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  • Duah For All The Oppressed People
  • What’s Happening in Ukraine
  • What This Means For Us
  • Islam Wants Peace
  • Islam And War
  • Rules of Engagement
  • How To Treat The Enemy
  • Example From The Prophet (S)


AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history and positioning of Islam, including the conflict in Yemen and recent unrest in Yemen, as well as the potential impact on safety and security of Muslims. The speakers emphasize the need for acceptance as a means of peace and a fight against evil behavior, as well as the dangerous consequences of being part of the West. The transcript also touches on the dangerous nature of the world and the importance of protecting oneself and others from the danger of war. The episode ends with a news announcement about a new series of events and a presentation on "elf" and "elf" personality profiles.
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Oh rely on external James Miller and Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala sugarfina Mana serene Syedna Mohammed Ali he was a big man my beloved brothers and sisters Mr. Ali Kumar has a long way to get to

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heaven the reliable Allah mean always forever beginning with the praise the thanks to the wish of Allah subhanaw taala and I should have Allah Allah and Allah will be witnessed that is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love our greetings salutations, beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, despite his poor families, to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be amongst them. I mean, while hamdulillah Subhan Allah I'm sure like many of you this week has been dominated by a country which we've spoken very few very seldomly about. I don't think we've used the word Ukraine

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as much as last couple of days as we use our own lives. Many of us we didn't even know there was a country such as Ukraine wait isn't anything about it, and should we even be concerned about it? Inshallah, today, we're going to talk about Islam and war. What is Islam is position with regards to war. We begin by asking Allah to grant protection and to grant is for those oppressed people throughout the world. And certainly the world that we live in, is a very dangerous world, a world which is dominated way the strong rules the weak we back in the days of the Ilia, where there is no order or system and anyone can invade another country. And many, many times sadly, it is mentioned

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that in most of the wars in the world, you involve Muslims. Yes, it's true. But Muslims are always on the receiving end. Muslims, unfortunately are always the victims, whether it is Palestine and it is in fact Palestine Awareness Week. Today, this week, Cydia Swan Allah, we haven't even spoken about Cydia in years. The ongoing crisis in Yemen, biggest man made famine, people starving to death because of war. Kashmir, continuing on for more than 5060 years, the Uighur Subhanallah, the most oppressed people on Earth, the Uyghurs in China, the Rohingya that were expelled from Burma, and those countries of Libya and Somalia and so many countries where other

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other countries got involved to help them lifted into ruins. May Allah grant grant these countries safety and security will make it easy and keep us safe. I mean, when hamdulillah so what is happening in Ukraine, and it's important for us as Muslims to be involved and to understand, and we shouldn't have this mindset that if it doesn't involve a Muslim or Muslim country, and I don't really worry, we are against war and violence and bloodshed. Islams philosophy is Allah says Nakata, Kurama, Bani Adam, that he has honored the Children of Adam, whichever religion they follow that human life is sacred in the sight of Allah subhanho wa taala, that whoever murders or harms one

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human being, it's like you've murdered all of humanity. And so it's important for us to understand what is going on? How does this impact us? And as Muslims, what do we learn from this? So a bit of history.

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before many of you, I'm sure were born, world war two ended 1945 946 the wars that the world was at war with each other, due to Nazi Germany. And when the Nazis were defeated, they were the two superpowers that came out of World War Two as the winners, you had the communist Soviet Union in the East, Russia, and her allies. And then you had America who, of course, is the was the dominant power in the West Europe, before the World Wars, Europe was the power in the world. But now Europe after having two world wars, basically has, you know, slipped back not being a superpower in her own right. And so the European countries, of course, live very close to Russia. Europe is a small place.

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And it's very, very close to Russia. And so the fear that communism and the Soviet Union will expand further into Russia became a real threat. And so many of the European nations, they formed a military alliance called NATO. They formed, it wasn't yet called NATO, but it was an alliance where they said, We will not fight one another England and France, we will support one another. And if anyone attacks one of us, then we'll all go in and fight against it. Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah of only the Muslim world can form something like that, yeah, Allah, if only the Muslim lands can form something like that. And so

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the European countries forms alliances, and they got America to join the Alliance. And so it became the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, because it involves America and Europe. So this is really the balance of power for about 50 years, you had the Western world, freedom and secularism, which is capitalism, America, in the lead with NATO. And you had the Soviet Union communism on the other side, and much of the world was split between these two empires. And it was called the Cold War again, maybe our older fathers and uncles were loved in that time where there was this tension between these two powers, but they never really fought directly. That's what's called the Cold War,

