearts we say enough is enough.

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In the relentless cycle of violence, the shocking truth emerges. That's a significant portion of gases residents, over 50% of them lack access to clean water. Now they don't have water at all, no electricity at all.

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subjecting them to life threatening diseases. That deliberate targeting of water infrastructure compounds this crisis, leaving families in desperate struggle for the most basic necessity for life, water.

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We cannot turn a blind eye to this human a human disaster. We must proclaim with a sense of urgency. Enough is enough.

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As we confront this harsh reality of life in the occupied territories,

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we the unambiguous truth reveals itself. More than half of Palestinian householders suffer from food insecurity. This is not the consequence of food shortage, but a direct result of policies that restrict movement, hinders agriculture, activities, and perpetuate dependence on aid only. The pain of empty stomach and the anguish of parents who cannot feed their children cannot be denied. Enough is enough.

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In the face of the refugee crisis, where generations have suffered displacement,

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the shocking fact that over 70% of Palestinians or even more, are refugees around the world, this flag cannot be ignored.

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These are not merely numbers. They represent the shameful legacy of this position and the denial of the right to return home. The international community must confront this injustice, recognizing that the Palestinians once had their homeland, and it was stolen forcefully from them through illegal occupation. We then ache in our hearts we cry enough is enough.

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Palestinians do have a right to defend themselves. Enough is enough.

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Let our collective voice

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voice echoed

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with the resonance of empathy, justice and the unwavering solidarity that is shared by the Palestinian mothers. The muted laughter of children robbed of their innocence. And the silent screams of generations denied the rightful future reverberate through our shared humanity, Muslim non Muslims alike, we share the same feelings.

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As we confront the plain realities and the shocking facts, let us not be paralyzed by despair, but filled with the passion for positive change. The tide for the time for complacency has long passed. We stand on the cliff of history, demanding a world that values the sacredness of every human life

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in this very defining moment, with hearts entangled together, and spirits and heads that are unbending. Let our collective voice shake the world Enough is enough.

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Enough is enough.

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The resilience of the Palestinian people is undefeatable, I repeat that resilience of the Palestinian people is undefeatable and it will remain a thorn in your backs and in your necks for eternity. And together, we shall stand strong for justice, illuminating a path towards a future where no one is shackled by the chains of oppression. Don't let this message die here. Do not let this message die here conveyed to everyone As salam o alaikum wa Rahmatullah three, three, Palestine

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Thank you.

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