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but they would fight in different parts of the world, North Korea, South Korea, Iran, wherever you find conflict, America was on the one side, and Russia was on the other side. Eventually, as time went along, Russia and the Soviet Union collapsed communism and we

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said before Islam is against communism, the philosophy of communism is against Islamic philosophy. Well, we're not capitalistic in that sense. But Islam believes in the right to do business, to trade, and to make profit and to make money, no problem well, Hamdulillah, so long as the exploitation. And so eventually communism collapsed in Russia, the Soviet Union collapsed. And many of the countries who were surrounded and allied to Russia, they became independent, they became independent, Ukraine, that's one something for us to think about. It only became independent 9091. Very similar to us 1994, a new so it's a new country, still deciding which way to go in the world

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still wanting to make its own its own way forward. And many of the many of the countries in Eastern Europe, they were obviously part of the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union collapsed, it was almost a an agreement between Russia and NATO, the look now that Russia is no longer the threat that she wants was, there's no reason for NATO to expand, you guys stay on your side, we are now weak, we're not going to increase our army. And so we can go through his period of peace. However, NATO didn't agree didn't fully keep its word. Okay, for whatever reasons, and this is, again, the games between people of power, NATO continue to expand its influence. And many of the countries that were formerly

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allies of the Soviet Union, have now signed up to be part of NATO, they're moving towards Western, the Western world. And so if you look at, it's interesting, from 1997, so this is many years after once the Soviet Union collapsed, NATO to actually expand it to 12 more countries, to the point where now NATO is on the border of Russia, and Ukraine, as decided to move closer and closer to the waist, move away from Russia, and basically, is actually looking to align to become a NATO member. And this is something which Russia will not allow someone to close to home, becoming an ally of the, you know, Western powers, it becomes too close for comfort. Also, within every country, the there's more

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dynamics, and that you have those within the country, majority of them who wants to be aligned to the United States who wants to be part of Europe, whereas there is a big group within Ukraine that is aligned to Russia, they have Russian culture, we speak Russian. And so they want to remain. And you find this throughout the world, the Middle East, you find Saudi Arabia pivoting to one direction now all of a sudden, opening up moving towards Israel, and SubhanAllah. When you as you know, as politics goes, you don't know which way to side with. And so eventually, as we know, Ukraine, as as sort of the President of Ukraine, and the government's the last couple of governments have been

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very, very committed to aligning with Europe. And this was eventually a red line for the Russians and Russia, as we know, in the last couple of two days now, they have basically invaded Ukraine. And now why is this important? So what is this got to do with me? Yeah, and Cape Town, I'm so far away, I'm in a different hemisphere of the world. This is the same area, this little piece of land Europe, and things like this is what resulted in a World War One and World War Two, that the entire world gets dragged into it. Because if NATO if the Americans and the Europeans, back Ukraine militarily unlikely that they would do that, but if they were to do that, you have a war between America and

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Russia. And as you know, the commentator said, I think even Biden said this, that whenever an American soldier directly fights with Russian soldier, we act world war three, when it's world war three, all of us are gonna get involved. And so Subhan Allah, Allah protect us. I saw a meme, I've just survived the global pandemic, I don't have time I can't survive another global walk over. And for us, it seems what is the big deal, let people live and let live. Of course, there's a lot more at play than that there are minerals involved, the political powers and governments involved. And so what this means for you and me, is that the world needs become very unstable. Also, the reason why

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Russia is doing this now is because America is not once as strong as she once was. Afghanistan, she had to leave in disgrace, Taliban, on the bicycles and sandals basically, kick the Americans out SubhanAllah. So the euro, the Western world doesn't have the power it once had. In fact, we might not even have a superpower. And which is, in one way might be a good thing. But it might also be a dangerous thing. There's no more sheriff in town. There's no more order. Countries that have long been looking to settle schools can do so knowing that no one is going to get involved. No one has the power or the the and this is very dangerous. Very, very dangerous. We see what's happening. For

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example, in India, who's going to stand with this genocide, Mala protects panela what's who's going to step in and get involved and stop a country like India suffer country like China? When there is genocide? May Allah protect us? And that is why Allah subhanaw taala from a Quranic perspective, yes, we know jihad is part of our deen. In fact, many of the scholars said if they were to be a sixth pillar of Islam, Jihad

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would be number six. But Allah has preference and Allah's recommendation is one of peace. That's what Allah says in the Quran lie and how Kamala who Annie letting alum you call it LUCAM Allah says he does not forbid you to be peaceful with people that don't fight you feed him because of your religion. They don't oppress you because of your religion. Whatever you do come in, they come and they don't kick you out of your houses. But if someone attacks your your Islam, they attack your deen and they want to expel you and harm your children. That is Allah commands that you defend yourself. And we always have to be in a position to defend ourselves when harm comes. Then Allah

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Subhana Allah says,

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Allah subhanaw taala says,

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He will say that Islam and wall that there is a place and a time for war and conflict. We are not a pacifist religion. We are a peaceful religion, but we are not a completely pacifist religion. And the concept of when do we fight? This is really tells us when we fight Allah says Ramallah Coleman, what is wrong with all of you learn to Khartoum FISA Villa that you don't wage war in the path of Allah while Musa caffeine we start off in like the organization that the oppressed people in the world minority of men, women and children, I live in a UK with a crying Robina Regina I mean heavy Korea to volume, Allah, Ya Allah save us from this country from this people, these tyrants. It's

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because of our weakness, that 50 Muslim countries we just watch, as a handful of Israelis take the lands of people that lived there for over 1000 years, and full of Burmese kick a million Muslims out that our sisters the last week we spoke about the hijab, they can now undress our women. What can we do?

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We very proudly say we are 20 25% of the world's population 50 Muslim countries, what value is it in those numbers? What value is it? Who would stand up for a single Muslim country would do anything? Subhanallah not even words anymore. At least with Ukraine, the world is giving up excited. No one has said anything about Somalia, Kashmir and how long span Allah so Allah says what is wrong with us. And that is why it is important that even if we the Hadith that says even if we don't fight jihad, at least in our hearts, we must hope to sign up in our hearts, at least to be Mujahideen. And when we fight Subhanallah many times Islam is criticized for being a violent religion. And I want

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you to look at these laws and look at as you see this war unfolding, and you see how one party one side treats the other. When Allah subhanaw taala 1005 commanded the Muslims when they fight when you fight Abuja Hello, Farah, when you fight anyone, you cannot mutilate the date. You cannot harm a woman or a child or a man that is not noncombatant, a civilian. We don't believe in collateral damage. You can't do that. You can't harm any civilian. You can't even destroy places of worship churches and synagogues. You can't even cut down trees. Subhanallah what army in the world has a rule that you can burn or cut down trees for a reason that you can't harm animals. Subhan Allah, you

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know, at the end of World War Two after Hitler had done what he had done, and people really showed how cruel they could be. The world came together and they formed something called the third Geneva Convention, meaning that even if we fight one another, even if we kill one another, they shouldn't be rules. They must be rules how we fight a war. It can't be that you just kill anyone mutilate anyone murder anyone. And so the world came together and they said, We are certain that rights the prisoner of war has. You can't abuse him. You can't force him to change his religion. You can't torture him. You need to give him or her adequate food and water and Subhanallah that was 50 years

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ago, 1500 years ago. I wish idea come on commanded. Allah says well, you are a Munna. Tamada who became miskeen And we are Team and what a Syrah. Allah says the believer is the one that if he has a prisoner of war, he prefers he gives his food to the prisoner of war spatula, someone comes to your country to kill you. You overpower him, you defeat him, you lock him up. Now there's only one slice of bread you hungry? Allah says you give the prisoner of war first, then yourself no system on Earth as a rule like this, only our Sharia only our Sharia is haram as we said, to keep anyone in conditions which is harmful to them. It is against Sharia. Allah subhanaw taala

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is, after the Battle of blood the first time we had prisoners of war, the same people that abused and killed the Sahaba they were captives of war. Look at how they were treated. If the nebulas found a man of the Quraysh or in the fight, his shirt got torn off than it is on central Sahabi you take off your shirt and give him a shirt. They shouldn't be naked Subhanallah they dignity. What is the first thing they do? When they arrest you? They strip you naked take care of your dignity. They dehumanize you, this is the most advanced countries in the Western countries you would say. I don't even want to think what the Muslim countries who don't have so called Muslim countries, what they do

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to the presidents. This is your Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. You saw one of the prisoners not his nakedness was exposed

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Sahabi get get something to cover him. Another example of how the Muslims treated the prisoners of war. Remember, this was bad. But there wasn't only a fight. It was a bitter fight. These people were torturing us for 13 years, beating, beloved, killing our brothers. This was it wasn't just a war, it was personal. And so to those prisoners that Abuja halls of that time, then a piece of solemn command of the Sahaba how to treat him look at Abdullah Venezuela's brother was one

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it was even Omar was his brother, so Musab is on the one side carrying the flag of the Muslims, his brothers on the other side fighting for the kurush, his brother gets caught.

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And he gets taken as prisoner to a very, very poor and Saudi family and Medina family captured him. And his family was extremely poor. And Musab said to them, This is my brother, and we come from a rich family, his mother loves him, Allah, she'll pay you top dollar, don't let him go for free, just keep him keep him as a prisoner. And so this Muslims brother was in the house for a few days, a few weeks, and he got to see what it was like in this Muslim fan, very poor family, they would only have enough for, you know, for, for the for the family, one or two members could eat, but they will always make sure he ate Firstly, he would say they would have one piece of bread and dates, and they

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would move the bread to me, then I would move it back because I was my honor, my dignity, and they would move it and we play tennis like this with a piece of bread until eventually I got hungry, and I ate the bread but they never ate first. This is the prisoner of war, the kids are crying, but we honor our prisoner, like a guest Subhanallah when the chief of the Kurdish that was alive. So while he was captured, then a diesel Salam. Now think about this. Imagine, you know Putin captures Biden, Biden captures Putin, let's think of this. So this is what happened in budget, the main guy that was still alive of the Kurdish when he was captured, then obviously none of you take him with me, take

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him to my house, and my wife, my wives will cook for him and make sure he's okay. You will stay in, not in the jail Subhanallah you're going to stay in the presidential home, because it's my duty to give him the honor because he is the most senior member.

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You know, this is an you know, you know, unfathomable, but this is how the Muslims at operated Subhanallah that's why whenever you hear Islam is oppressive to women, why Islam is violent, get to the facts, and you'd find the complete opposite, you'll find the complete opposite.

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Even in how we, when we capture people, you can't separate between children as a Sharia law was in the book of jihad. That means whatever separates between a mother and a child, a father and a child, you separate between people, Allah will separate you on the Day of Kiama. When you have to hold people for their own protection, you cannot separate family members. And if you hold so you capture a prisoner of war, you can't torture him. You can't beat him. You put him up in your own house, you feed him before you what do you do with him? Eventually, if he becomes Muslim, you have to free him. If he doesn't want to become Muslim, no problem, then we ransom him to his family, then we tell his

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family, you need to pay a ransom. And this guy can go home? What if he can't afford to pay the ransom? Subhanallah you know, what, what did the Muslims do? Because some of them were poor? Do you know what their answer was? You teach 10 children to read and write. And when you teach 10 of them, then you can go free. Now what if you're poor and you're illiterate? Eventually you have to make a promise with Allah, I will not fight you Muslims again. And so then you can go free. Now. Third Geneva convention we need to get to the 10th Geneva Convention to get to this level. And this is our deen Subhan Allah and we ask, and we make dua for all those who fight if war is unavoidable, let

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them fight in accordance with the command of Allah that no blood should be shared unnecessarily, that only the oppressed the titans of the world should be opposed. And the war should be done for justice and for the sake of Allah. Allah keep us all safe. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us in our lands and all the Muslims and all the people of the world mean you have an appreciation for your soul? So Solomon even in jihad, he was a Rahmatullah Alameen. Even in Jihad when he raised the sword. He was a mercy to all of humanity. Just a few announcements quickly. Our series Islam from scratch is on YouTube, you can watch a very lovely lecture last yesterday on Who is Allah subhanaw

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taala who is he? And so if you have especially a non Muslim, share that lecture with Nila, our Tunica starting next week, Sunday, it's a whole series way you can join up you can do a thick of marriage. We will also set you up with a counselor to personality profiles, communication skills, and if you need one on one counseling, this is for those who are about to get married. Even those who are married in sha Allah, you know please not your data will not be as bad you know in the house like it like it is in the world. You also have to have peace at home some of you are nodding your heads. So if you have problems then please Inshallah, help us to help you inshallah. Our market day

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next week, Sunday next week. Wait next week, Saturday is our market day. Our pre Ramadan market day and launching the new Buddha treats these a few competitions as well. So please join in sha Allah nila, all of this goes to us up

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Shouldn't the masjid so it benefits the organization Nila disciple a hate or some Allah say no Muhammad Ali Asahi so I'm studying and I'm glad I'm glad I mean I said I'm Alec Mark